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This index refers to the 532,270 individual tune titles (1,593,917 total entries) included in over 244,057 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of January, 2020.

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Page J21 - Just for Juju to Just say goodbye

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Tune nameSessions
Just for Juju1
Just for kicks11
Just for laffs1
Just for laughs5
Just for Liques1
Just for love2
Just for Marty3
Just for me5
Just for my lady1
Just for nana1
Just for now18
Just for old times3
Just for old times sake1
Just for once3
Just for one evening1
Just for party1
Just for rhythm1
Just for Ruby1
Just for run1
Just for smiles1
Just for taking bows3
Just for tenor1
Just for the boys1
Just for the fun of it1
Just for the Koz1
Just for the love4
Just for the moment5
Just for the occasion3
Just for the old times sake1
Just for the record5
Just for the thrill1
Just for then3
Just for thoughts1
Just for today7
Just for tonight11
Just for two2
Just for U1
Just for us2
Just for us all1
Just for you60
Just for you and me2
Just for you blues1
Just for you dear Im crying1
Just for you little one1
Just for your love2
Just for your smile1
Just forget1
Just forty bars1
Just found joy1
Just found out1
Just fried1
Just friendly1
Just friends771
Just friends blues1
Just friends lovers no more1
Just fun1
Just funk1
Just funkin around1
Just funky2
Just funny1
Just G1
Just George1
Just get in the van1
Just get started1
Just get the funkspot1
Just get up1
Just getting by1
Just give it a chance1
Just give it some time1
Just give me a June night the moonlight and you1
Just give me a man5
Just give me some time1
Just give me the girl1
Just give me the girls1
Just give me time7
Just give the man what he ordered1
Just give the southland to me2
Just give us one more day1
Just glad to be anywhere1
Just go3
Just go on1
Just go to sleep1
Just going1
Just going off1
Just gone57
Just gone for Montsegur1
Just good friends1
Just good fun1
Just good lovin1
Just goofin5
Just goofy1
Just got back1
Just got back in town1
Just got by1
Just got lucky2
Just got over at last1
Just got paid1
Just got to have him around1
Just green1
Just groove me3
Just groovin3
Just had to tell somebody1
Just half a shade1
Just hangin1
Just hanging1
Just hanging out1
Just Hankin around1
Just happy1
Just have fun1
Just have to be there1
Just havin fun1
Just havin some fun1
Just having fun2
Just having my fun1
Just having some fun1
Just her weekend fling1
Just hold my hand1
Just hold on1
Just holding on2
Just hot11
Just how close1
Just how sweet you are1
Just humming along1
Just i dag1
Just ideas4
Just imagination1
Just imagine37
Just in A1
Just in case13
Just in case we have to say goodbye1
Just in case we have to say goodbye again1
Just in case you change your mind5
Just in my age1
Just in my mind1
Just in the Newk of time2
Just in the nick of time1
Just in time558
Just in time again1
Just in time intimate strangers1
Just in time to leave1
Just in time to see the sun1
Just in town1
Just in tune4
Just intonation island1
Just is2
Just is me1
Just jam1
Just jammin1
Just jazz6
Just jazz boogie1
Just jivin around3
Just jiving the blues1
Just Joano1
Just Joe1
Just jokin2
Just Joshin1
Just Judy1
Just keep awalking1
Just keep it up1
Just keep on doin what youre doin1
Just keep right on steppin1
Just keep singing a song1
Just keep swimming1
Just keep thinking of Eubay1
Just keep walking Ambrose1
Just kicken1
Just kiddin6
Just kiddin around2
Just kidding4
Just kidung1
Just kind of a third dream1
Just kiss me1
Just kiss me once1
Just kissed my baby1
Just knock at my door1
Just know that I love you1
Just larkin around2
Just last week1
Just lately2
Just lay back and enjoy it1
Just layin eggs thanks1
Just leave it alone1
Just leave it to me2
Just leave me alone3
Just leave my heart alone1
Just left of the delta1
Just let go4
Just let it ride1
Just let me alone1
Just let me be1
Just let me be me1
Just let me know1
Just let me look at you3
Just let me love1
Just let me love you tonight1
Just let me stop the school1
Just let yourself go1
Just lettin it be1
Just life1
Just like a baby1
Just like a beautiful story2
Just like a broken record1
Just like a butterfly12
Just like a butterfly thats caught in the1
Just like a butterfly thats caught in the rain4
Just like a child1
Just like a dream1
Just like a falling star1
Just like a fish1
Just like a gypsy3
Just like a lady1
Just like a man2
Just like a melody1
Just like a melody from out of the sky2
Just like a melody out of the sky8
Just like a picture1
Just like a rubber duck1
Just like a shooting star1
Just like a smile1
Just like a thief1
Just like a woman24
Just like Alice1
Just like another dream1
Just like anyone1
Just like Bari1
Just like before2
Just like being born3
Just like brand new1
Just like friends1
Just like Heaven2
Just like here2
Just like him3
Just like history1
Just like home1
Just like HP1
Just like I like it1
Just like I pictured it2
Just like I remembered her1
Just like in a story book2
Just like in the old days1
Just like its always been1
Just like jazz1
Just like John1
Just like Julie2
Just like Key Largo1
Just like livin4
Just like lovers do1
Just like magic1
Just like me3
Just like Monk1
Just like my baby1
Just like my mother told me1
Just like mystics of old1
Just like old times3
Just like SD1
Just like taking candy from a baby2
Just like that25
Just like the day1
Just like the first time1
Just like the girl that married dear old dad3
Just like the movies1
Just like the night1
Just like the old days1
Just like the older ones1
Just like the sun2
Just like this2
Just like this just like that1
Just like Tom Thumbs blues2
Just like tome thumbs blues1
Just like tomorrow1
Just like two drops of water3
Just like u1
Just like we knew1
Just like with Rene1
Just like yesterday4
Just like you11
Just like you took my man away from me1
Just like you walked in you can walk out1
Just lipping1
Just listen5
Just little things1
Just live1
Just loafin1
Just lonely2
Just look2
Just look around1
Just look at me now1
Just look at us1
Just look at you fool1
Just lookin2
Just looking at you1
Just lost1
Just Louie1
Just love6
Just love me once more1
Just lovin1
Just loving you4
Just lucky5
Just lust1
Just made up1
Just made up with that gal1
Just make a pallet on the floor1
Just make it moxie for mine1
Just make love to me1
Just make me a pallet1
Just make one claim1
Just making it1
Just married4
Just married today1
Just Mary1
Just Max1
Just maybe3
Just me2
Just me and my whiskey1
Just me and you2
Just me just me1
Just me luck1
Just messin around3
Just messin with ya1
Just met a friend from my home town3
Just might be that way1
Just milling around1
Just missed the ATrain1
Just Monk1
Just Moody1
Just Mozian along1
Just multiply1
Just my boy1
Just my imagination16
Just my love and I1
Just my luck11
Just my speed1
Just my style1
Just my type2
Just my wish1
Just n ol fashioned waltz1
Just naive2
Just need love1
Just noodlin1
Just Norman1
Just north of normal1
Just not far1
Just not him1
Just not that way1
Just not to lose you1
Just not today1
Just nova1
Just now8
Just now eight1
Just now five1
Just now four1
Just now it was quiet1
Just now just then1
Just now nine1
Just now one1
Just now seven1
Just now six1
Just now three1
Just now two1
Just off State Street1
Just off the avenue1
Just off the Kings road1
Just on a rainy day1
Just on time1
Just once7
Just once again6
Just once around the clock2
Just once for all time7
Just once in a while1
Just once in my life1
Just once in your love1
Just once more2
Just once too often3
Just one4
Just one big question1
Just one blue note1
Just one blues1
Just one day1
Just one feather1
Just one for Babik2
Just one girl2
Just one hit please1
Just one hour2
Just one hour of love2
Just one kiss5
Just one look3
Just one minute1
Just one moer chance1
Just one moment1
Just one moment blues1
Just one more bite1
Just one more chance87
Just one more dance with you1
Just one more day2
Just one more for you1
Just one more gig1
Just one more kiss3
Just one more minute1
Just one more night in your arms1
Just one more slice1
Just one more thing2
Just one more time8
Just one more touch1
Just one night1
Just one of the cats1
Just one of those blues2
Just one of those things780
Just one Ornetto1
Just one pitch1
Just one reason1
Just one smile2
Just one sorrowing heart1
Just one step1
Just one step away1
Just one thing1
Just one thing to say1
Just one thought and a half1
Just one time2
Just one way1
Just one way to say I love you3
Just one word1
Just only love1
Just open1
Just open your heart4
Just order1
Just out jammin1
Just out of reach3
Just over and now1
Just over in gloryland1
Just over in the gloryland4
Just over into gloryland1
Just paffutella1
Just passed the horizon1
Just passin by1
Just passin thru2
Just passing1
Just passing by6
Just passing through4
Just passing time1
Just past teatime1
Just peachy1
Just people1
Just perfect1
Just petting1
Just phrases1
Just pickin1
Just plain Bill1
Just plain blue1
Just plain blues1
Just plain folksy1
Just plain funk1
Just plain hurt1
Just plain Johnnie1
Just plain lazy1
Just plain lonesome3
Just plain love2
Just plain Meyer4
Just plain Sam1
Just plain shuffle1
Just plain struttin1
Just plain talkin3
Just platonic1
Just play9
Just play free1
Just play the blues for me1
Just play the blues for you2
Just play the melody1
Just playin1
Just playing1
Just playing boogie1
Just pretend1
Just pretending5
Just Prez1
Just questions1
Just rain in my eyes1
Just ramblin1
Just rave in a bin bar1
Just red and blue1
Just relax4
Just relaxin2
Just remember4
Just remember the love1
Just remember this1
Just reminiscing1
Just ride1
Just riff1
Just right4
Just right mama1
Just Robbish1
Just rockin2
Just rollin along4
Just rolling along1
Just rubbish1
Just running around1
Just samba1
Just sand1
Just say anything1
Just say auf wiedersehn1
Just say cheese1
Just say goodbye7

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