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This index refers to the 543,401 individual tune titles (1,620,534 total entries) included in over 247,300 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of October, 2020.

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Page F36 - Fred to Free Mandela

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Tune nameSessions
Fred & Jack1
Fred 20111
Fred and Betty1
Fred and Ethel1
Fred and Ginger2
Fred and Rick1
Fred Anderson2
Fred Anderson and a half1
Fred Astaire5
Fred Astaire Ginger Rogers medley1
Fred attack1
Fred Bedarride1
Fred Blues lucky thirteen1
Fred Boggs1
Fred Brown1
Fred Debussy1
Fred eats it1
Fred Flageolet and his gang1
Fred Flintstone mania1
Fred friss oder stirb1
Fred Frith1
Fred G Sanford1
Fred Heitmans rag1
Fred Hopkins1
Fred Hviler over land og by4
Fred Hyiler over land og by1
Fred in the swimming pool1
Fred Jones1
Fred LonbergHolm1
Fred my pal1
Fred og ro1
Fred Sanford went to Spain to siesta1
Fred the fish1
Fred the fish and the chip on his shoulder1
Fred the freelover1
Fred the needle1
Fred Ullmann1
Fred Vigorito boogie woogie1
Fred waltzing1
Freda Kahlo1
Freda with the naturally curly hair1
Fredag aften1
Fredag den 141
Fredag langtar hem1
Fredas disposition1
Fredator meets Inuit1
Fredde accoglienti mura1
Freddie 11
Freddie 21
Freddie awaits the sleepers1
Freddie blues1
Freddie Diddley1
Freddie found work1
Freddie Freelawyer1
Freddie freeloader76
Freddie freight train1
Freddie Froo2
Freddie Green1
Freddie Kohlmans blues1
Freddie n me1
Freddie Prinze tribute1
Freddie the cat1
Freddie the free loader1
Freddie the freeloader13
Freddie Tooks jr3
Freddie waits for no one1
Freddie Waits performance1
Freddie Webster1
Freddies back1
Freddies blues2
Freddies boogie1
Freddies boogie blues1
Freddies calypso1
Freddies cheesecake1
Freddies conversion1
Freddies dead8
Freddies drink1
Freddies drum boogie1
Freddies feel1
Freddies finger snap1
Freddies got the blues3
Freddies groove1
Freddies hysteria boogie1
Freddies inferno1
Freddies melody2
Freddies mix1
Freddies mood1
Freddies new boogie1
Freddies new calypso1
Freddies night out1
Freddies nightmare1
Freddies prayer1
Freddies samba1
Freddies siesta1
Freddies Tango1
Freddies tune3
Freddies walkin2
Freddies yen for Jen1
Freddo umide disadorne essenziale1
Freddy blue1
Freddy C1
Freddy did it1
Freddy Freeloader1
Freddy funkbump1
Freddy Joe1
Freddy Morris monologue1
Freddy swing1
Freddy the freeloader6
Freddy the freshman1
Freddys adventure1
Freddys bounce1
Freddys fog1
Freddys guitar blues1
Freddys midnite dream1
Freddys sermon1
Freddys step2
Freddys tune1
Frede Staer1
Fredens sang1
Frederic and the coast1
Frederic samba1
Frederic the one and only1
Frederick Douglas1
Frederick Sommer suite1
Frederick the mouse1
Fredericks dream1
Frederics tune1
Frederics waltz1
Frederik med bilen1
Frederiksted portrait1
Frederiksted revisited1
Frederique all blues1
Frederiques boogie woogie1
Fredrik Ljungkvist1
Fredriks blues1
Fredriksson special1
Freds ahead2
Freds basement boogie1
Freds blues5
Freds boogie1
Freds bossa1
Freds corner1
Freds delight3
Freds dilemma1
Freds funky blues1
Freds garden1
Freds jump1
Freds life1
Freds mad theme1
Freds mood2
Freds place1
Freds rescue1
Freds smile for the boogie1
Freds velvet mood1
Freds walk1
Free 15
Free 23
Free 2 fast1
Free 25th1
Free 3 free 12 tones1
Free 41
Free 4 fall1
Free 4 V21
Free 51
Free 71
Free above sea1
Free action reaction1
Free action shot1
Free actions1
Free afoxe1
Free Africa1
Free Africa now1
Free again23
Free agent2
Free agents of sound2
Free agreement1
Free al1
Free alongside ship1
Free Americana1
Free an one1
Free and clear1
free and easy36
Free and easy blues1
Free and easy wandering1
Free and equal1
Free and foxy1
Free and happy1
Free and independent thought1
Free and loose1
Free and lovely1
Free and oozy2
Free and sad1
Free and single1
Free and three1
Free Angela1
Free as a bird14
Free as a child1
Free as a penguincool as an ostrich1
Free as an ostrichcool as a penguin1
Free as could be1
Free as me1
Free as poetry1
Free as the air3
Free as the wind5
Free aspects1
Free association4
free association peregrination in the fecund and funky fields of Monkdom1
Free associations1
Free at last35
Free at last free at last free at last1
Free at Passthank God almightyfree at Pass1
Free at peace sandal1
Free audition1
Free away1
Free B1
Free Bach1
Free ballad3
Free ballad 11
Free bander1
Free bass3
Free bass hit1
Free beauty2
Free bee2
Free beer1
Free beguine 11
Free Billy2
Free bird6
Free blacks1
Free blow1
Free blowing2
Free blues4
Free blues 21
Free blues warmup1
Free bluesy1
Free bop6
Free bop new bop1
Free bop statement one1
Free bop statement two1
Free bopalula1
Free boparoony1
Free bossa2
Free bow1
Free bowing1
Free bridge four1
Free bridge one1
Free bridge three1
Free bridge two1
Free by four1
Free by me bop1
free cadence1
Free California1
free call2
Free cat1
Free cell block F4
Free cell block F tis nazi1
Free cell block F tis Nazi USA5
Free cellblock F tis nazi USA1
Free change1
Free chicken1
Free Chile red Chile1
Free choice1
Free city1
Free climbing1
Free colors1
Free combinations for three instruments1
Free conversation1
Free could be1
Free curve to the point1
Free D1
Free dance2
Free dance song1
Free day3
Free days1
Free delivered1
Free delivery2
Free delivery of the blues1
Free devotion1
Free dialog1
Free dice1
Free disco1
Free ditty1
Free dive1
Free diver1
Free dom1
Free Don1
Free dots to pax part 11
Free dots to pax part 21
Free duet1
Free duet Friday1
Free duet Saturday1
Free duet Thursday1
Free eats2
Free education in Nigeria1
free effect1
Free electric hihat march1
Free electron1
Free emotions1
Free enterprise1
Free episode 11
Free episode 21
Free episode 31
Free Esbjorn1
Free esp duo1
Free exchange1
Free fair2
Free fall48
Free fall 189919591
Free fall chicken factory1
Free fall guy1
Free fall love1
Free fall lover1
Free fallin2
free falling6
Free falling borderless1
Free fantasia1
Free fantasy1
Free fast & clean1
free feel1
Free filter1
Free flight7
Free flight to Adam1
Free floating forms1
Free flow5
Free flow dialogue1
Free flyin traveler1
Free flying2
Free for a dollar1
Free for all42
Free for CT4
Free for day1
Free for five1
Free for Mandela1
Free for Miles1
Free for now1
Free for once1
Free for one1
Free for one another1
Free for the asking1
Free for three6
Free for two3
Free force1
Free forever3
Free form4
Free form 101
Free form composition1
Free form compositions 1 to 71
Free form compositions 8 to 131
Free form no11
Free form no2Evocazioni1
Free form suite pt I1
Free form suite pt II1
Free form suite pt III1
Free formel1
Free forms 141
Free formStraight no chaser1
Free forward and ahead1
Free four2
Free four all1
Free frantic & funky1
Free frantic and funky1
Free frantic and funny1
Free Freddy1
Free free set them free1
Free frei libre1
Free friends1
Free from gravitation1
Free from here1
Free from modifier1
Free from Swan lake1
Free from the ambiguities of natural language1
Free funk2
Free funky1
Free fusion1
Free gaida1
Free Glasgow epilogue1
Free go Lily1
Free gravity I1
Free gravity II1
Free hand2
Free hand dance1
Free hand solo1
Free hands3
Free hearted1
Free Hesteria1
Free hoops for Mark Feldman1
Free hop1
Free Huey1
Free Ibiza afternoon1
Free Ibiza early morning1
Free Ibiza night1
Free imp1
Free impr 21
Free improv2
Free improv 11
Free improv 21
Free improv 31
Free improv 41
Free improv 51
Free improvisation14
Free improvisation 11
free improvisation by Paul Lovens & Toshinori Kondo1
Free improvisation II1
Free improvisation III1
Free improvisation IV1
Free improvisation Music now1
Free improvisation on a 12 tones series1
Free improvisations op 11
Free improvisations op 21
Free impulse1
Free in America1
Free in B1
Free in her skin1
Free in minore1
Free indeed1
Free information1
Free interlude3
Free intervallic mix1
Free intro1
Free intro Burkina Faso swing1
Free is free1
Free Jacks1
Free jam 11
Free jam 21
Free jam 31
Free jam 41
Free jam 51
Free jam blues part 11
Free jam blus part 21
Free James Brown1
Free jazz7
Free jazz economics1
Free jazz guitar solo1
Free jazz is thrash asshole1
Free jazz karaoke1
Free jazz therapy1
Free Jazz und Kinder1
Free JB1
free k1
Free Kata1
Free kick1
free kings suite2
Free kings The music of Roland Kirk1
Free klez IV1
Free lance2
Free lancin again2
Free lancing2
Free land4
Free landscape1
Free lapse1
Free latin1
Free Lee3
Free legal advice1
Free libraries1
Free like a bird1
Free like the wind1
Free like you1
Free line1
Free lines1
Free lines part one1
Free lines part two1
Free links1
Free literature1
free loader1
Free love5
Free love blues1
Free love good love1
Free lunch6
Free magic1
Free man13
Free man in Paris6
Free man in tharde2
Free Mandela5

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