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This index refers to the 543,401 individual tune titles (1,620,534 total entries) included in over 247,300 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of October, 2020.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page O22 - Ooshoobeedoobee to Opening comments

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Tune nameSessions
Oostend oostend1
Oosterhouts volkslied2
Oostrumchurch Holland 19941
Oot comes Grandpa1
Oot in the country1
Oot tosi kaunis1
Ootamatult kiirenevad noobid1
Oowa in Paris1
Oowee but I do1
Oowee Mr Jeff2
Oowee oh me oh my1
Ooweewalkie talkie1
Oowhee Hindewe1
Ooz krap1
Ooze interim1
Oozed memories1
Oozi oozi1
Oozing along1
Oozing awkward1
OP & D1
Op 10 no 3 in E major1
Op 1061
Op 11 no 91
Op 1111
Op 119 No31
Op 1251
Op 131
Op 1302
Op 1321
Op 2 no 131
Op 25 no 21
Op 271
Op 28 no 20 in C minor1
Op 28 no 4 in E minor1
Op 3411
Op 381
Op 53 1st movement The bull1
Op 53 6th movement The bull1
Op 54 le mat1
Op 59 Centering1
Op 6 from 14 bagatelles for solo piano1
Op 621
Op 671
Op 7 sehr langsam1
Op 71 No11
Op 75 Ritual1
Op 76 Balance1
Op 951
Op al den ting4
Op al den ting som Gud har gjort2
Op alle folk pa denne jord1
OP blues1
Op de een1
Op de step1
Op de twee1
Op de weg1
Op de werf1
Op de woelige baren1
Op der schmelz1
Op ed1
Op een mooie Pinksterdag1
Op een slof en een oude voetbalschoen1
Op een Zondag in Mei1
Op een Zuidzee eiland1
Op het Ramblers bal1
Op kauwgom1
OP meets LT2
Op n mooie pinksterdag1
Op naar aanuit1
Op naar de mooche1
Op ned sol mane1
OP on my mind1
Op reis1
Op sinjoorke1
Op stap1
Op texture1
Op texture II1
Op texture III1
Op textures IV1
Op top1
OP update2
Op zdrin zdrin1
Op32 No11
Opa blues1
Opa Hansen sitzt im Park1
Opa Hirchleitner jump1
Opa pardon1
Opal 71
opal hearted Aborigine1
Opal mist1
Opal rose1
Opal you hot little bitch1
Opale Coda1
Opale concerto1
Opale intro1
Opalescent angles1
Opalescent Movements 121
Opals close1
Opals in the rain1
Opals incorporeity chroma1
Opals smile1
Opaque circle1
Opaque mirrors1
Opars juvel1
Opel Super 52
Opel super funf1
Opelousas 2 step1
Opelousas special1
Open & close The sphinx1
Open 11
Open 21
Open 2001
Open 25 hours1
Open a new window2
Open air7
Open air blues1
Open air party1
Open Al1
Open all hours1
Open all night4
Open and free2
Open and shut3
Open apertures1
Open arms3
Open at night1
Open ballad to Mandela1
Open bazar1
Open beauty2
Open between1
Open blues4
Open blues and ballad two1
Open bonds1
Open book10
Open book Open book1
Open boot1
Open border1
Open bridge1
Open Brown1
Open C1
Open call1
Open canvas1
Open ceilings1
Open channel2
Open circle2
Open city3
Open City suite1
Open closer3
Open cluster2
Open coma2
Open conversation1
Open corners1
Open country31
Open country jam1
Open country joy17
Open D1
Open date1
Open de deur Richard1
Open de trio1
Open density1
Open dialogue1
Open dialogues suite1
Open discussion1
Open door25
Open door on top of a mountain1
Open door within1
Open doors7
Open doortuningprologue1
Open dream1
Open drive1
Open E1
Open ear1
Open ears6
Open ears 11
Open em up Chick1
Open end5
Open ended1
Open ending1
Open enjoyment1
Open event 11
Open event 21
Open event 31
Open event 41
open eye1
Open eye movement1
Open eyes4
Open face samba1
Open fast now1
Open feel2
open field1
Open fields5
Open fire3
Open flower 11
Open flower 21
Open flower 31
Open flower 41
Open flower 51
Open flower 61
Open flower 71
Open for business1
Open for business as usual1
Open for grabs1
Open for suggestions1
Open forms1
Open forum1
Open frontiers1
Open game2
Open gate4
Open gates2
Open gifts1
Open hand2
Open hands1
Open hands open heart1
Open haus1
open heart9
Open hearth2
Open hearts3
Open hekwerk open fencework1
Open highway5
Open his head1
Open his head baby1
Open hit1
Open hit baby1
Open horizon1
Open house21
Open house at Arleens1
Open ideas1
Open into the unknown1
Open invitation6
Open jaw2
Open land2
Open landscapes1
Open letter3
Open letter from Eiji1
Open letter to Adoniah1
Open letter to Charles1
Open letter to Dudu Pukwana2
Open letter to Duke4
Open letter to Jimmy Knepper1
Open letter to Mingus1
Open letter to Ornette1
Open letter to the heart of diaphora1
Open letter to whom it may concern1
Open letter to you1
Open letters1
Open letters 321
Open loose1
Open me first1
Open meditation1
Open mike1
Open mind14
Open minded1
Open minds2
Open mouth blues1
Open music1
Open music_11
Open music_41
Open music_61
Open music_71
Open my eyes2
Open my grave1
Open my heart2
Open my silence1
Open my tube of art1
Open night1
Open no mute1
Open noisy1
Open not closed1
Open oblique1
Open ocean1
Open on all sides1
Open on helicopters1
Open opus 31
Open opus 51
Open opus no 051
Open or close4
Open or close & the Sphinx1
Open or closed1
Open out2
Open paper tree1
Open passage2
Open pastures1
open path2
Open Piccadilly1
Open piece1
Open plan1
Open point1
Open possibilities1
open prairie1
open prairie again1
Open prairies1
Open promises1
Open quartet improvisation2
Open quartet improvisation + Composition 69F1
Open question1
Open questions1
Open quiet1
Open range1
Open rein1
open return3
open road25
Open road blues1
Open road run1
open room1
Open runs1
Open sandwich1
Open score1
Open sea8
Open season5
Open secret4
Open secrets2
Open see1
Open segment1
Open sequence or everything is coming to a close1
Open Sesame10
Open shore1
Open side1
Open six1
Open sky7
Open sky blue2
open skyway1
Open song1
Open soul1
Open source1
Open space8
Open space park1
Open spaces10
Open spirit1
Open spirits1
Open star clusters1
Open still1
Open story1
Open string2
Open string invenzione a due voci n 11
Open strings5
Open stringserenade to a cuckoo1
Open sunroof1
Open systems1
Open take1
Open the baroque1
Open the Bombay doors2
Open the book1
Open the box1
Open the cage1
Open the cat1
Open the door19
Open the door 901
Open the door Homer1
Open the door Richard37
Open the door to him1
Open the eyes of my heart1
Open the gates5
Open the gates of love2
Open the safe1
Open the window2
Open their eyes1
Open this end1
Open this surface to clouds1
Open three1
Open throat scream1
Open throttle1
Open time4
Open to be1
Open to hope1
Open to Iseo1
Open to little birds1
Open to love3
Open to morning1
Open to suggestion1
Open to the light1
Open to the public2
Open to the public check out time1
Open to the view1
Open to the world1
Open to time1
Open to your love1
Open too close1
open touch1
Open transport2
open trio5
Open up14
Open up and feel it1
Open up dem pearly gates3
Open up our lives1
Open up please1
Open up said the world at the door1
Open up that door3
Open up the back door2
Open up the doghouse1
Open up the door2
Open up the door Ill get it myself1
Open up the gates1
Open up the golden gates to Dixie1
Open up the pearly gates1
Open up the window Noah1
Open up them pearly gates2
Open up wide1
Open up you heart1
Open up your brain1
Open up your eyes2
Open up your heart3
Open up your heartTrust in the Lord1
Open up your mind2
Open up your window baby2
Open Vegas1
Open view1
Open view II1
Open view III1
Open vision2
Open water3
Open ways3
Open wide4
Open wide and let it fly1
Open wider please4
Open window5
Open window I1
Open window II1
Open window III1
Open window theory1
Open windows8
Open winds1
Open wings2
Open world1
Open wound1
Open wounds1
Open your arms2
Open your arms my Alabammy1
Open your black eyes1
Open your door1
Open your eyes11
Open your eyes and you can fly1
Open your eyes you can fly10
Open your heart12
Open your mind2
Open your window4
Opened but hardly touched1
Opened opened1
Opened window1
opener & end piece1
opener is bizarre2
Opening & introduction1
opening + Mudita1
Opening 11
Opening 21
Opening 771
Opening act2
Opening act II and fugue1
Opening and summertime1
Opening and theme3
Opening announcement6
Opening announcements3
opening bid1
Opening blues3
Opening cadenza1
Opening chorale1
Opening chorus Election Day1
Opening chorus Folies Bergere1
Opening comments1

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