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This index refers to the 520,330 individual tune titles (1,563,395 total entries) included in over 240,709 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of April, 2019.

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Page L13 - Las cucarachas entran to last moments of Atahualpa

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Tune nameSessions
Las cucarachas entran1
Las cuevas de Mario4
Las dance Ixtlan suite1
Las dignasSpirit of steel1
Las distracciones del senor timoteo1
Las dos lorettas2
Las estacas1
Las Estrellas1
Las estrellas en tus ojos1
Las flores blancas1
Las flores de eucalyptus1
Las flores rojas1
Las guairas1
Las guajiras1
Las guitarras1
Las Hadas11
Las hienas1
Las Hijas de Anaco1
Las hijas del sol1
Las hojas muertas2
Las horimgas rojas1
Las hortensias1
Las ingratitudes1
Las lacrimas de me amor1
Las lavanderas de Portugal1
Las liuvias de detmold1
Las lomas de New Jersey1
Las mananitas3
Las maracas de Cubason1
Las margaritas1
Las margaritas 0091
Las Marias1
Las mediosas1
Las misiones1
Las morillas de Jaen2
Las Muchachas2
Las mulatas del cha cha cha1
Las nolas de amor1
Las notas de amor1
Las Olas9
Las olas de Guanacaste1
Las olas del mar1
Las orillas del mar1
Las orillas prelude1
Las palabras1
Las Palmas4
Las pas ma la1
Las pasturas del Cielo1
Las patronas1
Las perlas caen en el plato de jade1
Las posadas1
Las pulgas1
Las pulgas freeway1
Las quenas de Barragan1
Las ramblas5
Las Reinas1
Las rosas1
las seis1
las sies1
Las simples cosas1
Las sombras1
Las tardes floja1
Las teclas negras1
Las tias1
Las tijeras1
Las tres hermanas1
Las tres senoras2
Las Vegas5
Las Vegas blues3
Las Vegas boulevard1
Las Vegas Corrida1
Las Vegas intro1
Las Vegas NICE1
Las Vegas station Lluvia de colores1
Las Vegas stomp2
Las Vegas tango12
Las Vegas vacation1
Las zorras pocas1
LaSalle Street breakdown1
Lasarus trombone1
Lascan medley1
Lascaux II1
Lascension dun nuage de bonheur1
Laschia chio pianga1
Lascia chio pianga6
Lascia chlo pianga1
Lascia fare mi1
Lascia la Spina1
Lascia stare1
Lasciate i monti1
Lasciate ogni speranza1
Lasciateci almeno gridare1
Lasciatemi morire1
Lascio al caso1
Lascivious intervention1
Laser glade1
Laser lips1
Laser material1
Laser wizard1
LaSerre blues1
Lasha mambo1
Laska k Davosu1
Laska lehkomyslna1
Lasko boze lasko1
Lasko ma1
Laskowsky by nature1
Lass das schon1
Lass dein Herz bei mir1
Lass dein Herz bei mir zuruck2
Lass dich kussen1
Lass die sonne in dein herz1
Lass die wilden tone1
Lass from the low countree1
Lass from the low countrie1
Lass from the low country2
Lass Maro tschatschepen1
Lass mich einmal deine Carmen sein1
Lass mich nicht weinen IV1
lass of Richmond Hill1
Lass of the low country1
Lass uns das Gesprach wieder aufnehmen1
lass with a delicate air2
lass with the delicate air4
Lassana Lamaya1
Lassas trombone1
Lassassinat de Carala1
Lassassino che suona1
Lasse Farnlof bossa nova1
Lasse lasse kjempestor1
Lasse liten1
Lasse liten blues1
Lassenas dancing1
Lassenas flying1
Lassenas unwell1
Lasses blues2
Lasses candy8
Lasses rag1
Lasses trombone1
Lasses vals1
Lassetto dell airone1
Lassie breaks out1
Lassie lie near me1
Lasst den Sonneschein in1
Lasst uns froh und munter sein4
Lassu csardas2
Lassus trombone56
Lassus trombones1
Last affair Bessies blues song1
Last affaire Bessies blues song1
last Alaskan1
last amen1
Last April1
Last arrival1
last arrow1
last ascent1
last atrocity1
Last attempt at love1
Last autumn1
Last autumn sun1
last Balkan tango1
Last ballad2
last ballad of the century1
last bar1
last bars of mankind1
last battle2
last beat2
last beef contract1
Last beer last dance1
Last beginning1
last bell1
last bird from Madrid1
Last birthday1
last bit1
last bite1
last blade of grass1
Last blast AB1
Last blast BC1
Last blast before the root canal1
Last blast CD1
Last blast DA1
Last bloom2
Last blossom1
Last blow1
last blue sky1
last blue tang1
last blues9
last blues song2
Last blues to be read someday1
Last boat leaving1
Last boat to freedom1
Last boogie2
last border1
Last bottle2
last breath3
last breath blues All alone now1
last breath of winter1
Last breath on the forgotten planet1
last broken heart1
last bus home2
Last business1
Last but not least3
Last but one1
last but one time1
Last but one train to Amsterdam1
Last button2
last buzz1
Last call65
Last call at Cafe Alto1
Last call at Jimmy Ryans1
Last call at the bow1
Last call at the West Lake Inn1
Last call before midnight1
Last call blues2
Last call for a bawdyhouse sweetheart1
Last call for alcohol5
Last call for alcohol dats all1
Last call for coffee1
Last call for love11
Last call for tomorrow1
Last call for whiskey1
Last call from Jaco1
Last call from the factory1
Last call from the stars1
Last call in a bebop bar where a DolphyBooker Little cover band plays heard from the toilet1
Last call on the lower east side1
Last card dance1
last castle1
Last cent1
Last century1
Last chacha in chitown1
Last chacha in Longbeach1
Last chair blues1
Last chamber1
Last chance18
Last chance blues3
Last chance dance2
Last chance for a slow dance1
Last chance for common sense1
Last chance Lewis1
Last chance lost2
Last chance rag1
Last chance romance1
Last chance stomp1
Last chance to dance2
Last chance to dance trance1
Last chance to groove1
Last chance to say goodbye1
Last chapter of dreaming1
Last cheaters waltz1
last child2
Last chorale and dance1
last chord1
Last Christmas5
Last Christmas wish1
Last circle2
last circuit1
Last class2
last clean shirt1
last cloud1
last clown1
Last confession1
Last confidences1
last country song1
last cowboy3
last crusade1
Last cut1
last dance57
Last dance at the Canidrome1
Last dance in Paris1
Last dance of fading memories1
last dance of Mr X1
Last dance of Santa Claus1
last dance of the evening1
Last dance of the Samurai2
last dance set one1
last Darshan1
Last date12
Last day16
last day at the beach1
Last day at the farmhouse1
Last day in August1
Last day in May1
Last day in paradise1
Last day of a panic1
Last day of Chopin1
last day of fall2
last day of summer4
Last day of the carnival1
last day on Bondi Beach1
last day on Earth1
Last day Tutti1
Last days5
Last days in Georgia1
Last days of August1
last days of Chez Nous1
Last days of May2
last days of Mr Keegan1
last days of peace1
last days of Pompeii1
Last daysHands1
Last detail1
last detective1
Last ditch wisdom3
Last dive4
last django in Paris1
Last dollar2
last door1
Last dot1
Last dream3
last dream home1
last drink at the club1
last drive2
last drop4
Last drop blues1
Last drops1
Last duet 11
Last duet 21
Last duet 31
Last duet 41
Last edit La Habana1
last elephant2
last embrace3
Last entrance1
Last escape1
Last etude1
Last evening at the sea1
last exile2
Last exit5
Last exit to Brooklyn1
Last exit to crookland1
Last expedition1
Last fair deal1
Last famous words2
last fandango1
Last fanfare1
Last farewell4
Last fatigue1
Last first4
Last first kiss2
Last five minutes1
Last flight3
Last flight from Twinwood1
Last flight home1
Last flight of the nez perce1
Last flight out3
Last fling1
last flower1
Last flowers to the hospital1
last forest1
Last Friday1
Last friends1
Last frog1
Last frontier2
last gasp1
Last gasp extraction of the world1
last generation1
Last glance2
Last glimpse of Gotham1
last go pepper blues1
Last go round3
Last go round blues8
Last go rund1
last good kiss1
last goodbye16
Last goodbye blues2
last goodbye Mr Mags1
last goodun1
Last goround1
Last great Georgia extravaganza1
Last half hour1
last hero1
last hit1
last holiday1
Last home1
Last hope4
Last hope bar1
Last hope sound2
Last hopes gone1
last hotel and some of Dharma1
Last hour1
Last hour blues1
last idealists dance1
Last illusion1
last image from Humahuaca1
Last in line1
Last inferno1
last innovator1
last interlude Doina In Bukovac1
last interview with Richard Segan one world radio WHUS June 13 20061
last island3
last jam2
last jam session1
last janitsar1
Last journey4
Last journey blues2
last judge1
last judgement1
last jump4
last Kabbalist of Lisbon1
Last kind word blues1
Last kind words1
last king of Poland1
last kiss9
last kiss you gave me1
last knight1
last knock1
Last landing1
Last landscape1
Last lap3
Last last night1
last laugh5
Last laugh blues1
last laughs on you1
Last layer1
last leaf1
last leg1
Last leg for Greg1
Last legacy1
Last legs blues1
Last letter3
Last letter from Cairo1
Last letter from Lithuania1
Last leviathan1
Last light5
last light of evening2
last line2
last lions suite1
last living descendant of the Mona Lisa1
Last load1
Last lonely train1
Last look2
Last look home1
Last lost1
Last lost love2
Last love last kiss goodbye1
Last love song4
Last lover1
last luff1
last lullaby1
last man1
Last man down1
last man standing2
Last march3
Last match1
Last May1
last meal2
last mehari1
Last menuet1
last message1
last mile8
Last mile blues5
last mile home1
last mile of my way1
Last mile of the way22
Last minute29
Last minute blues10
Last minute bossa nova1
Last minute calypso1
Last minute club1
Last minute consolation1
Last minute jingle1
Last minute man1
Last minute trip1
Last minute trip part one1
Last minute trip part two1
last minute waltz2
Last minutes1
last moment5
Last moments1
last moments after death1
last moments of a nice day1
last moments of Atahualpa1

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