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This index refers to the 543,401 individual tune titles (1,620,534 total entries) included in over 247,300 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of October, 2020.

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Page B36 - Black hands bejewelled to Black velvet

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Tune nameSessions
Black hands bejewelled1
Black hat5
Black hat & saxophone1
Black hats1
Black Hawk blues1
Black hearse blues2
Black heat2
Black heaven4
Black helicopters1
Black Herman1
Black heroes2
Black heros1
Black Hill1
Black hill samba1
Black Hills1
Black Hills of Dakota2
Black history1
Black history month1
Black history music1
Black hole19
Black hole blue1
Black hole in D1
Black hole rock1
Black hole sun15
Black holes9
Black holes dark fields1
Black hope1
black horn1
Black horse8
Black horse and the cherry tree1
Black horse blues1
Black horse pike1
Black horse stomp4
Black horses1
Black hourse1
black house1
Black humor1
Black humour1
Black ice13
Black in blue3
Black indians1
Black industry greasy1
Black ink2
Black inside5
Black instant composition1
Black iris3
Black is4
Black is all colors at once1
Black is back3
Black is beautiful3
Black is black1
Black is blue1
Black is hard1
Black is the color9
Black is the color of my true loves hair65
Black is the colour5
Black is the colour of my true loves hair2
Black is the graceful veil1
Black is the new night1
Black is white1
Black ivory2
Black Jack20
Black Jack blues2
Black Jack Davey1
Black jack rag2
black Jacobins1
Black jazz4
Black Jimmy1
Black Johann1
Black joke5
Black jujube1
Black jukc1
Black jungle1
Black kettle1
black key1
Black key roller1
Black keys1
Black keys vs white keys1
black king1
Black king foxtrot1
Black knight6
Black Koto1
Black label4
Black label blues1
Black lace2
Black lace blue tears1
Black lace Freudian slip2
black lagoon1
Black lake1
black lake with a blue boat on it1
Black land I1
Black land II1
Black Lassie1
black liberation movement suite1
Black Licorice1
Black light9
Black lightning7
Black lilies1
Black lilys song1
Black lion3
Black Lion blues1
Black lion rag3
Black liquid1
black list1
Black little samba1
Black locomotive1
Black lotos1
Black lotus3
Black love4
Black love stories1
Black lullaby1
Black machine1
Black Madonna1
Black magic19
Black magic and its full expose1
Black magic man2
Black magic spell1
Black magic woman9
Black mallory1
Black mamba3
Black mamba samba1
Black man10
Black man and woman of the Nile1
Black man blues4
Black man MOPE1
Black man tripoverWomens takeover1
Black Manhattan1
Black mans blues2
Black mans cry1
black mans lament1
Black marble1
Black March1
Black march revolt1
Black mare blues1
Black Maria24
Black Marias blues1
Black marigolds4
Black market24
Black market blues2
Black market higgle1
Black market liver1
Black market scenes in Limoges1
Black market special2
Black market stuff7
Black Marlin1
Black martin female1
Black martin male1
Black masque1
black mass3
Black Mattie1
Black maybe4
black mayor1
Black measles1
black meat2
Black meeting1
Black melody1
Black men blues1
Black mesa1
black messiah1
Black messiah Rytmisk oratorium pts 1231
Black metropolis1
Black metropolis suite1
Black Mikes curse1
Black minuet1
Black minute waltz1
Black miracle1
Black mirror2
Black Mississippi Matilda1
Black mist1
Black mommy1
Black Monday4
Black money blues1
Black monk4
Black Montana cheer1
Black moon8
Black moonlight7
Black mortar1
Black mote1
Black mother1
Black mountain6
Black mountain blues17
Black mountain firesite1
Black mountain rag3
Black mountain side2
Black moutain rag1
Black movie2
Black Mrs Behemoth1
Black mynah1
Black mystery has been revealed1
Black mysticism1
Black myth4
Black n blues1
Black nag1
Black nails1
Black Nairobi moon1
Black name moan1
Black napkins2
black narcissus79
Black Nat1
black nation suite1
Black night16
Black night and fog1
Black night black light1
Black night blue1
black night in the dark wood1
Black night is falling1
Black night is gone1
Black nightgown17
Black nightown1
Black nights1
Black Nile101
Black nite1
Black noisewhite silence1
Black Nostradamus1
Black not red1
Black notebook 81
black notes2
Black November1
Black oak1
Black ocean1
Black ocean endlessness1
Black ochre red over red1
Black octopus1
Black oil1
Black ol blues1
Black on black2
Black on blue above1
Black on grey1
Black on the Bach1
Black on the back1
Black on the nu1
Black on white4
Black on white paper1
black opal1
Black ops1
Black or white5
Black orange1
Black orchid21
Black orchids1
Black Orfeo1
Black orfeuscanto de ossanha1
black oriented love poem the first time I saw loneliss1
Black orkestar black Mangialajo1
Black orkestar suite1
Black orpheus233
Black orpheus medley2
Black Orpheus suite1
Black Oscar1
Black out20
Black overcoat1
black paddy1
black page 21
Black pain1
Black painting1
Black paladins1
Black palladiums1
Black panda1
Black panther6
Black Panther stomp1
Black panthers1
Black park moves1
Black parrot arising1
Black part I1
Black part II1
Black particles1
Black pastels1
black path1
Black paws2
Black pearl10
Black pearl makes dream1
Black pearls5
Black Pedro2
Black people suffering1
Black pepper2
Black pepper stomp1
Black perversion1
Black Peter1
Black phebe1
Black phonemics1
Black pigeon1
Black pimpernal1
Black pipes1
Black pipes suite1
Black pits of Luna1
Black plastic1
Black pleading1
Black plus minus1
Black point blues west1
Black polka1
Black polonecks1
Black pond1
Black pools1
Black pope1
Black port1
Black power3
Black preacher1
Black preludio1
Black pride1
Black prince1
Black prometheus1
Black puddin1
Black pudding 21
Black pussy1
Black puti1
Black queen1
Black Queen rag1
Black rabbit1
Black radio1
Black rag4
Black rain7
Black rainbow2
Black raspberry1
Black raspberry jam1
Black rattle1
Black raven1
Black rebels ride1
black reefs of Yhanthlei1
Black reign1
Black renaissance1
Black rhythm3
Black rhythm happening1
Black rider3
Black rite1
Black river3
Black river blues1
Black River rhapsody1
Black Robert4
Black rock4
Black rock desert1
Black Rock Park1
black romantic1
Black room1
black rooster1
Black root1
Black rose12
Black roses4
Black roses blues3
Black Russian2
Black sabbath2
Black safari1
Black saffron1
Black sailors1
Black sails1
Black saint2
black saint and the sinner lady4
Black samba1
Black sand10
Black sand beach3
Black sands2
Black saphire1
Black sapphire2
Black satin23
Black satin gal1
Black satin rag1
Black sax blues1
Black scholars2
Black Schuster1
Black sea10
Black Sea dance1
Black Sea dress1
Black sea pearl1
Black sea suite1
Black seal1
Black searchlight1
black sedan1
Black September1
Black series 11
Black series 21
Black seven blues1
Black shadow3
Black shadow woman1
Black shadows1
Black shag1
Black shale1
Black sheep10
Black sheep blues10
Black sheep boy1
Black sheet2
Black shoe1
black shoes2
Black shuffle1
Black silence1
Black six blues1
Black skin white mask1
Black sky and blue moon1
Black slider and hypocrit1
Black slop1
Black slug1
Black smile3
black smoke3
Black snake2
Black snake blues41
Black snake moan2
Black snake swing1
Black snake swinger1
Black snow6
black society1
Black socks no sugar1
Black soil1
Black soldier1
Black spaniard1
Black spatch blues1
Black spider1
Black spider stomp2
Black spirit2
Black spirit and white spirit1
Black spirits1
Black spiritual of love2
Black spot1
Black spring1
Black spur3
Black squirrel1
Black stabbers1
Black star dub1
Black star line2
Black star lines1
Black stars1
Black steps1
Black stick7
Black stick blues3
Black stick rag1
Black stockings3
Black stomp2
Black Stomp21
black stone4
Black stones on a plate1
Black straightjacket1
Black strap1
Black strap molasses2
Black strawberry1
Black street1
Black street nightmare1
Black stroke1
Black stucco1
black stump stomp5
Black suffrage blues1
Black sugar1
Black sugar cane2
Black sugar riff1
Black suite1
Black Suite for String Quartet and Jazz Orchestra1
Black sumac1
Black summer1
Black sun3
Black Sunday3
Black sunshine1
Black surface1
Black swan18
Black swan & soft light1
Black swan and soft light1
Black swan the dance1
Black sweet1
Black sweet and tall1
Black swing1
Black Tables1
Black talisman1
Black talk3
Black tango1
black tango suite1
Black tar2
Black tea1
Black tea black1
Black tears4
Black teeth1
Black temple1
Black thing1
Black thoughts in a black mood1
Black thunder2
Black Thursday3
Black tide1
Black tie2
Black tie occasion1
Black time2
Black to a chimp1
Black to grey to yellow1
Black toots1
Black top1
Black torn rose1
Black tortoise1
Black tower1
Black town1
Black train blues1
Black treacle1
Black tree blackly1
Black trees1
Black triangle3
Black triangles and yellow corn with pink medicine drops2
Black triangles yellow corn and pink medicine1
black triangles yellow corn and pink medicine drops1
Black tribal imbroglio1
Black trombone6
Black tulip2
Black tunnel1
Black turntable2
Black tusk1
Black two1
Black unity3
Black unstoppable1
Black urgency1
Black velvet29

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