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This index refers to the 508,825 individual tune titles (1,534,589 total entries) included in over 237,215 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of June, 2018.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page A1 A to Abia yala
Page A2 Abian blues to Abstract sweets
Page A3 Abstract theme to Achtelberger
Page A4 Achter het nieuws to Actual size
Page A5 Actual stories 2 to Adios corazon
Page A6 Adios DL to Aerophonic movement 1
Page A7 Aerophonic movement 2 to African time
Page A8 African times suite to After jam
Page A9 After Jan to Again and again
Page A10 Again and again again to Ah que les hommes sont betes
Page A11 Ah que Linda to Aint no cotton pickin chicken
Page A12 Aint no dogs too to Airstream envy
Page A13 Airstreams to Alabama blues
Page A14 Alabama boogie to Alean
Page A15 Aleanor Rigby to Alien invasion
Page A16 Alien landscape 1 to All I need is you
Page A17 All I need now is the girl to All thats left
Page A18 All thats left is to say goodbye to Alle rive lontane
Page A19 Alle Rosen to Almond burfi
Page A20 Almond eyes to Alphabet city
Page A21 Alphabet music to Alvdans
Page A22 Alveoli to Amarone
Page A23 Amarone trio to American vogue
Page A24 American vogue no 2 to Amsterdam blues
Page A25 Amsterdam brakke grond 27121973 to An meiner seite
Page A26 An miro dji to Ancient evening
Page A27 Ancient evenings future mornings to And the blind shall see
Page A28 And the blues go on to Android slavery
Page A29 Android sun to Angles of repose 6
Page A30 Angles of repose 7 to Anniemation
Page A31 Annieology to Another one of those things
Page A32 Another one the hard way to Anticlockwise
Page A33 Antico invierno to Anywhere not here
Page A34 Anywhere out of the world to Appleblosson Lane
Page A35 Applebluff to Ar du forvanad
Page A36 Ar du kar i mig annu KlasGoran to Arctic jungle
Page A37 Arctic marksmen to Arise ye wretched
Page A38 Arishihi no Evans to Arranca de nuevo
Page A39 Arrancatoco to Arturos closet
Page A40 Arturos reverie to As time drifts away
Page A41 As time flies to Askin kucagi
Page A42 Askin Praskin to At a moving picture ball
Page A43 At a perfume counter to Ata Nubie
Page A44 Atabaque to Attrapance sans gravite
Page A45 Attrape to Auf die hand
Page A46 Auf einem bahnhof in Paris to Austrian snow
Page A47 Austrians radio beat to Avant de taimer
Page A48 Avant dernieres pensees to Awenda
Page A49 Awesome to Azzurro vecchio


Page B1 B to Baby child
Page B2 Baby clams to Babys minor lope
Page B3 babys missing to back slider
Page B4 back sliders to Bad and evil woman
Page B5 Bad and hard times to Bags other groove
Page B6 Bags under my eyes to Balade en ballade
Page B7 Balade for Big Brother Harry to ballad for Freddy
Page B8 Ballad for Frederick to ballad with cadence in Horace Silvers style
Page B9 Ballad with one L to Balmainia
Page B10 Balmoral beach to Bang goes the drum
Page B11 Bang in to Barcarole Cmajor
Page B12 Barcarole nr 6 to Barrelhouse music
Page B13 Barrelhouse rag to Bass baiao
Page B14 Bass ball to Bathrobe blues
Page B15 Bathroom to BBQ
Page B16 BBQ boogie to Beale Street Popeye
Page B17 Beale Street sheik to Beautiful colours
Page B18 Beautiful contrast to Because Im lonesome
Page B19 Because Im yours sincerely to Beezlebub gluttony
Page B20 Beezum blues to Behind the things
Page B21 Behind the times to Bellamys dance
Page B22 Bellamys dream to Benes
Page B23 Benet on to Berliner
Page B24 Berliner blau to Betochka
Page B25 Beton to Beware of death
Page B26 Beware of dog to Bidet bebop
Page B27 Bidford walk to big dipper
Page B28 big do to Big Simon blues
Page B29 Big Sir to Billet doux
Page B30 Billet mrk to Bird droppings
Page B31 Bird Eddie and Monk to Birthday for Jacquet
Page B32 birthday gift to BL + WH = 88
Page B33 BL stomp to Black Madonna
Page B34 Black magic to Blackpool bounce
Page B35 Blackpool cool to Blessed quietness
Page B36 Blessed relief to Blood line
Page B37 Blood listener to Blue alert
Page B38 Blue Alexander to Blue energy
Page B39 Blue engine to Blue melody blues
Page B40 Blue Melvin to Blue Solo I
Page B41 Blue solos to Blues 8
Page B42 Blues 88 to Blues dla Ireny
Page B43 Blues dla Liliany to Blues for Calvin
Page B44 Blues for Camille to Blues for Jazz Beaux
Page B45 Blues for Jazz Quartet to Blues for Norma
Page B46 Blues for Norman to Blues for the Q
Page B47 Blues for the Queen to Blues in G
Page B48 Blues in G dur to Blues on Pluto
Page B49 Blues on purpose to Bluesanova
Page B50 Bluesaplenty to Bob bomb
Page B51 Bob boogie to Bogolan
Page B52 Bogolandes to Bonaire
Page B53 Bonampak to Booga
Page B54 Booga bop to Boogie woogie rock
Page B55 Boogie woogie rock n roll special to Bop n boogie
Page B56 Bop no meaning to Bosa nova no 1
Page B57 Bosa nozka to Both feet on the move
Page B58 Both hands to Bourree BWV 966
Page B59 Bourree dayssaines to Bracing air
Page B60 Brack to Brave the blues
Page B61 Brave up to Breaks 1
Page B62 Breaks 2 to Bridge and front
Page B63 Bridge and tunnel to Bring me some money honey
Page B64 Bring me sunshine to Broken ties
Page B65 Broken time to Brothers of redemption
Page B66 Brothers of soul to Bs bop
Page B67 Bs bossa to Buddy Lucketts dream by the dry grass
Page B68 Buddy ol pal to Bulgarian rhythm
Page B69 Bulgarian rhythm 1 to Burgers blues
Page B70 Burgess to Bushy tail
Page B71 Bushytailed to Butterfly of wisdom
Page B72 Butterfly orbit to Bye bye pretty baby
Page B73 Bye bye riverside to BZoo


Page C1 C to Cadenze
Page C2 Cades County to Calculated risk
Page C3 calculation to Call to the stars
Page C4 Call to the warriors to Camden Reunion
Page C5 Camden Sunday afternoon to Can you hear the piano
Page C6 Can you hear the rain to Cangaceiro
Page C7 Cango to Cant you tell
Page C8 Cant you understand to Cape flat days
Page C9 Cape Giradeau shuffle to Caramba its the samba
Page C10 Carambaba to CarlOtto
Page C11 Carls blues to Carrier wave
Page C12 Carrierpigeons perspective to Caso de verao
Page C13 Caso perdido to Catch your breath
Page C14 Catch yourself to Cavendish Street
Page C15 Cavern to Celestial dancing
Page C16 Celestial dimensions to Cerchio nero
Page C17 Cerchio riflesso to Cha cha Bonita
Page C18 Cha cha cha to ChampsElysees 1951
Page C19 ChampsElysees affair to Chanson pour Vincent
Page C20 Chanson sur deux accords to Charles Christopher
Page C21 Charles concept to Chasing Fats and Maggie
Page C22 Chasing fives to Cheers in Heaven
Page C23 Cheers my lady to Chez Jacques
Page C24 Chez Jacquet to Chicken supper strut
Page C25 Chicken tandoori to Childrens sun celebration
Page C26 Childrens trilogy to Chips trip
Page C27 Chips tune to Chopins Prelude No 7
Page C28 Chopins waltz in C sharp minor to Christ lag in todesbanden
Page C29 Christ lake to Chuck was here
Page C30 Chuckaboogie to Cilantro soup
Page C31 Cilantro y comino to Circular pulsation
Page C32 Circular road to City zen
Page C33 Citydance to Classical gas
Page C34 Classical group to Cliff walk
Page C35 cliff which is higher than me to Closing theme from Mattemaswa
Page C36 closing thought to Coal black shine
Page C37 Coal cart blues to Coeur de trefle
Page C38 Coeur de verre to Colere sacree
Page C39 Coles bop blues to Colour
Page C40 Colour attained through a minimum of colour to Come into my bedroom
Page C41 Come into my garden to Comin on strong
Page C42 Comin on the Hudson to Como te Ilamas
Page C43 Como te llamas to Composition 356
Page C44 Composition 357 to Con las espinas
Page C45 Con le colaboracion de todos saldremos adelante to Concombre
Page C46 Concone 6 to Congratulate me
Page C47 Congratulation to Contemplation from the body and the soul
Page C48 Contemplation I to Conversation with Miss Cute
Page C49 Conversation with my father to Cool waltz
Page C50 Cool waltzin to Corine Corina
Page C51 Corinho pra ele to Cosi come rosa
Page C52 Cosi come sei to Couleur bleu soleil
Page C53 Couleur cafe to Court of Circe
Page C54 court of the crimson king to Crain
Page C55 Crake to Creation song
Page C56 Creation spontanee no 1 to Cris dans les champs
Page C57 Cris de balaines to Crow rainbow
Page C58 crow road to Crystal bay
Page C59 Crystal beat to Cuddle up closer
Page C60 Cuddle up cuddle up to Curungudu
Page C61 Curupira to Cys tune
Page C62 Cyssa trouce acaraje to C’etait un histoire d’amour


Page D1 D to Dadi
Page D2 Dadideldido to Damerons dance
Page D3 Damerons ghost to Dance of the allegories
Page D4 Dance of the angels to Dances of the young girls
Page D5 Dances of the young maidens to Danger blues
Page D6 Danger Broken ballad to Danser la biguine
Page D7 Danser sur la lune to Dark fire
Page D8 Dark fireworks to Darwin warriors sharpening BC weapons
Page D9 Darwins dream deferrede to Daveyton special
Page D10 Daviana to day that the ladies take power
Page D11 day that will be really new to De gamle idioter
Page D12 De gas pipe she leaking Joe to Deadlines
Page D13 Deadlines distractions and diversions to Death of rock
Page D14 death of St John the Baptist to Dedicaces
Page D15 Dedicacion to Deep red is the colour of my love
Page D16 Deep red of the colour of my love to Del valle
Page D17 del viaggio to Demon sanctuary
Page D18 Demon sparrow to Depression in B flat
Page D19 Depression pasillo to Der zwerg
Page D20 Der ZwolfElf to Desert moon blues
Page D21 Desert moonlight to Det lilla ljuset
Page D22 Det lyser i stille grender to Devils tower
Page D23 Devils triangle to Diamond and pearls
Page D24 Diamond back to Didnt want the kissing to stop
Page D25 Didnt want to have to do it to Diese Gesichter unter dem Heim
Page D26 Diesel to dime away from a hotdog
Page D27 Dime con andas to Directions IV
Page D28 Directions to my house to Disease hits contraband camp
Page D29 Disegni to Dive
Page D30 Dive bar to Djaevelens instrument
Page D31 Djai jai to Do the bathosphere
Page D32 Do the Batman to Doctor baby
Page D33 Doctor badguy to Dogwood acres
Page D34 Dogwood junction to Dominant collapsing
Page D35 Dominant curve to Dont be a stranger
Page D36 Dont be a talkie to Dont git myself together
Page D37 Dont git sassy to Dont run from fun
Page D38 Dont run out of money to Dont you know by now
Page D39 Dont you know dont you care to Doro
Page D40 Dorobo to Double trouble two part III
Page D41 Double trouble two part IV to Down in it
Page D42 Down in jungle town to Dr drone
Page D43 Dr Duck to Drawn ones
Page D44 Drawn to the magnet to Dreamhouse
Page D45 Dreamily to Dribs and drabs
Page D46 Drickusman total loss to Drop the handkerchief
Page D47 Drop the knife twice to Drums fantasy
Page D48 Drums feature to Dual force
Page D49 Dual highway to Dugnafied
Page D50 Dugong the sea cow to Duo improvisation
Page D51 Duo improvisation I to Dwergooruiltje
Page D52 Dwight to DZZM


Page E1 E to Early in the evening
Page E2 Early in the mornin to East is west
Page E3 East Kent goldings to Easy Sheik of Araby
Page E4 Easy song to Echoes of Evans
Page E5 Echoes of France to Edmund Thigpens gospel
Page E6 Edmundo to Egyptian blues
Page E7 Egyptian boogie to Eine Reprise ist eine
Page E8 Eine Rote Rose to El chancho
Page E9 El chant dels ocells to El otro
Page E10 El otro dia to elder
Page E11 Elder and honey to Elektrisch kallheinzje
Page E12 Elektrische libellen to Elizabethian daze
Page E13 Elizabeths journey to Elvis has left the building
Page E14 Elvis is high to Emotiva no 1
Page E15 Emotiva No 3 to En la olla
Page E16 En la orilla de mundo to end blues
Page E17 end choral to Enginn lai odrum frekt
Page E18 England to Entrance to the stars
Page E19 Entranced to Epitaph for klook
Page E20 Epitaph for Louis Chauvin to Eroc Tinu
Page E21 Erodani to Eshus hat
Page E22 ESI to Estero sunset
Page E23 Esterri to Ethereal cereal
Page E24 Ethereal dances to Euge
Page E25 Eugene to Evening in Casablanca
Page E26 Evening in concert to Every woman
Page E27 Every woman blues to Everything is still OK
Page E28 Everything is still okay to EWI intro to Glad you said yes
Page E29 EWI pictures to Exodust
Page E30 Exogamy to Extralucide
Page E31 Extramuros to e_asonata02


Page F1 F to Fade infade out
Page F2 Fade out to Fall in free
Page F3 Fall in jazz to Fancy Bea
Page F4 Fancy blue to Fantome vibra
Page F5 Fantomes du futur to Farting around
Page F6 Faruks traum to Fathas blues
Page F7 Fathas idea to Feather lite & honey smooth
Page F8 Feather merchant to Feels good to play the blues
Page F9 Feels like to Ferroloops
Page F10 Ferrous to Fido
Page F11 Fido blues to Figures of speech
Page F12 Figures of this inbetween to Find your place
Page F13 Find your pose to Fire in the hole
Page F14 Fire in the house to First last and always
Page F15 First legs to Fishermen strawberry and devil crab
Page F16 Fishers fury to Five star tragedy
Page F17 Five starfish to Flat cat
Page F18 Flat cat in Heaven to Flight of the Marabou
Page F19 Flight of the Meshaun to Florentine pogen
Page F20 Florentiner march to flumi
Page F21 Flummies fruhstuck to Flying on the landing
Page F22 Flying on the piano to folksinger
Page F23 Folkskiss to Foot mother
Page F24 Foot of Canal Street to For Cuba
Page F25 For Curtis to For La Rives
Page F26 For lack of a better word to For so many years
Page F27 For solo to For Zoe
Page F28 For Zutty Singleton to Forgetting for now
Page F29 Forgetting I knew you to Forty three after
Page F30 Forty two to Four portraits
Page F31 Four poster lament to Fractal sketches
Page F32 Fractal speak to Frankly speaking
Page F33 Frankly the blues to Free bopalula
Page F34 Free bossa to Freedom for South Africa
Page F35 Freedom for the stallion to Fresh
Page F36 Fresh 21 to Frimpro
Page F37 Fringe to From here to eternit
Page F38 From here to eternity to Frontal separese
Page F39 Frontal system to Fugimundi
Page F40 Fugit to Fun of the world
Page F41 Fun on the frets to funky elephant
Page F42 Funky emperor to Fur Nana
Page F43 Fur Norbert to FZ pour PB


Page G1 G to Gallis swing
Page G2 Gallium to garden of chewmanchew
Page G3 Garden of childhood to Gatinha sabidinha
Page G4 Gatinhas exit to Geiereier
Page G5 Geigebones to Gentle night
Page G6 Gentle nightmares to Geronimo boogie
Page G7 Geronimo on the run to Get stupid
Page G8 Get that booty to Ghost drummer
Page G9 Ghost drums to Gigis playtime rhyme
Page G10 Gigl to Gires
Page G11 Giri to Give and go
Page G12 Give and take to Gladioulus rag
Page G13 Gladious rag to Gloomash
Page G14 Gloombutcher to Go for watcha know
Page G15 Go for yourself to Goddess sparkle
Page G16 Gode dager to Going to meetin
Page G17 Going to New York to Golliwoggs cake walk
Page G18 Golliwoggs cakewalk to Good feelin blues
Page G19 Good feeling blues to Good to be seen
Page G20 Good to go to Goon
Page G21 Goon blues to Gotanda Uport Hall II
Page G22 Gotanda Uport Hall III to Graine dananar
Page G23 Grainer Street blues to Grass dream
Page G24 Grass fed to great man
Page G25 great manolete to Green shading into blue
Page G26 Green shadows to Griff and Lock
Page G27 Griff and me to Groovin with G
Page G28 Groovin with gas to Guaguan go go
Page G29 Guaguanche to Guitar ring
Page G30 Guitar rock to Guzzle
Page G31 Guzzle guzzle to G’bye now


Page H1 H to Hair on my pillow
Page H2 Hair on the Gstring to Hallmark of love
Page H3 Hallnas to Hand in hand with the blues
Page H4 Hand in my pocket to Hans Chi
Page H5 Hans guck in die Luft to Happy minor
Page H6 happy minor song to Hard working
Page H7 Hard working mama to Harmony Lane
Page H8 Harmony Moze to Hate to talk about myself
Page H9 HATED to Haven
Page H10 Haven solen och vagorna to He is with us still
Page H11 he it is to Health and poverty
Page H12 Health food to Heather
Page H13 heather and Jan to height of spring
Page H14 Height of time to Hello Jeff
Page H15 Hello jelly to Heptameron
Page H16 Heptao to Here in my heart
Page H17 Here in paradise to Hes a real gone guy
Page H18 Hes a runner to Hey ho the wind and the rain
Page H19 Hey hockaloogie to Hidden door
Page H20 Hidden dragon to High society calypso
Page H21 High society hill street blues to Himneski guo og herra
Page H22 Himno a sarmiento to His name was Martin
Page H23 His new forget itself to Hobbylog
Page H24 Hobe to Hole in my heart
Page H25 Hole in my pocket to Homage to our hero
Page H26 Homage to Pastorius to Hommage a Ravel
Page H27 Hommage a Satie to Honorable Batman
Page H28 Honorable Hong Kong rock to Hora e lugar
Page H29 Hora feliz to Hot aire
Page H30 Hot an anxious to Hotel dead end
Page H31 Hotel del globo to How about a little fanfare
Page H32 How about a little love to How long has it been
Page H33 How long has this been goin on to HU
Page H34 Hu die to Humble and handy
Page H35 Humble and innocent to Hurry
Page H36 Hurry along please to Hymn for the minister
Page H37 Hymn for the old year to Hyvinkaa


Page I1 I to I bet you want blood
Page I2 I bet you wonder to I cant teach my old heart new tricks
Page I3 I cant tell to I dont go for that
Page I4 I dont have a bottle named Wady to I feel lucky
Page I5 I feel lucky baby to I got this thing about chickens
Page I6 I got those cryin yodelin blues to I heard you were dropped
Page I7 I heart America calling to I left my mother I can leave you too
Page I8 I left my sugar to I love you daddy but you dont mean me no good
Page I9 I love you Daisy to I never noticed until now
Page I10 I never played with Miles to I saw my lady weepe
Page I11 I saw my sweetie in the newreel to I thou
Page I12 I though I heard Robert Johnson say to I want some seafood mama
Page I13 I want some water to I wish I had a sweetheart
Page I14 I wish I had died in my cradle before I grew up to IC train
Page I15 Ica to ICP 1 for Maarten Derksen
Page I16 ICP no 17 to If dreams came true
Page I17 If dreams come through to If its good enough for Washington its good enough for me
Page I18 If its good then I want it to If you got the money
Page I19 If you gotta make a fool to II 1874
Page I20 II a to Il filosofo
Page I21 Il fiore canta e poi svanisce to Ill always love you my brother
Page I22 Ill always love you so to Ill return
Page I23 Ill rise to Im a sentimental dreamer
Page I24 Im a sentimental fool to Im going slightly mad
Page I25 Im going south to Im just wild about animal crackers
Page I26 Im just wild about Harry to Im sitting here amid the celts
Page I27 Im sitting high on a hill top to Imagenings from the white planet
Page I28 Imagery to Impresja XV
Page I29 Impress me to Improvisation B
Page I30 Improvisation based on Lustige Khsidim to In a doorway
Page I31 In a Douglas way to In code
Page I32 In cognito to In memory of GK
Page I33 In memory of I ensvimle svingen to In stitches
Page I34 In strange loops to In the maze
Page I35 In the meadow to In too many hands
Page I36 In tor men to incredible shrinking man
Page I37 incredible truth to Industrial hearts
Page I38 Industrial hero to Ink erasers
Page I39 Ink for Ann to Insect amnesty
Page I40 Insect ball to Insulated potato wedges
Page I41 Insulated sugar to Interludium
Page I42 Interludium circulus sacral to Into every life some rain must fall
Page I43 Into fall to Intro to the 3 Js
Page I44 Intro to The feeling of jazz to Inuhises theme
Page I45 Inuit to Ionesco
Page I46 Ionian days to Is he a ham yet or did he blew it
Page I47 Is he back yet to Island in the West Indies
Page I48 Island jive to It all starts with a name
Page I49 It all works out to It pays to advertise
Page I50 It pays to serve Jesus to Its a brumby thing
Page I51 Its a coincidence to Its for you
Page I52 Its forever to Its only me
Page I53 Its only money to It’s the talk of the town
Page I54 It’s you for me to Ive got to be strong
Page I55 Ive got to be there to I’ve never been in love before


Page J1 J to Jackys blues
Page J2 Jackys boogie to Jalastra
Page J3 Jaleo to Jane
Page J4 Jane 4 Giada to Java without saying
Page J5 Javais reve dun ange to Jazz kitten
Page J6 Jazz lab to Jazzy
Page J7 Jazzy blues to JeanPierre
Page J8 JeanPierre & Martin boogie to Jeremy Isaiah
Page J9 Jeremy Robson introduces Adrian Mitchell reading to Jeux interdits
Page J10 Jeux libres to Jinglejungle
Page J11 Jingles to Joe and I
Page J12 Joe and Jane to Johnny got a meat skin laid away
Page J13 Johnny Guarnieris tune to Jones versus Jones
Page J14 Jones zones to Journey to the east
Page J15 Journey to the east pt 1 to Juba blues
Page J16 Juba dance to July 25th
Page J17 July 79 to Jumpy blues
Page J18 Jumpy dance to Jurassia
Page J19 Jurassic to Just before
Page J20 Just before breakfast to Just noodlin
Page J21 Just Norman to Juttas dance
Page J22 Jutulen to J’attendrai


Page K1 K to Kalendersang
Page K2 Kalendervender tage to Kaotika
Page K3 Kap Horn to Katcharpari
Page K4 Katchina to Keep a hoppin
Page K5 Keep a lamp burning to Kein angst
Page K6 Kein Apolloprogramm fur lyrik to Kettle drummer
Page K7 kettle is whistling to Kidnapped
Page K8 Kidnapped coed to Kinderszenen 1
Page K9 Kinderszenen 2 to Kinyan
Page K10 Kinzambi to Kitsch 2
Page K11 Kitsch love to Knabe mit dem bildnusch
Page K12 knack to Kobs Mejkr
Page K13 Kobuk to KonigFriedrichTon
Page K14 Konigin der nacht order eine kleine HornMusik to KPFA theme
Page K15 Kpieces to Kukuru Jona
Page K16 Kukuruz to Kyles theme
Page K17 Kylies blues to KZ


Page L1 L to La cathedral
Page L2 La Cathedral Engloutie to La di di la di da
Page L3 La dia del sol to La indomable
Page L4 La infima to La muette
Page L5 La mugre to La rambala
Page L6 La rambla to La traversee
Page L7 La traversee de la memoire morte to Lachen oder weinen
Page L8 Lachen verboten to Lady of the evening
Page L9 lady of the house to Laksin mina kesayona kaymaan
Page L10 Laktob aourak al chagar to Lan quan li jorn
Page L11 LAna to Laos organs
Page L12 Laos Tao to Lass from the low country
Page L13 Lass Maro tschatschepen to Last privilege
Page L14 last profet to Late ship wandering
Page L15 Late show to Laughin & lovin
Page L16 Laughin & scratchin to Layehudim haitah orah vesimchah vesasson veyakar
Page L17 Layer to Le caroussel
Page L18 Le carpe morte to Le jardin anglais
Page L19 Le jardin aux sentiers qui bifurquent to Le pouvoir des fleurs
Page L20 Le pouvoir est au bout du klaxon to Le tue parole sono acqua
Page L21 Le tune to Leave the light on
Page L22 Leave the pretty girls alone to Lefty rides again
Page L23 Lefty teachers at home to Lendormie
Page L24 Lene to Les bicyclettes de Belsize
Page L25 Les bigames to Les orteils
Page L26 Les os Los Huesos to Lesterity
Page L27 Lestero to Let the tape roll
Page L28 Let the tears flow to Lets have a ball tonight
Page L29 Lets have a celebration to Letters from the attic
Page L30 Letters in disguise to Libeingridi
Page L31 Libella to Life beyond
Page L32 Life beyond death to Lig niet te zeuren
Page L33 Ligabue to Lika ion
Page L34 Lika sfinx Mr Linx to Lil dilemma
Page L35 Lil ditty to Lincendie
Page L36 Linceul to lion and the saint
Page L37 lion and the virgin to Litany against fear
Page L38 Litany for the 14th of June 1966 to Little clown
Page L39 Little coda to little late
Page L40 little later to Little runover rabbit
Page L41 Little S to Live by the sword
Page L42 Live cant grow where the rain wont fall to Lizard on a hot rock
Page L43 Lizard on a rail to Locked hands for Hans
Page L44 Locked in to London Calling
Page L45 London canal breakdown to Lonesome hut blues
Page L46 Lonesome in my bedroom to Long tones
Page L47 long trail to Look whos in love
Page L48 Look whos in the bath with Matthew to lopera
Page L49 Lopes to Los them
Page L50 Los theraminos to Lost statement
Page L51 Lost steps to Lous medley
Page L52 Lous new thing to Love I know your name
Page L53 love I live to Love makes it right
Page L54 Love makes martyrs of us all to Love theme for Johnnie Stecchino
Page L55 Love theme for Laura to lover is blue
Page L56 lover is forever to Low down feelin
Page L57 Low down gal blues to Lucille Lucille
Page L58 LucilleDiego libre dans sa tete to Lullaby for Benjamin
Page L59 Lullaby for Bianca to Luna tuna
Page L60 Luna turk to LVMDireto ao assunto
Page L61 Lvoer man to L’uomo di Miseno


Page M1 M to MacGuffin
Page M2 Mach to Made in Switserland
Page M3 Made in Switzerland to magic hat
Page M4 Magic horn to Mahogany Hall stomp
Page M5 Mahogany rain to Makapoor
Page M6 Makasar to Malafemmena
Page M7 Malafemmina to Mama mockingbird
Page M8 Mama moves charleston to mamma d e grazie
Page M9 Mamma dont allow it to man with the golden arm
Page M10 man with the golden embouchure to Manhattan tower
Page M11 Manhattan Tranein to Maos de afeto
Page M12 Maos na parede to March past
Page M13 March past 29 145 749 B to Maria mia
Page M14 Maria Moca to Marks mark
Page M15 Marks mode to marvelous error
Page M16 marvelous event to master danced
Page M17 Master divine to Maurane Dort
Page M18 Mauras tune to Maybe this is love
Page M19 Maybe this morning to MdR
Page M20 mdrums II + guitar 4591 to Meat and potatoes
Page M21 Meat balls to MedleyThe theme
Page M22 Medlin with the blues to Mekka
Page M23 Mekku to Melodie prime
Page M24 Melodie und rhythmus to Memories of summer
Page M25 Memories of the blue streaks to Menuet from Le Trombeau de Couperin
Page M26 Menuet from sonatine to Meshanteor
Page M27 meshek song to Metazoen
Page M28 Metcuria the lion to Mi hijo
Page M29 mi hijo Juan to Midday romp
Page M30 Midday sun to Midnite oil
Page M31 Midnite over Tokyo to Milas song
Page M32 Milbertshofen to Miloud
Page M33 Milovnik v nemilosti to Mingu
Page M34 Mingu mango to Minor dues
Page M35 Minor effort to Mira la luna
Page M36 Mira me bebe to Miss Aouda
Page M37 Miss April to Mission
Page M38 Mission accomplie to Mistra fina
Page M39 Mistral to MLK shakeup call
Page M40 MLL chaser to Modern in S Remo
Page M41 Modern inventions to Mokum is muziek
Page M42 Mokurin to Momsy
Page M43 Momus to Monk and Bud Powell at Shea Stadium A mystery
Page M44 Monk and Duke to Monotonous
Page M45 Monotony to Mood for love
Page M46 Mood for Maude to moon shines on my heart
Page M47 moon shines on the moonshine to Mop shoe blues
Page M48 Mop si bo sop to Morena bela
Page M49 Morena boca de ouro to Morningside heights Harlem in sight
Page M50 Morningside Heights mourning to Mother fuzzy
Page M51 Mother gave away her daughter to Mountain heir
Page M52 Mountain high valley low to Movement Four The peculiar stillness at noon
Page M53 Movement from three part suite to Mr Al Foster
Page M54 Mr Albert Ayler to Mr Imagination
Page M55 Mr InBetween to Mr Sobers
Page M56 Mr Softee to Mucho dinero
Page M57 Mucho gusto to Mumblin blues
Page M58 Mumblin Mose to Music by the angels
Page M59 Music by the moon to Musica ex spiritu sancto movement II
Page M60 Musica ex spiritu sancto movement III to MV 4
Page M61 MV Labadi to My crazy head
Page M62 My crazy love to My girls fine and dandy
Page M63 My girls pussy to My little doggies stocking
Page M64 My little dream to My old book
Page M65 My old cat Felix to My steries eyes
Page M66 My Stockholm to Mysterious but
Page M67 Mysterious by all means to Mzuri


Page N1 n to Nai bie uns giff datt nix
Page N2 Nai nai to Nantucket
Page N3 Nantucket Nan to Nat Hentoff introduces group and Me and my shadow
Page N4 Nat Hentoff introduces Heart and soul to Navae
Page N5 Navagio to neck factor
Page N6 Neck four to Nema telefon
Page N7 Nembrassez pas ma femme to Neuzeit
Page N8 Neva wind to New Africa
Page N9 New Africa I to New improved egg
Page N10 New improved funk to New socks
Page N11 New soft shoe to Newk joint
Page N12 Newk meets the president to Nice food
Page N13 nice friend to Nigh Roby getaway
Page N14 NighandSly to Night of the nights
Page N15 night of the purple moon to Nightshade
Page N16 Nightshades to Ninnets monument
Page N17 Ninni to No 8 Piazza di luna
Page N18 No 82 NY 29771 14 to No harm no foul
Page N19 No harmful side effects to No news at all
Page N20 No news is bad news to No special rider
Page N21 No special rider blues to Nobody knows da trouble I see
Page N22 Nobody knows de trouble I see to Nog
Page N23 Nog ar det karlek to Nonfunctional 7
Page N24 Nonfunctional 8 to Northeast
Page N25 Northeast Brazil to Not for squares
Page N26 Not for strangers to Noteworthy lady
Page N27 Nother blue man pool to Nouakchott
Page N28 Nouami to Now music
Page N29 Now music 1 to Nuclear bebop
Page N30 Nuclear bop to Nuru light
Page N31 Nuru light The prince of peace to NZZ


Page O1 O to O son of spirit
Page O2 O sonho to Obsession no 2
Page O3 Obsession no 9 to Octobers game
Page O4 Octobre to Oderbruck
Page O5 Odes of you to Off yellow
Page O6 Off you go to Oh Johnny
Page O7 Oh Johnny oh to Oh you have no idea
Page O8 Oh you la la to Ol man Mose aint dead
Page O9 Ol man Moses to Old maid got married
Page O10 Old maid in a drawing room to oldest swinger in Harlem
Page O11 oldest swinger in town to Ombre monde 2
Page O12 Ombre pliee to On kiva soitaa orkesterissa
Page O13 On kprye bopoh to On the painted desert
Page O14 On the parkway to Once only
Page O15 Once or twice to One for Basie
Page O16 One for BB to One four
Page O17 One four seven to One night last June
Page O18 One night love affair to One way to Peseux
Page O19 One way train to Only women bleed
Page O20 Only wood to Oped
Page O21 Opeiro to Ophiophagus hannah
Page O22 Ophiuchus butterfly to orange man
Page O23 Orange market to Oriental blues
Page O24 Oriental boogie to Orwells knee
Page O25 Ory a la Turk to Other roses
Page O26 other ruin to Our heavenly land
Page O27 Our heritage to Out of place
Page O28 Out of pocket to Outside on Green Dolphin Street
Page O29 Outside pleasure to Overture Hamburg
Page O30 Overture Hava Nagila to O’new