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This index refers to the 510,583 individual tune titles (1,538,890 total entries) included in over 237,755 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of August, 2018.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page A1 A to Abia yala
Page A2 Abian blues to Abstract stuff
Page A3 Abstract suite part 1 to Acht stucke
Page A4 Acht uhr ballade to Acts of time
Page A5 Actshow to Adinia
Page A6 Adinkra to Aeroelasticity Harmonies of impermanence
Page A7 Aeroflot to African sun dance
Page A8 African sunrise to After hours suite 4 Tightrope
Page A9 After hours suite 5 The good the bad and the ugly Rawhide to Agaath
Page A10 Agaba to Ah mon Jeannot
Page A11 Ah Moore to Aint misbehaven
Page A12 Aint misbehavin to Airport sadness
Page A13 Airport song to Ala geyik
Page A14 Ala kiiruhda to Ale ne pro mne
Page A15 Ale sat to Alicias blues
Page A16 Alicias lullaby to All I ever wanted
Page A17 All I ever wanted was my life to All that jazz n razz a ma tazz
Page A18 All that Matas to Allans red band blues
Page A19 Allans theme to Almelo
Page A20 Almelo suite to Alpha & omega
Page A21 Alpha 60 to Aluamania
Page A22 Aluap to Amapolita
Page A23 Amar to American psycho
Page A24 American rag to amplified small
Page A25 Amplifier to An internal affair
Page A26 An internal look to Anchors
Page A27 Anchors away to And start runnin through my mind
Page A28 And stay out or I thought I told you to take those roller skates off the stairs to Andres bag
Page A29 Andres blues to Angie
Page A30 Angie B bop to Annelise
Page A31 Annem to Another mess
Page A32 Another mind to Anthraxis
Page A33 Anthrazit to Anything to say
Page A34 Anything to say youre mine to Apple birdleg march
Page A35 apple bites back to Aquel ojo
Page A36 Aquela coisa to Architexture
Page A37 Architexture 12 to Ariband
Page A38 Arica to Around the track
Page A39 Around the traps to Artistry in Bolero
Page A40 Artistry in boogie to As tajm goes by
Page A41 As tears go by to Ask and answer
Page A42 Ask and you shall find to Astro nation
Page A43 Astro slyde to At the seams
Page A44 At the seaside to Attente
Page A45 Attente en automne to Audio_084 duo
Page A46 Audio_085 trio to Ausgenorbert
Page A47 Ausgeschlafen to Autunno in Danimarca
Page A48 Autunno studio da concerto to awakening of 2012
Page A49 awakening of the creature to azure part of the flame
Page A50 Azure skies to Azzurro vecchio


Page B1 B to Baby change your mind
Page B2 Baby child to Babys march
Page B3 Babys minor lope to Back side o town
Page B4 Back skin to Bad American dream part 24
Page B5 Bad and blue to Bags mood
Page B6 Bags new groove to Baladadidou
Page B7 Baladana to Ballad for Eve
Page B8 Ballad for farewell to Ballad upBallad down
Page B9 Ballad vom wieb und dem soldaten to Ballyhoo for Ted
Page B10 Balm to Banffalo
Page B11 Banfora to Barbu
Page B12 Barbu lautaru to Barrel tree
Page B13 Barrel without bottom to Bass and boogie Sunny autumn
Page B14 Bass and cello prelude to Bath talk
Page B15 Bath thing to BBARDS blues
Page B16 BBB to Beagles boogie
Page B17 Beaivvi nieida to Beautiful black Casanova
Page B18 Beautiful black eyes to Becaccio stomp
Page B19 Becalmed to Beethoven 7
Page B20 Beethoven 7 2nd movement to Behind the face
Page B21 Behind the fiftyfive dollar face to Bella di notte
Page B22 Bella Django to Beneath the midnight
Page B23 Beneath the moon & sky to Berlin Berlin
Page B24 Berlin blowjob to Bete comme chou
Page B25 Bete noire to Beulah witch
Page B26 Beulahs boogie to Bicarbonate of soda man
Page B27 Bicare to Big cliff
Page B28 big clock to Big red
Page B29 Big Red and his brother to Bill Green is dead
Page B30 Bill Harris to Birchbark ring
Page B31 birches to Birth of action
Page B32 Birth of an alien to Bizet had his day
Page B33 Bizet has his day to Black is all colors at once
Page B34 Black is back to Blackbone
Page B35 Blackbottom stomp to Blem blem blem
Page B36 Bleme to blonde bedouin
Page B37 Blonde cabosse to BLSS
Page B38 BLT to Blue Devils and the holy ghost
Page B39 blue devils laughing song to Blue little suede shoes
Page B40 Blue little you to blue serge suit with a belt in the back
Page B41 Blue sermon to Blueport
Page B42 Blueprint to Blues de chauffe
Page B43 Blues de enredo to Blues for bop
Page B44 Blues for boppers to Blues for Hesther B
Page B45 Blues for HG to Blues for Mr Saltzman
Page B46 Blues for Mr Snipes to Blues for the early risers
Page B47 Blues for the end to blues in Bflat
Page B48 Blues in Bflat minor to Blues och kjol
Page B49 Blues oclock to Blues Warneing
Page B50 Blues warp to Boaf
Page B51 Boahjenasti the north star to Bodyguard from Scotland Yard
Page B52 Bodymind to Bombay blues
Page B53 Bombay boogie to Boo Anns grind
Page B54 Boo be boo bee bee to Boogie woogie gallop
Page B55 boogie woogie girl to Bop 75
Page B56 Bop a boogie to Bornettes
Page B57 Bornheim to Bosstown
Page B58 Bossy nova to Boundless coalescence Part 1
Page B59 Boundless coalescence Part 10 to boys go crazy
Page B60 boys got soul to Brass conotation
Page B61 Brass corrosion to Breakfast with Karlheinz Urban
Page B62 Breakfast with the blues to Brian Mannix
Page B63 Brian the fox to Brilliant torero
Page B64 Brilliant trees to Broken fighter plane
Page B65 Broken finger drag to Brother put her down
Page B66 Brother Rap to Brush yourself off
Page B67 Brushed off to Budapest Budapest
Page B68 Budapest by night to Building stuff
Page B69 Building the better mousetrap to Bunny Boo
Page B70 bunny bop to Bus east
Page B71 Bus groove to Butber C
Page B72 Butch to By the round pond
Page B73 By the sapphire sea to BZoo


Page C1 C to Cadenza per una rivoluzioone
Page C2 Cadenza rare to Calculated chaos
Page C3 Calculated gestures to Call to the higher consciousness
Page C4 Call to the spirit to Camby bolongo
Page C5 Camco to Can you give me back my life
Page C6 Can you hear it to Cane garden bay
Page C7 Cane river to Cant you just see yourself
Page C8 Cant you line em to Cape Cod
Page C9 Cape Cod caper to Caraibi
Page C10 Caraiva to Carlos dream
Page C11 Carlos Drummond De Andrade stories to Carrie
Page C12 Carrie and all her cats to Casino de Mole
Page C13 Casino des trepasses to Catch the drums
Page C14 Catch the Duke to cave of insanity
Page C15 cave of Mach Pehal to Celeste boogie
Page C16 Celeste bounce to Cera una volta un circo
Page C17 Cera una volta un piccolo cammello to CG2
Page C18 CG3 to Champagne velvet
Page C19 champagne waltz to Chanson pour Claire
Page C20 Chanson pour deux to Chariot reprise
Page C21 Chariot swing to Chasin the sunrise
Page C22 Chasin the terrain to Cheeowawa cha cha
Page C23 Cheepa vs cheep to Chevy Chase
Page C24 Chevy Chase rag to chicken medley
Page C25 Chicken monster to Childrens parade
Page C26 Childrens party to Chiote lesprit
Page C27 Chiove to Chopin prelude no 16 OP 28 in B flat major
Page C28 Chopin prelude no 17 OP 28 in A flat major to Chrass
Page C29 CHRDU DNU CHDRU to Chu cho
Page C30 Chu chu to Cigan
Page C31 Cigana to Circuit
Page C32 Circuit breaker to City sing for me
Page C33 City sister to Clash of trash
Page C34 Clashclash to Clicclac avec Paula Roid
Page C35 Cliche to Closing announcement
Page C36 Closing announcement 1st set to CMW
Page C37 Cn I canoe to Code undo
Page C38 Code view to Cold women with warm hearts
Page C39 Cold world to Colors for Clare
Page C40 Colors for Marvin to Come from nowhere
Page C41 Come fue to Comforter
Page C42 Comforting cacophony to Community swing
Page C43 Communo to Composition 294
Page C44 Composition 295 to Comrad Russell
Page C45 Comrade to Conchita
Page C46 Conchita Lopez to Congenital phraseology
Page C47 Conger Eel to Consumer civilisation
Page C48 Consumerfusion to Conversation between Zutty and Louis Armstrong with Louis right hand man Ernie
Page C49 Conversation blues to Cool peace after brown thing
Page C50 Cool perk to Cordination
Page C51 Cordoama to Cortex & thalamus
Page C52 Cortex of desire to Could be
Page C53 Could be a standard to Couperin
Page C54 Coupes blanches to Crackers and bangers
Page C55 Crackers n sherbet to Crazy valves
Page C56 Crazy walk to crime in the making
Page C57 Crime no changes to Crossing time zones
Page C58 Crossing Troll Bridge to Crying for my baby
Page C59 Crying for temesvar to Cubic rotation
Page C60 Cubic Zirconia to Curly headed baby
Page C61 Curly kale to Cyklon
Page C62 Cyklone song to C’etait un histoire d’amour


Page D1 D to Dadeyada
Page D2 Dadi to Dameron
Page D3 Dameron dance to Dance of the 3legged elves
Page D4 Dance of the Aardvarks to Dances fourth movement
Page D5 Dances in Bulgarian rhythm 4 and 5 to Dangast
Page D6 Dangdut to Danseland
Page D7 Danselat to Dark eyed drums
Page D8 Dark eyes to Darts and doubles
Page D9 Daruber Hinaus to Daves not here
Page D10 Daves rag to day out for Tony and Paul
Page D11 Day out of this time to De falla
Page D12 De fargeblindes var to Dead she dances
Page D13 Dead sheep to death of death
Page D14 Death of dixieland to Dedar
Page D15 Dedazzler to Deep Morgan is Delmar now
Page D16 Deep mountain to Del clavel a la rosa
Page D17 Del close to Demningen
Page D18 Demo for Rocky to Deperate measures
Page D19 Dephony to Der wald
Page D20 Der waldschrat to Desert fantasy
Page D21 Desert fever to Det fonstret som lyste
Page D22 Det forste lys to Devils got your tongue
Page D23 Devils haircut to Dialogue of the black saint
Page D24 Dialogue of the elders to Didgerotics
Page D25 Didgi boa to Die zeit rastohne uns
Page D26 Die Zeitmaschine to Dillirga
Page D27 DillJasnoch 1 to Diptych
Page D28 Diptych part 1 to Discovery in three
Page D29 Discovery Intermodulation to Ditch weed
Page D30 Ditchdigger to Dizzy Gillespie fireworks
Page D31 Dizzy Gillespies hands to Do not make circles
Page D32 Do not nag to Doc Z
Page D33 Docbrutornos to Doggy dog
Page D34 Doggyfight to Domadance
Page D35 Domador de huellas to Dons blues
Page D36 Dons boogie to Dont forget the way home
Page D37 Dont forget to do the mess around when you do the Charleston to Dont play bad with my love
Page D38 Dont play daddy to Dont worry be happy
Page D39 Dont worry before its too late to Dorests
Page D40 Doretha boogie to Double peace
Page D41 Double personality to Down goes the river
Page D42 Down hall to Doxy II
Page D43 Doxy Mae to Dramadrome
Page D44 Dramalike to Dream variation
Page D45 Dream variations to Dreiklang 2
Page D46 Dreiklange to Drone in E
Page D47 Drone job to Drummerlistics
Page D48 drummerman to Du konntest die erfullung sein
Page D49 Du lieba bueb vom Ammital to Duet II
Page D50 Duet III to Dunn
Page D51 Dunna runner to Dutchified
Page D52 Dutchmen to DZZM


Page E1 E to Early in the autumn
Page E2 Early in the evening to East is east
Page E3 east is red to Easy sailin
Page E4 Easy sailing to Echoes of Duke Ellington
Page E5 Echoes of Duneden to Edmond Hall blues
Page E6 Edmonds lament to Egyptia
Page E7 Egyptian to Eine kleinigkeit
Page E8 Eine kochendheisse fondueflut verschlingt das mittelland to El castillo interior
Page E9 El catire to El ojo de dios
Page E10 El ojo de la aguja to Elbow grease
Page E11 Elbow grease introduction to Elegy to a man
Page E12 Elegy upon mourning to Elixir suite
Page E13 Eliyaha hanavi to Elvins mambo
Page E14 Elvins mood to Emotional reasoning
Page E15 Emotional riot to En kay dee
Page E16 En klaar to Encre rouge
Page E17 Encrenca to Enge
Page E18 Enge bewegung to Entracte 2
Page E19 Entracte 2 oh no not another foyer to Episodi
Page E20 Episodio to Ernesta
Page E21 Ernestine to Escucho
Page E22 Escucho pensare a los indios to Estce que Marie peut venir jouer
Page E23 Estce que par hasard to Eternals and apathetics
Page E24 Eternamente assim to Eu tu amo
Page E25 Eu vi este povo a lutar to Evening at sympathy
Page E26 Evening awaits to Every smile of yours
Page E27 Every so often to Everything in America is ragtime
Page E28 Everything in its right place to Evrything I got
Page E29 Evrything I love to Exit no 9
Page E30 Exit now to Extra hands
Page E31 Extra heat to e_asonata02


Page F1 F to Fade infade out
Page F2 Fade out to Fall guy
Page F3 Fall has arrived to Fanch dano
Page F4 Fancie yancy to Fantoche
Page F5 Fantogrammes to Farther reaches
Page F6 farther star to Fate vs Destiny
Page F7 Fated to Feather but no wings
Page F8 Feather comfort to Feelings Of All
Page F9 Feelings of love to Ferrari in Corsa
Page F10 Ferrari Testosterossa to Fidgety
Page F11 Fidgety faj to Figure it out
Page F12 figure of a speech to Find myself
Page F13 Find one hundred ways to Fire garden
Page F14 Fire horse to First intimation of the Death of Charles Parker
Page F15 First intuition to fisherman and the seal woman
Page F16 Fisherman blues to Five saxophones in search of meaning
Page F17 Five scapes to Flashing terncat
Page F18 Flashlight and a 45 to Flight of the cosmic hippo
Page F19 Flight of the desperados to Floras house
Page F20 Floras song to Fluid flow
Page F21 Fluid head to Flying home with SAS
Page F22 Flying horace to Folklore roumain
Page F23 Folklores to Fools oasis
Page F24 Fools of all of us to For Chopin
Page F25 For Chris to For Kashala and Sarhanna
Page F26 For Kathleen to For Sasha
Page F27 For Satch to For you my love
Page F28 For you my lover to Forget her
Page F29 Forget him to Fortune teller blues
Page F30 Fortune tellers to Four on the floor
Page F31 Four on the outside to Foxy funky
Page F32 Foxy girls in Oakland to FrankfurtMaputo
Page F33 Frankie to free and easy
Page F34 Free and easy blues to Freed
Page F35 Freed from the emptiness of the universe to Frenchy
Page F36 Frenchy dog to Friends like you
Page F37 Friends of childhood to From dusk to darkness
Page F38 From dusk to dawn to From winter to summer
Page F39 From within to Fuga dopo il calpo
Page F40 Fuga for den skaeve engel to Fump
Page F41 Fumu to Funky ban
Page F42 Funky banana to Fur die andere bassklarinette alleine
Page F43 Fur die Sonne to Fuzzroom
Page F44 Fuzzstew to FZ pour PB


Page G1 G to Gallis swing
Page G2 Gallium to Garden of Allah bongo
Page G3 garden of chewmanchew to Gati shadows within
Page G4 Gatien dance to Geht einyig der Ostwind
Page G5 Geht leise to Gentle mental journey
Page G6 gentle monster to Gernebreit
Page G7 Gernerals fast asleep to Get smart
Page G8 Get some to Ghost boogie
Page G9 Ghost busted to giggler
Page G10 Giggles to Girafitti
Page G11 Giraldilla to Give a dog the bone
Page G12 Give a listen to Glade
Page G13 Glade jul to Glod
Page G14 Glod na pokladzie to Go easy
Page G15 Go Emaline to Godard
Page G16 Godards transistor to Going to build me a playhouse
Page G17 Going to California to Golep
Page G18 Goleta factor to Good doing daddy
Page G19 Good dreams to Good time theme
Page G20 good time was had by all to Goofy foot and dolphin go shreddin
Page G21 Goofy guitar to Got to let you know
Page G22 Got to live to Grafton 9013 Loose feet
Page G23 Grafton blues to Graphit
Page G24 Graphite to Great illusions
Page G25 great indoors to Green peppers
Page G26 Green piece to Grief and disasters
Page G27 Grief and the imaginary grave to Groovin in Berlin
Page G28 Groovin in Kalamazoo to GT stomp
Page G29 GTB to Guitar display
Page G30 Guitar duet stomp to Guy Lafitte
Page G31 Guy Lafleur to G’bye now


Page H1 H to hair of the god that bit him
Page H2 Hair on my pillow to Hallingen has fantkal
Page H3 Hallmark to Hand in hand kameraden
Page H4 Hand in hand with another man to Hanrejen
Page H5 Hanryckning to Happy meeting in glory
Page H6 Happy meeting you again to Hard won
Page H7 hard wood to Harmony club waltzes
Page H8 Harmony dame to Hatching segnos
Page H9 Hate boppin to Have your way
Page H10 Have yourself a ball to He is invisible he cannot be seen
Page H11 He is Jehovah to Healing souls
Page H12 Healing sounds to Heat transfer
Page H13 Heat wave to Heidur himmal sunshine
Page H14 Heiemo to Hello heaven
Page H15 Hello Hello to Hep and happy
Page H16 hep and the square to Here goes
Page H17 Here goes a fool to Herzflimmern
Page H18 Herzliche grusse aus sudamerika to Hey Herb Wheres Alpert
Page H19 Hey Herbie to Hicksville
Page H20 Hickyburr to High rhythm and low moanin
Page H21 High rider to Himalayan balsam
Page H22 Himalayan beauty to His feet too big for de bed
Page H23 His feets too big for de bed to Hoagy
Page H24 Hoagy Carmichael medley to Holding back
Page H25 Holding back the sea to Homage to Alfred Hitchcock
Page H26 Homage to Amilcar Cabral to Hommage a Francis Paudras
Page H27 Hommage a Frederic to Honky tonk train boogie
Page H28 Honky tonk train boogy to Hoppin it
Page H29 Hoppin John to Hospitality creek
Page H30 Hospitality rag to Hotaru
Page H31 Hotbiscuit slim to Houston bound
Page H32 Houston calling to How insensible
Page H33 How insensible you to Hoyden
Page H34 hoyous advent of the everything machine to Human pair
Page H35 Human pitch to Hurdles
Page H36 Hurdles in three to Hymn de spirit
Page H37 Hymn dla slonca to Hyvinkaa


Page I1 I to I bet you want blood
Page I2 I bet you wonder to I cant take you out of my heart
Page I3 I cant talk to a wall to I dont get my kicks anymore
Page I4 I dont give a damn blues to I feel like we have met before
Page I5 I feel lonely to I got the will
Page I6 I got the world on a string to I heard things
Page I7 I heard this tune before to I left my heart in Budapest
Page I8 I left my heart in Mississippi to I love you brother
Page I9 I love you but I dont know why to I never make my move too soon
Page I10 I never meant to dream of you to I saw Isabella
Page I11 I saw it comin to I think we have to make some changes
Page I12 I think were almost there to I want my sweet daddy
Page I13 I want my sweet daddy now to I wish I could have known you better
Page I14 I wish I could have skipped today to Ibsens mareidt
Page I15 Ibu prophet to Icimde ask var
Page I16 Icing to If Anya goes to Edinburgh
Page I17 If anybody asks to If it isnt one thing
Page I18 If it rains who cares to If you ever learn to love
Page I19 If you ever leave me to Iguland
Page I20 IGY to Il etait une fois
Page I21 Il etait une fois dans lOuest to Ilizwi
Page I22 Ilk aksamdan meyhanede to Ill raise my vibration
Page I23 Ill remember to Im a midnight mover
Page I24 Im a mighty tight woman to Im going away from here
Page I25 Im going away just to wear you off my mind to Im just a rollin stone
Page I26 Im just a shy guy to Im Schlendrian
Page I27 Im schneckenhaus to Image
Page I28 Image & likeness to Impossible
Page I29 impossible concert to Improvisation 13 en la mineur
Page I30 Improvisation 14 to In a box
Page I31 In a box Introduction to In Budapest in April
Page I32 In Buddys eyes to In memoria
Page I33 In memoriam to In seven moons
Page I34 In shades to In the land of Chad and Barbie
Page I35 In the land of clusters to In these eyes
Page I36 In these last days to Incompatibilidade de genioa
Page I37 Incompatibilidade de genios to Individuation
Page I38 Individus civilises to Inhambu de fogo
Page I39 Inherence to Input 2
Page I40 Input 3 to Instead of words
Page I41 Instead of you to Interlude Thursday
Page I42 Interlude to deepest to dearest to Intifada
Page I43 Intifado to Intro the underdog
Page I44 Intro theme to Introitus
Page I45 Introitus a passion for John Donne to Invocation VI
Page I46 Invocation VII to Irresistible you
Page I47 Irresistivel atraccao de um gato por uma lareira to Isi si tschai
Page I48 Isi smese to It aint always what you do
Page I49 It aint bad to It might be better
Page I50 It might be you to Item 6 DIT
Page I51 Item 7 to Its better than walkin out
Page I52 Its better this way to Its not easy being white
Page I53 Its not easy havin fun to Its you I adore
Page I54 Its you I like to Ive got plenty of nothin
Page I55 Ive got plenty to be thankful for to I’ll be your baby tonight
Page I56 I’ll close my eyes to I’ve never been in love before


Page J1 J to Jackyard
Page J2 Jackying to Jalan jalan
Page J3 Jalan jiwa to JanCee Brown
Page J4 Jancsika to Java joint
Page J5 Java junction to Jazz junior
Page J6 Jazz kaleidoscope to Jazzwa blues
Page J7 Jazzwalk to Jeannines sizzling
Page J8 Jeannots knife to Jeremiah
Page J9 Jeremiah continues to speak to Jeux 89
Page J10 Jeux de cartes to Jingle boogie
Page J11 Jingle coda to Jody
Page J12 Jody bounce to Johnny drum
Page J13 Johnny Dunns novelty tune to Jones for Elvin
Page J14 Jones jam to journey to somewhere
Page J15 Journey to St Petersburg to Juans song
Page J16 Juans theme to Julius v jaguari
Page J17 Juliusstrasse 25 to Jumping with the Symphony Sid
Page J18 Jumping woods to Jupiter spin
Page J19 Jupiter step to Just be there
Page J20 Just be who you are to Just me and you
Page J21 Just me just me to Justrite
Page J22 Justun petit pet to J’attendrai


Page K1 K to Kalenda Maya
Page K2 Kalendersang to Kaos
Page K3 Kaos begets kosmos to Katatet
Page K4 Katatura to Keene valley
Page K5 Keening for alto saxophone and piano to Keikotan
Page K6 Keiler to Kett
Page K7 Ketten to Kiddin on the square
Page K8 Kiddin on the strings to Kinderlied no 1
Page K9 Kinderlied nr 2 to Kinsasha
Page K10 Kinsey report to Kiteless string
Page K11 kiterunner to KM blues
Page K12 KM stomp to Kobenhavenermarch
Page K13 Kobenhavn to Kongis theme
Page K14 Konglo to Koyelia alap
Page K15 Koyelia bandish to Kukicha
Page K16 Kukis dance to KWKH blues
Page K17 Kwooked Stweet to KZ


Page L1 L to La catedral Prelude
Page L2 La catedral y el toro to La desiree
Page L3 La despedia to La ilaha il allah
Page L4 La imagen to La Muerte de un Gallero
Page L5 La muerte de un lobo malo to La racanaille chabapavarde
Page L6 La ragazza del self service to La transfiguration
Page L7 La transmutacion de un cara de nino a un colibri to Lacerate
Page L8 Laces to Lady of my cigarette
Page L9 lady of my life to Lakisane
Page L10 Lakk to Lampo
Page L11 Lampo e lupo to Lanus
Page L12 Lanusa to Lashya
Page L13 Lasido to Last overture
Page L14 last page to Late nights playing the blues
Page L15 Late nite to Laugh cool clown
Page L16 Laugh cry to lay of the land
Page L17 Lay off to Le cafe de lancre
Page L18 Le cahier du bal to Le gros Bill
Page L19 Le gros pouce to Le poil et la plume
Page L20 Le poincon to Le travail
Page L21 Le travail cest la sante to Leave my baby alone
Page L22 Leave my baby for me to Left side jass
Page L23 Left side of me to Lena Mae
Page L24 Lena queen of Palesteena to Les anneaux de S
Page L25 Les apparences to Les noces dete
Page L26 Les noces dor to Lest we forget bop is a business
Page L27 Lestate to Let the light from my lighthouse shine on me
Page L28 Let the light from the lighthouse to Lets go home
Page L29 Lets go home before to Letter to Marta
Page L30 Letter to Mary to Liams leaving
Page L31 Liams song to Lieux de passage
Page L32 Lieve kleine vrouw k hou van jou to Lifetime treasure
Page L33 Lifetime visions for the magnificent human to Lights out
Page L34 Lights out blues to Like yea
Page L35 Like yesterday to Limoges 160km
Page L36 Limoges Hot Club blues to Linnommable
Page L37 Linnulaat to listener
Page L38 Listener within me to Little Caesar
Page L39 Little cage to Little Joes waltz
Page L40 Little Joey to little red house
Page L41 Little red man to Live & remix 3
Page L42 Live & remix 4 to Living world
Page L43 Living yet to Local transfer
Page L44 Local twang to Lombra
Page L45 Lombra del dit to loner
Page L46 Lonescario to Long slow distance
Page L47 Long slow one to Look over me
Page L48 Look over yonder to Loose juice
Page L49 loose kite to Los justos
Page L50 Los kaminos de sirkidji to Lost mind
Page L51 Lost moments to Louisiana toddle
Page L52 Louisiana waltz to Love fragment 1
Page L53 Love fragment 2 to Love killing lies
Page L54 love kiss to Love stories
Page L55 Love storm to Lovely melody
Page L56 Lovely Michelle to Loving to spare
Page L57 Loving tone to Lucent
Page L58 Lucent harmonic to Lula
Page L59 Lula Pace Fortune to luminous tree
Page L60 Luminousflying to Luv Luv Luv
Page L61 Luv n Haight to L’uomo di Miseno


Page M1 M to MacGuffies blues
Page M2 MacGuffin to Made in Spain
Page M3 Made in Sweden to Magic fountain theme
Page M4 Magic Friday to Mahof
Page M5 Mahogany to Makaki
Page M6 Makako to Maladie blanchemelody blue
Page M7 Maladie damour to Mama mama
Page M8 Mama mama blues to Mamie’s blues
Page M9 Mamioes blues to man with the banjo
Page M10 man with the big cigar to Manhattan stomp
Page M11 Manhattan strut to Mao in Afrique
Page M12 Mao mas massa to March of the triumphant delusionists
Page M13 March of the uncle bubbies to Maria Juarez
Page M14 Maria Kanaris to Markitta blues
Page M15 Markje gronas snjogen brana to Martys place
Page M16 Martys tune to Massive boozer
Page M17 Massive breath attack to Maudes mood
Page M18 Maudley to Maybe now
Page M19 Maybe now maybe never to MD bounce
Page M20 MD solo to Meantime
Page M21 Meanwhile to Medley from Lets make a jazz noise here
Page M22 Medley from New faces to Meine Schwester leibt den Buster
Page M23 Meine seele to Melodie 1943
Page M24 Melodie Antiche to Memories of Joe
Page M25 Memories of Joseph to Mentalizando o Hermeto
Page M26 Mentanawi to Mes espadrilles
Page M27 Mes freres to Metamorphoses 19621966
Page M28 Metamorphosis to Mi cabeza despues
Page M29 Mi cancion to Microtune n4
Page M30 Microwave to Midnight torsion
Page M31 Midnight torsion II to Mil congojas
Page M32 Mil dew to Milonga di saluto
Page M33 Milonga en el viento to miners dream of home
Page M34 miners dream of home at Christmas to Minor burns
Page M35 Minor business to minute game
Page M36 minute later to Mishram
Page M37 Mishugana mambo to Missing every note
Page M38 missing feeling II to Mister Syms
Page M39 Mister T to MJ rules
Page M40 MJ waltz to Modeling
Page M41 Modell to Mojive
Page M42 Mojivin sun to Momentum 3 Monster roster
Page M43 Momentum interrupted to Mongolia
Page M44 Mongolian barbeque to Monoground one
Page M45 Monoground two to Monument
Page M46 Monument beach to Moon over all
Page M47 Moon over asti to Moorish
Page M48 Moorish castle to More than something
Page M49 More than somewhat to Morning sidewalk
Page M50 morning singer to Motatoes
Page M51 Mote to Moune a ou ce moune a ou
Page M52 Mount Alvernia to Movement 12 I am
Page M53 Movement 13 to Mozart matriculates
Page M54 Mozart meets Miles to Mr Gloom
Page M55 Mr Go to Mr Robinson
Page M56 Mr Rodrique to MTR
Page M57 Mtrzemienny to Multicolored
Page M58 Multicolored blue to Museum hill
Page M59 Museum of commerce and war to Music syndicate
Page M60 Music talk to Mutis moorsupper
Page M61 Mutiwoman to My call
Page M62 My call this to My friend old river
Page M63 My friend Picasso to My lane
Page M64 My last affair to My mothers prayer
Page M65 My mothers prayers to My small one
Page M66 My small senor to Myr
Page M67 Myra to Mzuri


Page N1 n to Nahnou houm
Page N2 Nahuel to Nantoka Kantoka
Page N3 Nantones to Nat Hentoff announces Lee Wiley engagement
Page N4 Nat Hentoff close Lyons busy to Nautical
Page N5 Nautical mile to Nechodi bird
Page N6 Neck to Nem eu
Page N7 Nem jarok en sehova se to Neustadt 27
Page N8 Neustadt Nord to Nevo
Page N9 Nevo golubie to new hot one
Page N10 New house to New shores
Page N11 New short song to Newcastle 78A
Page N12 Newcastle 78B to nice boy
Page N13 nice bunch to Nigerian marketplace
Page N14 Nigerian nights to Night of power
Page N15 Night of roses to Nights of gladness
Page N16 Nights of Ibiza to Ninna Anna
Page N17 Ninna gaia to No 476
Page N18 No 48 Living in harmony to No good town blues
Page N19 No good vibes to No name letters
Page N20 No name no 1 to No smoke
Page N21 No smoke blues to Nobody dances like me
Page N22 Nobody dies to Nodest
Page N23 Nodi to None is unknown
Page N24 None left behind to North Philly rhapsody
Page N25 North plain to Not drunk but stunned
Page N26 Not easy to Notenbuchlein
Page N27 Noteoriotee to Notte a Mogadiscio
Page N28 Notte a Roma to Now Im walkin
Page N29 Now in darkness I dream to Nuage qui defile
Page N30 Nuage vide to Nur aus liebe zu dir
Page N31 Nur bei regenwetter to NZZ


Page O1 O to O sonho acabou
Page O2 O sonho et o sorriso to Obsessed
Page O3 Obsession to Octoberburrekfest
Page O4 Octobers bright blue abortion to Odeon
Page O5 Odeon Tango Brasileiro to Off to work
Page O6 Off topic to Oh Jimmy Joe
Page O7 Oh Joe to Oh you crazy
Page O8 Oh you crazy moon to Ol Joe Louis
Page O9 Ol John Dixons rag to Old love never rusts
Page O10 Old love new love to Oldenburg bed
Page O11 Oldenwold to Omate
Page O12 Omberg to On Hubbards hill
Page O13 On Ilkla Moor baht at to On the ocean floor
Page O14 On the old assembly line to Once is enough
Page O15 Once is enough for me to One for Alex
Page O16 One for Alice to One for Uzi
Page O17 One for V to One night
Page O18 One night affair to One up two down
Page O19 One view of Annet to Only two clarinets
Page O20 Only two dimensions to opal hearted Aborigine
Page O21 Opal mist to Operation Hercules
Page O22 Operation homefront) to Orange coloured sky
Page O23 Orange comet steel to Ori Ire
Page O24 Ori sintem golani ori nu mai sintem to Ortakoy
Page O25 Orte der geometrie to other mans grass is always greener
Page O26 Other mansions to Our eyes
Page O27 Our fair cat to Out of kilter
Page O28 Out of left field to Outrofire
Page O29 Outroguiding light to Overtone song
Page O30 Overtone star to O’new


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