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This index refers to the 543,401 individual tune titles (1,620,534 total entries) included in over 247,300 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of October, 2020.

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Page D16 - Dedes dance to Deep meditation

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Tune nameSessions
Dedes dance1
Dedes mood3
DeDes morning walk1
Dedes train1
Dedicace a Claude1
Dedicace de la belle esperance1
Dedicacion a Santo Domingo1
Dedicado a E R1
Dedicado a Nivaldo Ornellas1
Dedicata a Paola1
Dedicata a Rita1
dedicatd to Sidney Bechet and Steve Lacy1
Dedicated Abdullah Ibrahim1
Dedicated follower of fashion1
Dedicated public servants1
Dedicated to a beloved family1
Dedicated to Alban Berg1
Dedicated to Amy Elwyn1
Dedicated to Andrew Silver1
Dedicated to anybody who might do us a favour1
Dedicated to AP2
Dedicated to BC1
Dedicated to Ben Webster1
Dedicated to Benny2
Dedicated to Betty1
Dedicated to Bill1
Dedicated to Bird1
Dedicated to Bob1
Dedicated to Bob Vatel of the Ten Gallons2
Dedicated to Booker Ervin1
Dedicated to Bruce1
Dedicated to Charlie Parker1
Dedicated to Cyril McGabane1
Dedicated to dad1
Dedicated to David Raskin1
Dedicated to Dennis Charles1
Dedicated to Dolphy1
Dedicated to Duke3
Dedicated to Duke Ellington1
Dedicated to Eric1
Dedicated to Eric Dolphy2
Dedicated to few1
Dedicated To Forum Sulzdorf1
dedicated to Franz West1
Dedicated to Fritz Lang1
Dedicated to George2
Dedicated to George Shearing1
Dedicated to George Van Eps1
Dedicated to Helene and her little birds1
Dedicated to HK for her tireless dispute with officials1
Dedicated to Howard Cottle1
Dedicated to Hugh but you werent listening1
Dedicated to JB1
Dedicated to Jimmy Hendrix1
Dedicated to Joao1
dedicated to John Coltrane the members of my trio and their ladies1
Dedicated to John McLaughlin1
Dedicated to Keith Jarrett1
Dedicated to Ken Harris1
Dedicated to Klaus Baumgartner1
Dedicated to Lee2
Dedicated to LN1
Dedicated to love3
Dedicated to Ma & Pa Scott1
Dedicated to Mandela Biko Sobukwe1
Dedicated to Marc Levin1
Dedicated to Marc Thelonius1
Dedicated to McCoy Tyner1
Dedicated to Mexico1
Dedicated to Michael Brecker1
Dedicated to Miles1
Dedicated to Mingus5
Dedicated to Moebius1
Dedicated to mothers1
Dedicated to my daughter1
Dedicated to my father1
Dedicated to my mother1
Dedicated to my parents1
Dedicated to Natalie Cole1
Dedicated to Nelson Mandela1
Dedicated to Niklaus Troxler1
Dedicated to our moms1
dedicated to Paul Motian1
Dedicated to Peter Trunk1
Dedicated to Peterson1
Dedicated to Ronnie Boykins1
Dedicated to Scot1
Dedicated to Simon Picard1
Dedicated to Stan Kenton1
Dedicated to Swallow1
Dedicated to Tadd2
Dedicated to the American Red Cross1
Dedicated to the blues2
Dedicated to the cooker1
Dedicated to the great instrument builders Eva Peter and Benedict1
Dedicated to the Late John Coltrane1
Dedicated to the memory of Lumumba1
Dedicated to the one I love3
Dedicated to the ones I love1
Dedicated to the pianist Bill Evans1
Dedicated to the quintessence1
Dedicated to Thelonious Monk2
Dedicated to Toby Delius1
Dedicated to Tony Williams2
Dedicated to Weromeri1
dedicated to Wes Montgomery and Bruce Johnson1
Dedicated to Wilbur Little1
Dedicated to women1
Dedicated to you88
Dedicated to you but you werent listening8
Dedicated to you Joe1
Dedicated waltz2
Dedication 11
Dedication 1 Harmonious prelude1
Dedication 21
Dedication 2 Impromptu1
Dedication 3 Toccata1
Dedication by Norman Simmons1
Dedication Charlie Haden1
Dedication in Japanese1
Dedication Onno Scholtze1
Dedication piece to the crew1
Dedication revisited1
Dedication song1
Dedication to1
Dedication to a city1
Dedication to Albert Ammons1
Dedication to Antonio1
Dedication to Bessie Smiths blues2
dedication to Bill Evans1
Dedication to Brahms1
Dedication to Conrad Silvert2
Dedication to Duke Ellington1
dedication to Ellsworth Snyder1
Dedication to Ironside1
Dedication to James Brown1
Dedication to James W Clark1
Dedication to Jimmy Garrison1
Dedication to John Coltrane1
Dedication to Johnny Hodges1
dedication to joy3
Dedication to Kenneth Patchen1
Dedication to Mahavishnu1
Dedication to Memphis Slim1
Dedication to MJQ1
dedication to Moira1
Dedication to my heroes1
Dedication to Nguyen Le & Esbjorn Svensson1
Dedication to OCdoughnut1
Dedication to Pete Johnson1
Dedication to poets and writers1
Dedication to Srkiabin1
dedication to the fishermen of the world1
Dedication to Thomas Mapfumo2
Dedication to Tom Harrell1
Dedication to unknown1
Dedication to Veronique1
Dedication to Wanda2
Dedications to the humble player1
Dedicato a1
Dedicato a bird1
Dedicato a Bobby Hutcherson1
Dedicato a due2
Dedicato a Duke Ellington1
Dedicato a Fellini1
Dedicato a Fred Astaire1
Dedicato a Mendelssohn1
Dedicato a Mi1
Dedicato a Pastorius1
Dedicato a Shorter1
Dedicato ad Abdullah Ibrahim1
Dedicato per Renato Sellani2
Dedicatoria de un libro1
Dedicatory piece1
Dedicatory piece to the crew and passengers1
Dedicatory piece to the geophysical year of 19571
Dedie a Djo1
Dedie a JeanPierre Patillot1
Dedie a Paul Bley1
Dedododo dedadada1
Dedos duros2
Dedstuy blues1
Dee Arr2
Dee bee1
Dee bee dot1
Dee Bees dance1
Dee blooz1
Dee blues2
Dee da2
Dee da doo1
Dee da doo ha1
Dee day1
Dee Dee16
Dee Dee and Billies blues1
Dee dee dee1
Dee dee doler dap blues1
Dee dee freeway1
Dee Dees dance14
Dee Dees dilemma2
Dee Dees feathers1
Dee Dees rainbow1
Dee die doe1
Dee do1
Dee do doo ha1
Dee doo1
Dee dum1
Dee flat blues1
Dee gee3
Dee J special1
Dee jay special1
Dee Lawd1
Dee like the breeze1
Dee minor3
Dee Mwa wee1
Dee song5
Dee tees1
Dee tune4
Dee Wee3
Deebroojo two1
Deed by delusion2
deed for Dolphy1
Deed I do451
Deed I do )1
deed to your heart1
Deedees dream1
Deedim rag1
Deedle dee deedle dee1
Deedle deedle1
Deedle deedle deedle1
Deedle deedle dum1
Deedle I love you1
Deedle Lum1
Deedle lum bum1
Deedlelee deedlelum1
Deedles blues7
Deeds not words2
DeeGeeā€™s shuffle1
Deelees blues1
Deeno Dantay1
Deep 31
Deep and far1
deep and mysterious lake1
Deep and smoky1
Deep and warm1
Deep arabesques1
Deep as it can be1
Deep as love1
Deep as maze1
Deep as the night1
Deep atmosphere1
Deep awake1
Deep awakening1
Deep bass vibes1
Deep Bayou blues10
Deep bayou moan1
Deep beat1
Deep beigeFor Dereks kids1
Deep black mystery1
Deep blue30
Deep blue and the light1
Deep blue aquamarine blue and navy blue1
Deep blue bruise1
Deep blue C1
Deep blue cello1
Deep blue dream1
deep blue goodbye1
Deep blue knot1
Deep blue lake4
Deep blue love1
Deep blue melody3
Deep blue sea5
Deep blue sea blues5
Deep blue sea boogie1
Deep blue sky2
Deep blue sleep1
Deep blue song1
Deep blue waltz1
Deep blue waters1
Deep blue Z1
Deep blues3
Deep bop boom bam1
deep bow for Frederick2
Deep breadth1
Deep breath4
Deep breathing1
Deep breaths1
Deep Brooklyn1
Deep Brown blues1
Deep brown eyes1
Deep by deep1
Deep C1
Deep canyon1
Deep cean o how1
Deep colours1
Deep concentration1
Deep conversation1
Deep conversion1
Deep Cove1
Deep cove view1
Deep crease1
Deep creek16
Deep creek blues3
Deep creep1
Deep creepy trail1
Deep cut1
Deep dance1
Deep dark2
Deep dark black1
Deep dark blue1
Deep dark blue centre2
Deep dark night1
Deep dark night sky1
Deep dark to shallow dawn1
Deep dark valley lake1
Deep darkness1
Deep dead blue5
Deep deep1
Deep deep down1
Deep deep river1
Deep deep water1
Deep defect1
Deep delta1
Deep delta blues1
Deep dirty1
deep disciplines2
Deep discount1
Deep dish2
Deep dish Chicago1
Deep dish grind1
Deep dive2
Deep diving1
Deep down3
Deep down and dirty1
Deep down feeling1
Deep down in Caroline1
Deep down in my heart1
Deep down in my soul1
Deep down in the bottom1
Deep down in the miz1
Deep down inside1
Deep down love1
Deep down south10
Deep dream1
Deep dry ocean2
Deep Duke3
Deep echo1
Deep eight2
Deep elem blues3
Deep elem blues No 21
Deep elemDirty rag1
Deep elevation1
Deep Ellum blues3
Deep elm12
Deep elm blues5
Deep end9
Deep end boogie1
Deep endeavors2
Deep excavation3
Deep eyes1
Deep falling1
deep feeling inside1
Deep feeling kind of love1
Deep feelings1
Deep feelings from home1
Deep felt song1
Deep fives1
Deep flight1
Deep flower2
Deep focus1
Deep footprints1
Deep forest33
Deep forrest1
Deep freeze3
Deep freeze Dinah1
Deep friar1
Deep fried3
Deep friendship4
Deep fry2
Deep fun 9modulator mix1
Deep giant squid1
Deep green4
Deep green blue notes1
Deep groove2
Deep ground1
Deep Harlem9
Deep haze1
Deep heart2
Deep Henderson81
deep high2
Deep high wide sky2
Deep hollow7
Deep impression1
Deep impressions1
Deep in a dream111
Deep in a drum1
Deep in a fried pickle1
Deep in a trance1
Deep in autumn1
Deep in Boston Max is max1
Deep in green1
Deep in heart of Texas1
Deep in her eyes1
Deep in love2
Deep in Madras1
Deep in me1
Deep in my dreams4
Deep in my heart3
Deep in my heart dear1
Deep in my memory1
Deep in my soul1
Deep in my thought1
Deep in the arms of love1
Deep in the blue1
Deep in the blues5
Deep in the bottom of the 3rd ending1
Deep in the dark1
Deep in the hat2
Deep in the heart of Texas40
Deep in the heart of the South1
Deep in the inner city1
Deep in the jungle1
Deep in the mountains1
Deep in the night10
Deep in the Ozarks2
Deep in the river1
Deep in the shed2
Deep in the water1
Deep in the weeds1
Deep in thought1
Deep in thought blues1
Deep in you1
Deep in your eyes1
Deep in your face1
Deep in your heart1
Deep in your love1
Deep inside10
Deep inside the drum1
Deep inside this holy place1
Deep inside your love1
Deep into1
Deep into green1
Deep into my soul1
Deep into the center1
Deep into the night1
Deep into the unfathomable1
Deep joy1
Deep jungle2
Deep lagoon1
Deep lake3
Deep lawon1
Deep layers1
Deep Lee1
Deep light1
Deep look1
Deep looking1
Deep love1
Deep low1
Deep meditation1

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