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This index refers to the 541,114 individual tune titles (1,615,171 total entries) included in over 246,676 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of August, 2020.

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Page I6 - I got love for sale to I havent got a teardrop left to care

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Tune nameSessions
I got love for sale1
I got love if you want it1
I got lucky3
I got lucky in the rain2
I got married last night1
I got men all over the town1
I got mine6
I got misery2
I got mo mojo workin1
I got money2
I got more rhythm1
I got more sense than that2
I got music on my mind1
I got my discharge papers1
I got my eyes on you1
I got my fingers crossed1
I got my hat I got my shoes1
I got my job through BOP1
I got my koto working1
I got my love to keep me warm1
I got my mojo workin2
I got my mojo working13
I got my money blues1
I got myself a happy song1
I got myself a workin man1
I got news1
I got news for you1
I got news for you baby1
I got no bread1
I got no more home than a dog1
I got nothin3
I got nothing1
I got nothing but you1
I got nothing to say1
I got out of bed on the right side2
I got plenty1
I got plenty o nuttin83
I got plenty of nothin3
I got plenty of nothing2
I got plenty of nuttin6
I got plenty onuttin6
I got plenty o’nuttin’1
I got problems2
I got Rahsaan1
I got ramblin1
I got ready1
I got rheumatics2
I got rhythm956
I got rhythm but no melody1
I got rhythm in my changes1
I got rhythm kj1
I got rhythm medley1
I got rhythm NP1
I got rhythm too1
I got rhythm variations1
I got rid of them2
I got rock2
I got ryhthm2
I got shoes1
I got shoes you got shoesies1
I got so far with Sophie and Sophie goes so far with me1
I got so much trouble1
I got some1
I got some of that1
I got something for you1
I got soul1
I got stone & I missed it1
I got that old feeling1
I got that riff1
I got the best jelly roll in town1
I got the blue lights on1
I got the blues16
I got the blues again1
I got the blues everywhere1
I got the blues in Santa Cruz2
I got the blues in the mornin1
I got the blues so bad3
I got the blues when it rains1
I got the bug2
I got the cryin blues1
I got the crying blues1
I got the dancin blues1
I got the fear1
I got the feelin8
I got the feeling1
I got the hots for you1
I got the keys1
I got the message2
I got the music in me1
I got the news2
I got the right1
I got the right to sing the blues1
I got the Ritz from the one I love2
I got the same old blues2
I got the spirit1
I got the spring fever blues1
I got the stinger12
I got the sun in the morning25
I got the walkin blues2
I got the will1
I got the world on a string7
I got this bridge I want you to buy1
I got this thing about chickens2
I got those cryin yodelin blues1
I got thunder3
I got time2
I got time on my hands1
I got to Barbados1
I got to cool my doggies now1
I got to dance1
I got to find my way1
I got to follow you1
I got to get it somewhere1
I got to get me some ZZZ1
I got to go1
I got to go home1
I got to have it1
I got to have it daddy1
I got to have you1
I got to have your love1
I got to know2
I got to learn to do the mambo2
I got to moan1
I got to move1
I got up1
I got ways like the devil1
I got what is takes1
I got what it takes10
I got what it takes to bring you back1
I got what you looking for1
I got what youre looking for1
I got wings1
I got work to do1
I got worry5
I got ya1
I got you21
I got you babe3
I got you I feel good1
I got you I feel good I got the feelin1
I got you on my mind1
I got you some1
I got your Bach1
I got your bath water on1
I got your boogie1
I got your letter1
I got your love1
I got your mantra2
I got your number2
I got your water on3
I gotcha3
I gotcha covered1
I gots1
I gots to find a place to live me1
I gott ta feelin1
I gotta be Chi1
I gotta be me2
I gotta be on my way1
I gotta be your man1
I gotta break away1
I gotta do my homework blues1
I gotta gal in Kalamazoo1
I gotta gal lives up on the hill1
I gotta get myself somebody to love7
I gotta get up and go to work3
I gotta girl1
I gotta girl she lives up on the hill1
I gotta girl who lives on the hill1
I gotta go4
I gotta go baby1
I gotta go back1
I gotta go get my baby1
I gotta go home4
I gotta go now1
I gotta go to bed1
I gotta guy2
I gotta hava a song1
I gotta have em thats all1
I gotta have it1
I gotta have me baby back1
I gotta have my baby back2
I gotta have you10
I gotta hear you play1
I gotta hurry home1
I gotta know3
I gotta let her know1
I gotta live anyhow til I die1
I gotta love somebody2
I gotta lyin woman1
I gotta move2
I gotta put you down1
I gotta right to cry1
I gotta right to sing the blues264
I gotta run1
I gotta run now1
I gotta swing1
I gotta tell someone1
I gotta travel on1
I gotta woman1
I grandi1
I gravitate to you1
I greet you with open arms1
I Groovy andante allegro1
I guard her to rest1
I guess I expected too much1
I guess I had something1
I guess I have to change my plans1
I guess I never had a chance1
I guess I never really never knew you1
I guess Id better knock on wood1
I guess Ill be on my way2
I guess Ill dress up for the blues1
I guess Ill get the papers3
I guess Ill get the papers and go home9
I guess Ill go back home1
I guess Ill hang my tears out to dry52
I guess Ill have to change my plan28
I guess Ill have to change my plans83
I guess Ill have to cry cry cry2
I guess Ill have to dream2
I guess Ill have to dream the rest21
I guess Ill have to forget2
I guess Ill have to get along1
I guess Ill have to go to sleep again1
I guess Ill have to hang my tears out to dry2
I guess Ill have to try again1
I guess Ill never get out of this world alive1
I guess Ill try once more1
I guess Im a fool1
I guess Im a little out of date1
I guess Im good for nothing but the blues1
I guess Im just a lucky soandso1
I guess Im making quite a fool of myself1
I guess Im not the type1
I guess it had to be that way2
I guess it was you all the time1
I guess it wasnt meant to be1
I guess it wasnt mine1
I guess its all over1
I guess its the mood that Im in1
I guess its time to go1
I guess it’s love1
I guess I’ll hang my tears out to dry3
I guess I’ll have to change my plan1
I guess so stay there1
I guess thats why they called it falling1
I guess theres an end to everything1
I guess this isnt Kansas anymore1
I guess youre satisfied1
I gungning1
I H1
I ha toh bo1
I hab kan smoking1
I had a ball12
I had a distorsional dream1
I had a dream32
I had a dream dear2
I had a dream last night3
I had a feelin1
I had a few things in mind1
I had a friend among the angels1
I had a gal1
I had a good cry1
I had a king3
I had a little sorrow1
I had a little too much to dream last night1
I had a love once2
I had a lovers quarrel with the world1
I had a man7
I had a mother who could swim1
I had a motion1
I had a notion1
I had a premonition2
I had a slouch hat too one time1
I had a spring1
I had a sweet mama2
I had a talk with a daisy2
I had a talk with my man1
I had a talk with my man last night2
I had a talk with the wind and the rain1
I had a woman1
I had a wonderful time in Columbus1
I had been hungry all the years1
I had enough of missing you1
I had everything1
I had it2
I had it but its all gone now12
I had love1
I had M1
I had my moments1
I had my share1
I had myself a true love5
I had no idea1
I had no time to hate1
I had one until you1
I had rhythm1
I had somebody else1
I had someone else10
I had someone else before I had you23
I had something good1
I had that dream again1
I had the craziest dream139
I had the craziest dream last night3
I had the funniest feeling1
I had three wishes1
I had to change the words1
I had to do it11
I had to fall in love with you1
I had to find out for myself2
I had to give up gym1
I had to give up on you1
I had to hurt you for no reason1
I had to know my way around1
I had to live and learn1
I had to lose you1
I had to move that thing2
I had to much to dream last night1
I had to put a man down on Elba1
I had to say goodbye1
I had to see you one more time1
I had to stoop to conquer you2
I had too much to dream last night3
I had you1
I had you I lost you I found you1
I had you in mind1
I hadnt anyone til you14
I hadnt anyone till you199
I hadnt anywone till you1
I hadnt thought about you1
I hadn’t anyone till you1
I haer a Milonga1
I Halfte des lebens1
I han en Schatz am schone Zurisee1
I han en Schatz am Zurisee1
I hang1
I hang an meiner weanastadt1
I hang my head and cry1
I happen to be in love2
I happen to like New York5
I Hard1
I hardly knew her at all1
I hardly think about you1
I hate1
I hate a man like you18
I hate babies1
I hate being in love1
I hate blues1
I hate blues again1
I hate cold weather1
I hate dogs3
I hate growing up1
I hate men1
I hate money1
I hate myself14
I hate myself for being mean to you1
I hate myself for being so mean to you4
I hate myself for lovin you1
I hate myself for loving you3
I hate myself in the morning2
I hate New York3
I hate practicing1
I hate rock and roll1
I hate the blues1
I hate the blues too1
I hate the girl who dont1
I hate to be alone3
I hate to be taken as a stupid person1
I hate to leave you now5
I hate to loose you1
I hate to lose you9
I hate to see you go3
I hate to sing1
I hate to talk about myself1
I hate u blues1
I hate when my check aint right1
I hate you3
I hate you baby1
I hate you darling2
I hate you gin1
I hate you patron1
I hate your teapot1
I hates to leave ya but I gots to went1
I have1
I have a bad feeling about this1
I have a cloud in my arms1
I have a dream40
I have a feeling2
I have a feeling for you1
I have a feeling Ive been here before3
I have a friend3
I have a friend a precious friend2
I have a friend above all others1
I have a friend his name is JEsus2
I have a good one for you1
I have a little plant1
I have a love6
I have a loveFinale1
I have a place to go1
I have a reason for living1
I have a secret1
I have a tale1
I have a way of lovin1
I have an idea1
I have been floating down that old green river1
I have been here before3
I have been searching1
I have been waiting1
I have been waiting for you a long time1
I have but one heart3
I have but two horns1
I have changed my mind 100 times1
I have come to catch your voice1
I have confidence2
I have confidence in you Duke1
I have crossed by the grace of the boatman1
I have decided4
I have decided to follow Jesus3
I have destroyed it already from day one1
I have dreamed81
I have dreams1
I have everything to live for1
I have evything but you1
I have eyes9
I have faith1
I have fallen in love1
I have flown1
I have found my song1
I have given this much more thought than Blair did before he decided to invade Iraq1
I have gone1
I have got a feeling I am falling1
I have got a feeling Im falling1
I have had my fun2
I have known1
I have lived1
I have longed to move away1
I have lost all my clothes1
I have loved1
I have loved me a man1
I have made myself beautiful for you1
I have many names1
I have news for you2
I have no feelings1
I have no one1
I have no reason to complain1
I have no right1
I have no sweet woman now1
I have none1
I have not set any time limits for the attempt1
I have nothing2
I have nothing left for you1
I have nothing to do1
I have nothing to say2
I have nothing to say and I am saying it1
I have nothing to say to you1
I have Ornettes teeth1
I have rhythm1
I have said goodbye to spring1
I have seen1
I have seen a miracle1
I have seen it all1
I have seen tomorrow1
I have separated nothing and doubled my heart1
I have some good gnus for you1
I have something to tell you tonight1
I have started1
I have suffered1
I have teeth and you dont1
I have the blues63
I have the blues every day1
I have the feeling3
I have the feeling I have been here before1
I have the feeling Ive been here before35
I have the right to be wrong1
I have the right to go to Syden1
I have the room above her2
I have the strength to sing1
I have these tears2
I have thought of you1
I have to be your lover1
I have to do my time1
I have to have you8
I have to leave1
I have to say no1
I have to worry2
I have torn up1
I have travelled the whole world over1
I have tried1
I have two but one is not mine1
I have two loves1
I have two shoes1
I have visited again1
I have waited so long1
I have walked alone1
I have walked by memories1
I have you1
I have your love for Christmas1
I havent1
I havent changed a thing9
I havent got a clue1
I havent got a heart1
I havent got a teardrop left to care1

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