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This index refers to the 515,361 individual tune titles (1,551,833 total entries) included in over 239,386 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2018.

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Page I49 - Isnt it a shame to It felt as if time had stopped

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Tune nameSessions
Isnt it a shame1
Isnt it about time1
Isnt it beautiful2
Isnt it crazy1
Isnt it funny1
Isnt it heavenly5
Isnt it lonely together1
Isnt it love1
Isnt it nice1
Isnt it obvious1
Isnt it odd2
Isnt it over1
Isnt it prime1
Isnt it right1
Isnt it romantic232
Isnt it so1
Isnt it spring again1
Isnt it swell to dream1
Isnt it that crazy1
Isnt it time1
Isnt it time for bed1
Isnt it time to fall in love2
Isnt it wonderful5
Isnt it wonderful isnt it swell1
Isnt it yesterday past1
Isnt life grand1
Isnt love a wonder1
Isnt love groovy1
Isnt love the best1
Isnt love the strangest thing11
Isnt she1
Isnt she beautiful1
Isnt she lovely112
Isnt she pretty1
Isnt she the sweetest thing2
Isnt that everything2
Isnt that just like love10
Isnt that so1
Isnt that so easy1
Isnt that the thing do1
Isnt that the thing to do5
Isnt that what friends are for1
Isnt there a little love4
Isnt this a lovely day89
Isnt this a lovely day to be caught in the rain2
Isnt this a lovely way to spend an evening1
Isnt this a night for love2
Isnt this a time1
Isnt this better1
Isnt this better than walking in the rain1
Isnt this gate working1
Isnt this my music around me2
Isnt this my sound around me3
Isnt your paper clip1
Isn’t it wonderful1
Iso amaro1
Iso grifo1
Iso stilen1
Isocronismo in fa1
Isogriv 11
Isogriv 21
Isogriv 31
Isogriv 41
Isoka Liyatatazela1
Isola abitata1
Isola bella1
Isola del gelato1
Isola del sol1
Isola di sughero1
Isola Lontana1
Isola natale2
Isola pedonale1
Isolated lonely1
isolated pawn2
Isolation day1
Isolation I1
Isolation II1
Isolation in compartment C1
Isolation row1
Isolation tank1
IsolationThe kid on the mountain1
Isolde the ladybird1
Isoldes verklarung1
Isole natale1
Isole nellanima1
Isora club1
Isorhythm 101
Isorhythm 121
Isorhythm 151
Isorhythm 181
Isorhythm 191
Isorhythm 21
Isorhythm 223
Isorhythm 251
Isorhythm 281
Isorhythm 32
Isorhythm 44
Isorhythm 81
Isorhythm nr 21
Isotope rag2
Isotopes n isobars1
Ispaghula husk1
Ispirazione totale1
Israel Gormans blues1
Israel nights1
Israeli song1
Israeli waltz1
Israelites shoutin in heaven2
Israelites shouting1
Issei spirit2
Isso aqui o que e2
Isso e aquilo1
Isso e para dizer1
Issues and answers2
Issues yours not mine1
Ist da jemand1
Ist das ansteckend1
Ist das nicht wundervoll1
Ist die frage1
Ist ein bauer in brunnen gefalln1
Ist gefallen in den Schnee1
Ist gott fur mich1
Ist was1
Istanbul boogie1
Istanbul can be dub1
Istanbul coffee cup1
Istanbul express1
Istanbul in blue1
Istanbul Istanbul olali1
Istanbul lighthouse1
Istanbul memories1
Istanbul mustnt become Vienna1
Istanbul now1
Istanbul rap2
Istanbul seremanet1
Istanbul tango1
Istanbul without midnight1
Istanbulda bir ask1
Istanbulda bir gun1
Istanbulda bir Ispanyol1
Istanbulu dinliyorum1
Istanbulun gozyaslan1
Istanbulun izleri1
Istante 11
Istante 21
Istante 31
Istante 41
Istante 51
Istante 61
Istante 71
Istap 11
Istap 21
Istbynne reel1
Istedgade overgir sig aldrig1
Isthmus of Darien1
Isthumus of drum1
Istiftah Msaddar2
Istim stazama1
Istinti languidi a riposo in attesa1
Isto aqui o que e3
Isto enosso1
iStole your iPhone1
Istorija ljubwi1
Istres control1
Istrian song1
Istruzioni per lUFO1
Isus mirror1
It 21
It 31
It a la fin il arrive avec son velo1
It a pity to say goodnight1
It a uno1
It ain necessarily so1
It aint1
It aint a doggone thing but the blues1
It aint always what you do1
It aint bad1
It aint being done no more1
It aint childs play1
It aint easy5
It aint easy being green4
It aint fair1
It aint for you1
It aint Friday1
It aint gonna be like that4
It aint gonna be that way1
It aint gonna rain no mo7
It aint gonna rain no more1
It aint gonna worry my mind2
It aint good for me but its so good to me2
It aint Grindlesteig1
It aint happened yet1
It aint hard for you3
It aint help1
It aint like that2
It aint like that no more1
It aint me2
It aint me babe6
It aint much2
It aint my cup of tea1
It aint my fault12
It aint necessarily blue1
It aint necessarily blues1
It aint necessarily so341
It aint necessary1
It aint no big thing1
It aint no fault of mine5
It aint no fun1
It aint no jazz1
It aint no secret1
It aint no sin to take off your skin and dance around in your bones1
It aint no use4
It aint nobodys bizness if we do1
It aint nobodys business1
It aint nobodys business if I do2
It aint nobodys business what Brenda Bell may do1
It aint none of me1
It aint nothin but the truth1
It aint nothing but the blues1
It aint over til its over1
It aint over til the fat lady sings2
It aint over til the fat man swings1
It aint over yet1
It aint right17
It aint right to treat me wrong1
It aint slippery but its wet1
It aint snowing outside1
It aint so honey1
It aint sposed to be like that2
It aint that bad1
It aint that kind of a baby1
It aint the beauty1
It aint the end of the world1
It aint the humidity1
It aint the meat2
It aint the meat its the motion1
It aint the spotlight2
It aint to play with1
It aint what it was4
It aint what you do3
It aint what you think5
It aint what you usta be1
It aint what youre thinkin2
It aint you3
It aint your sign1
It aint your sign it aint your mind1
It aint your sign its your mind1
It ain’t my fault1
It ain’t necessarily so2
It all adds up1
It all and evrything1
It all begins and ends with you4
It all belongs to me10
It all belongs to you1
It all came true1
It all comes back to me now12
It all comes back to you3
It all comes down to love1
It all comes round1
It all depends1
It all depends on what you do1
It all depends on you76
It all ends up in tears1
It all falls on me1
It all goes round1
It all goes round and round1
It all has to end sometime1
It all makes sense1
It all started here1
It all starts with a name1
It all works out1
It almost seems a holiday1
It almost was1
It already happened1
It always comes back to this1
It always happens1
It always is3
It always seemed to be sunny1
It always starts to rain2
It always will be you1
It amazes me35
It be feeling like the blues2
It be FM2
It becomes translucent1
It began to get dark2
It began with rhythm1
It begins1
It begins again1
It begins in La Mola1
It begins to rain1
It belongs to you4
It bends and sways1
It bes that way sometimes2
It burns me up1
It burns twice1
It came from nowhere1
It came from outer space1
It came from you1
It came to me1
It came upon a midnight clear72
It came upon a midnight clearing1
It came upon the midnight clear12
It can be thick1
It can happen another way1
It can happen to you3
It can never be that way1
It can never happen1
It can never happen again1
It can only be love1
It can only happen once1
It cannot be exhausted by use1
It cannot be true1
It cant be forever1
It cant be love2
It cant be true2
It cant be wrong14
It cant be you1
It cant matter to you1
It certainly is1
It changes2
It coitainly was1
It comes & goes1
It comes in like a lion1
It comes out like this1
It comes together at the end1
It comes with the snow2
It concerns a task1
It continues to gnaw1
It costs to love1
It could be2
It could be anything1
It could be beautiful1
It could be cool3
It could be different1
It could be hip2
It could be if it was but it aint1
It could be so nice1
It could be sweet1
It could be there1
It could be worse1
It could be you2
It could but it hasnt yet1
It could happen3
It could happen to me4
It could happen to Queneau1
It could happen to you734
It could have been1
It could have been a lot worse1
It could have been a simple goodbye1
It could have been anything1
It could have been love1
It could have been me2
It could have been mono1
It could have been very beautiful1
It could have been very very beautiful1
It could have been you3
It could only be with you1
It could only be you2
It could only happen to you1
It could only happen with you2
It couldnt be1
It couldnt be better1
It couldnt be true11
It couldnt happen here1
It couldnt happen without you1
It couldve been1
It couldve happened to you1
It counts a lot1
It creeps up on you1
It dawned on me1
It dawned upon me1
It depends1
It depends for whom1
It depends on that1
It depends on you1
It did1
It didnt all come true2
It didnt end1
It didnt happen3
It didnt know what time it was1
It didnt turn out that way2
It didnt work out that way1
It do me good2
It do me so good2
It does make a difference1
It does not matter if you get a hint on the quiz1
It does not really matter who you are1
It doesnt bother me1
It doesnt cost a dime to dream1
It doesnt end here1
It doesnt hurt1
It doesnt hurt to say youre sorry1
It doesnt matter3
It doesnt matter anymore1
It doesnt matter now1
It doesnt matter to me1
It doesnt matter when1
It doesnt matter whos to blame1
It doesnt stop1
It doesnt take much1
It doesnt wait1
It doesnt work like that1
It doesnt worry me1
It doesn’t matter1
It dont bother me Wheres Mike1
It dont come easy2
It dont cost very much9
It dont count1
It dont do nothin but rain2
It dont get no better1
It dont get no better than this1
It dont hurt anymore2
It dont hurt no more1
It dont make sense1
It dont matter to me1
It dont mean1
It dont mean a beep if it aint got the bop1
It dont mean a thing967
It dont mean a thing he aint got rhythm1
It dont mean a thing if it aint got that swing50
It dont mean a thing sing sing sing1
It dont mean a thing unless its got that swing1
It dont mix1
It dont pay to worry like that1
It dont wear1
It don’t mean a thing5
It don�t mean a thing1
It escapes me1
It feels good1
It feels like rain1
It feels nice 11
It feels nice 21
It feels so fine1
It feels so good41
It feels so nice2
It felt as if time had stopped1

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