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This index refers to the 543,401 individual tune titles (1,620,534 total entries) included in over 247,300 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of October, 2020.

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Page L49 - Lonely wilderness to Long notice

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Tune nameSessions
Lonely wilderness1
lonely willow tree1
Lonely wind1
Lonely windrose1
Lonely winds1
Lonely wine6
Lonely wing2
Lonely winter1
Lonely without you3
Lonely wolf3
Lonely woman308
lonely womans blues1
Lonely women4
Lonelyness happy tonight1
Lonelyness sorrow and grief1
Lonesome abalone1
Lonesome again2
Lonesome alimony blues2
Lonesome all alone and blue1
Lonesome and blue10
Lonesome and dead1
Lonesome and forgotten1
Lonesome and lovesick1
Lonesome and mistreated1
Lonesome and so lonely1
Lonesome and sorry36
Lonesome as the moonlight1
Lonesome as the night is long1
Lonesome Atlanta blues1
Lonesome August child1
Lonesome baby blues1
Lonesome bedroom1
Lonesome bedroom blues1
Lonesome Bill1
Lonesome blue guitar1
Lonesome blues46
lonesome blues for Matti1
Lonesome boulevard5
Lonesome boy blues3
Lonesome bus1
Lonesome but together1
lonesome caballero1
Lonesome canary1
Lonesome cat1
Lonesome child3
Lonesome Christmas1
Lonesome cities1
Lonesome city2
Lonesome cowboy5
Lonesome crowd1
lonesome cup of coffee3
Lonesome curve1
Lonesome daddy blues2
Lonesome dancer4
Lonesome darling1
Lonesome day blues4
Lonesome death1
lonesome death of Hattie Carroll2
Lonesome defender1
Lonesome desert blues1
Lonesome drag1
Lonesome dream1
Lonesome dream blues1
Lonesome dreamers dance1
Lonesome drifter1
Lonesome drive1
Lonesome eyes1
Lonesome fiddle blues1
Lonesome for a dime1
Lonesome for that man of mine1
Lonesome for you1
Lonesome fugitive2
Lonesome gal7
Lonesome George1
Lonesome ghost blues2
Lonesome graveyard blues2
Lonesome guitar2
Lonesome head2
Lonesome heart1
lonesome hearted blues1
Lonesome highway2
Lonesome horn1
Lonesome hour blues1
Lonesome hours2
Lonesome hours blues1
Lonesome hut blues1
Lonesome in my bedroom1
Lonesome in the moonlight1
Lonesome in the saddle1
Lonesome is the night1
Lonesome jail blues1
Lonesome journey3
Lonesome journey blues2
Lonesome lake1
Lonesome little doll4
Lonesome love blues1
Lonesome lover17
Lonesome lover blues10
Lonesome lovesick2
Lonesome lovesick blues6
Lonesome lovesick for my daddy blues1
Lonesome lovesick gottohavemydaddy blues1
Lonesome lullaby1
Lonesome mama1
Lonesome mama blues19
Lonesome mama doll1
Lonesome man1
Lonesome man blues6
Lonesome me29
Lonesome Miss Pretty1
Lonesome moments3
Lonesome Monday morning blues4
Lonesome mood1
Lonesome morning1
Lonesome morning blues1
Lonesome nights6
Lonesome ol town1
Lonesome old town4
lonesome one2
Lonesome pillow blues1
Lonesome polecat2
lonesome port1
Lonesome prairie1
Lonesome prairie dog1
Lonesome queen1
Lonesome railroad1
Lonesome railroad blues9
Lonesome Rebecca2
Lonesome refugee1
Lonesome reverie7
Lonesome river1
Lonesome road393
Lonesome road blues13
Lonesome road stomp1
Lonesome room blues2
Lonesome rose1
lonesome scenes of winter1
Lonesome shadows1
Lonesome sister4
Lonesome southern blues1
Lonesome stranger1
Lonesome street3
Lonesome sundown1
Lonesome Susy1
Lonesome Suzy1
Lonesome swallow3
Lonesome tag blues1
Lonesome talking blues1
Lonesome things1
Lonesome town2
Lonesome trail1
Lonesome trail blues1
Lonesome train7
Lonesome train blues1
Lonesome traveler2
Lonesome traveler song1
Lonesome traveller4
Lonesome travels1
Lonesome tree1
Lonesome valley3
Lonesome valley blues2
Lonesome walls2
Lonesome weary blues1
Lonesome wells1
Lonesome whistle blues1
Lonesome with the blues2
Lonesome woman blues6
Lonesome Yank1
Lonesome yodelin blues2
LonesomeSi tu vois ma mere1
Lonesomest blues1
Lonesomest gal in town30
Lonesomest girl in town6
lonesomest whistle3
Lonestar boogie1
loney coed1
Long & lazy river1
long & the short of it1
Long & wrong1
long 71
Long about dawn1
Long about midnight13
Long about now2
Long after hours1
Long after midnight1
Long after tonight1
Long ago21
Long ago and far away342
Long ago in the museum1
Long ago last night1
Long ago there was darkness1
Long ago today1
Long ago yesterday1
Long alone solo1
Long alone song1
long and lonely nights work1
long and sad tail1
long and short of it4
Long and tall1
long and the short of it1
long and unpredictable march of destiny1
long and winding1
long and winding road35
long and winding round1
Long arithmatic1
long arm1
Long armed woman2
Long as I can see the light1
Long as you get it done1
Long as you know you are living your1
Long as you know youre living yours2
Long as you pay1
Long as youre living29
Long as youre lookin good1
Long as youre looking good2
Long as youre mine1
Long as you’ve got your health1
Long ashes1
Long awaited letter1
Long awaited one1
long awaited return of Mr Sun1
long awakening1
Long ballad part 11
Long ballad part 21
Long bashels1
Long bay1
Long beach1
Long before1
Long before I knew2
Long before I knew you9
Long before our mothers cried2
Long before she knew1
Long black limousine1
Long black train1
Long black veil2
Long blue dream1
Long blue road1
Long blues3
Long boat1
Long boats1
Long bout midnight1
Long boy1
Long C no time1
Long carry1
Long chart1
Long chassis1
Long cold winter2
Long come Tutu1
Long continum1
Long corridors1
Long count1
Long Daddy Green9
Long dark hallway2
Long dark sky1
Long dash skipper1
Long day2
Long day blues1
long day is over1
Long day short night2
long days2
Long days journey1
Long days journey into night1
Long days lonely nights1
Long days long night1
long days night1
Long deep and wide32
Long deep sleep song1
long departure1
long diagonal1
Long distance21
Long distance blues9
Long distance boogie call1
Long distance call5
long distance call to JC1
Long distance confessions1
Long distance lien1
Long distance love2
Long distance love affair1
Long distance lover1
Long distance man1
Long distance migration1
Long distance runaround1
Long distance runner1
Long distance unity1
Long divorce blues1
long drawn bray1
Long dreams1
Long drink1
long drink of the blues1
long drive2
long drive home1
long drive to nowhere1
Long dune1
Long enough1
Long fade2
Long fall – part I1
Long fall – part II1
long farewell2
Long flight small plane1
Long for Shorter1
Long for the blues1
Long for your shadow1
Long for your smile1
Long forgotten1
Long forgotten arms1
Long forgotten blues1
Long forgotten dreams1
Long forgotten night1
Long forward pasts1
long game1
Long go and far away1
Long gone39
Long gone baby1
Long gone bird2
Long gone blues8
Long gone daddy1
Long Gone from Bowling Green1
Long gone John2
Long gone John from Bowling Green1
Long gone just John1
Long gone lonesome blues4
Long gone lost John1
Long gone love1
Long gone man1
Long gone Raymond1
long goodbye28
Long goodbyes1
long goodie1
Long gravy1
Long green1
Long green legs1
long gut1
Long hair2
Long hair shuffle1
Long hair soulful3
Long hair woman1
Long haired girl3
Long haired Harry1
Long haired lover from Liverpool1
Long hands1
Long hard climb1
Long hard journey1
long haul5
Long haul flight1
Long have I cherished1
Long hidden part one1
Long hidden part three1
Long hidden part two1
Long hope1
Long hot1
Long hot summer6
Long hot summer night1
long hot walk1
Long ingliska3
long interview with 24 tracks1
Long is stronger than pride1
Long Island4
Long Island ambient1
Long Island boogie1
Long Island city2
Long Island clarinet1
Long Island expressway2
Long Island fling1
Long island railroad blues1
Long Island serenade1
Long Island Sound7
Long John8
Long John blues6
Long John Brown1
Long John Brown and Little Mary Bell2
Long John C1
Long John done gone1
Long John Silver6
Long John special1
Long John stomp2
Long Johns blues1
Long Johns Lullaby1
Long journey10
Long journey home5
Long journeys end1
long KB blues1
long knife1
Long lake2
Long lane1
Long last1
Long last evening blues1
Long last love1
Long last moment1
Long lean and lanky2
Long lean and lethal2
Long lean daddy1
Long lean lanky mama1
Long legged baby1
Long legged Lizzie1
Long legged woman1
Long life2
long life is a slow death1
long line3
Long line blues1
Long line home1
Long lines1
Long lion days1
Long live boogaloo1
Long live Fats1
Long live love1
Long live Phineas1
Long live rock & roll1
Long live the fifteenth brigade1
Long live the King2
Long live the nigun1
Long live the things1
Long live the yes men1
Long liveless say1
Long lone some blues1
Long lonely nights4
long lonely season1
Long lonesome day blues1
Long lonesome night1
Long lonesome road1
Long lonesome whistle1
Long long1
Long long ago30
Long long boogie1
Long long day1
Long long gone1
Long long highway1
Long long intro1
Long long journey8
Long long long5
Long long night2
Long long summer10
Long long time3
Long long time ago1
Long long trail1
Long long trail a winding3
long long wait1
Long long way5
Long long way from home1
long long way to your heart1
Long long weekend1
Long look back1
Long loose sigh1
Long lost1
long lost blues2
Long lost daddy2
Long lost day1
Long lost dreamer1
Long lost love5
Long lost lover2
Long lost lover blues1
Long lost mama17
Long lost summer mix1
Long lost weary blues1
Long lullaby1
Long Man of Wilmington1
long march4
Long march for Frida Kahlo1
long march of harmony2
Long march to freedom3
Long Mary1
Long may we love4
Long meadow1
Long melody1
Long melt1
Long meter jazzrock1
Long metrage1
Long moan1
Long moment2
long Musashino goodbye1
long narrow road1
Long narrows1
Long neck beast1
long neglect1
Long night15
Long night ahead1
Long night blues2
long night in Cairo1
long night of Octavia E Butler1
Long night scamper1
Long night slow clock1
Long night waiting1
Long nights3
Long nights journey into dawn1
Long nights without you1
long nite1
Long note2
Long note blues1
Long notes2
Long notice1

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