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This index refers to the 543,401 individual tune titles (1,620,534 total entries) included in over 247,300 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of October, 2020.

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Page S113 - Swedish Schnapps to Sweet jazz o mine

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Tune nameSessions
Swedish Schnapps14
Swedish schnaps1
Swedish serenade3
Swedish snake1
Swedish song1
Swedish steps1
Swedish suite4
Swedish summer3
Swedish swing2
Swedish terrier1
Swedish thing1
Swedish villa1
Swedish waltz1
Swedish way2
Swedish weather1
Swedish wedding march1
Swedish white nights1
Swedish wood1
SwedishAmerican venture1
Swedzenie plazmyzywica1
Swee pea5
Swee peas samba1
Swee T1
Sweedads pastry1
Sweeheart of all my dreams1
Sweeheart of Sigma Chi1
Sweeney Todd suite1
Sweep and shake1
Sweep em clean2
Sweep me off my feet1
Sweep out1
Sweep streets1
Sweep the wind1
Sweep up1
Sweep your blues away1
Sweeper man1
Sweepin the blues away11
Sweepin the clouds away5
Sweepin the floor10
Sweepin through the city1
Sweeping edge1
sweeping parade of optimism Blood stream1
Sweeping song1
Sweeping staircase1
Sweeping the blues away11
Sweeping the chimney2
Sweeping the clouds away2
Sweeping the floor2
Sweeping through the city2
Sweeping up2
Sweet & bitter2
Sweet & bitter little death3
Sweet & creamy1
Sweet & gentle2
Sweet & lively1
Sweet & lovely4
Sweet & lowdown1
Sweet & purty1
Sweet & sentimental2
Sweet & short1
Sweet & short duo1
Sweet & slow2
Sweet & sour3
Sweet 151
Sweet 166
Sweet 16 bars1
Sweet 171
Sweet 181
Sweet 18 boaz1
Sweet 22nd Street1
Sweet 941
Sweet Adeline20
Sweet Adelphi4
Sweet affection1
Sweet aftermath1
Sweet Afton River1
Sweet Albert1
Sweet alibies1
Sweet alibis2
Sweet Alice Ben Bolt1
sweet Alice blues1
Sweet Alva1
Sweet Amami1
Sweet Amy1
Sweet an pungent1
Sweet anarchy1
Sweet and aggressive1
Sweet and bebop2
Sweet and bitter3
Sweet and black1
Sweet and blue1
Sweet and brown2
Sweet and charming1
Sweet and decay1
sweet and dirty1
Sweet and easy1
Sweet and funny1
Sweet and gentle4
Sweet and handsome1
Sweet and high1
Sweet and honest1
Sweet and hop mop1
Sweet and hot12
Sweet and hot mop2
Sweet and loveable1
Sweet and lovely566
Sweet and lovely waltz1
Sweet and low13
Sweet and low blues2
Sweet and low down23
Sweet and lowdown10
Sweet and Lowe1
Sweet and lucky1
Sweet and mellow1
Sweet and pungent6
Sweet and punkins1
Sweet and purty2
Sweet and romantic1
Sweet and rumpled1
Sweet and sad consistency1
Sweet and sassy1
Sweet and sentimental3
Sweet and short1
Sweet and simple3
Sweet and slow70
Sweet and slowly1
sweet and sorrowful fantasy1
Sweet and sounded1
Sweet and sour3
Sweet and sour milk1
Sweet and sour strut1
Sweet and sour suite1
Sweet and strange1
Sweet and sugary candy2
Sweet and tangy2
Sweet and tender5
Sweet and tender abuse1
Sweet and tender you1
Sweet and tight1
Sweet and true1
Sweet Andy3
Sweet Aneta mine1
Sweet angel2
Sweet angel of mine1
Sweet Anita2
Sweet Anita mine2
Sweet Anne1
Sweet apparition1
Sweet apple1
Sweet appraisal1
Sweet Araminta1
Sweet Ariane1
Sweet artee rootee1
Sweet as a nut1
Sweet as a song6
Sweet as a song Mama I wanna make rhythm1
Sweet as apple cider2
Sweet as bear meat16
Sweet as bear meat _1
Sweet as honey3
Sweet as she can be1
Sweet asylumCommunion1
Sweet attack1
Sweet Audrey2
Sweet Aum1
Sweet automatic2
Sweet avocados1
Sweet baba suite1
Sweet baby7
Sweet baby blues3
Sweet baby doll32
Sweet baby James3
Sweet baby Jesus1
Sweet Baby Lane2
Sweet baby Ray1
Sweet baby tell me youre my pretty baby1
Sweet Badinage1
Sweet Bailey1
Sweet ballad2
sweet banana song2
Sweet Barbara1
Sweet basil13
Sweet Basil blues2
Sweet basil I did sow1
Sweet Basil swing1
Sweet Bazil1
Sweet beat2
Sweet beat blues1
Sweet beautiful1
Sweet beet1
Sweet before1
Sweet beginning4
sweet beginning like this2
Sweet beginnings3
Sweet begonia3
Sweet bells2
Sweet berry wine1
Sweet Betsey from Pike1
Sweet Betsy from Pike3
Sweet Betty1
Sweet Beverley1
Sweet Billie1
Sweet bird2
Sweet bird of youth1
Sweet birds1
Sweet birds suite1
Sweet birds yard1
Sweet bite1
Sweet bitter2
Sweet bitter love3
Sweet Black Dada Nihilismus1
Sweet black night1
Sweet Blanche3
Sweet blasphemy1
Sweet blue1
Sweet Blue Mountain Rose1
Sweet bluebird1
Sweet Bocas1
Sweet booze1
Sweet bossa5
Sweet bread2
Sweet bread on the levee1
Sweet bread on the levees1
Sweet breeze4
Sweet briar walk1
Sweet brown flower1
Sweet Brownie1
Sweet brownness1
Sweet bubby1
Sweet bumps1
Sweet bunch of daisies1
Sweet buns and barbecue1
Sweet but short1
Sweet butter1
Sweet butterfly1
Sweet butterfly of love1
Sweet by and by1
sweet byandby1
Sweet bye and bye7
Sweet cacophony1
Sweet cake2
Sweet cakes11
Sweet cakes and honey1
Sweet Caroline3
Sweet cat blues1
Sweet cauldron1
Sweet change1
Sweet changes1
Sweet Chardonnay1
Sweet chariot4
Sweet charity3
Sweet charity theme1
Sweet cherry music1
Sweet cherry pie2
Sweet Cheryl Lynn2
Sweet chi1
Sweet child14
Sweet child o mine1
Sweet child omine2
Sweet children1
Sweet chili1
Sweet chilli1
Sweet China gone bad1
Sweet chorus33
Sweet Christine1
Sweet cider time1
Sweet cider time when you were mine2
Sweet cigar1
Sweet circle1
Sweet circles1
Sweet Claire1
Sweet Clara1
Sweet clarina 121
Sweet Cleo Brown1
Sweet Clifford9
Sweet clover2
Sweet coke1
Sweet combustion1
Sweet companions1
Sweet confusion1
Sweet connections1
Sweet contentment1
Sweet conversation1
Sweet cookie3
Sweet cookie mine1
Sweet cookies1
Sweet cool1
Sweet corn1
Sweet Corrine1
sweet course1
Sweet Crazy1
Sweet cuica1
Sweet cute and pretty1
Sweet D2
Sweet daddy2
Sweet daddy its you I love1
Sweet daddy spodeo2
Sweet daddy your mamas done gone made1
Sweet Daisy1
Sweet danger1
Sweet darlin man1
Sweet darling pain1
Sweet dawn1
Sweet de papa blues2
Sweet deal1
Sweet death2
sweet defeat1
Sweet delay1
Sweet Delia1
Sweet delight1
Sweet desert1
Sweet desire1
Sweet devil blues1
Sweet devil on the loose2
Sweet devotion2
Sweet Dick1
Sweet disaster1
Sweet doll1
Sweet Don D1
Sweet double hipness1
Sweet Doudou1
Sweet dragon2
Sweet dream10
Sweet dreamer2
Sweet dreamin1
Sweet dreams55
Sweet dreams blossom1
Sweet dreams forever1
Sweet dreams forever baby1
Sweet dreams man1
Sweet dreams of love9
Sweet dreams of you1
Sweet dreams sweetheart8
Sweet drops1
Sweet duality1
Sweet Duke1
Sweet Duke Ellington1
Sweet Dulcinea6
Sweet Dulcinea blue8
Sweet ears1
Sweet earth1
Sweet earth flying6
Sweet ebony1
Sweet Eden1
Sweet Eileen3
Sweet Elizabeth2
Sweet Ella Mae1
Sweet Ella May3
Sweet Eloise16
Sweet elusive one1
Sweet Emalina my gal5
Sweet Emaline2
Sweet embrace1
Sweet Emma36
Sweet Emma Barrett1
Sweet Emmalina32
Sweet Emmaline10
Sweet Emmaline my gal1
Sweet Emmanuelle1
Sweet Emmas blues1
Sweet end1
Sweet enough1
Sweet Ethell1
Sweet Eva Brown1
Sweet Eve1
Sweet evenings on Ob river1
Sweet evil2
Sweet evil Miss Kisianga1
Sweet evil mist1
sweet eye of hurricane Sally1
Sweet eyes2
Sweet eyes of blue1
Sweet FA2
Sweet Fannie Louise1
Sweet fantasy1
Sweet fat and that3
Sweet feeling4
Sweet feet4
Sweet fever1
Sweet fields57
Sweet fifteen2
Sweet fire7
Sweet flat1
Sweet flutes1
Sweet foolishness1
Sweet for Evie1
Sweet for the eternal spring1
Sweet forecast1
Sweet forever1
Sweet fourteen1
Sweet Francesca1
Sweet freedom1
Sweet Freedom Terry Day December 20151
Sweet fruit1
Sweet fulfillment1
Sweet G2
Sweet Ganesh1
Sweet gardenia2
Sweet Genevieve2
Sweet gentle love2
Sweet gentle lover1
Sweet gentle lullaby1
Sweet Geogia Brown3
Sweet Geom1
Sweet George Brown1
Sweet George Fame1
Sweet Georgia1
Sweet Georgia blues1
Sweet Georgia Bop2
Sweet Georgia bound1
Sweet Georgia Bright27
Sweet Georgia Brown1896
Sweet Georgia Brown 29 in book1
Sweet Georgia fame4
Sweet Georgia Gillespie2
Sweet Georgia peach3
Sweet Georgia Schwartz1
Sweet Georgia upside down7
Sweet Georgie Fame38
Sweet Georgies lady is a tramp1
Sweet Georgina2
Sweet Gerogia Brown1
Sweet gets bitter1
Sweet Ginger Green5
Sweet gingerbread man6
Sweet girl4
Sweet girl Mary1
Sweet Glenda1
Sweet goody1
Sweet gorgeous George1
Sweet grass1
Sweet Grorgia Bright1
Sweet gypsy rose4
Sweet hand Roy1
Sweet happy life11
Sweet harmony4
Sweet Hawaiian kisses2
Sweet Hawaiian moonlight1
Sweet heart of all my dreams1
Sweet heartache3
Sweet Helena1
Sweet Henry6
Sweet heritage1
Sweet hip gnosis1
Sweet holy rag1
Sweet home6
Sweet home blues1
Sweet home Chicago24
Sweet home cookin man1
Sweet home snake city1
Sweet home suite1
Sweet honey1
Sweet honey babe1
Sweet honey bee6
Sweet honey will be gone1
Sweet honey wine1
Sweet Honolulu1
sweet hopeless days1
Sweet horn1
Sweet hour1
Sweet hour of prayer16
Sweet hour of prayer medley1
Sweet hours of prayer1
Sweet house ritual1
Sweet hunk of junk1
Sweet hunk otrash1
Sweet hustler3
Sweet Ida Joy2
Sweet illumination Chile woman1
Sweet illusion1
Sweet illusions1
Sweet illusions of song1
Sweet imp1
Sweet in the mornin1
Sweet Indiana home7
Sweet innocence2
Sweet insignificance1
Sweet insomnia1
Sweet inspiration5
Sweet intentions1
Sweet intermezzo2
Sweet Irene3
Sweet is in the air1
Sweet is the night1
Sweet is the wind2
Sweet is the word for you6
Sweet Isabella1
Sweet Ive gotten on you2
Sweet jail1
Sweet jam jam1
Sweet Jane Thyme1
Sweet jazz music2
Sweet jazz o mine1

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