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This index refers to the 545,129 individual tune titles (1,624,556 total entries) included in over 247,782 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of November, 2020.

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Page S64 - Solteras to Some right some wrong

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Tune nameSessions
Solto torto1
Soluble aspirin1
Soludio No 31
Soluppgang over Degebarga1
Solus arbor1
SOLUS for solo percussion1
Solution A1
Solution B1
Solution C1
Solution D1
Solution E1
Solution F1
Solution five mom got a new davenport1
Solution for pollution1
solution found1
Solution G1
Solution H1
Solution nine peach dobler1
Solution oceanique1
Solution of resolution1
Solution one commercial ascension1
Solution seven big Lew leaps in1
Solution three waystation1
Solvague song1
Solvarm vals1
Solve et Coagula1
Solve me1
Solve polluti1
Solvegs song1
Solveig my dear1
Solveigs dream1
Solveigs lied1
Solveigs sang2
Solveigs song12
Solveigs vuggesang1
Solveiks lied1
Solvejgs song2
Solvejs sang1
Solvejs song1
Solving the problem1
Solving the puzzle1
Solving the riddle1
Solvstaenk i dit gyldne har1
Solymar aja1
Som da aura1
Som den gamle pakkeleken1
Som den gyldne sol frembryder1
Som den gylne sol frembryter1
Som do carnaval1
Som en dans1
Som en skugga pa min vanstra hand1
Som en trast1
Som et stjerneskud1
Som et Sus1
Som et vand1
Som ett andetag1
Som fagelen vid ljusan dag1
Som for langesen1
Som forarssolen morgenrod1
Som grus pa en landevei1
Som happ1
Som i fjorden1
Som man spor far man svar1
Som nascente1
Som om ingenting hade hant1
Som perler pa snor1
Som spor1
Som spor tema1
Som stjarnan pa himmelen sa klar1
Som stjarnor sma2
Som stjarnorna pa himmelen1
Som vag emot stranden sjunger1
Som varje liten parla1
Som vindar2
Soma loba1
Soma so de la de sase1
Soma tour1
Somatic listening1
Somber song1
Somber time1
Sombodys lonesome1
sombra da sol1
Sombra de los dorados Budas1
Sombra en el espejo1
Sombra opuesta1
Sombras de noite1
Sombras de saudade1
Sombras e nevoeiroa luz da sombra1
Sombras en la noche1
Sombras que paso1
Sombre dimanche7
Sombre heros2
Sombre histoire1
Sombre intrusion1
Sombre jeudi1
Sombre o mar1
Sombre serenade1
sombre sombrero1
Sombre woods1
Sombrero de Flores1
Sombrero Sam18
Somday sweetheart1
Some a dis n some a dat1
Some about Ornette1
Some adrenalin1
Some Afro fiddle deedee1
Some always1
Some and then some1
Some antics1
Some are knights1
Some are more equal1
Some are of sadness1
Some are some1
Some arrows1
Some as night1
Some aspects of water1
Some assembly required4
Some astronomers wonder2
Some attempts1
Some autumn snow1
Some baby my gal2
Some bad and beautiful blues1
Some band rag1
Some bass from Bill1
Some bassy blue samba1
Some beach1
Some benefits1
Some birds like to fly1
Some birds sing alone1
Some bizarre1
Some black snakes out there suckin on my riderss Tongue1
Some blowing1
Some blue shoes1
Some blues12
Some blues are bad1
Some blues but not the kind thats blue1
Some blues we have known1
Some blues we should have played1
Some bluesy like type kind of thing sort of1
Some bones of contention1
Some boys2
Some break1
Some bright morning1
Some busy stuff1
Some came running1
Some cats1
Some cats know19
Some changes2
Some changes I1
Some changes II1
Some changes in life6
Some changes V1
Some changes VI1
Some children1
Some children see him9
Some chunk funk1
Some circles2
Some Clark bars1
Some clouds do2
Some clouds dont1
Some cold rainy day4
Some common mistakes1
Some cow fonque1
Some dance me dear1
Some day33
Some day blues2
Some day catch some day down1
Some day Ill gone away1
Some day my prince will come16
Some day my prints will come1
Some day my spring will come1
Some day soon6
Some day soon sweet samba1
Some day sweetheart1
Some day youll be sorry8
Some day youll come back to me2
Some day youll want me to want you2
Some days2
Some days ago in the future1
Some days are better1
Some days everything goes wrong1
Some days its Monday1
Some days of my life2
Some days there aint no fish1
Some days there just aint no fish1
Some dirge3
Some distant star1
Some do and some dont3
Some do it and some dont1
Some do some dont1
Some down time1
Some drum samba1
Some drunk1
Some early morning1
Some echoes6
Some echoes some shadows2
Some embraceable dream1
Some enchanted evening59
Some enchanted evening reprise1
Some enchanted place1
Some experiences are better than others1
Some fag rag1
Some fairys tale1
Some final thoughts1
Some fine day5
Some flip march tip1
Some flowers were seen1
Some fog in my brain1
Some folks do3
Some folks do and some folks dont3
Some folks like the blues1
Some folks lives roll easy1
Some for me none for you1
Some for the kid1
Some four four some three in four some three four some four in three and then its free1
Some freebop for Monk2
Some friends2
Some fun2
Some funk1
Some funky stuff1
Some fur loss at the ears1
Some gasps are heard1
Some gave all1
Some ghosts step out1
Some gigs1
Some glory1
Some goings on1
Some good1
Some good fun blues1
Some good reasons to burn the American flag1
Some good some bad1
Some got to move1
Some greasy stuff1
Some groove for the King1
Some groovy fours1
Some guitar playing1
Some guy1
Some habits1
Some hauntin tune3
Some have departed1
Some have it1
Some hearts1
Some herb for Herb1
Some heroes1
Some hip drum shit1
Some hope for Sam1
Some human pictures1
Some iko1
Some impulses1
Some in1
Some in time1
Some ink blues1
Some jazz blues3
Some jazzrock feeling1
Some kind a blue1
Some kind a wonderful1
Some kind of a waltz1
Some kind of approval1
Some kind of blue1
Some kind of blues7
Some kind of changes1
Some kind of closure1
Some kind of crazy1
Some kind of dancing1
Some kind of destruction1
Some kind of Einstein1
Some kind of folk song2
Some kind of friend1
Some kind of guru1
Some kind of head1
Some kind of lady1
Some kind of lonely1
Some kind of love3
Some kind of memory1
Some kind of peace1
Some kind of prayer1
Some kind of season1
Some kind of woman1
Some kind of wonderful3
Some kinda blues1
Some kinda boogie1
Some kinda mean4
Some kinda something1
Some kinda waltz1
Some kindashake1
Some kiss1
Some ladys green1
Some Lake Oliver1
Some lanes1
Some lazy afternoon1
Some lessons1
Some like it cool5
Some like it hot14
Some like to love more than one2
Some links for brother Ted1
Some little bird1
Some little bug is going to find you2
Some little notes for you1
Some little someone1
Some lonesome night1
Some lovely dreams1
Some made it home1
Some many second chances2
Some may have2
Some memories2
Some men live on the mountain1
Some might say1
Some minor blues1
Some minor changes2
Some minor stuff1
Some Moe bossa1
Some Monk1
Some Monk funk1
Some monsterful wonderthing1
Some moon1
Some more2
Some more abstract truth1
Some more blues1
Some more for HT1
Some more guitar playing1
Some more jive1
Some more lubyes part I1
Some more lubyes part II1
Some more march1
Some more of dat2
Some more preparations1
Some more rhythm1
Some more swing please1
Some more three four1
Some morning2
Some mornins1
Some mother blues1
Some move upward uncertainly1
Some neck2
Some need a faith1
Some nerve4
Some new day1
Some new infection1
Some nice1
Some night my darling1
Some not all3
Some nuance1
Some o this and some o that2
Some of my best friends4
Some of my best friends are blues6
Some of my best friends are the blues17
Some of my friends arent1
Some of that jazz1
Some of that old time soul polka1
Some of that sunshine1
Some of the best fish are alive1
Some of the names have been changed1
Some of the old1
Some of the part1
Some of the thing you are1
Some of the things I am1
Some of the things I was1
Some of the things people do1
Some of the things we are1
Some of the things you are1
Some of these day1
Some of these days765
Some of these daysWhisperingAvalon1
Some of these mornings1
Some of these things1
Some of things I am1
Some of this1
Some of this days1
Some of this n some of that2
Some of this some of that1
Some of those days3
Some of us1
Some of you1
Some of your best friends1
Some of your sweetness1
Some old fashioned guys1
Some old news1
Some order long understood1
Some other2
Some other autumn4
Some other ballad1
Some other bird whistled a tune1
Some other blackbirds1
Some other blues56
Some other brothers2
Some other color1
Some other day4
Some other day some other girl2
Some other day some other time1
Some other dragon paths1
Some other kind1
Some other kind of blues1
Some other lineBaker1
Some other minor blues1
Some other Monday1
Some other night1
Some other one1
Some other place2
Some other place some other time1
Some other planet1
Some other rain1
Some other rhythm1
Some other samba2
Some other season1
Some other sketches1
Some other sky1
Some other song2
Some other soul1
Some other spot1
Some other spring110
Some other story1
Some other street1
Some other suite1
Some other sunset4
Some other susnet1
Some other thing1
Some other things1
Some other things you are1
Some other time335
Some other times3
Some other where1
Some others1
Some others brothers1
Some peace1
Some peaceful evening7
Some people17
Some people go in wornout shoes1
Some people have it made1
Some people just never learn1
Some people need bibs1
Some people never know1
Some people say that she doesnt exist1
Some people who surprise you1
Some peoples lives2
Some perfume home1
Some place1
Some place called where1
Some place else1
Some place in the river1
Some place nice1
Some places1
Some places are forever afternoon1
Some players shoot again1
Some pop for some girl1
Some powerful womenWhy1
Some present moments of the future1
Some pulp1
Some pumpkins1
Some punk funk4
Some questions about hats1
Some rag5
Some rainy day8
Some rattle bones1
Some real good blues1
Some reflections on Marionette1
Some relief1
Some respect1
Some restaurant1
Some rhythm1
Some right some wrong1

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