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This index refers to the 530,380 individual tune titles (1,589,338 total entries) included in over 243,576 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2019.

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Page M8 - Mama aint cooking to Mambo Lucia

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Tune nameSessions
Mama aint cooking1
Mama and daddy1
Mama and daddy land1
Mama and Jimmy blues1
Mama and papa2
Mama and papa bear1
Mama and papa blues1
Mama and the flowers1
Mama Angustia 21
Mama Anita1
Mama badgers1
Mama Barth Blue2
Mama bear blues1
Mama bee1
Mama better watch your step1
Mama blues1
Mama bought a chicken1
Mama breaks it up1
Mama buy your baby a piano1
Mama cant buy you love1
Mama Carries pad1
Mama Cass2
Mama cat boogie1
Mama Cate1
Mama Chan1
Mama chauffage1
Mama Chicago1
Mama Chicago 21
Mama Chicago 31
Mama chita1
Mama Chola1
Mama come home2
Mama Cookie1
Mama coolbeans1
Mama daddy1
Mama dear1
Mama Dev blues3
Mama didnt do it and papa didnt do it1
Mama dlo1
Mama do I gotta2
Mama doll1
Mama done1
Mama done raised a fool1
Mama done said1
Mama done stayed out1
Mama dont allow45
Mama dont allow it73
Mama dont allow me1
Mama dont allow me play jazz2
Mama dont allow no2
Mama dont allow no bass playing in there1
Mama dont allow no big bands1
Mama dont allow no easy riders1
Mama dont allow no easy riders here2
Mama dont allow no jazz band1
Mama dont allow no loving in here1
Mama dont allow no music playing in here1
Mama dont allow no twistin1
Mama dont allow no twistin done in here1
Mama dont ever go away1
Mama dont jive me1
Mama dont like music1
Mama dont love me1
Mama dont low2
Mama dont low no music playing here1
Mama dont want1
Mama dont want no jazz band1
Mama dont want no peas an rice an coconut oil3
Mama dont want sweet man anymore1
Mama dont wear no drawers2
Mama dont you tear my clothes1
Mama dont you think I know1
Mama don’t allow1
Mama doo shee blues1
Mama dooshee1
Mama Duijn1
Mama E1
Mama el baion1
Mama excuse me please1
Mama Flo1
Mama Flosic1
Mama Flosie3
Mama fold your hands1
Mama found out1
Mama G3
Mama GApril jamming1
Mama get your hammer1
Mama GNelly Bly1
Mama goes where papa goes12
Mama guela4
Mama he treats your daughter mean22
Mama Helix1
Mama hey1
Mama I heard you brought it right back home1
Mama I hope youre satisfied1
Mama I love him so1
Mama I wanna make rhythm12
Mama ik wil een man he1
Mama Ill be home someday4
Mama Ines1
Mama Ines upset my baby1
Mama Inez72
Mama is going to slow you down1
Mama is losin a mighty good chance1
Mama is waitin for you3
Mama J1
Mama ja chci tancit1
Mama Jaaae1
Mama jazz1
Mama Jo rag1
Mama Jones1
Mama just wants to barrelhouse all night long1
Mama k wil een man he1
Mama Kalimba1
Mama keep my wife at home1
Mama keeps it all the time1
Mama knows1
Mama knows what papa wants when papas feeling blue1
Mama knows where papa goes2
Mama Koko2
Mama Kuku1
Mama lama samba2
Mama Laura2
Mama Lela2
Mama Leona1
Mama les ptits bateaux1
Mama like to do it1
Mama like to take her time1
Mama likes to do it1
Mama Llama samba3
Mama Llanna samba1
Mama long and tall1
Mama look a boo boo2
Mama look a booboo1
Mama Lou6
Mama love1
Mama loves papa13
Mama Lucia1
Mama Luke1
Mama malade1
Mama mama3
Mama mama blues1
Mama mama mama2
Mama Maria1
Mama marimba3
Mama may I have black1
Mama maya1
Mama me and Johnny free1
Mama mercy comes in spurts1
Mama mia dammi canto lire1
Mama mockingbird1
Mama moves charleston1
Mama Ndoluse1
Mama Ndoro1
Mama needs a little day1
Mama needs your loving baby1
Mama never dug this scene1
Mama Nita7
Mama no1
Mama non mama1
Mama oum1
Mama papa brother1
Mama papa dont wanna come back home1
Mama pin a rose on me1
Mama reegae1
Mama rhumbas1
Mama roots1
Mama Rose9
Mama Roux1
Mama said2
Mama Sakula1
Mama she taught me1
Mama Soho1
Mama soul1
Mama stayed out1
Mama stayed out all night long3
Mama stayed out the whole night long3
mama suite1
Mama swat1
Mama take the lobsters off the ice1
Mama talk to your daughter2
Mama talks soft1
Mama te quiero1
Mama teach me to do the Charleston1
Mama tell me2
Mama Teresadanzon1
Mama that moon is here again11
Mama the way you look tonight2
Mama tol me1
Mama told me1
Mama told me not to come7
Mama told me so1
Mama too tight2
Mama treat your daughter mean1
Mama tree1
Mama tried3
Mama tryckarlat1
Mama used to do the cha cha1
Mama vieja1
Mama wailer4
Mama wants you2
Mama was right1
Mama was there1
Mama way1
Mama whip mama spank1
Mama will be gone1
Mama woncha please come home1
Mama wont let me1
Mama wont you give1
Mama Yanceys blues1
Mama yemo1
Mama Yi says hello1
Mama yo no tengo visto hit ragut1
Mama yo quero una1
Mama yo quiero1
Mama yo quiero cha cha1
Mama yo quiero mambo1
Mama yo quiero un novio2
Mama you dont mean me no good6
Mama you told me1
Mama your daughters done lied on me1
Mama z Katmandu1
mama zone1
Mamaa cookin1
Mamaa gone goodby1
Mamacita caravana1
Mamacita Lisa2
Mamacity tu es muy bonita1
Mamadou au Mali1
Mamadou bitiki1
Mamady wo murado sa1
Mamae cade baleia1
Mamae eu quero1
Mamaka II1
Mamaliege dance1
Mamalinas place1
Mamamita blues1
Maman les ptits bateaux1
Maman Marie1
Maman ne vends pas la maison2
Maman nveut pas2
Maman Papa2
Maman Rose1
Maman Rosin Beaudreax1
Maman Rosin Boudreaux1
Maman Rosin Boudreax1
Maman si jolie1
Mamans les petits bateaux1
Mamas a little too warm for you1
Mamas all night song1
Mamas baby boy7
mamas bad luck child2
Mamas beat1
Mamas blues12
Mamas boogie3
Mamas boy3
Mamas clock stopped ticking1
Mamas comin1
Mamas cookin2
Mamas dont let your babies grow up to be cowboyPresidents1
Mamas doors1
Mamas getting younger papaa getting older each Day1
Mamas gone7
Mamas gone good bye1
Mamas gone goodbye209
Mamas gonna drop your curtain1
Mamas gonna shorten your days1
Mamas gonna slow you down3
Mamas got a baby5
Mamas got a bag of her own1
Mamas got em1
Mamas got her eyes on you1
Mamas got it1
Mamas got something I know you want it1
Mamas got the blues8
Mamas groove1
Mamas grown young papas grown old3
Mamas hamburgers1
Mamas home cookin1
Mamas house3
Mamas in the groove1
Mamas in the kitchen1
Mamas in the racket1
Mamas in town1
Mamas little baby1
Mamas little baby doll1
Mamas little boy thinks hes a man1
Mamas little girl1
Mamas little love potion1
Mamas little sunny boy1
Mamas lonesome for you1
Mamas losin a mighty good chance1
Mamas lullaby2
Mamas meat pies1
Mamas midnight hour1
Mamas place1
Mamas portrait1
Mamas quittin and leavin part 11
Mamas quittin and leavin part 21
Mamas rooster1
Mamas song2
Mamas soul1
Mamas talkin soft2
Mamas talking soft3
Mamas the baby1
Mamas the boss1
Mamas well has done gone dry2
Mama’s gone goodbye1
Mama’s got the blues1
Mamba baby4
Mamba mist1
Mamba nero1
Mamba point2
Mambie pambie1
Mambo 122
Mambo 20001
Mambo 2071
Mambo 57
Mambo 661
Mambo 81
Mambo a la Count1
Mambo a la crescendo1
Mambo a la Kenton1
Mambo a la Louis Bellson1
Mambo a la Mintzer1
Mambo a la Savoy2
Mambo a la Stockholm1
Mambo adonis1
Mambo after hours1
Mambo ala Jo1
Mambo alegre1
Mambo at the Blackhawk1
Mambo at the M2
Mambo at the Meadowbrook1
Mambo at the Waldorf1
Mambo azul1
Mambo baby1
Mambo bacan1
Mambo bado1
Mambo bait1
Mambo balahu1
Mambo Barbara1
Mambo Barbarita1
Mambo Bardot2
Mambo beat3
Mambo bembe1
Mambo Birdland1
Mambo blues7
Mambo Bobbie1
Mambo boogie3
Mambo bounce4
Mambo buddha1
Mambo bundolo1
Mambo burger1
Mambo by Garner1
Mambo cardinal1
Mambo caribe1
Mambo Carmel3
Mambo chicano1
Mambo Chris1
Mambo Christiani1
Mambo chueco1
Mambo city1
Mambo coco1
Mambo combo1
Mambo con catalina1
Mambo Connie1
Mambo Costanzo1
Mambo cuban1
Mambo cuco1
Mambo dans la voiture1
Mambo de cuco1
Mambo de la luna2
Mambo de la pinta8
Mambo de la telefonista1
Mambo de las brujas2
Mambo de los dandies1
Mambo de Los Feliz1
Mambo de Machahuay1
Mambo de main gato1
Mambo de memo1
Mambo de nice1
Mambo de peg1
Mambo del crow1
Mambo del quado1
Mambo del sol1
Mambo del sud1
Mambo des emigrants1
Mambo di Paulo1
Mambo diablo3
Mambo Diane1
Mambo dinero1
Mambo disonante1
Mambo dominica1
Mambo du matin1
Mambo Dubarry1
Mambo ebonier1
Mambo Elaine1
Mambo en blues2
Mambo en Broadway1
Mambo en sax1
Mambo Erroll3
Mambo facil1
Mambo for a cripple duck1
Mambo for bunto1
Mambo for Cal1
Mambo for Farao1
Mambo for Joe2
Mambo for lone1
Mambo for Max1
Mambo for Roy2
Mambo for vibes1
Mambo from the dance at the gym1
Mambo gallego1
Mambo Garner1
Mambo gotham1
Mambo gozon1
Mambo groove1
Mambo gumbo1
Mambo gunch1
Mambo herd1
Mambo Holiday1
Mambo III2
Mambo in1
Mambo in blues1
Mambo in chimes1
Mambo in Miami2
Mambo in the moonlight2
Mambo in the mountain1
Mambo in trumpet1
Mambo indio1
Mambo influenciado21
Mambo inn64
Mambo interlude2
Mambo is here to stay1
Mambo is magic1
Mambo Italiano12
Mambo Jack1
Mambo Jack the scoffer2
Mambo jalambo1
Mambo jambo25
Mambo jazz opus no 71
Mambo jumbo2
Mambo junior1
Mambo Karule1
Mambo king1
Mambo kings2
Mambo kom loss1
Mambo koyama12
Mambo koyma1
Mambo kumla1
Mambo Kurason1
Mambo la concord1
Mambo la roca1
Mambo Las Vegas2
Mambo le mans1
Mambo Leah1
Mambo lido1
Mambo los feliz1
Mambo love song1
Mambo Lucia1

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