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This index refers to the 522,661 individual tune titles (1,569,621 total entries) included in over 241,375 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of June, 2019.

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Page M9 - Mambo siete to man that comes to my house

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Tune nameSessions
Mambo siete1
Mambo supreme1
Mambo tango6
Mambo tango samba calypso rhumba blues1
Mambo Teresa1
Mambo terni1
Mambo terrifico4
Mambo the most3
Mambo tiqui tac1
Mambo tittoro1
Mambo to the moon1
Mambo traminer1
mambo trot1
Mambo tumbadora1
Mambo twist1
Mambo tymbal2
Mambo V1
Mambo vinko1
Mambo vivo1
Mambo with me2
Mambo with Moody1
Mambo ya dunia1
Mambo yo1
Mambocito mio1
Mambolismo II1
Mambos guavasava samba1
Mambrino flats1
Mambru y la garza1
Mame That way1
Mame This way1
Mamely you1
Mamey Colorao1
Mami ayiko1
Mami gato1
Mamicou volant1
Mamidi II1
Mamie baisse les bras1
Mamie Desdoumes blues3
Mamie Desdournes blues1
Mamie Desdumes blues2
Mamie I love you1
Mamie is Mimi2
Mamie Lee1
Mamie Smith blues1
Mamies blues81
Mamie’s blues1
Mamioes blues1
Mamis kitchen1
Mamita baila1
Mamlish blues1
mamma d e grazie1
Mamma dont allow it1
Mamma Faye1
Mamma Inez1
Mamma is made up1
Mamma Kate1
Mamma la Rondinella1
Mamma Leche1
Mamma loves papa1
Mamma Lucia1
Mamma mia dammi cento lire1
Mamma Nita1
Mamma RomaCha cha cha1
Mamma RomaStornello1
Mamma stayed out the whole night long1
Mamma Teresa1
Mamma vita mia1
Mamma whip Mamma spank1
mammal thing1
Mammals on the beach1
Mammas babies1
Mammas basta vaggsang1
Mammas dont let your babies grow up to be cowboys1
Mammas gone goodbye4
Mammas gone young papas gone old1
Mammas gonna slow you down1
Mammas got the blues1
Mammas house1
Mammas mackor1
Mammies rag1
Mammoth hide1
Mammoth music1
Mammoth RC1
Mammoth tree1
Mammy blossoms possum party2
Mammy chasing blues1
Mammy daddy and son1
Mammy Im thinking of you1
Mammy Jinnys jubliee1
Mammy moon1
Mammy o mine1
Mammy o mine blues1
Mammy omine15
Mammy o’mine1
Mammys apron strings1
Mammys little choclate cullud chile1
Mammys little coal black rose2
Mammys little pumpkincolored coons1
Mammys little sugar plum1
Mammys prayer1
Mamoune song1
Mamphis blues1
Mams gone goodbye1
Mamselle Josephine1
Mamur zapt1
Mamuro river ondo1
Mamy blue1
Mamy Yokum1
Mamzelle Brijon1
Mamzelle Brijou1
Mamzelle Clio3
Mamzelle Josephine2
Mamzelle Nicole1
Mamzelle Pece1
man & a woman1
man & his dream1
Man & microbe1
Man & woman1
man a love1
man a man a man1
man a plan1
man about the house1
Man about town4
Man about town blues1
man aint a man3
man aint born who can treat me like you do1
man aint got nothing on me1
man aint ready1
Man aint supposed to cry7
Man alive2
Man alone11
Man alone for Chris McGregor1
Man among men1
man and a woman55
man and a woman are one1
Man and boy1
Man and dog1
man and his dream8
man and his drum7
Man and his environment1
man and his soul1
Man and machine3
man and the blues1
man and the ocean1
man and the woman1
Man and wife1
Man and woman2
Man and woman 11
Man animal image1
Man as kite1
Man at peace in Algiers1
Man at the door1
Man be on your way1
Man behind the curtain2
Man being chased by fish1
Man binder os pa mund og hand3
Man bites dog2
Man blir sa glad nar solen skinner1
Man blir saa kon af kaerligheid1
man called dagger1
man called Julian1
man called King1
man called Trinity Deliverance1
man called Von1
Man came to Jesus1
man can be a wonderful thing1
man carrying a drop of water on a leaf through a thunderstorm1
Man channel1
Man coal1
man come back1
man could be a wonderful thing9
Man cubs happy dance1
Man Dally1
Man dance1
man doesnt know1
Man dont be ridiculous4
Man dont cry1
Man down1
Man eater1
Man Ernest boy1
Man extensions1
Man facing east1
Man facing north2
Man far tacka1
Man floating1
man for all reasons1
man for every day in the week2
Man for Ghana1
man for me2
Man fou1
man frae Leith1
man from a far country1
man from another place1
Man from bad1
man from cereal1
Man from Champaign1
man from Delmonte1
man from East1
Man from Glad1
man from Gladden1
man from Harlem8
man from Hyde Park3
Man from Interpol1
Man from Jamaica2
man from Krakow1
man from Lamarie1
man from Laramie1
man from Lima1
man from lonely woods1
Man from Lovejoy1
Man from Mars12
man from Memphis1
man from Mintons1
Man from Moldavia1
Man from Monterey1
Man from Morocco1
man from mumbojumbo1
man from Muskogee2
man from Nagpur1
man from Nazareth1
Man from North1
man from ORGAN1
man from Picador Court1
man from Plato 3000 whose resource efficiently eararounded the antiquity pixel1
man from Potters Crossing15
man from rain1
man from SLAPPY1
Man from South2
Man from South Africa3
man from Sung1
Man from Tanganyika7
man from the bomb1
man from the island1
Man from the moon1
Man from the never never1
man from the south27
Man from the threelegged race1
man from Thrush1
Man from Toledo3
Man from Tollund2
man from two planets1
Man from two worlds1
man from UNCLE2
man from Waikiki1
Man from Wareika1
Man geht eine ewigkeit1
Man geht zum Tanz Man geht zum Tee1
man gets many kinds of blues1
man goin crazy1
Man going round taking names1
man got away1
man has lost his life1
man has to go back to the crossroads2
Man have I got troubles1
Man have you ever heard1
man he killed for raping his1
Man here plays fine piano2
man I got aint the man I want1
man I love1159
man I love Enschede 1219751
man I love is gone1
man I love is oh so good1
man I love is oh so good to me1
man I love most of all1
man I lvoe2
man I remember1
Man in a balloon1
Man in a bottle1
Man in a free space1
Man in a Mini1
Man in a raincoat3
Man in a shed1
Man in a state of nature1
Man in a vacuum1
Man in Astrakhan1
Man in his boat desperately crushing the ice1
man in love1
man in Manhattan1
man in my dreams1
man in my life2
man in my pocket1
Man in the air1
Man in the arena1
Man in the black hat1
man in the blue mask1
man in the blue slip1
Man in the boat1
Man in the bottle1
man in the brown hat2
man in the brown hat revisited1
Man in the brown suit1
Man in the dark1
man in the empty suit1
Man in the fog2
man in the glass2
Man in the green shirt5
man in the ivory tower1
Man in the long black coat1
man in the middle2
Man in the mirror10
man in the moon20
Man in the oven2
Man in the rain1
man in the raincoat2
man in the red suit1
man in the skinpainted suit1
Man in the station1
Man in the street3
man inside a knight1
man is a brother to a mule2
man is a necessary evil1
Man is a strange animal1
Man is an island1
Man is ancient history1
man is good1
man is like a tree3
Man is no damn good1
Man is to man a beast1
Man its a long long lonesome road1
Man Ive got troubles1
Man ja saz1
Man kan vel ikke goere for at man har charme1
Man kan vel ikke gore for at man har chame1
Man kan vel ikke gore for at man har charme1
Man kann sein Herz nur einmal verschenken2
Man killing broad1
Man konnte klavierspielen mussen1
Man like1
Man like GP1
Man lilir sa glad nar solen skinnier1
man looks at the artist1
Man lover1
Man machine1
Man made lakes1
Man made laws1
man may be happy1
Man medley1
Man met muts1
Man mind lost1
man named Peters1
man needs a woman1
Man nennt mich Seiergesicht1
man never knows when a womans gonna change her mind1
man next door1
Man o mine2
Man O to1
Man o war2
man of a big heart1
man of action1
Man of bronze1
man of considerable girth1
Man of constant sorrow4
man of few herds1
Man of few words3
man of flesh and bone1
Man of fury1
Man of God1
man of heart and mind1
Man of La Mancha4
Man of Lamantra1
Man of Leo1
Man of many colors2
Man of mine1
Man of moods2
Man of music1
Man of my dreams2
man of my own1
Man of mystery2
man of oustanding quality is preeminent among his comrades1
Man of song1
Man of sorrow son of redemption1
man of sorrows2
Man of stone1
man of the crowd1
Man of the desert1
Man of the forest1
Man of the light2
man of the sea1
Man of the shadows1
man of the sun1
Man of the universe1
man of the world1
Man of Tra1
Man of wool1
Man of words2
Man of your dreams1
Man oh man1
Man on a turquoise cloud1
Man on a wire Gynmopedie no 11
Man on fire1
Man on Mars2
Man on Mercury2
man on the beat4
man on the carousel1
Man on the corner1
Man on the couch1
man on the flying trapeze11
man on the little white keys2
Man on the money1
Man on the moon6
Man on the mountain2
man on the other side of the street1
Man on the outside1
Man on the run1
Man on the street1
Man on the train1
Man on the wall1
Man on wire2
man once lived in Manami1
man only does3
Man or monkey2
Man or mouse1
Man or ray1
Man overboard4
Man overboard man1
Man owar2
Man owar the end1
man pets it and throws it some scraps1
Man play the thing1
Man plays a horn2
Man riding bicyle down the streets meet fair lady1
Man running1
man say something1
Man schmiedet doch anders herum1
man sees a snake a woman kills it no matter as long as it is dead1
man sees a snake a woman kills it no matter so long as it is dead1
Man shortage blues1
man shouldnt be lonely1
man size job1
Man size safe1
Man skal altid vaere bange for en mand1
Man skal bare blive ved1
Man sku ha det som diogenes1
Man smart woman smarter2
Man thanks for coming1
man that broke the dragons heart1
man that comes to my house1

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