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This index refers to the 506,118 individual tune titles (1,527,718 total entries) included in over 236,346 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of April, 2018.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page A1 A to Abian blues
Page A2 aBiBi music for Milford & Hugh to Abstract02
Page A3 Abstract03 to Achtzehn
Page A4 Achtzehn Zentimeter weiter to Acuerdate
Page A5 Acuerela to Adios mi sueno
Page A6 Adios mia chaparrita to Aesthetic encounters part one
Page A7 Aesthetic encounters part two to African waltz
Page A8 African war dance to After LT
Page A9 After lunch to Against bourgeois art
Page A10 Against darkness to Ah vita bella
Page A11 Ah vivre deux to Aint no sunshine when hes gone
Page A12 Aint no sunshine when shes gone to Aita
Page A13 Aitai to Alabanza
Page A14 Alabaster to Aleister and Alice
Page A15 Aleister Crowley to Alika rising
Page A16 Alike to All in one uphill
Page A17 All in sounds to All the girls go crazy about the way I jive
Page A18 All the girls go crazy about the way I ride to Allegro con furia
Page A19 Allegro con molto to Almost El Paso
Page A20 Almost eleven to Alps
Page A21 Alpsage to Always constant
Page A22 Always crazy to Amazingly slow
Page A23 Amazon to Ami blue
Page A24 Ami O to Amycamus
Page A25 Amygdala to An oldfashioned for Joan
Page A26 An on to Ancient warmth
Page A27 Ancient wellspring to And the wind blows
Page A28 And the wind blows gree to Anellos blues
Page A29 Anem to Angustiado
Page A30 Angustiado reprise to Announcement by John Scofield
Page A31 Announcement by JP Dubois to Another side
Page A32 Another side another time to Antiques tree song
Page A33 Antiquity to Apache
Page A34 Apache dance to Apre
Page A35 Aprelude to Arabian rhapsody
Page A36 Arabian song to Are you from out of town
Page A37 Are you getting married brother to Arlena
Page A38 Arlene to Arrow tip
Page A39 Arrowhead to As but not the same
Page A40 As Buurebuabli mag i nood to Asamesimae
Page A41 Asamine to Asphyxie
Page A42 Asphyxy to At least understanding
Page A43 At least we got to the race to Atie aife
Page A44 Atiji to Au marsche de Nice
Page A45 Au Marys hotel to August angel
Page A46 August at last to Autotono
Page A47 Autotopsy to Aven nasas tusa
Page A48 Aven romale to Ay me duele
Page A49 Ay mi amor to Azzurro vecchio


Page B1 B to Baby come back
Page B2 Baby come back to me to Babys ready blues
Page B3 babys smile to Back stage
Page B4 Back stage at the ballet to Bad bad mama
Page B5 Bad bad Simba to Baguncando o coreto
Page B6 Baguncando o meu coreto to Balafon interlude
Page B7 Balafon samba to Ballad for Hakima
Page B8 Ballad for Hamp to Ballada o straconej gazy
Page B9 Ballada o wilku psie i kocie to balrog
Page B10 Balsa to Bangin the boogie
Page B11 Bangin the feurich to Barcelona series 1
Page B12 Barcelona series 10 to Barricade
Page B13 Barricades to Bass conclave
Page B14 Bass conclusion to Batiri cha cha
Page B15 Batiscopa to BD dog
Page B16 BD for OJ to Bean stalks again
Page B17 Bean storm blow up to Beautiful house in Bad Homburg
Page B18 Beautiful in blue to Because your baby is on your mind
Page B19 Because youre mine to Before I let go
Page B20 Before I lose my mind to Bei mir bistu sheyne
Page B21 Bei mir war es immer so schon to Belled
Page B22 Belleke to Benji
Page B23 Benjies bubble to Bernblues
Page B24 Bernd Wimmer on the burnt zimmer to Better days past
Page B25 Better days will come to Beyond category
Page B26 Beyond Columbus and capitalism to Bienville blues
Page B27 Bienville Street blues to Big fat mama
Page B28 Big fat mama blues to Big surf
Page B29 Big surprise to Bills bounce
Page B30 Bills cigar to Bird notes
Page B31 Bird notes and folk tunes to bisele blue
Page B32 Biser mara po jezeru brala to Black and tan fantasy
Page B33 Black and tan phantasy to black narcissus
Page B34 Black Nat to Blakes blues
Page B35 Blakes breakdown to Blew Meanie
Page B36 Blew years proposition to Bloody Christmas
Page B37 bloody fields to Blue Baio
Page B38 Blue balance to Blue for you
Page B39 Blue forest to Blue mountain
Page B40 Blue mountain bossa nova to Blue Swedish wildflower
Page B41 Blue sweets to Blues alegre
Page B42 Blues all alone to Blues eyes
Page B43 Blues fa Don to Blues for cyber
Page B44 Blues for Cynthia to Blues for Judith
Page B45 Blues for Judy to Blues for Pili
Page B46 Blues for Pim to Blues for two pianos
Page B47 Blues for two tenors to Blues in the bassment
Page B48 Blues in the bergerie to Blues para T
Page B49 Blues para uraba to Bluesology
Page B50 Bluesomatic to Bobby Barker blues
Page B51 Bobby Benny Jymie Lee Bu to Boina
Page B52 Boing to bone zone
Page B53 Boneca de pano to Boogie brushes
Page B54 Boogie bump to Book IX Epilogue
Page B55 book of answers to Boppin at the Doge
Page B56 Boppin at the hop to Bossa antique
Page B57 Bossa baboian to Bottom glider
Page B58 Bottom groove to Bowery bossa nova
Page B59 Bowery buck to Brain storm
Page B60 Brain stream to Brazilian moon
Page B61 Brazilian national anthem to Breathing easy
Page B62 Breathing happens on its own to Brief blues
Page B63 Brief build to climax to Britney
Page B64 Britpop to Brooklyn blues
Page B65 Brooklyn Bob to Brown skin warmup
Page B66 Brown skin who you for to Bubbles in the wine
Page B67 Bubbles on Mars to Buenos Aires blues
Page B68 Buenos Aires dark to Bullwimp
Page B69 Bullwinkle to Burning air
Page B70 Burning airwood to Busy Street
Page B71 Busy street scene to Buzzard variation
Page B72 Buzzards bay to BZoo


Page C1 C to Cades County
Page C2 Cades lullaby to Calcutta
Page C3 Calcutta blues to Call twist
Page C4 Call waiting to Came the maiden bright
Page C5 Came to believe to Can you keep it
Page C6 Can you know a man to Canigou
Page C7 Canim to Cantabile encore
Page C8 Cantabile for Lady Day to Cape Town carnival
Page C9 Cape Town fear to Carapansko kolo
Page C10 Caraqueb to Carma
Page C11 Carmalita to Carrousel en verre
Page C12 Carrousell to Cassata
Page C13 Cassava maniok to Categorical imperatives
Page C14 Category three to Cay elinden oteye
Page C15 Cayendo para amba to Celestial terrestial commuters
Page C16 Celestial terrestrial communters to Cerezo rosa
Page C17 Cerf volant to Cha chika chika boom
Page C18 Cha chimurenga The war song to Chandeliers and mirrors
Page C19 Chandeliers and roses to Chant du tres loin
Page C20 Chant durt to Charleston Daisy
Page C21 Charleston dance to Chasing the Trane
Page C22 Chasing the unicorn to Chejudo
Page C23 Chejudo lament to Chi Lai
Page C24 chi legge to Chico e caetano
Page C25 Chico gin gin to Chili con valley
Page C26 Chili coyote to Chitlin
Page C27 Chitlin ball to Choral part 2
Page C28 Choral prelude to Christmas at 3 am
Page C29 Christmas at Carnegie to Chunks of Zen I
Page C30 Chunkslice to Cinderblock shelter
Page C31 Cinderella to circus is on parade
Page C32 Circus island to Clad like birds
Page C33 Cladrum to Clave for Colin
Page C34 Clave for Collin to Clime
Page C35 Clin doeil to Cloud trapeze
Page C36 cloud water lilies 2 to Cobb
Page C37 Cobb Webb to Coffer
Page C38 Coffetto to collective
Page C39 Collective 1 to Columbia point
Page C40 Columbia rhythms to Come on my yacht
Page C41 Come on on on on to Comm si fess
Page C42 Comma to Competitive edge
Page C43 competitor to Composition 8C
Page C44 Composition 8D to Concerning etchings
Page C45 Concerning quartels & quintels to Conduction 23
Page C46 Conduction 25 to Connoisseurs of the obvious
Page C47 Connonbird to Continuo after the Inuit
Page C48 Continuous to cook book
Page C49 Cook good to Copa Cabana
Page C50 Copa City titty to Corner time
Page C51 Corner to corner to Cosmic voyage
Page C52 Cosmic voyager to Counterflow
Page C53 Counterintuitive to Cow cow bllues
Page C54 Cow cow blues to Crawlin around
Page C55 Crawlin daddyos to Cremation
Page C56 Crembo to Cromaticum est
Page C57 Cromatina to Cruiskeen lawn
Page C58 Cruit to Cthulhu in rlyeh
Page C59 Cton to Culturation
Page C60 Culture and sensitivity to Cutouts
Page C61 Cuts to C’etait un histoire d’amour


Page D1 D to Dadi
Page D2 Dadideldido to Damerons dance
Page D3 Damerons ghost to Dance of the angels
Page D4 Dance of the ants to Dances third movement
Page D5 Dances under moon to Danger love at work
Page D6 Danger man to Danses lille Sara
Page D7 Danses musettes to Dark halo
Page D8 Dark harvest to Das bett zersplittert am bein
Page D9 Das Bienenlied to David Leisner
Page D10 David M to Day two
Page D11 Day two at Bedlam to De ja blues
Page D12 De ja vu to deal pt II
Page D13 Deal sweeteners to Deathprod
Page D14 Deathstar to Dedicated to Jimmy Hendrix
Page D15 Dedicated to Joao to Deep space dance
Page D16 Deep speed to Delete part one
Page D17 Delete part two to Den dagen jag blev galen
Page D18 Den dagen lady dode to Der Barbier von Sevilla
Page D19 Der Baron von Plattenhabbenmunde to dermonds
Page D20 Dermot my treasure to deserted courtesan
Page D21 Deserted desert to Dete srecePozdraviv tu sukarij
Page D22 Detection to Deweys banquet
Page D23 Deweys circle to Diapassion
Page D24 Diaper pin to Die Deutschen
Page D25 Die dicke Dame to different lives we lead
Page D26 different look to Dimonis fent foguerons
Page D27 Dimorfismo to Dirty dude
Page D28 Dirty ear to Disney girls
Page D29 Disney medley to Divine gemini
Page D30 Divine gift and yellow god to Djindiano Ones raid of the lost Arabian breakbeat
Page D31 Djinee tu kowa ziro to Do whats best for you
Page D32 Do whats right to Document for Leo Smith
Page D33 Document for Toshinori Kondo to Doin you good
Page D34 Doin your chords to Don blue
Page D35 Don Byron to Dont bring Lulu Louis
Page D36 Dont bring me Beatrice to Dont kill yourself
Page D37 Dont kiss to Dont stay that way
Page D38 Dont steal my heart to Doo bop
Page D39 doo bop song to Dosepic
Page D40 Dosh dosh dau to Doudou song
Page D41 Doudouk to down so long blues
Page D42 Down south to Dr Martin
Page D43 Dr master plan to Dream drums
Page D44 Dream dust to Dreamlife
Page D45 Dreamlight to drinker
Page D46 Drinkiing again to Drug store cowboys
Page D47 Drug story to Drunken penguin
Page D48 drunken sailor to Duck foot waddle
Page D49 Duck hunt to Dukes king
Page D50 Dukes last soliloquy to Durch die Himmel
Page D51 Durch die Nacht klingt ein Lied to Dystopian uprising
Page D52 Dystymie to DZZM


Page E1 E to Early in the evening
Page E2 Early in the mornin to East LA
Page E3 East lag to Easy street
Page E4 Easy strings to Echoes of love
Page E5 Echoes of Madria to Edo townsfolk
Page E6 Edog has his day to Egyptian moonlight
Page E7 Egyptian night to Einen kafer werfen
Page E8 Einen sommer lang to El chupanebre
Page E9 El chupetin paleta to El panquelero
Page E10 El panquerlero to Elders suite part 2
Page E11 Elders suite part 3 to Elemental 13
Page E12 Elemental 15 to Ella by nightlight
Page E13 Ella Dunham to Elzevira
Page E14 Elzora and the stranger to Emperor Jones
Page E15 Emperor Leon to En liten glimt av solsken
Page E16 En liten gutt fra Tistedal to End of a dynasty
Page E17 End of a great affair to English patient
Page E18 English people to Entre dos aquas
Page E19 Entre dos cielos suite to Eppur mi son scordato di te
Page E20 Eppur si muove to Erra
Page E21 Erractic rag to Eso si que es
Page E22 Esocsinalo to Estou sempre sonhando com vocz
Page E23 EstOuest to Ethnogeo
Page E24 Ethnography Museum to Eumenides outside the window
Page E25 Eumir to Evening serenade
Page E26 Evening shades of blue to Everybody kiss your sweetheart
Page E27 Everybody knew but me to Everything you could be
Page E28 Everything you do to Exacto
Page E29 exaggeration to Expectancy part II
Page E30 Expectantly waiting for you to Eye care
Page E31 Eye catcher to e_asonata02


Page F1 F to Fade out New beginnings
Page F2 Fade to black to Fall in love again
Page F3 Fall in love says my heart to Fancy dancer
Page F4 Fancy dancing jaguar to Far & Son
Page F5 Far above to Faschank
Page F6 Fasching to Father demo square
Page F7 Father Flanagan to Feathers den
Page F8 Feathers lament to Feet do your stuff
Page F9 Feet draggin blues to Fertile land
Page F10 fertile valley to Field hollerBaby please dont go
Page F11 Field hollers and Arhoolies to Filature
Page F12 Filature en mobylette to Finding peace
Page F13 Finding Pho to Fire one
Page F14 Fire opal to First movemen
Page F15 First movement to Fishland canyon
Page F16 Fishlands curse to Five years ago
Page F17 Five years in space to Flat tire blues
Page F18 flat tire on my ass to Flightcase
Page F19 Flightless to Florida summer odyssey
Page F20 Florida time to Flute diddley
Page F21 Flute diet to Flying to the unknown
Page F22 Flying too high to Follow my footprints
Page F23 Follow my heart to Footprints cant be seen
Page F24 Footprints in my bed to For DR
Page F25 For drummers only to For LRP
Page F26 For LT to For tea two
Page F27 For ten percent to Forcas dalma
Page F28 force to Forgotten lines
Page F29 forgotten love to Fossils and flows
Page F30 fossils legacy to Four sweet words
Page F31 Four symbols to Fragment for an old friend
Page F32 Fragment for Duke to Frappeefessee
Page F33 Fraptious day to Free for three
Page F34 Free for two to Freedom traveler
Page F35 Freedom walk to Freudian triode
Page F36 Freuds and Alices to Fritz
Page F37 Fritz at the Rockefeller to From out of space
Page F38 From out of the shadows to Frozen footsteps
Page F39 Frozen forest to Fugue state
Page F40 Fugue states to Funerals
Page F41 Funerals 2 to Funky niblets
Page F42 Funky nu beat to Further down market
Page F43 Further down the road to FZ pour PB


Page G1 G to galloping latin
Page G2 Gallopin’ boogie to Garden of laziness
Page G3 Garden of light to Gator swing
Page G4 Gator tail to Gekeiselt
Page G5 Gekis moments to gentle song
Page G6 Gentle soul to Gerrylike
Page G7 Gerrys blues to Get the money
Page G8 Get the money blues to Ghost notes
Page G9 Ghost of 1927 to Gilbert
Page G10 Gilbert was vague to Girl friend
Page G11 Girl friend blues to Give in
Page G12 Give in to love to Glamourama
Page G13 Glamourous life to Gloria XIII
Page G14 Gloria XVI to Go hang
Page G15 Go happy lucky to godness the gypsy & the light
Page G16 Godot to Going with the flow
Page G17 Going with you to Gomma arabica
Page G18 Gomma napoletana to Good goooold
Page G19 Good Gordon gin to Goodbuy pork pie
Page G20 Goodby to Goosey gander
Page G21 Gootsteen to Gotta admit
Page G22 Gotta B everything to Grana
Page G23 Grana fresca to Grateful moon
Page G24 Grateful parting to great swan awaits us
Page G25 Great taste to Green voices of play air
Page G26 Green walls to Grindhouse
Page G27 Grindin to Groper
Page G28 Groping after light to Guanco lament
Page G29 Guane to Guldbegaer
Page G30 Guldbrylluppet to Gyllene tigern
Page G31 Gym to G’bye now


Page H1 H to Hair there and everywhere
Page H2 Hair toaster to Hallo du susse Klingelfee
Page H3 Hallo Fraulein to Hand me down all stories
Page H4 Hand me down blues to Hanschie swing
Page H5 Hanseatish to Happy new tears lili song
Page H6 Happy New Year to Hardcore Brooklyn
Page H7 Hardcore Chinese opera to Harold
Page H8 Harold and the purple crayon to Hatiralar
Page H9 Hatiralar sarmins to Havenue shalom alechum
Page H10 Haverford blues to He left the road
Page H11 He left us a song to Hear me drummin to ya
Page H12 Hear me in the harmony to Heaven
Page H13 Heaven all around me to Heimbelir 2
Page H14 Heimbleikur to Hello Max
Page H15 Hello merry Christmas to Her corner
Page H16 Her dance to Here lies my love
Page H17 Here my dear to Hes gone in the deep blue rain
Page H18 Hes gone now to Hey leebe lee
Page H19 Hey Leroy your mamas calling you to Hidden passage
Page H20 Hidden passages to High tower drive
Page H21 High tower drive ) to Hineh mah tov
Page H22 Hinei ma tov to Histoire de faussaire
Page H23 Histoire de fou to Hochzeitslied
Page H24 Hochzeitstanz to Holiday for trombones
Page H25 Holiday for trumpet to Home bass
Page H26 Home before dark to Homo mechanicus
Page H27 Homo ritmicus to Hook in cheek
Page H28 hook in the sky to Horisonten
Page H29 Horisonter to Hot chili peppers
Page H30 Hot chocolate to Hotop
Page H31 Hototogisu to How bout that
Page H32 How bout that mess to How many more years
Page H33 How many of these things do we need anyway to Huchbachs dance
Page H34 Huchedu to Humming the Thoughts
Page H35 Humming to myself to Hurum
Page H36 Hurzu to Hymn to Billy
Page H37 Hymn to everything to Hyvinkaa


Page I1 I to I betcha a rainbow
Page I2 I betcha gonna like it to I cant tell a lie to myself
Page I3 I cant tell more to I dont go for that
Page I4 I dont have a bottle named Wady to I feel lucky
Page I5 I feel lucky baby to I got this thing about chickens
Page I6 I got those cryin yodelin blues to I heard you were dropped
Page I7 I heart America calling to I left my sugar
Page I8 I left my sugar in Salt Lake City to I love you dearly
Page I9 I love you even more again to I never said goodbye
Page I10 I never saw a better day to I saw the light
Page I11 I saw the lights to I thought I heard
Page I12 I thought I heard a hummingbird to I want the whole world to know
Page I13 I want the whole world to love you to I wish I knew
Page I14 I wish I knew her name to Icaucu
Page I15 Ice to Icy eyes
Page I16 Icy fog to If ever youre in my arms again
Page I17 If every I should leave you to If Ive done wrong
Page I18 If Ive offended anyone I apologize to If you just knew
Page I19 If you keep on living to II continues
Page I20 II Corots to Il girondolone
Page I21 Il golfo to Ill be fine
Page I22 Ill be following you to Ill show you how its done
Page I23 Ill sign my heart away to Im afraid of loving you too much
Page I24 Im afraid of myself to Im going to wait for you
Page I25 Im going to wait on the Lord to Im leaving it all up to you
Page I26 Im leaving on that late late train to Im so glad youre here
Page I27 Im so good to you to Imaginary audience
Page I28 imaginary boat to Impressions from Brasov
Page I29 Impressions from the Far East to Improvisation IIV
Page I30 Improvisation in 2 parts to In a hope and a joy
Page I31 In a hot pursuit to In den flachbaukonstruktionen
Page I32 In den kasenen to In my convertible Cadillac
Page I33 In my corner to In the 60s
Page I34 In the 6th to In the mood
Page I35 In the mood bis to In vis
Page I36 In vitro to Indeed the blues
Page I37 Indefatigable to Inexorable
Page I38 Inexplicable to Innard pulse
Page I39 Innate or induced schizophrenia to Inside love
Page I40 Inside lover to Intentional blues
Page I41 Intentionality to Internal exile
Page I42 Internal frame to Into the peristyle of loves temple
Page I43 Into the pocket to Introduction & theme Unidentified signature
Page I44 Introduction & wine variations to Invention for bass tromnone
Page I45 Invention for Elaine to Ira furore
Page I46 Ira of the IRA to Is it true what they say bout Dixie
Page I47 Is it ture to Isle of 99
Page I48 Isle of Capri to It didnt work out that way
Page I49 It do me good to It tears me all to pieces
Page I50 It took a little longer to Its a long way to Vase
Page I51 Its a long way to your heart to Its hard to but we do
Page I52 Its hard to explain to Its so hard to say goodbye
Page I53 Its so hard to say goodbye to yesterday to Ive been a bad boy baby
Page I54 Ive been a fool to Ive lost my head over you
Page I55 Ive lost my heart again to I’ve never been in love before


Page J1 J to Jackys blues
Page J2 Jackys boogie to Jalastra
Page J3 Jaleo to Jane and los hoyos
Page J4 Jane at home to Javanaise
Page J5 Javanella to Jazz lady
Page J6 Jazz lady after dark to Jazzy dans lmetro
Page J7 Jazzy flamenco to Jeans dream
Page J8 Jeans fill to Jeri introduces her trio members
Page J9 Jericho to Jewel and a flower
Page J10 Jewel box to Jingling the bells
Page J11 Jingo to Joe Beam
Page J12 Joe Beams samba sensual to Johnny Island
Page J13 Johnny its cold outside to Jongs jump
Page J14 Joni to Journey V
Page J15 Journey VI to Jubile dixie
Page J16 Jubilee to Jumalaka boom boom
Page J17 Jumanji to June 14
Page J18 June 14 2008 to Jus dorange
Page J19 Jus fer us to Just blues thats all
Page J20 Just Bohemia to Just once in a while
Page J21 Just once in my life to JV stomp
Page J22 JVH to J’attendrai


Page K1 K to Kali
Page K2 Kali dance to Kapitulni sin
Page K3 Kapka rosy to Katechismusfragen
Page K4 Katedral to Keep aknockin
Page K5 Keep alive the dream to Kein weg zu weit
Page K6 Kein Zusatz to Kevins tune
Page K7 Kevins waltz to Kids know valse hot
Page K8 Kids Konkoda to Kineserrock
Page K9 Kinesics to Kira
Page K10 Kira da anshi to Kitty Kitty Brown
Page K11 Kitty Malone to Kneebus
Page K12 Kneedrops to Koegras
Page K13 Koekela dast to Konnyu blues
Page K14 Kono ge to Krakow 5
Page K15 Krakow Doina to Kultur 2
Page K16 Kultur park to Kyrin
Page K17 Kyriotetes to KZ


Page L1 L to La causalidad estructural y los primitivos
Page L2 La cautiva to La dicatadura encubierta
Page L3 La dictature dure to La Isla Bonita
Page L4 La isla de reyes to La mura di Bisanzio part II
Page L5 La muralla to La realite dancing cosmologies
Page L6 La rebelle captive to La tristecita
Page L7 La tristesse dautomne to Laciela striala
Page L8 Lacin to lady or the tiger
Page L9 Lady orlando to Lalande 21185
Page L10 Lalawana lullaby to Lancinance
Page L11 Lanckorona to Lapin Chaude
Page L12 Lapin kulta to Lasso
Page L13 Lassome to Last run
Page L14 last running jump to Lately he waited
Page L15 Lately it has rained to Laughing eyes
Page L16 Laughing eyes and dancing hearts to Laz Havasi
Page L17 Lazara to Le chas
Page L18 Le chasse to Le jurona
Page L19 Le jus de la figue to Le rapide
Page L20 Le rappel des oiseaux to Le vieux pingouin
Page L21 Le vieux poete de la nun de liguane to Leavin for the promised lan
Page L22 Leavin for the promised land to legend of Osiris
Page L23 legend of P1 to Lennie groove
Page L24 Lennie in the afternoon to Les cinemasbars
Page L25 Les cinq doigts to Les pluisiers demodes
Page L26 Les plus jolies choses de la vie to Let go rise atone
Page L27 Let go sloopy to Let us see
Page L28 Let us shine to Lets live again
Page L29 Lets live in harmony to Leur blue
Page L30 Leur suite to Libero
Page L31 Libero 1 to Life in the basement
Page L32 Life in the bubble to Light expression in minor
Page L33 Light eyed to Like a secret
Page L34 Like a secret argosy to lile de fressanges
Page L35 Lile de Re to LIndien
Page L36 Lindien de la Mer Rouge to Lips flips
Page L37 Lips so fine to Little angel
Page L38 Little angel eyes to Little Ds daydream
Page L39 Little duck to Little Melanie
Page L40 little melody to Little step
Page L41 Little stepdance to Live wire 3
Page L42 Live wire 4 to Llevame ya al mundo de las Maravillas
Page L43 Llevant to Lodz rybacka
Page L44 Loeche life to loneliness of a long distance runner Mind and body
Page L45 Loneliness of a star to Long as you get it done
Page L46 Long as you know you are living your to Longing for my sugar
Page L47 Longing for NY to Looking for a girl
Page L48 Looking for a grain of truth to Lord Jim
Page L49 Lord Johns castle to Lost and never found
Page L50 Lost and not found to Lotta blues
Page L51 lotta box to Love and solitude
Page L52 Love and spaghetti to Love is a many splendoured things
Page L53 Love is a manysplendored thing to Love ocean
Page L54 love of a child to Love warriors
Page L55 Love was born to Loves an old story
Page L56 Loves an outlaw to Lowells house
Page L57 Lowena to Lucky southern
Page L58 Lucky star to Lullaby in color
Page L59 lullaby in despair to Lundys blues
Page L60 Lune to Lynns mad money
Page L61 Lynns tune to L’uomo di Miseno


Page M1 M to Mach
Page M2 Mach 1 to Made me a liar
Page M3 Made me love you to magic in your heart
Page M4 Magic is the knowledge that you are free to Mahoor
Page M5 Mahora to Make a list
Page M6 Make a list make a wish to Malaise
Page M7 Malaise and funk to Mama Roux
Page M8 Mama said to Mammadaddy
Page M9 Mammai to man with the umbrellas
Page M10 man with the wierd beard to Manhattanville
Page M11 Manhatten to Mapeye montuno
Page M12 Maphi dami to Marcha
Page M13 Marcha da quarta feira de cinzas to Mariahilf
Page M14 Marialma to Marleys dream
Page M15 Marleys ghost to Mary Clarke theme
Page M16 Mary contrary to masterplan
Page M17 Masters at my table to Mauve mood
Page M18 Mauve over blues to Mayber September
Page M19 Mayberry to Me and my chauffeur
Page M20 Me and my chauffeur blues to Mecca pecca rocks
Page M21 Meccania to Meet BB
Page M22 Meet Ben Bailey to Melancholy Albert
Page M23 Melancholy at the base of the volcano to Melody for CT
Page M24 Melody for Damien to Memory Lane blues
Page M25 memory lapse to Mera di yeh pukareh
Page M26 Mera dil yeh pukare man dole mera to message for Art
Page M27 Message for fishes to Metro
Page M28 Metro allegretto to Mi rumba para Marco
Page M29 Mi sacromonte to Midgard
Page M30 Midge to Midtro
Page M31 Midvinterblot to Miles beyond
Page M32 Miles blues to Mimiche
Page M33 Mimikry to Mini five
Page M34 Mini for Tomas to Minor miner
Page M35 Minor minus to Mirame a los ojos
Page M36 Mirame asi to Miss Giorgia
Page M37 Miss Golden Brown to Mississippi river
Page M38 Mississippi River blues to Mistyly dreams and Ruffys eyes
Page M39 Mistytorway to Mo recapitulations
Page M40 Mo rocko to Modo azul
Page M41 Modo Cubano to Molna
Page M42 Molo to Mon seul desir
Page M43 Mon singe a moi to Monkey cha cha
Page M44 Monkey chase to Monster in the garden
Page M45 Monster inside to Moody modes
Page M46 Moody mood to Moonfjord
Page M47 Moonfleck to Morceau pour Ivan
Page M48 Morceau qui marche to Morgondans
Page M49 Morgondis to Morskoj bljus
Page M50 Morsman octet to Motherboxxx
Page M51 Mothered to Mountains in my dreams
Page M52 Mountains in sand to Movement VIII
Page M53 Movement VIII Deep blue to Mr Bluebird
Page M54 Mr Blues to Mr Lamp
Page M55 Mr Lampshade to Mr Unison
Page M56 Mr Universe to Mudwater & the Stuttgart blues
Page M57 Mue to Munin
Page M58 Munique to Music for my trio part 1
Page M59 Music for my trio part II to musics soul
Page M60 Musics the only thing to My baby dont dig me
Page M61 My baby dont leave me to My devotion
Page M62 My Diane to My heart cries out to Africa
Page M63 My heart dances to My love forgive me
Page M64 My love forgives me to My particular man
Page M65 My passion to My theme
Page M66 My theory of simultaneous to Mystery of the sunset
Page M67 Mystery of two to Mzuri


Page N1 n to Nai vrut sa crezi
Page N2 Naia to Nanu schones fraulein so allein
Page N3 Nanuk to Nat Hentoff introduces Mamselle
Page N4 Nat Hentoff introduces Perdido to Navarre
Page N5 Navarro flats to Neco pro Richarda
Page N6 Necoute pas tout ce quon te dit to Nemura no ga kowai
Page N7 Nemurenu yoru to Never again the same never the same again
Page N8 Never again they said to New and old links
Page N9 new and old poem to New Jersey
Page N10 New Jersey ballad to New Species Inc
Page N11 New spectrum too new spectrum to Newport shakeup
Page N12 Newport suite to Nice njuicy
Page N13 Nice noise if you can grasp it to night at the bridge
Page N14 Night at the city to night pines
Page N15 Night plans to Niglo
Page N16 Niglo 1 waltz to Ninth square
Page N17 ninth step to No arm can ever hold you
Page N18 No arrows to No ice is coming
Page N19 No ichido yatte yo David to No objection
Page N20 No obligation quote to No sun
Page N21 No sun at all to Nobody loves you like me
Page N22 Nobody loves you when youre down & out to Noir dIvoire
Page N23 Noir encore to Nonviolence
Page N24 Nonviolent integration to Northern sunrise
Page N25 northern tale to Not later than now
Page N26 Not less than 5 per cent to Nothing bad hall
Page N27 Nothing beats failure but a try to Nouvel arrangement de Ay ay ay
Page N28 Nouvelle to Now theres you
Page N29 Now they call it swing to Nuevo mundo
Page N30 Nuevo tango to Nutty koffman
Page N31 nutty march to NZZ


Page O1 O to O sopro di vento
Page O2 O sorriso de Uma Crianca to Obsessive
Page O3 Obsesso to Octomusestick
Page O4 Octopia to Odessa tolchok
Page O5 Odesuite to Che Guevara to Offene versprechen
Page O6 Offener antrag auf der Strasse to Oh la Espana
Page O7 Oh la la to Ohalim
Page O8 Ohana to Ol tag along
Page O9 Ol time religion to Old man Mose is dead
Page O10 Old man Moses to Ole Coltrane
Page O11 Ole crow blues to Omelet punk
Page O12 Omelette to On moonlight bay
Page O13 On Moonstone Beach to On the rise
Page O14 On the river to Once upon a keyboard
Page O15 Once upon a long ago to One for Caroll
Page O16 One for Carter to One heart aint as great as two
Page O17 One heart calling to One note to my life
Page O18 One note to my wife to One world over
Page O19 One world spirit to Onske
Page O20 Onsket om at vaere to Open country
Page O21 Open country jam to Opportunity fox
Page O22 Opportunity knocks to Oranges
Page O23 Oranges 1 to Oriental suite
Page O24 Oriental swing to Osbadulja
Page O25 Osborne Avenue to other time
Page O26 Other times to Our love grows every day
Page O27 Our love is different to Out of the galleon
Page O28 Out of the gallion to Ouverture a la francaise
Page O29 Ouverture a liris to Ow baby
Page O30 Ow shet to O’new


Page P1 P to Pagaie pirogue parti
Page P2 Pagaille chez Nini to Palacio de pinturas
Page P3 Paladia to Panda feathers
Page P4 Panda fight to Papaye et ma mangue
Page P5 Papaye et ma mangue ananas et noix dcoco to Paradise music
Page P6 Paradise of love to Paris la guerre dAlger