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This index refers to the 530,380 individual tune titles (1,589,338 total entries) included in over 243,576 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2019.

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Page M58 - Mr Octopus to Mrs Meier

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Tune nameSessions
Mr Octopus1
Mr Oddsocks1
Mr OE1
Mr OK beery boob1
Mr Okulolo1
Mr Olek2
Mr Oliver1
Mr Olzer1
Mr Omaha1
Mr OMalley1
Mr One Whisker1
Mr Operator1
Mr Or in pivot1
Mr Os groove1
Mr Os shuffle1
Mr Out1
Mr P2
Mr P Aiste and Mr I Banez1
Mr Paddington1
Mr Paganini48
Mr Page1
Mr Paljas goema1
Mr Palme1
Mr Palmer1
Mr Palomar1
Mr Pancake1
Mr Panhuysen1
Mr Pants goes Hollywood1
Mr Papa1
Mr Papa Jo1
Mr Paprika2
Mr Paprika Lasst Grussen1
Mr Parker1
Mr Parker of KC1
Mr Pastor goes to town2
Mr Pastorius8
Mr Patrick blues1
Mr Paul at Martas place1
Mr Payne1
Mr PB2
Mr PC141
Mr PCs blues1
Mr Peabody2
Mr Peachums morning hymn1
Mr Peanut2
Mr Peas peace piece1
MR performs on Sundays1
Mr Person1
Mr Personality1
Mr Personne1
Mr Peter1
Mr Peter allkey1
Mr Petrucciani1
Mr Pflugers tight like that1
Mr PG2
Mr Phinney1
Mr Piano man2
Mr Piano Player1
Mr Pianoman1
Mr Piccolo1
Mr Pickles2
Mr Piflos1
Mr Pig gets a balloon1
Mr Pig Pen1
Mr Piggy & Ms Piggy1
Mr Piggy and Mrs Piggy1
Mr Pineapple King1
Mr Pinetop1
Mr Pinetops job1
Mr Pink1
Mr Pisaro are all your papers in order1
Mr Pitiful4
Mr Pizzaman1
Mr PJ1
Mr PK5
Mr Pleasant1
Mr Please Please Please1
Mr Plods helmet1
Mr Plow1
Mr PM4
Mr Pogo2
Mr Pointy1
Mr Pokey1
Mr Polo takes a solo1
Mr Poo Poo1
Mr Pop1
Mr Porcelli1
Mr Potato bass1
Mr Potato Head2
Mr powder blue1
Mr Presents presents1
Mr President6
Mr Pretension1
Mr Prez1
Mr Price was right1
Mr Prince1
Mr PS1
Mr Ps shuffle1
Mr Puffy2
Mr PV1
Mr PW1
Mr PZ2
Mr Q3
Mr QC1
Mr Qs day of judgment1
Mr Queer Mr Shane1
Mr Quigley1
Mr Radio man1
Mr Rainbow3
Mr Rainey1
Mr Randall1
Mr Randle1
Mr Randy1
Mr Ray J1
Mr RB1
Mr RC2
Mr Real1
Mr Rebennack1
Mr Record man1
Mr Red2
Mr Ree1
Mr Reggae1
Mr Rencore1
Mr Reynards nightmare3
Mr RG2
Mr Rhyme1
Mr Rhythm2
Mr Rhythm for president1
Mr Rhythm man3
Mr rich man1
Mr Richard Kiel1
Mr Richie1
Mr Riddles1
Mr Rider1
Mr rides into sunset1
Mr Riggs1
Mr Right4
Mr Right for right now1
Mr Rioso1
Mr Ripley1
Mr RM1
Mr Roachman blues1
Mr Roberts roost1
Mr Robinson2
Mr Rodrique1
Mr Rogers4
Mr Rollins1
Mr Rollins could I get your autograph1
Mr Rose1
Mr Rosewater1
Mr Ross1
Mr Rossi1
Mr RP and me1
Mr RT1
Mr Rubato1
Mr Rubic1
Mr Ryga1
Mr S2
Mr Saint blues1
Mr Sam1
Mr Sambelans samba1
Mr Sample1
Mr Sand man1
Mr Sanders3
Mr Sandman48
Mr Santas boogie1
Mr Santos blues1
Mr Satan1
Mr satellite man1
Mr Sax1
Mr Sax speaks1
Mr SC1
Mr Scarecrow1
Mr Schmeil1
Mr Schmezel1
Mr Schonherr1
Mr Science1
Mr Scnitzers WCMsound1
Mr Scofield1
Mr Scoots1
Mr Scott1
Mr Scrambles1
Mr Scrooges dilemma1
Mr Segal1
Mr Selcuk1
Mr Selmer1
Mr Senator1
Mr Sensitivity1
Mr Sessions1
Mr Seven1
Mr Sheets a night1
Mr Shepps1
Mr Sherbert1
Mr Shorter1
Mr Silence1
Mr Silver3
Mr Silver I presume1
Mr Simon2
Mr Sims2
Mr Sir1
Mr Sissy1
Mr Six1
Mr Skid1
Mr Skimmy1
Mr Skinny1
Mr Skitters overnight bag1
Mr Slam1
Mr Sleaze1
Mr Sleepy1
Mr Slick2
Mr Slippery1
Mr Smarty pants1
Mr Smile1
Mr Smith4
Mr Smith goes to town1
Mr Smiths song1
Mr Smoke1
Mr Smokin1
Mr Smooth3
Mr Smoothie2
Mr Snaps1
Mr Sneaky1
Mr Snike1
Mr Snodgrass1
Mr Snoids blues1
Mr Snow3
Mr Snozman1
Mr so and so blues1
Mr Soaky1
Mr Sobers1
Mr Softee2
Mr Softie2
Mr Solomon1
Mr Somethingelse1
Mr Son1
Mr sophistication at the losers club1
Mr Soul3
Mr soul man1
Mr Sousas yankee band1
Mr Souvlaki1
Mr SP1
Mr Sparkle1
Mr Spector1
Mr Speed1
Mr Speer1
Mr Spill1
Mr Spirit1
Mr Spleen1
Mr Spock2
Mr Spocks revenge1
Mr Spoonful1
Mr Springer1
Mr Squeaks1
Mr Ss tune1
Mr Stanley1
Mr Stanley II1
Mr Steel guitar1
Mr Steepee1
Mr Steepy1
Mr Stern2
Mr Steve1
Mr Steve Swallow2
Mr Stick man1
Mr Stinkys blues1
Mr Stitt4
Mr Stones blues1
Mr Streamline1
Mr Strongbow1
Mr Stud1
Mr Styx2
Mr Suave1
Mr Subliminal2
Mr Subway Man1
Mr Summertime1
Mr Sun1
Mr Sunshine4
Mr Sunshine and his eight bandits1
Mr super hip1
Mr Superbad1
Mr superman1
Mr Sus1
Mr Suso2
Mr SV1
Mr Sweeneys learned to swing3
Mr Sweets1
Mr Swing1
Mr Swing is still alive1
Mr Sykes blues1
Mr Syms30
Mr T13
Mr T from Tennessee1
Mr TA1
Mr Taciturn1
Mr Tad1
Mr take it upstairs1
Mr Talbot1
Mr Tamborine man1
Mr Tambourine Man9
Mr Tanghero1
Mr Taste1
Mr Tater Head gets 3 wishes1
Mr Tau1
Mr Taylor3
Mr TC2
Mr Teddy1
Mr ten bar blues1
Mr Texan1
Mr thank you1
Mr The Hipster1
Mr Thielemans1
Mr Thomas3
Mr Thompson1
Mr Tiara1
Mr tight hat1
Mr Tim1
Mr Timmons1
Mr Timmons I presume1
Mr Tin Woodman1
Mr Tippy Toe1
Mr Tix2
Mr TJ1
Mr TM1
Mr Toad1
Mr Toads wild ride1
Mr Tom1
Mr Tom cat1
Mr Toto stomp1
Mr Toussaint1
Mr Treble Clef1
Mr Troll1
Mr Trombonology Characteristic trombone smear1
Mr Trombonus I presume1
Mr Trotzkopf1
Mr Trumpet man1
Mr Tschaikowskis swing1
Mr Tutu in Merthyr1
Mr Tutus dance cycle1
Mr TW1
Mr Twilight2
Mr Twister2
Mr Twittys chair1
Mr TZ1
Mr Ugly4
Mr Ulf1
Mr Un PC1
Mr Unique1
Mr Unison1
Mr Universe1
Mr Untitled1
Mr Upright1
Mr Vasilis1
Mr VD1
Mr Vent1
Mr Vertigo6
Mr Vic1
Mr Vince1
Mr visa man1
Mr Von1
Mr W3
Mr Wah1
Mr WahWah1
Mr Walker7
Mr Walker its all over1
Mr Wamp walks1
Mr watch chain1
Mr Wayne2
Mr WC1
Mr Weatherman1
Mr Webster remembers1
Mr Weill I presume1
Mr Whippy1
Mr Whitecage meet Mr Allen1
Mr Whites blues1
Mr Why Not1
Mr Wife theme1
Mr Wiggle Worm1
Mr Wiggles1
Mr Wiggleworm1
Mr William1
Mr Willis1
Mr Wind1
Mr Windup Bird strange yearning1
Mr Winter1
Mr Wizard3
Mr Wolf3
Mr Wonderful42
Mr Wonsey1
Mr Woodpeckers special1
Mr Woodpeckerss special1
Mr Wrack1
Mr Wright1
Mr Wrong2
Mr Wu4
Mr Wus a traffic warden now1
Mr Wus a window cleaner now1
Mr Wus a zoo keepers assistant1
Mr Wyatt1
Mr Wyble1
Mr Wynton Kelly1
Mr X7
Mr X blues1
Mr X lebt1
Mr Y2
Mr Yes1
Mr Yesterdays1
Mr Yin and Mr Yan1
Mr Yo1
Mr Yohe3
Mr Yosso1
Mr You1
Mr youve gone and got the blues1
Mr Yunioshi4
Mr Z3
Mr Zimmermans farm1
Mr Zip1
Mr zoot suit1
Mra Khali1
Mrachniy groove1
Mravenci sila1
Mrazsu river1
MrB cruises1
Mrdangam solo1
MRI countdown1
Mrok na schodach pustka w domu1
Mrowka jak wiemy1
MRs 12 bars1
Mrs Abernathys piano1
Mrs aDales diary1
Mrs Alice May Williams1
Mrs and Mr Cat1
Mrs Anne Markhams pavan1
Mrs B3
Mrs Bates1
Mrs Bates and her son Norman1
Mrs BB1
Mrs Beauty1
Mrs Beige1
Mrs Big blues1
Mrs Blossom blues1
Mrs Blues1
Mrs Boogie Woogie1
Mrs Bottings boating1
Mrs Brown youve got a lovely daughter2
Mrs Cartoon1
Mrs Claus1
Mrs Clinkscales1
Mrs Corks morning walk1
Mrs D1
Mrs Darling1
Mrs Daves cat1
Mrs Demise1
Mrs Dicker1
Mrs Diz1
Mrs Dove1
Mrs DP1
Mrs Dressup1
Mrs ET1
Mrs Fagan1
Mrs Geraldine1
Mrs Goodnight2
Mrs Harkins1
Mrs Hope1
Mrs Howell1
Mrs Ilde1
Mrs Ippi1
Mrs Israel1
Mrs J boogie1
Mrs Jazz & Mr Green1
Mrs Johnsons happiness emporium1
Mrs Jones daughter1
Mrs Js blues1
Mrs Judge1
Mrs Judge jig1
Mrs Keel1
Mrs M1
Mrs Macleod Raasay1
Mrs Marietta Clinkscales1
Mrs Martin1
Mrs McDermott Roe1
Mrs Meadows1
Mrs Meier1

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