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This index refers to the 219,558 individual jazz musicians (1,371,889 total entries) included in over 238,546 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of October, 2018.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page T16 - Marty Turner to Michail Tzurichenko

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Musician nameSessionsRecording YearsInstruments
Marty Turner11988d
Matt Turner421991-2013cello,p,el-cello,vcl,arr,perc,keyboards,mandocello
Maurice Turner11993tp
Merle Turner291936-1946vcl,dir
Michael Lo Turner11984perc
Mickey Turner11979p
Mike Turner41977-2005cl,reeds,vcl
Mike Turner31981-2008perc,cga,latin perc
Mike Turner12000g
Milt Turner291958-1967d
Morgan Turner11979b
Nap Turner21996-2002vcl
Neville Turner22005-2008p
Nik Turner12011fl,sax
Norris Turner11993ts
Odelle Turner11952vcl
Ole Turner121926-1931tb
Otis Turner11947p
Otis "Boo Boo" Turner31947-1953p,vcl
P. Craig Turner11975ARP programmer
Pat Turner11995cl,ts,fl
Paul Turner31993b
Peter Turner11993b
Phil Turner11967tu
Pierce Turner12008backing-vcl,p,perc,org
Precious Clarence Turner31967-1974p,vcl
Ralph Turner21996vcl
Ray Turner121926-1977ts,celeste
Ray Turner51949-1956p
Raymond Turner21926-1927p
Raymond Nat Turner21999-2002vcl,poetry
Reggie Turner12002kybd-programs
Richard Turner22009-2011tp
Rob Turner72007-2015d,perc
Robby Turner11997lap-steel-g,pedal-steel-g
Robert Turner52001-2014p,keyboards,viola,org
Rochelle Turner11956vcl
Roger Turner631973-2015perc,d,pedal-d,synt,voice,chant,electronics,el-perc,cymb,garbage,space gun,tb,old Amati d-set,guimbarde,toy-p,vcl,fono fiddle
Ron Turner11995tp
Ruby Turner11999vcl
Rudy Turner51974-2001g,el-g
Russ Turner22005-2006b
Russ Turner, Jr.21967p
Russell K. Turner21982-1984flhrn,tp
Sam Turner461969-2014perc,cga,quinto,timb,chekere
Sam "Seguito" Turner12010perc
Sammy Turner41974-1976vcl,backing vcl
Scott Turner21964-1999g,b
Sean Turner22004-2012keyboards,p
Seguito Turner21999-2000perc
Shad Turner11952vcl
Simon Turner12013strings
Smiley Turner11949vcl
Sonny Turner21947-1961tp
Stan Turner11961ts
Steve Turner131978-2011d,g,b,perc
Susan Turner11999vcl
Sylvia Turner11974vcl
Syvia Turner11976harp,p
Teddy Turner11946as
Tia Turner22002-2004vcl
Tim Turner71996d
Timmy Turner11983tp
Tina Turner12007vcl
Titus Turner461949-1980vcl,whistle
Toby Turner71926-1929cl,as,reeds
Tracy Turner21991-1994fhr
Trish Turner101968vcl
Twist Turner11996d
Valerie Turner51998vln
Brent Turney62003-2013tp,flhrn
Don Turney22011-2018p,org
Norris Turney1301946-1997as,cl,fl,ts,reeds,arr,sop,saxes,sax,pic
Floyd Turnham541939-1983bar,as,cl,sax,ts,reeds
Gerry Turnham71958-1978cl
Carl Turnipseed11987backing-vcl
George Turnland41975-1994viola
Martin Turnland11997vla
George Turnlund21997viola
Brian Turnock871964-2008b,vcl
Karel Turnovsky121959-1985d,perc
Michael Turnovsky12000oboe
Regine Turnovsky12000vln
Stepan Turnovsky11990bassoon
Fred Turnstall71921-1922p
Angela Turone12013voice
Massimiliano Turone12008el-b
Don Turoso22003-2005as,ts
Vladimir Turov141983-2005p,tp,synt,org,vib,tb,syn,hca,vcl,small inst,moog-s
Jo Ann Turovsky12010harp
Joann Turovsky31993harp
Matt Turowski22006-2015b
Scott Turpen12016saxes
Tomes Turpin11903p
Yoann Turpin12012org
Andomeda Turre12004vcl
Andromeda Turre22008-2013vcl,arr
Carmen Turre31992castanets
Michael Turre101985-2000fl,bar,sop,sax,as,bells,b-cl,saxes
Michael James Turre12003as,bar,fl
Mike Turre11996sax
Orion Turre12013d
Peter Turre21999-2000d
Steve Turre2551969-2018tb,shells,conch shells,arr,perc,b-tb,seashells,b,el-b,conch shell,claves,sea shells,didjeridu,shell horn,haitian shell,maracas,shell,conch-shell,degeree doo,conchshells,synt,didgeridoo,counch shells,vcl
Federico Turreni22007sop
Curtis Turrentine12005g
Stanley Turrentine2021950-1999ts,sax
Tommy Turrentine381949-1988tp,flhrn
Paola Turri12011vcl,ac-g
Deborah Turriciano21997palmas
Francesco Turrisi12007p
Rita Turrisi12003viola
Juan Turros12010ts
Mimmo Tursi11990saxes
Mauro Turso21977ts,bar
Ron Turso41976-1991d
Ronnie Turso11980d
Mike Turtle41993-2001d
Rosie Turton12013tb
Eero Turunen12018p,keyboards
Mika Turunen11998as,fl
Tuomas Turunen12015p,celeste
Tuomas J. Turunen32014-2015p,comp
Tuomas Juhani Turunen12011p
Gemma Turvey12004p
Frank Turville121956-1963tp,cnt,vcl
John Turville92000-2014p
Andrei Turygin31993-2008as,saxes
Andrew Turygin11991sax
Frank Tusa371970-1999b,el-b,bells,perc
Joseph Tuscando11925bj,vln
Fritz Tuscher161974-2000bj,vcl,g
Peter Tuscher251981-2011tp,flhrn
Wolfgang Tusing11963p
Francois Tusques431965-2011p,comp,el-p,org,perc,arr,celesta,g,prepared-p,saw,celeste,choir,balafon,balaphone,cga,vcl,mar,maraccas
Ken Tussing41975-2005tb,tp
Ken "The Unaboner" Tussing12000tb
King Tut11950vcl
L.A. Tuten11994tu
Marvin Tuten21973-1983sitar,g,perc,bombs
Stefan Tuth12003cello
Clark Tuthill11982p
Gege e Tuti11986perc
John Tutino12008as,g
Ronald Tutt31970-1972d
Ronnie Tutt11960d
Karen Tuttle41965-1966cello,viola,vla,vln
Larry Tuttle11990Chapman stick
Mark Tuttle51992-2002ts,sop,as,fl,saxes
Marty Tuttle21995-2008cga,tb
Ton Tuttle11994d
Rick Tuttobene11986synt
Osei Tutu12001tp
Mariene a Tutu Maie11987backing vcl
Ayse Tutuncu51998-2012p,backing-vcl,vcl,el-p
Jim Tutunjian121967-2000b,vcl
Jim "Tut" Tutunjian21969b
Josep Tutusaus12014tb
Hans Tutzer11997as
Timo Tuunainen11992hrn
Kari Tuunanen11979viola
Mitja Tuurala11988b
Joonas Tuuri22015-2016b,d
Tuva Folk Ensemble11991vcl
Denis Tuveri11996accor
Erik Tuxen341932-1937dir,ldr
Jeppe Tuxen72004-2016org,keyboards,clavinet
Niels Tuxen51974-1980g,el-b
Nils Tuxen21977-1981g,steel-g,arr
Soren Tuxen101972-1974p
Jan Tuyn21986-1994cl
Tarik Tuysuzoglu12009perc,tabla
Turik Tuysuzoglu12006perc
Csaba Tuzko41997-2006ts,g,sax
Artur Tuznik12010p
Marta Tuznik12004viola
Tolga Tuzun31999-2009sound design,keyboards,p,el-p
Pat Tuzzolino11999g,backing-vcl
Patrick Tuzzolino31993-2006vcl,g
TV Pow42000
Per Tvaergaard181962-2000p,arr
Per Tvaergard21976p
Tarald Tvedten11999d
Tharald Tvedten12003d
Anders Tveit12002re-compositions
Torbjorn Tveit12016b
Bjorn Tveoy61982-2010tb
Gari Tverdohleb12005d,xyl,perc
Per Tvergaard12000arr,p
Holger Tvestmann161965-2000tp,arr,vcl
Adam Tvrdy42004-2011g
John Twaddle11952tp
Cecilia Twain11978vln
L.J. Twair12005vcl
Die Twangy Gang11972vcl
Werner Twardy51951-1960p
Romek Twardzek12003b
Dick Twardzik161951-1955p,celeste,tom-tom
Romuald Twarozek12000b
Craig Tweddell12013tp
Andy Tweed112003-2015saxes,as,sop,sax
Arny Tweed11954tp
Jamie Tweed82010-2015tb
Wayne Tweed11974el-b
Roy Tweedie11978bj,g
Dave Tweedy12008d
Andrew Tween42006-2007d
Andy Tween12008perc
The Twelve String Disciples11979strings
Avron Twerdowsky21964cello
Hans-Rudolf Twerenbold11993recitation
Maurus Twerenbold22017tb
Kathy Twice11990Latin trans.
Bruce Twiddy11980d
Mike Twigden11999g
John Twigdon11991b
Gary Twigg31991b-g
Carmen Twilie11993backing-vcl
Carmen Twillie381976-2004background vcl,vcl,backing-vcl,backing vcl,clapping,arr,vln,chorus
Linda Twine11981cond,keyboards
Toby Twining21996chorus,vcl
Bob Twiss41961-1964wbd,bj,vcl
John Twiss11949bj
Terry Twiss12006bj,g,vcl
Duymar van Twist11961b
Peter van Twist21973-1978b
Houston Twister11969g
The Two Fish Mongers11938vcl
The Two Gospel Keys11947vcl
Two Hits And A Miss11951vcl
The Two Jazzers91929-1930vcl
The Two Rascals11916vcl
Wells Twombly11985garbage can
Zephyr Twombly11996chorus,vcl
Jan van Twuijver21987p
Nana Twum Nketia11986mar,african-perc
Mari Twumura Botnick11980vln
John Twycross11978cl
Ben Twyford52007-2011d
Dan Tyack21995-2008pedal-steel-g,g
Michael Tyack41986keyboards
Dave Tyas51978-2000d
Michael Tybus11983perc
Bruce Tychinski11994tb
Tamas Tycho21946-1948arr,p
Thomas Tycho21959-1961p,dir
Tommy Tycho11997cond,arr
Robert Tye91996-2010g,el-g,backing-vcl
Jay Tyer11999g
Vaclav Tyfa111963-1999tp,flhrn
David Tygel31989-1991background vcl,vcl
Axel Tyle61944-1976d
Chris Tyle871979-2006cnt,vcl,d,tp,cl,co-ldr,comb,metal-cl
Teddy Tyle21959ts
Alvin "Red" Tyler341951-1995ts,bar,sax,perc,tamb,vcl
Barry Tyler71970-2002d,vcl
Big T. Tyler11957vcl
Bruce Tyler11998d
Charles Tyler411965-1992as,bar,vcl,sop,hca,Bb-cl,ts,bells,maracas,saxes,fl
Dr. Mary Ann Lancaster Tyler12005keyboards
Fred Tyler11950ts
James Tyler11979bj,mand
James T. Tyler21970sax
Jana Tyler11981vcl
Jerry Tyler11992el-b
Jim Tyler51960-1962arr,cond
Jim Tyler11967bj
Jimmy Tyler161946-1980as,ts,arr
John Tyler21981-2013tb
John Tyler11987reeds
Kenneth Tyler91956-1980d,perc,fl
Michael Ray Tyler21987tp
Mike Tyler11982tp
Paul Tyler41928ts
Red Tyler51949-1988bar,ldr,ts
Richard Tyler11967el-harpsichord,org
Ricky Tyler11982tb
Rico Tyler11988keyboards
Sid Tyler11962d
Steve Tyler201971-2004tb
Steven Tyler12008vcl
Terry "Butter" Tyler21993vcl,el-b
Toby Tyler191939-1940tb,arr
Tom Tyler21978-1995bj,g
William Tyler11995snare-d
William A. Tyler61917-1927vln
Ryszard Tymon Tymanski121992-2004b,vcl,ldr,g,el-g,balalaika,hrn,voices
Baron Tymas41984-2016g,comp,el-g
Whelan Tyme11955p
Vladimir Tymich491945-1981ts,sax,bar,saxes,b-cl,sop
Dan Tyminski32008-2014vcl,mand
Denny Tynan21973cello
Jack Tynan11996ts
Janice Tynan21973viola
Paul Tynan221999-2016tp,flhrn,pocket-tp,cymb,EWI
George Tyndale71946-1960ts,bar,saxes,sax
Fiona Tyndall12011vcl
Kline Tyndall71926-1929p,dir
Max Tyndall11983g
Axel Tyne11944d
Frank Tyne31987-1990cl,as
T. Tynecki11975tb
Craig Tyner11980b
McCoy Tyner2701959-2007p,arr,perc,synt,el-p,fl,harpsichord,celeste,wooden fl,koto
Bobby Tynes41997-2001as,ts,sax,fl
George Tynes11930dir
Gwen Tynes11937vcl
Gwenn Tynes11944vcl
Lillian "Tang" Tynes61977-1982background vcl,vcl
Margaret Tynes31956-1957vcl
Mark Tynes11968cl,as,ts,bar,sop
Lillian Tynes Perry31995vcl
Pekka Tyni81974-2004p,el-p,keyboards
Seppo Tyni141974-1995g,el-g,b,el-b,mand
Andrea Tyniec12009vcl
"Blue" Gene Tyranny121978-1990p,keyboards,pedal steel g,synt
Gene Tyranny12005p
Ben Tyree21999-2017g,drill,guitars
Benjamin Tyree41998-2001el-g,g
Henry Tyree11933as
Henry "Hy" Tyree31933-1934as
Jerry Tyree141958-1963tp,flhrn
James Tyrell11967b
Jimmy Tyrell121964-1982el-b,b
Lauryn Tyrell12002vcl
Nick Tyrell12002dialogue
Steve Tyrell61999-2017vcl
Tina Tyrell12002vcl
Toby Tyrell19999-0000d
Sarra Tyrer11990vcl
Larry Tyrie61973-1976tp,flhrn
Bernie Tyrrell71985-1991d,vcl
Christine Tyrrell221990-2007vcl
Emily Tyrrell22016vln
Wesley Tyrus11970d
Hanna Tyrvainen12002viola
Salla Tyrvainen12002vln
Cynthia Tyscon11977vcl
Atiba Rudy Tyson11976p
June Tyson801968-1991vcl,dance,vln,voice,-2,cl,bells,perc,space ethnic
Justin Tyson32015-2018d
Lucius "Dr. Sausage" Tyson11940d,dir,vcl
Mark Tyson12000g
Rudy Tyson11982p
Trevor Tyson31954-1976d
Willie Tyson31927-1928p
Marianne Tysseland11995tb
Randi Tytingvag12011vcl
Bill Tyus11979rhythm
Charles Tyus61924-1931vcl
Effie Tyus61924-1931vcl,p
La Vonne Tyus12009p
Jeff Tyzik181976-1998tp,flhrn,arr,d-program,cnt,cond,synt-tp,d-programs
Michael Tzarijov31966-1968tb
Nir Tzidkiau11995d
Lakis Tzimkas32004b
Chris Tzinski12005d
Arpad Tzumo12015p,keyboards,el-p
Arpad Olah Tzumo12008el-p
Arpad Olah Tzuno12006p
Oded Tzur12015ts
Tomer Tzur31998-2004perc,darbuka,riq,hand-d
Michail Tzurichenko31965-1967as

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