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Page Y12 - Youre a mystery to me to Youre still my baby

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Tune nameSessions
Youre a mystery to me1
Youre a natural1
Youre a no count triflin man2
Youre a no good woman1
Youre a pain in the heart to me1
Youre a pain in the neck to me1
Youre a part of me1
Youre a rank stud1
Youre a real sweetheart16
Youre a sap mister Jap1
Youre a song2
Youre a special part of me1
Youre a sugar born baby1
Youre a sweet little headache7
Youre a sweetheart69
Youre a viper2
Youre a weaver of dreams15
Youre a woman Im a man1
Youre a wonderment1
Youre acting deaf and dumb1
Youre all I ever needed1
Youre all I have2
Youre all I need15
Youre all I need for Christmas1
Youre all I see2
Youre all I want for Christmas9
Youre all Ive wanted1
Youre all of my life to me1
Youre all that I need to get by1
Youre all that matters1
Youre all that matters now1
Youre all that matters to me2
Youre all the way live1
Youre all the world to me5
Youre all we want to be1
Youre almost right1
Youre always in my arms4
Youre always in my dreams2
Youre always in my space1
Youre always looking for more1
Youre always messin round with my man3
Youre always on my mind3
Youre always there6
Youre always there for me1
Youre always with somebody new2
Youre an angel3
Youre an angel now1
Youre an answer to a maidens prayer1
Youre an education5
Youre an eyeful of heaven1
Youre an old smoothie12
Youre as pretty as a picture4
Youre as right as rain5
Youre away in Kawaihae1
Youre awesome1
Youre awful2
Youre barkin up the wrong tree1
Youre bashful1
Youre beautiful4
Youre beautiful you know that1
Youre better than that1
Youre blase100
Youre blases1
Youre blaze1
Youre blowin me no good1
Youre blowing me no good3
Youre bound to feel like a monkey when you grow old1
Youre bound to look like a monkey3
Youre bound to look like a monkey when you get1
Youre bound to look like a monkey when you get old5
Youre bound to look like a monkey when you grow old2
Youre breakin in a new heart3
Youre breaking in a new heart1
Youre breaking my heart5
Youre breaking my heart all over again7
Youre breaking my heart no more1
Youre bringing out the dreamer in me2
Youre buggin me1
Youre burning me up3
Youre changed1
Youre cheatin again1
Youre cheatin yourself2
Youre clear out of this world2
Youre coming back again1
Youre coming home1
Youre covered1
Youre crazy1
Youre cruel1
Youre crying8
Youre cute1
Youre dangerous7
Youre delicious1
Youre devastating5
Youre different1
Youre diffrent2
Youre disguised1
Youre drivin me crazy11
Youre driving me crazy395
Youre easy to dance with7
Youre either a goddess or a doormat1
Youre ever goin to twotime me1
Youre everything43
Youre everything but mine1
Youre everything I love1
Youre everything my heart desires1
Youre everything sweet1
Youre everything to me4
Youre everywhere1
Youre exceptional to me2
Youre fallin in love again1
Youre falling in love1
Youre fantastic1
Youre far too near me1
Youre finally getting to me1
Youre financially disturbed2
Youre fine1
Youre fine but not my kind1
Youre foolin someone1
Youre foolin with the wrong gal now1
Youre foolin yourself1
Youre fooling no one but yourself1
Youre fooling someone4
Youre for loving3
Youre for me1
Youre fortunate1
Youre free6
Youre from Texas1
Youre funny1
Youre getting better1
Youre getting old on your job1
Youre getting tired1
Youre getting to be a habit with me84
Youre giving me a song and a dance5
Youre giving me the runaround1
Youre giving your love to me1
Youre glowing1
Youre going down Mr Colorado1
Youre going to leave the old home Jim2
Youre going to lose that girl1
Youre going to miss me1
Youre going to see a lot of me1
Youre going to want to see this1
Youre gone8
Youre gone and I remain1
Youre gone for a long time1
Youre gone from me1
Youre gonna be a rascal til you die1
Youre gonna be my baby1
Youre gonna be paid1
Youre gonna be sorry4
Youre gonna be young1
Youre gonna break your babys heart1
Youre gonna change your mind1
Youre gonna fall1
Youre gonna flip mom1
Youre gonna get a letter in the morning1
Youre gonna get it1
Youre gonna get my letter in the morning1
Youre gonna go your way and Im gonna go mine1
Youre gonna hear from me41
Youre gonna know1
Youre gonna lose me1
Youre gonna lose your gal7
Youre gonna make a wonderful sweetheart1
Youre gonna make it with me1
Youre gonna make me lonesome1
Youre gonna make me lonesome when you go3
Youre gonna miss it1
Youre gonna miss me3
Youre gonna miss me around here1
Youre gonna miss me baby1
Youre gonna miss my kisses1
Youre gonna need loving1
Youre gonna need me2
Youre gonna need my help1
Youre gonna need my help one day1
Youre gonna regret2
Youre gonna see a lot of me3
Youre gonna suffer1
Youre gonna tempt me1
Youre gonna wake some morning but your papa will be gone1
Youre gonna win that ballgame Uncle Sam1
Youre gonna worry too1
Youre good for me4
Youre good for me Send my some lovin Gotta get you off my mind1
Youre haunting me again1
Youre heaven to me1
Youre heavenly1
Youre here4
Youre here again3
Youre here and Im here1
Youre here my Lord1
Youre here my love1
Youre here youre there3
Youre here youre there youre everywhere1
Youre hidehiing me1
Youre home now1
Youre humbuggin me1
Youre impossible1
Youre in charge1
Youre in Derry1
Youre in distress1
Youre in everything I dream1
Youre in for a big surprise2
Youre in for a wild ride1
Youre in Kentucky4
Youre in Kentucky sure as youre born11
Youre in love8
Youre in love Charlie Brown3
Youre in love with everyone2
Youre in love with love2
Youre in love with somebody else1
Youre in love with someone4
Youre in love with someone else3
Youre in my dreams1
Youre in my heart4
Youre in my heart all the time1
Youre in my power1
Youre in my skin1
Youre in over your head1
Youre in style1
Youre in the army now1
Youre in the space age now1
Youre in the way1
Youre in wrong with the right baby1
Youre invited1
Youre irreplaceable1
Youre it6
Youre jiving me crazy1
Youre just a cream puff1
Youre just a cucumber1
Youre just a dream1
Youre just a dream come true1
Youre just a flower2
Youre just a flower from an old bouquet3
Youre just a great big baby doll2
Youre just a little bit of everything I love1
Youre just a little diffrent1
Youre just a no account3
Youre just a noaccount1
Youre just about right for me1
Youre just about to lose your clown1
Youre just an old antidisestablishmentarianismist1
Youre just babies in the unvierse1
Youre just full of jive1
Youre just in love36
Youre just my everything1
Youre just my kind2
Youre just my type15
Youre just right1
Youre just the girl for me1
Youre just the kind1
Youre just too sweet for words honey omine1
Youre killin me1
Youre late your Garbarek down1
Youre laughing at me14
Youre leaving But I just got here1
Youre lettin the grass grow1
Youre lettin the grass grow under your feet1
Youre life1
Youre like a dream to me1
Youre like an angel1
Youre living on the other side of time1
Youre lonely and Im lonely10
Youre lookin at me1
Youre looking at me38
Youre looking for romance4
Youre looking good1
Youre losin your baby1
Youre lost little child1
Youre lovely madame4
Youre lucky2
Youre lucky guy1
Youre lucky to be me1
Youre lucky to me113
Youre made your bed1
Youre makin me crazy1
Youre making it personal1
Youre making me crazy4
Youre making me cry1
Youre married1
Youre me5
Youre Meshugah1
Youre mighty beautiful1
Youre mine11
Youre mine already1
Youre mine and we belong together1
Youre mine darling1
Youre mine forever1
Youre mine oh mine1
Youre mine you84
Youre mine youre mine1
Youre missing me tonight1
Youre molecular structure1
Youre more beautiful than ever and exactly in my arms1
Youre more than a palace to me1
Youre more than I can stand1
Youre more to me than gold1
Youre movin me1
Youre much too fat1
Youre much too fat and thats that1
Youre my all and all1
Youre my alter ego3
Youre my angel2
Youre my baby6
Youre my baby doll1
Youre my baby you2
Youre my best bet2
Youre my best poker hand1
Youre my blues machine2
Youre my boy1
Youre my Christmas1
Youre my cup of tea1
Youre my darling1
Youre my desire7
Youre my dish3
Youre my dream come true2
Youre my every need2
Youre my everything206
Youre my favorite dream1
Youre my favorite memory5
Youre my favorite person1
Youre my fever1
Youre my first thought every morning1
Youre my freight train1
Youre my girl14
Youre my greatest love2
Youre my heart1
Youre my hero1
Youre my ideal2
Youre my inspiration1
Youre my Jamaica1
Youre my jewel1
Youre my kind of climate1
Youre my last bus1
Youre my little sweetheart1
Youre my love of life1
Youre my lucky star3
Youre my man3
Youre my meat3
Youre my melody1
Youre my mule1
Youre my mystery1
Youre my one1
Youre my one and only love1
Youre my past present and future3
Youre my reason why1
Youre my silver lining of love1
Youre my soul and inspiration1
Youre my spring4
Youre my sugar rose1
Youre my sun1
Youre my sweetheart1
Youre my thrill160
Youre my whos who1
Youre my wings2
Youre my woman youre my lady1
Youre my world1
Youre near me1
Youre nearer46
Youre nearernearer my God to thee1
Youre never alone1
Youre never fully dressed without a smile3
Youre never gonna understand1
Youre never too far from me1
Youre never too old to boogie1
Youre next34
Youre nice to be around1
Youre nicked2
Youre no 1 in my book1
Youre no angel1
Youre no bunny unless some bunny loves you1
Youre no good5
Youre no pimp and Im certainly no whore1
Youre nobody3
Youre nobody till somebody loves you73
Youre nobodys baby1
Youre nobodys darlin but mine2
Youre nobodys sweetheart now5
Youre not allright1
Youre not alone4
Youre not cool1
Youre not here1
Youre not in love3
Youre not in my arms tonight1
Youre not living in vain1
Youre not mine anymore1
Youre not my baby anymore1
Youre not my kind1
Youre not on the map1
Youre not satisfied with me1
Youre not so easy to forget4
Youre not thats right1
Youre not the gal for me1
Youre not the guy for me1
Youre not the kind33
Youre not the kind I thought you were1
Youre not the kind of a girl1
Youre not the kind of boy1
Youre not the one and only1
Youre not the only apple on the tree1
Youre not the only oyster in the stew8
Youre not the same1
Youre not there1
Youre not what you said you are2
Youre off my list1
Youre off the beat2
Youre OK3
Youre okey1
Youre older1
Youre on Hans1
Youre on my mind5
Youre on my side1
Youre on the right track baby1
Youre on your own1
Youre once1
Youre one of a kind2
Youre only a baby1
Youre only as old as you look1
Youre only dreaming1
Youre only happy when Im blue1
Youre only human1
Youre out1
Youre out of this world3
Youre out of this world to me1
Youre outa here1
Youre part of me2
Youre part of my heart1
Youre precious to me3
Youre puttin me on1
Youre reading my mind2
Youre really someone to write home about1
Youre reported1
Youre right about me1
Youre right as rain2
Youre right I dont1
Youre right Im wrong5
Youre runnin wild1
Youre running away again1
Youre sensational30
Youre sentimental1
Youre simply delish6
Youre simply drivin me mad1
Youre sixteen3
Youre slightly less than wonderful1
Youre slightly terrific1
Youre snoring1
Youre so bad for me3
Youre so beautiful2
Youre so cool1
Youre so cute2
Youre so damn mean baby1
Youre so darn charming4
Youre so delightful1
Youre so desirable4
Youre so different2
Youre so easy to dance with1
Youre so easy to forget1
Youre so far above me2
Youre so far away from me1
Youre so good1
Youre so good to me1
Youre so indiffrent3
Youre so influential2
Youre so kind2
Youre so near1
Youre so near and yet so far1
Youre so nice2
Youre so now1
Youre so perceptive1
Youre so precious1
Youre so pretty amazing graces1
Youre so retro1
Youre so right1
Youre so right for me5
Youre so simpatico1
Youre so special1
Youre so sweet to remember2
Youre so tall1
Youre so understanding4
Youre so vain1
Youre so wholesome1
Youre so wonderful1
Youre so worth the waiting for1
Youre so you1
Youre solid with me1
Youre some pretty doll5
Youre something1
Youre something else3
Youre somewhere thinking of me1
Youre sorry1
Youre spoiling me1
Youre standing on the outside now1
Youre starting to feel like home1
Youre starting too fast1
Youre stepping on my toes1
Youre still a young man1
Youre still here1
Youre still in my heart3
Youre still my baby6

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