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This index refers to the 222,446 individual jazz musicians (1,389,301 total entries) included in over 241,375 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of June, 2019.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page Y3 - George Young, Jr. to Frederic Yzerman

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Musician nameSessionsRecording YearsInstruments
George Young, Jr.11979as,ts
Gerald Young11986tenor-hrn
Graham Young721940-1991tp,flhrn
Granville Young21939tp
Granville "Danny" Young12006b
Gus Young11944d
Hank Young31972b
Harold Young41952-1972vcl,g
Harold Young11927bj
Helen Young31941-1950vcl
Henry Young61966-1999g,arr
Heo Young12016b
Horace Alexander Young21989-2014fl,ts,as,pic,sop
Horace Alexander Young, III11990as,fl,sop
Ian Young12008as
Jack Young12006additional assistance
Jacob Young251994-2018g,el-g,bottle-btm-g,arr,el-b,bj,programming,tanpura
Jacqueline Young11992viola
James Young51984-2008b
James "Jay" Young11985g
James A. Young11995b
James A. Young, III12004b
Janice Young11986cnt
Jason Young22012-2016tp,flhrn
Jay Young51988-1999b,b-tb
Jeff Young71977-2008p,org,keyboards
Jeff Young21992-1993tb
Jeff Young11991g
Jeff Scott Young51997arr,g
Jeffrey Young11995backing-vcl,p,org
Jermaine Young12007fl,ts
Jessica Young22014-2016hrn,vcl
Jim Young171961-2006tu,sousa,p,d,b
Jim Young21959-1973p
Jim Young21963-1966b
Jim Young21972-1992d
Jimmie Young11977unknown inst
Jimmy Young251969-2008d,dr
Jimmy Young21944-1947vcl
Jimmy Young11975p
Joaquin Young11980keyboards
Joe Young1161922-1999g,bj,b,d
Joe Young11922d
Joe Young11936p
John Young571943-1999p,b
John Young11989el-b
Johnny Young11969mand
Jordan Young82002-2018d,as
Joyce Young11962vcl
Julian Young11979g
Julie Young11992tb
Jym Young21966p,african thumb-p,thumb-p,african
Karen Young151978-2008vcl,voice,p,synt,background vcl,shaker,bottles
Katherine Young122005-2018bassoon,electronics
Katie Young62007-2017bassoon,electronics,c-bassoon
Kenny Young12002vcl
Kevin Young31986-2003tp,el-b
Khabu Doug Young271990-2012g,el-g,arr,cavaquino,electronics,el-bar-g,el-b,bel
Kimio Young21985-1991as
Kristin Young12010vcl
Laron Young11999g
Larry Young651960-1977org,p,el-p,keyboards,synt,vcl,perc,celeste,mini-moog-synt,moog-org
LaToya Young11996gossiper
Leander Young52010-2015d,perc,ldr
Lee Young1071937-1961d,perc,b,vcl
Len Young51960-1963d
Lenny Young21997-2008oboe,oboe d'amore
Leon Young41963-1964dir,p
Leron Young11978el-g
Lester Young3161936-1959ts,cl,talking,vcl
Lester Young11944tp
Lester Young51960-1964g,vcl
Linda Young61993-1996vcl
Lionel Young12011vln,el-g
Lisa Young51991-2006vcl,astaloes,konnakkol,tambura,aslatua,g,perc
Lonnie Young11959bass-d,vcl
Lonnie Young, Jr.11959snare-d
Louise Young11959vcl
Maddy Young11995g
Margaret Young11925vcl
Maria Young11959background vcl
Marl Young71944-1950p,arr,dir,backing-vcl,cond
Marques Young12005tb
Martha Young21982p
Marvin Young61928-1929vcl
Mary Young11956vcl
Matt Young151996-2016d,b,perc,djoun djoun
Matthew Young11981voice,log-d,synt,tape recordings,p,g
Merle Young11940p
Michael Young51983-2012b-tb
Micki Jo Young11984b
Mighty Joe Young11982g
Mike Young271981-2012tb,b-tb,bar,b-cl,cl,as,keyboards
Mona Lisa Young121982-1994background vcl,vcl,backing-vcl,backing vcl
Monalisa Young11993backing-vcl
Myrtle Young21946reeds
Nadine Young121954-1957vcl
Nathan Young22005-2011electronics,voice,hca,metal,vcl
Nick Young11972tb
Noah Young71975-2017b
Noel Young21937p
Oscar Young141924-1926p
Patsy Young11928vcl
Paul Young111987-2016tb,synt programs
Peter Young21976-1988d,p,el-p
Phil Young31975-1990d
R. Young11959fhr
Rachel Young11994fl
Ralph Young131940-1968vcl
Rebecca Young161992-2001viola,vln
Red Young191986-2011org,p,synt,vcl,el-p
Reggie Young271960-2017g,tb,el-g,b-tb
Reggie Young71988-1994tb,hrn,horns,tp
Reginald Young61991-1994tb
Richard Young101981-1997strings,viola,vln,perc
Robert Young161919-2003vcl,cnt,as,ts,cl,sax,bassax,sop,p,bar,reeds
Robin Young11968p
Roger Young11979Fender Rhodes,el-p
Roger Young11976tb
Roland Young21976-1980cl,perc,sop,kalimba,el-b-cl,drone,vcl
Ron Young21977-1978perc,cga
Ron Young21984-1985tp
Rory Young11988synt
Rosalie Young11944vcl
Russ Young51953-2002ts,bar,tp
Russell Young11933p
Ruth Young31977-2011vcl
Sam Young12012d
Sarah Marie Young52009-2017vcl,backing-vcl
Scott Young51985-2000fl,tb,ts,cl,tp,as,sop,reeds
Scotty Young51985-1991b,ldr,comp
Sharon Young21993background vcl
Sheila Young11980vcl
Silvie Rider Young12011p,vcl
Snookie Young21994-2000tp
Snooky Young5461939-2006tp,flhrn,vcl,plunger tp,cnt
Stella Young12018vcl
Sterling Young271929-1939ldr,vln
Terry Young21990-1993background vcl,vcl
Thomas Young21991vcl
Thurmond "Trumpet" Young21949tp
Tim Young71999-2010p,tb
Timothy Young251996-2015g,el-g,p,vcl
Timothy Young12008narration,poetry
Tom Young12003g
Tommie Young21972-1975background vcl,vcl
Tony Young101938-1942vcl
Trevor Young71948-1967vib,d
Trudy Young11971vcl
Trummy Young3241933-1984tb,vcl,perc,tp
Un-Ra Arnold Young31987-1998perc,d,bamboo-fl
Victor Young991926-1954dir,cond,vln,arr,p,speech,talk,cond.,conductor
Webster Young141957-1980tp,cnt,narration,vcl
Welton Young11965arr,g
Wendy Young11989harpsichord
Willie Young11927g
The Young Jazzmen11973vcl
Victor Young Orchestra 21951
Joe Young, IV12014tp
Allen Youngblood71984-2005p,synt,comp,keyboards,vcl,org
Beth Youngblood41979vln,vcl
Byron "Barney" Youngblood21940b
Henry Youngblood11990vcl
Ken Youngblood11970saxes
Louis Youngblood11947tp
Robert Youngblood71996b
Beth Youngblood-Petersen31983-1986vln,vcl
Janet Youngdahl11997vcl
Jon Youngdahl11991tb
Victor Younge12012vib,perc
Bob Younger11950tp
Brandee Younger132006-2018harp
Brandon Younger12017harp
Jeff Younger12007electronics,g
Kay Younger51969-1992vcl
Rhodri Younger22005-2007d
Dave Youngerman21973cello
Doreen Younglove11993vcl
Amanda Youngman71998-2000cl,perc
Bud Youngman21947tb
Dave Youngman22005-2009ts,cl,p,g,b
Gerry Youngman32003-2006org,flhrn
John Youngman141946-1947tb
Lola Youngman12005vcl
Simon Youngman31999-2017as,sop
Carl Youngquist21969-1970tb
Rod Youngs231985-2017d,perc
Richard Youngstein111967-1980b,el-b
Jim Youngstrom22014-2015bar,cl
Malin Youngstrom32000vcl
Frank Youngwerth21985-2005tp
Marguerite Yourcenar11995voice
Igor Yourchenko11971d
Ivan Yourchenko12006d
Youri Yourenkov11982d
Gloria Yousha11997vcl
Dhafer Youssef431994-2018vcl,oud,electronics,comp,oud-body perc,ambient sounds
Natasha Hasan Youssef11983gong,vcl
Eric Yovogan12007tp
Serge Yow11990tp
Gers Yowell11950ts
Renee Yoxon22010-2012vcl
Christo Yozov21993-1994d
Peter Ypma721964-2003d,perc
Melo Yremkye11985g
Oyvind Yri11983cl,gajda,g,fl,sop
Eleuterio Yribarren421922-1929vln,ldr,dir
Cahbela Yrigoyen12010backing-vcl
Bob Ysaguirre451923-1940tu,b
Jack Ysaye61941-1955hca,cl,ldr,arr
Ramon Yslas171992-2015perc,cga,udu,shekere,bgo,triangle,vcl,hand perc
Ray Yslas12005perc
C.G. Ysselstein21967cello
Cornelius "C.C." Ysselstyn51961-1970cello,strings
Kristian Ystehede41972-1997b
Frode Ytre-Arne11995b
Ronny Ytrehus11994g
Stale Ytterli21990-1995vcl
Karl Yttervik11957cl
Bjorn Yttling12005p
Tor Yttredal81988-2014sop,ts,cl,b-cl
Mike Yturaldi11987p
Raz Ytzhaky11996p
Shan Min Yu11998vcl
Shiau-Shu Yu62000-2007cello
Stephanie Yu12017strings
Deniz Yucel12012viola
Taner Yucel12016b,effects,g,backing-vcl
Steve Yucom11998tb,vcl
I Wayan Gde Yudane12000ceng-ceng,kendang,gentorag,bumbang
Nikolai Yudanov91981-1999perc,tb,d,cowbells,cgo,bgo,cga,tp,gongs
Oleg Yudanov221981-2015d,perc,fl,cl
Michail Yudenich11989d,cymb
Mikhail Yudenich11994d
George Yuder11940as
Sofy Yuditskaya12016heart monitor,pure data
Joshua Yudkin21995-2005p,org,keyboards
Joe Yuele12003d
Ron Yuen11978el-g
Victor See Yuen91987-2012perc
Wong On Yuen11986ye woo
Georgy Yufa12012vln
Joyce Yuille32003-2016vcl
Joyce Elaine Yuille12018vcl
Mary A. Yuille21994choir,handclaps
Stephanie V. Yuille21994choir,handclaps
Shinichi Yuize21960-1964koto
Shingo Yuji22010-2011g
Yuri Yukechev91982-1992p,perc,fl,synt,b-cl,vib,timp,cl,jaw-harp,org,sop
Yurin Yukechev11992synt
Big Yuki22014-2019keyboards,synt
Chiharu Yuki12001vln
Isso Yukihiro21994-1996nokan,dengakubue,shino-bue-fl,noh-kan-fl
Chiharu Yukku11979vln
Joe Yukl971930-1959tb
Sakuma Yuko12008p
Yuko Yukoi12017vcl
Shoji Yukouchi11977g
Robert Yuldaschev11989kuray
Marat Yuldibaev11988ts,sop
Brian Yule21988-1989tp
Ted Yule11978tb
Myron Yules11962tb
Sam Yulsman12009p,org
Atsuko Yuma12008vcl
Ed Yumansen81938tp
Eddie Yumansen11938tp
Tanaka Yumiko11994gidayu
Peter Yuncken11996tb
Jean-Pierre Yung31968-1976g
Tsang Shien Yung11998bassoon
Cun Yungo11993perc
Kris Yunker12009synt,clavinet,p,perc,org
Ayhan Yunkus21967-1996p
Ivan Yurchenko11994d
Meric Yurdatapan22004-2012vcl
Yuri Yurenkov31981-1985as,fl,pic
Asaf Yuria72003-2018ts,sop
Ivan Yurtchenko61966-1985d
Wiktor Yusejnow11977tp
Steve Yusen22010-2015d
Ira Yusep12006backing-vcl
Peter Yuskauskas22010b
Ted Yusko31997p
Erkin Yusoupov11999tb
Allan Yuss11989g
Erkin Yussupov12002tb,chorus,vcl
Kaido Yutaka22001-2008b
Uchida Yutaka12014d
Wu Yuxia11998pipa
Ahmet Yuzen21991-1994b,el-b
Kataoka Yuzo12015tb
Betty Yuzu32010-2012vcl
Todd Yvega51988-1989synclavier prog,synt programs,tropical vib
Lisa Yves41993-2002vcl
Philippe Yvin12002tu
Daniel Yvinec112003-2012b,dir,vib,ldr
Ronan Yvon11995g
Philippe Yvron11991p
YZ21991rap,backing vcl,scat rap
Yacov Yzabinovich31995d
Lelo Yzar11995d
Freddy Yzerman101969-1994sousa,tu,soubassophone,b,sousaphone
Frederic Yzerman12003co-ldr,sousa

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