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This index refers to the 530,380 individual tune titles (1,589,338 total entries) included in over 243,576 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2019.

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Page M6 - Major Benjamin Huger to making of you

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Tune nameSessions
Major Benjamin Huger1
Major blues3
Major Briggs1
Major Browns minor blues1
Major business2
Major butts1
Major changes2
Major Darlings impossible halftime show1
Major Deagan1
major decision1
Major differences1
Major dom tom2
Major ending2
Major escapade1
Major etude 11
Major fete1
Major flows1
major general2
Major Generale1
Major Holley caper1
Major Holleys rumpus1
Major Hooples fez1
Major hope1
Major Howard march1
Major in come1
Major in love1
Major in minors1
Major incident1
Major issues1
Major Ketchup1
Major love3
Major madness1
Major major4
Major malfunction1
Major minor5
Major minor movement1
Major minorities1
Major minority1
Major mishap1
Major mode1
Major modes Indian expressions1
Major Nelson1
Major Nichols1
Major or minor1
major rag1
Major revolution1
Major roots1
Major scales in 541
Major seconds2
Major seventh finder1
Major seventh seeker1
Major sevenths1
Major sixths1
major slam jam in A sharp1
major step3
major steps out1
Major suspension1
major thing1
Major to minor4
Major Tom1
Major transitions1
Major walk2
Majorettes delight1
Majority is1
Majority of one2
Majors 101
Majors dream1
Majors grand slam1
Majors minor4
Majos desnudos1
Majus van az orgona viragzik1
Mak attack1
Mak Inang1
Maka kin Jokaya1
Makaha surf1
Makai and Tacoma1
Makaka sunset1
Makaya & the Tsotsis1
Makaya and the rain1
Makaya Makaya1
Makaya makaya makaya1
Makayas song1
Make a better world3
Make a buck2
Make a change1
Make a circle1
Make a country bird fly wild6
Make a fist1
Make a joyful noise3
Make a list4
Make a list make a wish3
Make a little love1
Make a little time for love1
Make a man out of you1
Make a move2
Make a new start2
Make a pallet on the floor1
MAke a pick up1
Make a plan1
Make a short story long1
Make a smile for me1
Make a way1
Make a wish8
Make a wrong move1
Make America great again1
Make anchor babies1
Make and break1
Make another mistake2
Make believe106
Make believe ballroom13
Make believe ballroom time3
Make believe dimples on the beach1
Make believe dreams8
Make believe island5
Make believe land1
Make believe rag2
Make better shake1
Make Ce1
Make everybody happy2
Make fingers point the way1
Make haste2
Make hay while the sun is shining1
Make hay while the sun shines2
Make her great again1
Make her laugh1
Make her mine4
Make him believe2
Make him your own1
Make hot and give1
Make ifa2
Make in love1
Make it1
Make it a classic1
Make it a classice1
Make it another oldfashioned please4
Make it better3
Make it break it Beni riamba1
Make it count2
Make it do1
Make it easy on yourself12
Make it for Buddy1
Make it for the door1
Make it funky3
Make it go away1
Make it good8
Make it happen4
Make it last14
Make it like it was1
Make it mine1
Make it mo better1
Make it nice1
Make it or break it1
Make it plain1
Make it real one more time2
Make it reel1
Make it right8
Make it shine1
Make it simple1
Make it snappy2
Make it so4
Make it soon1
Make it spicy2
Make it stop1
Make it thunder1
Make it up1
Make it with me1
Make it with you19
Make left1
Make like Shake1
Make like you mean it1
Make love1
Make love 21
Make love like a fool1
Make love not war1
Make love not war to everybody1
Make love to me31
Make love to me baby4
Make love to me baby blues1
Make love to you1
Make love to your mind1
Make love two1
Make love with a guitar3
Make ma a pallet on the floor1
Make machine1
Make me4
Make me 11
Make me 21
Make me a believer1
Make me a memory6
Make me a pallet5
Make me a pallet on the floor257
Make me a pallet on your floor7
Make me a pallett on your floor1
Make me a potion1
Make me a present of you22
Make me a rainbow1
Make me an offer I cant refuse1
Make me as strong as Sampson1
Make me believe1
Make me call California1
Make me care1
Make me dream make me roam1
Make me feel better1
Make me feel like its raining1
Make me good1
Make me happy1
Make me have a baby1
Make me know it18
Make me love you5
Make me mad1
Make me new for you1
Make me one of those1
Make me one pallet on your floor1
Make me rainbows36
Make me ready abha beauty1
Make me say it again girl1
Make me shake2
Make me show it1
Make me smile3
Make me strong as Sampson1
Make me your baby1
Make me your leader1
Make me yours2
Make mine blue1
Make mine blues1
Make mine Guarana1
Make mine Millers10
Make mine music1
Make mine rare1
Make more room1
Make my cot where the cotcotcotton grows15
Make my country bird fly wild1
Make my day6
Make my dreams come true1
Make my love come down1
Make my night1
Make no mistake2
Make no plans1
Make no sense1
Make noise2
Make noise enough1
Make noise not war1
Make our garden grow1
Make out machine1
Make peace1
Make peace in mind1
Make peace with yourself1
Make perhaps this out sense of can you1
Make room for me1
Make room for Snappy1
Make room for someone else1
Make room for Tiny1
Make sense1
Make some magic2
Make some memories1
Make some noise1
Make some space1
Make somebody happy1
Make someone happpy1
Make someone happy166
Make something funny1
Make sure youre sure12
Make that dream come true1
Make that gravel fly1
Make that move1
Make that trombone laugh1
Make the changes1
Make the city ours tonight1
Make the day go away1
Make the days run fast1
Make the duck sound1
Make the girl love me3
Make the knife2
Make the light red1
Make the magic happen1
Make the man love me27
Make the man love you1
Make the most of it2
Make the most of love1
Make the nice1
Make the scene1
Make the trombone laugh1
Make the women love me1
Make the world go away9
Make the world know well be free1
Make the world your own1
Make them dance3
Make them dieout with morphine1
Make them laugh1
Make this city ours tonight6
Make this heart of mine smile again1
Make this moment1
Make this moment last1
Make those naughty eyes behave1
Make time1
Make tracks child1
Make trip1
Make U dance2
Make up4
Make up city1
Make up in the morning1
Make up make off1
Make up my mind1
Make up your mind17
Make us one1
Make way1
Make way for John1
Make way for love1
Make way for the lady1
Make way for the rebirth1
Make way for tomorrow1
Make way Im coming1
Make way man upstairs1
Make way to the city2
Make we go camp1
Make wicky wacky1
Make with the kisses7
Make yer point1
Make you feel alright1
Make you feel my love7
Make you happy1
Make you mine2
Make your day1
Make your friend feel loved1
Make your garden grow1
Make your journey1
Make your journey unforgettable1
Make your move2
Make your own kind of music2
Make your own king of music1
Make your own lightning1
Make your own revolution now1
Make your own temple1
Make your wonders known1
Make yourself a happiness pie2
Make yourself at home1
Make yourself comfortable9
makebelieve ballroom1
Makedonia meeting1
Makedonialainen twist1
Makedonska devojce1
Makedonsko devojce1
Makenna Beach2
Makeover makeover1
Makers dream1
Makers marc1
Makers of fine1
Makeru ga kachi1
Makes her move1
Makes it kinda hard1
Makes me feel this way1
Makes me love you more1
Makes me wanna holler1
Makes me wanna shout2
Makes my heart feel happy1
Makes my heart sway1
Makes no difference3
Makes no difference now1
Makes you wanna1
Makes you wonder1
Makeshift fishing net1
Makhutenesta meine1
Maki papi1
Makibaka the spirit lives on1
Makiko smile1
Makin a fool of myself1
Makin a fool out of me2
Makin bebop1
Makin believe1
Makin boom boom1
Makin bread again2
Makin brownies1
Makin do1
Makin faces at the man in the moon5
Makin friends6
Makin friends with the blues1
Makin it6
Makin love6
Makin love in 34 time1
Makin love in the moonlight before1
Makin love mountain style1
Makin love with you2
Makin lunch1
Makin me crazy1
Makin moonlight memories1
Makin moves1
Makin my move1
Makin my way home1
Makin out2
Makin poopee1
Makin roots in a far away home1
Makin runs6
Makin the break1
Makin the grade1
Makin the move2
Makin the rounds1
Makin the scene1
Makin the town1
Makin time1
Makin whoopee523
Makin whoopie8
Makin whoppee1
Makin wickiwacki down in Waikiki2
Makin wiki waki down in Waikiki1
Makin woopee1
Makin yarn1
Making A1
Making a comeback1
Making a hole for dynamic purposes1
Making a living2
Making a point1
Making a song and dance1
Making amends1
Making amends to Chelsea the neighborhood1
Making babies1
Making believe2
Making believe youre here1
Making bread1
Making certain it goes on1
Making changes1
Making choices1
Making circles1
Making coffee1
Making conversation2
Making dreams come true1
Making ends meet3
Making faces at the man in the moon1
Making friends1
Making ice1
Making it go away2
Making it up as we go along1
Making joyful noise1
Making light1
Making light of it1
Making love6
Making love after hours1
Making love in the rain1
Making love making music1
Making love to you2
Making lunch2
Making memories1
Making merry2
Making merry o1
Making movies1
Making music1
Making my way back to you1
Making my way thru it1
making of a path1
Making of movie included1
Making of rose quartz1
making of you2

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