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This index refers to the 512,589 individual tune titles (1,544,453 total entries) included in over 238,546 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of October, 2018.

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Page U9 - Until I left Chicago to Up country

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Tune nameSessions
Until I left Chicago2
Until I live again1
Until I met you33
Until I see you1
Until I touch the ground1
Until I was loved1
Until Iago whispered1
Until it comes up love3
Until it fails1
Until its over2
Until its right1
Until its time1
Until its time for us to go1
Until its time for you to go40
Until its time for your to go1
Until its time to go1
Until it’s time for you to go1
Until love comes along1
Until morning1
Until my baby comes home1
Until my love returns1
Until next time3
Until next time bro1
Until now5
Until Paisagem1
Until she breaks away1
Until she comes along1
Until spring comes along1
Until such time1
Until summer1
Until sunrise6
Until that time1
Until the beginning1
Until the cows come home1
Until the day I die1
Until the end1
Until the end of never1
Until the end of time4
Until the fall1
Until the fire1
Until the hour arrives1
Until the last cat has swung1
Until the last minute1
Until the moment2
Until the moment was now1
Until the morning1
Until the morning comes2
Until the next time3
Until the rain comes2
Until the real thing comes along183
Until the real thing comes along )1
Until the sky1
Until the stars fall down1
Until the sun rises1
Until the sun stops shining1
Until the sun submits1
Until the sunAll the time1
Until the twelfth of never1
Until the very end1
Until then15
Until today4
Until tomorrow17
Until tomorrow comes1
Until tonight8
Until U come back to me1
Until untrust unties1
Until we have faces1
Until we have names1
Until we love2
Until we meet again12
Until we meet again sweetheart2
Until we return1
Until we say out last goodbye1
Until we sleep1
Until were free1
Until when1
Until yesterday3
Until you2
Until you believe1
Until you came1
Until you came along1
Until you came into my life1
Until you come again1
Until you come back to me10
Until you do1
Until you fall in love2
Until you know1
Until you remember1
Until you say youre mine1
until you went away1
Until you were gone2
Until youre in love again1
until youre left with only one1
Until youre mine2
Untimely intrusion1
Untitled 003531
Untitled 021
Untitled 0611
untitled 123
Untitled 111
Untitled 121
Untitled 132
Untitled 13081
Untitled 14151
Untitled 161
Untitled 181
Untitled 191
Untitled 1955 crayon on Kelloggs Corn Flakes box1
Untitled 19621
Untitled 19641
Untitled 1968 bing cherry juice KY jelly ketchup on vellum1
Untitled 19771
untitled 221
Untitled 2001 soot on slate1
Untitled 2004 dried blood on gauze elastic strip with adhesive backing1
Untitled 2021
Untitled 25521
Untitled 317
untitled 342
Untitled 413
untitled 57
Untitled 66
Untitled 6211
untitled 6part composition1
Untitled 75
Untitled 81
Untitled 8711
Untitled 8741
Untitled 92
untitled Abbey Road blues1
Untitled adagio1
Untitled afterthoughts1
Untitled Ammons original1
Untitled arpeggios and pulses1
Untitled as of yet1
untitled Bach1
untitled Bach no 21
untitled ballad9
untitled ballad no51
untitled bass solo1
untitled blues68
untitled blues 11
untitled blues 21
Untitled blues No 12
Untitled blues No 23
untitled blues no31
untitled blues no41
untitled blues no51
untitled blues no61
untitled blues no71
untitled blues waltz1
untitled bonus track2
Untitled boogaloo1
untitled boogie4
untitled boogie woogie1
untitled bossa nova1
Untitled composition3
Untitled dialogue1
Untitled Dizzy Gillespie original1
Untitled Donaldson blues2
Untitled double bass cameo1
Untitled dream1
Untitled dream sequence1
untitled duet3
untitled duets1
Untitled encore1
untitled excerpt2
untitled extract from new recording1
untitled fast blues2
Untitled fiction2
untitled fox trot1
untitled fragment 11
Untitled free improvisation1
Untitled funk tune1
untitled fusion time1
Untitled gallery1
untitled hidden track1
Untitled hit tune1
Untitled II2
untitled improvisation74
untitled improvisation 12
untitled improvisation 101
untitled improvisation 111
untitled improvisation 121
untitled improvisation 131
untitled improvisation 141
untitled improvisation 151
untitled improvisation 161
untitled improvisation 22
untitled improvisation 32
untitled improvisation 42
untitled improvisation 52
untitled improvisation 62
untitled improvisation 72
untitled improvisation 82
untitled improvisation 91
Untitled improvisation part 11
Untitled improvisation part 21
Untitled improvisation part 31
untitled improvisations5
untitled improvistion1
Untitled in 741
Untitled in A flat minor1
Untitled in Ab minor1
untitled instrumental17
Untitled interlude1
untitled jam2
untitled Janthe composition1
Untitled keyboard1
Untitled lament1
untitled Latin1
Untitled Lewis original2
Untitled live 11
Untitled live 21
Untitled live 31
Untitled live 41
Untitled long tune1
Untitled love song1
Untitled lovesong1
Untitled lullaby1
Untitled melody1
untitled minor blues1
untitled minor waltz1
Untitled mixes1
Untitled mood anthem1
Untitled movies1
Untitled n11
Untitled n21
Untitled no 17
Untitled no 23
untitled no 34
untitled no42
untitled no51
Untitled number 71
Untitled oblivion1
untitled of my life1
Untitled one2
Untitled opener1
Untitled original74
Untitled original 11
Untitled original 113831
Untitled original 113861
Untitled original 21
Untitled original A4
untitled original B2
untitled original blues1
untitled original blues no 11
untitled original blues no 21
untitled original bossa nova1
untitled original C2
Untitled original composition2
Untitled original D1
untitled original E2
untitled original F1
untitled original no 14
untitled original no 22
untitled original no 31
Untitled original no 41
untitled original tune1
untitled oud solo1
Untitled outtake1
Untitled part I1
Untitled part II2
untitled Patton tune1
Untitled peace piece1
untitled percussion composition1
untitled Phil Moore tune1
untitled piano duet1
Untitled piece4
Untitled piece in eight layers1
Untitled pop song1
untitled pt 11
untitled pt 21
untitled pt 31
untitled pt 41
Untitled quadrille tune1
Untitled r_d1
Untitled samba1
Untitled sample1
Untitled shapes1
untitled show theme1
Untitled slow funk1
Untitled solo2
Untitled song1
untitled song for a cold Monday night at studio1
Untitled standard1
Untitled stomp1
Untitled stories1
Untitled studio 11
Untitled studio 21
Untitled study1
Untitled sweetness1
Untitled swirl1
Untitled synthesizer solo1
Untitled tango1
untitled theme2
Untitled thoughts1
untitled title1
Untitled title 11
Untitled title 21
Untitled title 31
Untitled title 41
Untitled title 51
Untitled title 61
Untitled title 71
untitled track66
untitled track 13
untitled track 23
untitled track 31
untitled track 41
untitled track part 11
untitled track part 21
untitled track part 31
untitled tracks1
untitled tracks 1191
Untitled tracks 1701
untitled tracks 20221
Untitled train1
untitled trombone solo1
Untitled tune17
Untitled tune 11
Untitled tunes1
Untitled two1
Untitled undefined1
Untitled vocal no 31
Untitled waltz3
Untitled waltz for the Wednesday morning prayer meeting1
Untitled yet1
untitled Zawinul original1
UntitledInspiration from home1
Unto Jesus Christ1
Unto the black1
Unto the breach1
Unto the unknown the seven steps1
Unto thine own self be true1
Unto us a child is born1
untold Lorilei1
Untold stories2
untold story6
Untold tales1
Untorn ribbon1
untouchable glide1
untouchable number1
Untouched by human love1
Untouched sound1
untraveled path1
Untrue woman1
Untrue woman blues1
Untying the knot1
Unuh baby1
Unusual bird1
Unusual blues1
Unusual expectation1
Unusual fusion1
Unusual gift1
Unusual hats1
Unusual love1
unusual suspect1
Unusual suspects2
Unusual talk1
Unusual usual1
Unusual way2
Unusual weather1
Unutil paisagem2
Unuva maltese1
Unveiled depths1
unveilingBlues for Maya1
Unverandert verendet1
Unverhofft kommt oft1
Unverstandliche serie neuer landler 11
Unverstandliche serie neuer landler 31
Unvisited corners1
Unwanted company1
Unwavering optimism1
Unwavering song1
Unwelcome blues1
unwelcome emotions of replicant pris1
unwilling philosopher1
unwise men1
unwobbling pivot1
Unwrapping the body buried centuries ago1
Unwritten law2
unwritten letter3
Unwritten messages1
Unwritten postcards1
Unwritten rule1
Unwritten signs1
Unzahlige mannigfaltige sterne1
Un’altra vita1
Un’idea fissa1
Uocche napulitane1
Uoi maronn ffance a grazia1
Uomini di fiume1
Uono sig1
Uoooohs danse1
Uovo di Pasqua1
Up & at it1
Up & down4
Up + push1
Up 2 whom1
Up a hair1
Up a lazy river98
Up a level1
Up a step3
Up above1
Up above my head27
Up above my head I hear music in the air1
Up above the rock3
Up above the universe1
Up again3
Up against1
Up against it1
Up against the boards1
Up against the wall9
Up against the wall you %&@ gods of corporate profit1
Up against the wall you redneck mother1
Up all night6
Up an atom7
Up and Adam2
Up and around1
Up and at em16
Up and at it8
Up and away6
Up and coming5
Up and down42
Up and down East Street1
Up and down mambo1
up and down man2
Up and down song1
Up and down the back1
Up and down the blues1
Up and down up and down2
Up and exciting1
Up and fast1
Up and out7
Up and over5
Up and over the hill1
Up and push1
Up and rising2
Up and running1
Up and up7
Up at Harveys1
Up at Ingos1
Up at Joes down at Jims1
Up at Logues place1
Up at seven1
Up at Teddys hill1
Up awake from highest steeple1
Up away1
Up beat blues1
Up before the birds1
Up behind the beat1
Up blues2
Up Broadway1
Up Cherry Street5
Up Chets alley1
Up city1
Up close1
Up comes Monday1
Up country4

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