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This index refers to the 512,589 individual tune titles (1,544,453 total entries) included in over 238,546 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of October, 2018.

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Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page P8 - part 1 Serpentine to Part ten

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Tune nameSessions
part 1 Serpentine1
Part 1 Sliding on the ice1
Part 1 Song within a song1
Part 1 Storm1
Part 1 The earthquake1
Part 1 the entranceskyscrapers1
Part 1 The gathering1
part 1 The hypnogogic1
Part 1 the last open bar1
Part 1 The mountains1
Part 1 Time traveler1
Part 1 Tradtional Britanny1
Part 1 Waltz1
Part 1 Warning signs1
Part 1 Who dares1
Part 1017
Part 10 Capricornus1
Part 10 epilogue1
Part 1111
Part 11 Aquarius1
Part 11 Midnight1
Part 11 Part 24 PS1 PS141
Part 1111
Part 1213
Part 12 Pisces1
Part 137
Part 145
Part 154
Part 165
Part 174
Part 183
Part 193
Part 1A2
Part 1b2
Part 1C1
Part 1I1
Part 1II1
Part 1Part 10 Interni pensieri1
Part 2157
Part 2 11211
Part 2 A1
Part 2 A float1
Part 2 Action1
Part 2 B1
Part 2 Battle1
Part 2 BirthSpeedMerging1
Part 2 Chango1
Part 2 Confession1
Part 2 dance at the mirror1
Part 2 dance before the mirror1
Part 2 Dark1
Part 2 DOPE1
Part 2 Ebony Madonna1
Part 2 Egroeg1
Part 2 In between1
Part 2 Inside information1
Part 2 Introducao1
Part 2 Its present and future1
Part 2 Klangfarbenmelodie1
Part 2 Love dance1
Part 2 Lullaby of the GM piggy1
Part 2 Memories of PortAuPrince afternoons1
Part 2 Minsspinning1
part 2 Moneypulated1
Part 2 Mourning becomes the rain1
Part 2 New era1
Part 2 Night watchmen1
Part 2 Not this time1
Part 2 Ojos que no ven1
Part 2 Peace and after1
Part 2 Pierre Bensusan1
Part 2 rain1
Part 2 Recognition of animals1
Part 2 Recognition of animals Overture1
Part 2 Renewal1
Part 2 Resolution5
Part 2 Spring1
Part 2 Standing proud on my own1
Part 2 Stubbornes1
Part 2 Suites 1001061
Part 2 Taurus1
Part 2 The arrest1
Part 2 The dance1
part 2 The dreamers flight1
Part 2 The great plains1
Part 2 the last order1
Part 2 The plot thickens Scene 11
Part 2 The road song1
Part 2 The vision1
Part 2 The waiting collapse1
Part 2 They dont wanna hear it1
Part 2 Time traveler1
Part 2 Triumphant Christ1
Part 2 Turbulence1
Part 2 Variant V Mountain sheep deer1
Part 2 Viento estancado1
Part 2 Voice1
Part 2 Where we were1
Part 201
Part 225
Part 231
Part 241
Part 251
Part 263
Part 271
Part 291
Part 2A3
Part 2b2
Part 3140
Part 3 12291
Part 3 Beatitudes1
Part 3 Blues1
Part 3 Coming about1
Part 3 conclusion1
Part 3 Contemplation1
Part 3 Contrabass sax1
Part 3 Convulsionsabdication1
Part 3 Dakini1
Part 3 Dirty1
Part 3 East slope rivers1
Part 3 Epilogue1
Part 3 Exposicao e final1
Part 3 From Earth1
Part 3 Gas and air1
Part 3 Gemini1
Part 3 Inner sanctum1
Part 3 La brisa1
Part 3 La rabiosa1
Part 3 Lament of the Baltic mermaid1
Part 3 Lets roll baby1
Part 3 Manhattan swing1
Part 3 Matador1
Part 3 Ochun1
Part 3 Only a dream1
Part 3 Possiamo anche1
Part 3 Prayer and meditation Evening1
Part 3 prelude1
Part 3 Pursuance4
Part 3 Questions unanswered1
Part 3 Reaffirmation1
Part 3 reflections1
Part 3 Rock1
Part 3 Rough1
Part 3 seed1
Part 3 Shock and hope1
Part 3 Spiral1
Part 3 Sudden impulse1
Part 3 Suites 2002061
Part 3 The art bar1
Part 3 The Brooklyn suite1
Part 3 The end1
Part 3 The essential meeting1
Part 3 The lost1
Part 3 walking home at 3 oclock in the morning1
Part 3 Waltz1
Part 3 White water1
Part 3 Work1
Part 303
Part 311
Part 321
Part 331
Part 342
Part 34 121
Part 352
Part 361
Part 381
Part 394
Part 4102
Part 4 03371
Part 4 A B C1
Part 4 Affirmation1
Part 4 Answers unquestioned1
Part 4 Bis bong qui1
Part 4 Blues for Jacki Byard1
Part 4 Cancer1
Part 4 coda2
Part 4 Finale1
Part 4 Her majesties danze1
Part 4 Melody in mind1
Part 4 part 21
Part 4 Psalm3
Part 4 Rhythm1
Part 4 Rumours from the soul1
Part 4 Sir Richard1
Part 4 Songs from the ground1
Part 4 The Brooklyn suite1
Part 4 The lost and the found1
Part 4 Voice1
Part 401
Part 413
Part 42341
Part 442
Part 451
Part 472
Part 576
Part 5 11291
Part 5 As from now1
Part 5 Closer to the end nearer to the beginning1
Part 5 Ending1
Part 5 Guitar1
Part 5 Leo1
Part 5 Meetings1
Part 5 Prayer and meditation 4 AM1
Part 5 Processed voice1
Part 5 ruminations1
Part 5 Teaching and temptation1
Part 5 We who labor1
Part 501
Part 511
Part 521
Part 531
Part 5a1
Part 5b1
Part 5c1
Part 5d1
Part 662
Part 6 08211
Part 6 Chord progression1
Part 6 Explusion from the Garden of Eden1
Part 6 Radiance1
Part 6 Virgo1
Part 6 Voice1
Part 745
Part 7 06121
Part 7 Contrabass sax1
Part 7 Evolution1
Part 7 Libra1
Part 7 Tears in heaven1
Part 833
Part 8 Processed voice1
Part 8 Scorpius1
Part 8 The people1
Part 921
Part 9 Sagittarius1
Part 9 The agony of this feelings felt1
Part 9 Voice1
Part A7
Part a) Dawn1
Part a) On the floor1
Part Acceptance1
Part and whole1
part and yet apart2
Part B7
Part b) Morning1
Part b) Standing1
Part C4
Part c) Afternoon1
Part c) In the air1
Part D3
Part d) Rush hour1
Part Deceit1
Part E3
Part e) Clubbing1
Part eight4
Part eight Compline1
Part eleven1
Part Emptiness1
Part F1
Part five15
Part five Aftermath1
Part five Long note1
Part five Sext1
Part four20
Part four 171
Part four 181
Part four 191
Part four 201
Part four 211
Part four A sentiment on sentience1
Part four of now as well1
Part four Terce1
Part four The blues1
Part four Those big eyes1
Part G1
Part Heartache and regrets1
Part human1
Part I117
Part I 278000 shades1
Part I A puppy taking in the air1
Part I Allegro1
Part I Arrakis1
Part I Away from your love1
Part I Blabber battle1
Part I By the red moon1
Part I CD I1
Part I Celebration of life everlasting1
Part I City monsters1
Part I Composition 23 B Free Change of the century1
Part I Composition 23 E Peace Composition 23 D Faces and places Composition 23 A1
Part I Confessions1
Part I Dissatisfaction1
Part I dunung1
Part I Exposition1
Part I Family Jam1
Part I Fly1
Part I Frauenfeld 19571
Part I From Instanbul to Ceuta with a smile1
Part I Genesis1
Part I Heimos1
Part I Impenetrable1
Part I Intro1
Part I Jonathan1
Part I Kinship1
Part I Last minute urgency1
Part I Like the clouds1
Part I ndom thoughts1
Part I Nestors saga1
Part I Noir1
Part I Opening1
Part I Overture1
Part I Romance1
Part I Sisch alles scho mol do gsi1
Part I Take comfort1
Part I The burial of the dead1
Part I The dance1
Part I The endless search1
Part I The shirt is fabulous1
Part I The tree house1
Part I Theme impro and freeze1
Part I To free from bondage1
Part I Veneauelan waltz no 11
Part I Ze teach1
Part Ifor Terry1
Part II115
Part II A diviner and crowds1
Part II Adagio ma non troppo1
Part II Adolescence1
Part II All that is tied1
Part II And me1
Part II Badstrasse III1
Part II Ballad of slow onset man1
Part II Beneath the shell1
Part II CD II1
Part II Chaos and disintegration1
Part II Danilo1
Part II Dark1
Part II Darkening clouds1
Part II Death by water1
Part II Deliverance1
Part II Development1
Part II Discussions1
Part II Dream city1
Part II Elegance1
Part II For H1
Part II Frank Lloyd Wright goes west to rest1
Part II Genesis1
Part II Good old days Composition 40 Composition 40 B Composition 40 L European echoes The ark The empty foxhole Composition 40 I1
Part II Homeward1
Part II Hoppla schorsch1
Part II Inside your heart1
Part II Internal split1
Part II Into the horizon1
Part II Introduction1
Part II Its a long long journey1
Part II la costa salsa1
Part II Le citta invisibili1
Part II Only the brightness itself1
Part II Precious memory1
Part II Sandworms1
Part II Scholar and Fan1
Part II Solid colours1
Part II The buccaneers1
Part II The farmer and the monarch1
Part II The gate of memories1
Part II The legend1
Part II Theme1
Part II Trapeze1
Part II treppenhaus1
Part II Trio1
Part II Welcome to my dreams1
Part II Yellow dawn1
Part IIA2
Part IIB2
Part IIC1
Part IID1
Part IIfor Red1
Part III98
Part III @heart1
Part III Alessandro1
Part III All of us so briefly here1
Part III Allegro1
Part III Ar iving soon1
Part III Architectonics1
Part III Back home1
Part III Chorizinho1
Part III Composition 53 Composition 69 D Poise Ecars Dee Dee Joy of a toy Composition 69 J Composition 53 Forerunner Composition 6 C WRU Composition 531
Part III Conflict1
Part III Confrontation1
Part III Flugel1
Part III For Jan1
Part III for Terry1
Part III Freedom1
Part III Hit the Road Hal1
Part III Horizon1
Part III Indulgence1
Part III Integration1
Part III Kentish hunting1
Part III Kreuzlingen 1973 The blues1
Part III Love dance1
Part III Love so silent1
Part III Naked colours1
Part III of a name1
Part III Rudi1
Part III Scramble1
Part III Shostakovich 131
Part III Song of the Bene Gessent1
Part III The fire sermon1
Part III The lightness of the wind1
Part III The war1
Part III Toccata and chorale1
Part III wahnfried1
Part III Where it started1
Part III Zoge am hode1
Part IIIDesciudo1
Part IIResonancias1
Part In the beginning love1
Part INoticias1
Part IV55
Part IV 2 x 19 + 20 =1
Part IV After lude1
Part IV Beacon Street1
Part IV Cambiamento1
Part IV Composition 348 Free jazz Composition 3481
Part IV Directional suite1
Part IV Echoes1
Part IV Encounter1
Part IV Fast Company1
Part IV Final confrontation1
Part IV For PA1
Part IV In concert together making this song1
Part IV Independence1
Part IV Movement1
Part IV Muard Dib1
Part IV n roll1
Part IV Piano1
Part IV The lament1
Part IV The Monk family1
Part IV The pilgrims way1
Part IV The three moons1
Part IV Together1
Part IV triolerhut1
Part IV What the thunder said1
Part IVCaidas1
Part IX10
Part IX A fitting epitaph1
Part IX Complexus1
Part IX Noon hour1
Part Love requiem1
Part nine3
Part nr 11
Part of1
Part of a circle1
Part of a distinction without a difference1
Part of a six1
Part of a whole3
Part of it may also be part of something else1
Part of life1
Part of me16
Part of me blues1
Part of me changes1
Part of me is from Africa1
Part of me waits1
part of myself1
Part of one1
Part of the dance4
Part of the dance jam1
part of the deal1
Part of the family2
Part of the game1
part of the piece1
Part of the solution NOT part of the problem1
Part of village1
Part of you4
Part one45
Part one 11
Part one 21
Part one 31
Part one 41
Part one 51
Part one Adrift1
Part one assault1
Part one Call1
Part one intro1
Part one Intro biography and remarks1
Part one lines from Giuseppe Verdi1
Part one Matins vigiliae1
Part one Now1
Part one now before danwa1
Part one Passion1
Part one Repose and meditationBlack rabbit blues1
Part one The front page1
Part one The metropolis1
Part one The world watched1
Part pitbull2
Part Psychosis1
Part seven8
Part seven Vespers1
Part six10
Part six Nones1
Part ten1

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