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This index refers to the 541,114 individual tune titles (1,615,171 total entries) included in over 246,676 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of August, 2020.

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Page M32 - Midbar suite to Midnight whistle

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Tune nameSessions
Midbar suite1
Midbrain revivalists1
Midcity funk1
Middag hos Baltazar1
Midday blue1
Midday dreams1
Midday grind1
Midday moon4
Midday on the ChampsElysees1
Midday riser1
Midday romp1
Midday sun1
Midday wine1
MidDecember night sky1
Middelheim special1
Middle access1
Middle age madness1
Middle age music1
Middle age paralysis1
Middle aged juvenile delinquent1
Middle and fall1
middle bit1
Middle C1
Middle class dance1
Middle class folk song1
Middle class poverty1
Middle class white boy4
Middle crass values1
Middle deck1
middle does not exist1
Middle earth2
Middle earth herd1
Middle ease peace1
Middle East4
Middle East blues2
Middle East experience1
Middle East solution1
Middle eastern echoes1
Middle eastern essay1
Middle Eastern fantasy1
Middle Eastern sunset1
Middle finger1
Middle flux1
Middle ground4
Middle head1
Middle jazz3
Middle man3
Middle march3
Middle new1
Middle night1
Middle of darkness1
middle of love2
Middle of nowhere6
Middle of somewhere1
middle of tensions I1
middle of tensions II1
middle of tensions III1
middle of tensions IV1
middle of tensions V1
middle of the block2
Middle of the night6
Middle of the road4
middle of your day1
Middle passage10
Middle passage suite Part I For those of us who made it1
Middle passage suite Part II For those of us that didnt make it1
Middle passage suite Part III For those of us still here1
middle path1
Middle piddlecombe1
Middle place1
middle region1
middle seize river flows1
Middle stone1
Middle walk1
Middle way4
Middle West express1
Middle zone1
Middleclass madness1
Middlefield moan1
Middleweight champion1
Mideast Midwest1
MidEast tour diary1
MidEastern spango1
Mideastern standard time1
Mideastern steps1
Midfit blues1
Midge Maude1
Midges late valentine2
Midget circus1
Midget rod1
Midgetown blues1
Midi 121
Midi 142
Midi a 14 heures1
Midi a Jalopi1
Midi evil1
Midi evil blues1
Midi in motion1
Midi moins le quart1
Midi tapant1
Midland heights1
Midland Texas picnic area1
Midlife crisis4
Midn daunigschbaundn parapli1
Midness of a summer night1
Midnight & stars1
Midnight after dark2
Midnight again1
Midnight air1
Midnight alley5
Midnight alone1
Midnight and day1
Midnight and mist2
Midnight and you4
midnight angel1
Midnight angels1
Midnight around1
Midnight around Tallinn1
Midnight aroundMephistos seduction1
Midnight at Eddie Condons1
Midnight at Malibu1
Midnight at Maxims1
Midnight at Mintons1
Midnight at Moscow1
Midnight at the Bayou1
Midnight at the Caravelle1
Midnight at the faggots ball1
Midnight at the oasis17
Midnight at the Onyx3
Midnight at the Splendide1
Midnight at the starlight haunted ballroom1
Midnight at the waterfront1
Midnight at Yoshis1
Midnight ballada1
midnight bell2
Midnight bells2
Midnight belongs to you1
Midnight blue47
Midnight bluered shift1
Midnight blues39
Midnight blues II1
Midnight bolero1
Midnight boogaloo1
Midnight boogie9
Midnight bossa nova1
Midnight bounce1
Midnight breeze1
Midnight brew1
Midnight bridge1
Midnight buffet2
Midnight burden1
Midnight bus1
Midnight by bike1
Midnight cafe3
Midnight call blues1
Midnight caller1
Midnight calling1
Midnight candy3
Midnight Cannonball2
Midnight Chardonnay2
Midnight child2
Midnight chile1
midnight choo choo5
Midnight choo choo leaves for Alabam1
Midnight circle1
Midnight circus1
Midnight city2
Midnight clarinet1
Midnight clear2
Midnight clipper1
Midnight coffee3
midnight confession1
Midnight conversation1
Midnight courier1
Midnight cowboy15
Midnight cowboy medley1
Midnight crawl3
Midnight creep2
Midnight creeper13
Midnight crossing2
Midnight cruise1
Midnight cruisin1
Midnight cruising2
Midnight curfew2
Midnight Dan1
Midnight dance8
Midnight dancer1
Midnight dancers1
Midnight delight1
Midnight dinner blues1
Midnight diversion1
Midnight drag1
Midnight dream2
Midnight dreams2
Midnight drift1
Midnight Earl1
Midnight echoes3
Midnight embrace1
Midnight encounter1
Midnight epiphany on westbound 461
Midnight excursion1
midnight express4
Midnight extortion1
Midnight fantasy3
Midnight feeling1
Midnight feelings1
Midnight festival1
Midnight fever1
midnight fire alarm2
Midnight fire engine1
Midnight flight3
Midnight flowers1
Midnight flyer3
Midnight forest2
Midnight forever1
Midnight freight4
Midnight frolic rag1
Midnight Ghost1
Midnight grazers dilemma1
Midnight grinder2
Midnight groove4
Midnight Habana1
Midnight Haemon must pass1
Midnight heartbreak1
Midnight heat1
Midnight hour5
Midnight hour blues26
Midnight hours journey1
Midnight illusion1
Midnight in a madhouse4
Midnight in Amsterdam2
Midnight in Athens1
Midnight in Bahia1
Midnight in Berkeley Square1
Midnight in Berlin2
Midnight in Carlottas hair3
Midnight in Detroit1
Midnight in Evansville1
Midnight in Harlem2
Midnight in Jamaica1
Midnight in little Chicago1
Midnight in Madrid2
Midnight in Manhattan3
Midnight in mayfair1
Midnight in Memphis1
Midnight in Merizo1
Midnight in Mokum1
Midnight in Monte Carlo2
Midnight in Morocco2
Midnight in Moscow108
Midnight in Munich1
Midnight in Nakskov1
Midnight in New Orleans2
midnight in Paris9
Midnight in Rio1
Midnight in San Juan1
Midnight in Savoy1
Midnight in SevilleTico tico a la Booker1
Midnight in Spanish harlem1
Midnight in the air1
Midnight in the barrelhouse1
Midnight in the cathedral1
Midnight in the city1
Midnight in the desert nothing but camel rhythms to keep me awake1
Midnight in the garden1
Midnight in the madhouse2
Midnight in Tokyo2
Midnight in trieste1
Midnight indigo4
Midnight is calling1
Midnight is here again1
Midnight jamboree1
Midnight judo3
Midnight jump3
Midnight knock1
Midnight lace1
Midnight lady4
Midnight lady called the blues1
Midnight lament1
Midnight layer cake1
Midnight light1
Midnight limbo1
Midnight local to Tate County1
Midnight lounge1
Midnight love affair1
Midnight lullaby3
Midnight lullabye1
Midnight madness2
Midnight magic3
Midnight mama18
Midnight mambo2
Midnight man2
Midnight martini1
Midnight masquerade4
Midnight mass3
Midnight meatballs1
Midnight meditation1
Midnight meeting2
Midnight mellow4
midnight melody2
Midnight memories3
Midnight mess at Musee dOrsay1
Midnight mind mosaic1
Midnight mingle1
Midnight mirage1
Midnight mirror1
Midnight mistress1
Midnight moan1
Midnight moments1
Midnight montuno2
Midnight mood57
Midnight moon5
Midnight moonlight3
Midnight moonlight you1
Midnight moonthe gift1
Midnight morning2
Midnight motion2
Midnight mourning1
midnight muse1
Midnight music2
Midnight newsroom1
Midnight novelette1
Midnight of quietness recovery of life1
Midnight oil10
Midnight on cloud 691
Midnight on Hawthorne1
Midnight on Montrose Ave2
Midnight on the Bayou1
Midnight on the beach1
Midnight on the nile1
Midnight on the trail3
Midnight on the water1
Midnight on Thelonious1
Midnight out of Ocotillo1
Midnight over Memphis4
Midnight papa2
Midnight parade1
Midnight pass1
Midnight passion1
Midnight Pete1
Midnight phase1
Midnight piano2
Midnight plane1
Midnight play1
Midnight plea1
Midnight polka2
Midnight poppies1
Midnight port1
Midnight prayer3
Midnight prayers1
Midnight prelude2
Midnight prowl1
Midnight rain2
Midnight ramble4
Midnight rambler2
Midnight ramblers blues1
Midnight ramblers stomp1
Midnight reel1
Midnight reflections1
Midnight rendezvous9
Midnight rhapsody1
Midnight rhythm1
Midnight ride2
midnight ride of Paul Revere1
Midnight rider2
Midnight river crossing1
Midnight rock1
Midnight rockin1
Midnight romp1
Midnight rooster1
Midnight rose1
Midnight round1
Midnight rumba1
Midnight rumble1
Midnight run2
Midnight samba3
Midnight san1
midnight scene1
Midnight sequence1
Midnight serenade1
Midnight sermon1
Midnight session2
Midnight setting1
Midnight sevilla1
Midnight shades of blue1
Midnight shuffle4
Midnight side1
Midnight signals1
Midnight silence1
midnight silor1
Midnight skat1
Midnight sky1
Midnight sleigh ride2
Midnight sleighride2
Midnight snack4
Midnight snatcher1
Midnight sneakers1
Midnight snow1
Midnight snow walk1
Midnight snowbright1
Midnight sonata medley1
Midnight song6
Midnight song for Thalia3
Midnight soul4
Midnight soul patrol1
Midnight sound1
Midnight spaghetti1
Midnight sparks1
Midnight special59
Midnight special train1
Midnight star2
Midnight stars1
Midnight state of mind1
Midnight stomp14
Midnight stone2
Midnight strangers1
Midnight stream1
Midnight street1
Midnight streets1
Midnight stress1
Midnight stroll13
Midnight strut2
Midnight strutters1
Midnight sud1
Midnight sugar2
Midnight suite1
Midnight suite in New York part 41
Midnight sulker1
Midnight summer volcano1
Midnight sun369
Midnight sun cha cha1
Midnight sun Im a fool to want you Autumn in New York1
midnight sun never set1
midnight sun never sets23
midnight sun will never set63
midnight sun will never set on you1
Midnight sunrise4
Midnight sushi1
Midnight swinger2
Midnight symphony1
Midnight tales1
midnight talk1
Midnight talking to me1
Midnight tango8
Midnight the stars and you5
Midnight theme3
Midnight thought1
Midnight thunder1
Midnight tide1
Midnight torsion1
Midnight torsion II1
Midnight train8
Midnight train to Georgia2
Midnight tree1
midnight trot1
Midnight trumpet1
midnight variation1
Midnight variations1
Midnight veil1
Midnight vibe1
Midnight voyage21
Midnight wail1
Midnight walk10
Midnight waltz32
Midnight whirl rag1
Midnight whispers1
Midnight whistle1

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