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This index refers to the 526,481 individual tune titles (1,579,954 total entries) included in over 242,503 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of September, 2019.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page A1 A to Abertura 1
Page A2 Abertura do verao to Abstract bluearrow splitting
Page A3 Abstract blues to Ach Saturnia jetzt wirds mir zu blod
Page A4 Ach schuintamboer to Action JanOlov
Page A5 Action line to Adentro
Page A6 Adeota to Adzohu
Page A7 ae to African family
Page A8 African family part 1 to Aftenro
Page A9 Aftensang to Afterlife calypso
Page A10 afterlife of trees to Agression
Page A11 Agressionen einer nacht to Aim for the heart
Page A12 Aim high to Air du grand maitre
Page A13 Air du grand prieur to Akkilino
Page A14 Akkordamon to Albans last visit
Page A15 Albany to Alfaset Street
Page A16 Alfaszint to All across the nation
Page A17 All across the universe to All my love belongs to you
Page A18 All my love especially for you to All the things you werent
Page A19 All the things youd be right now if Sigmund Freuds wife was your mother to Allens alley
Page A20 Allens town to Almost no mystery
Page A21 Almost normal to Als op het leidscheplein de lichtjes weer eens branden gaan
Page A22 Als pals to Always Larry
Page A23 Always late to Amazonas
Page A24 Amazonas legend to Amiak abet abet
Page A25 Amian to Amusette 2
Page A26 Amuseyvous to An old friend
Page A27 An old friend passes by to Ancient footprints
Page A28 Ancient future to And the aardvaarks dance on
Page A29 And the air between to Andres tune
Page A30 Andres turn to Angherie
Page A31 Anghiari to Anne et sa mere
Page A32 Anne Frank to Another lament
Page A33 Another landscape to Anthem for hope
Page A34 Anthem for Jimmy Lyons to Anyhow
Page A35 Anykindaman to Appandao a cavaquinho
Page A36 Apparatus to Aqua funk
Page A37 Aqua glide to Arcenciel reimagined
Page A38 Arcenmer to Argo
Page A39 Argo blues to Arnold Layne
Page A40 Arnold S to Art pop
Page A41 Art samba to As it grows
Page A42 As it happens to Ash feld
Page A43 Ash garden to Assis sur les marches
Page A44 Assisi to At the Balalaika
Page A45 At the ball to ATlas
Page A46 Atlas & Vulcana to Au temp de la cour
Page A47 Au temps de la consummation to Augusta rauricorum
Page A48 Augustaften to Autumn afternoon
Page A49 Autumn again to AvengHer
Page A50 Avenging angel to Ay bendito
Page A51 Ay beri bah to Azzurro vecchio


Page B1 B to Baby bye
Page B2 Baby C to Babys gone
Page B3 Babys gone and left me to Back or forth
Page B4 Back otown blues to Backyard symphony
Page B5 Backyard thang to Baggin the boogie
Page B6 Baggin the dragon to Bal de la maison
Page B7 Bal de Vienne to Ballad for a tortured Africa
Page B8 Ballad for accordion and orchestra to ballad of Sweeney Todd
Page B9 ballad of Tappan Zee to Ballet Egyptien
Page B10 Ballet etude I to Band introductions
Page B11 Band intros to Barbados delight
Page B12 Barbados mir to Barneys special
Page B13 Barneys tune to Basic lady
Page B14 Basic laws to Bassmate
Page B15 Bassment to Bauer
Page B16 Bauernaschadelfraktur to Be loose
Page B17 Be love to Beat it out bumpin boy
Page B18 Beat it up to Beauty and truth
Page B19 Beauty aquamarine night to Bedouin song
Page B20 Bedouin trail to Before the voice
Page B21 Before the wind to Being without you
Page B22 Being wrong to Bells bounce
Page B23 Bells dance to Benny bop
Page B24 Benny Carter to Bernie
Page B25 Bernie alap to Better come too
Page B26 Better cut that out to Bexilla regis
Page B27 Beya to Bidule en bidule
Page B28 Bidule en douce to big dream
Page B29 Big dreams to Big Simon blues
Page B30 Big Sir to Billard party
Page B31 Billathi askara to Bird calls 1
Page B32 Bird calls 2 to birth of silence
Page B33 birth of Storyville to Biznatch
Page B34 Biznes changes to Black horses
Page B35 Black hourse to Blackberry jam
Page B36 Blackberry nip to Bleed like you
Page B37 Bleed the mind to block apart
Page B38 Block blues to Blowin for Bass
Page B39 Blowin for Bonnie to Blue conclusion
Page B40 Blue concrete to Blue Jamaica
Page B41 Blue jams to Blue rhythm stomp
Page B42 Blue rhythm swing to Bluebeard blues
Page B43 Bluebell to Blues bird
Page B44 Blues bittersweet to Blues for Arhoff
Page B45 Blues for Arnie to Blues for Floris
Page B46 Blues for Fontana to Blues for mama doll
Page B47 Blues for Mama Mous to Blues for Singleton Palmer
Page B48 Blues for Sir Charles to Blues from the everglades
Page B49 Blues from the griddle to Blues jam up
Page B50 Blues jog to Blues sketch in clave
Page B51 Blues skies to Blumen
Page B52 Blumen fur die dame to Bobs boogie no 2
Page B53 Bobs bossa to Bold marauder
Page B54 Bold music to Bongo bongo bongo
Page B55 Bongo boogie to Boogie for Philippe
Page B56 Boogie for piano & celeste to Booker T and WEB
Page B57 Booker T blues to Bopsy
Page B58 Bopt mystic to Bossa Chopin
Page B59 Bossa colas to Bottom shelf blues
Page B60 bottom stair to Bowed
Page B61 Bowed diaphragms + 1 to Brahms vaggsang
Page B62 Brahms vuggevise to Brazilian and Danish encontro
Page B63 Brazilian Anna to Breath of Brazil
Page B64 breath of coldness to bridge of friendship 3
Page B65 bridge of friendship 4 to Bring my baby back to me
Page B66 Bring my Bonnie back to Broken synapses
Page B67 Broken tails to Brothers 4
Page B68 Brothers and others to Brutto ma buono
Page B69 Brutto tempo to Buddha eyes
Page B70 Buddha factor to Bujar
Page B71 Bujdosik az arva madar to Bunny dune
Page B72 Bunny Honey to Bus boogaloo
Page B73 Bus buddies to But you forget
Page B74 but you never tell me so to By the mark eight
Page B75 By the martyrs decree to BZoo


Page C1 C to Cadencia mais que imperfeita
Page C2 Cadencias I IV to Calani
Page C3 calanto to Call the devil
Page C4 Call the doctor to Camaroncito seco
Page C5 Camassia to Can tamarueccos
Page C6 Can that boy foxtrot to Candombe Trans
Page C7 Candombeao to Cant stop loving you
Page C8 Cant stop me now to Canzone per Domani
Page C9 Canzone per Ellis to Captains prelude
Page C10 Captains quarters to Caribblue
Page C11 Caribe to Carolla
Page C12 Carolling to Casagranda
Page C13 Casamento em xaxei to cat remains
Page C14 Cat scan to Caucus 2
Page C15 Cauda to Cecil likes to dance
Page C16 Cecil Rhodes to Cemetary blues
Page C17 Cemetary of drums to Cest ca 1
Page C18 Cest ca 3 to Chained to the blues
Page C19 Chained to the skyway to Changement
Page C20 Changement davis to Chantezlesbas
Page C21 Chanticleer to Charlie Stone
Page C22 Charlie strikes to Chattanooga train
Page C23 Chattanoogachoochoo to Chemises sauvages
Page C24 chemist to Chic Chic Chico
Page C25 Chic lady to Chiefs blues
Page C26 Chiefs drive to Mayor to Chilled green Charles Bukowski
Page C27 Chilled hamn grease to Chitterling switch
Page C28 Chitterlins con carne to Choral O Jesu
Page C29 Choral of voice to Christinas little song
Page C30 Christinas sang to Chuggalug
Page C31 Chuggin to Cina
Page C32 Cinamah to Circular woes
Page C33 Circular worlds sitting lights to City tribal dance
Page C34 City tribes to Class reunion
Page C35 Class struggle to Clic clacfade
Page C36 Clic sur lherne to Closer walk
Page C37 Closer walk with thee to Cmaj
Page C38 CME to Coda 96
Page C39 Coda be be to Cold river
Page C40 Cold rocks was my pillow to Color of your hair
Page C41 Color on colour to Come back my darlin
Page C42 Come back my love to Come with me my honey
Page C43 Come with me to Singapour to Commodore drive
Page C44 Commodore funk to Composition 119G multiphonic
Page C45 Composition 119I to Composition no 23A
Page C46 Composition no 23D to Concerto for drum
Page C47 Concerto for drums to Conference des animaux
Page C48 Conference mit mosch to Consciousness
Page C49 Consciousness of a presence to Contos
Page C50 Contos de sonu introe sonnu to Cooked blues
Page C51 Cooked macaroni to Copa City titty
Page C52 Copa cola to Corner packet
Page C53 Corner pocket to cosmic rhythm with each stroke
Page C54 Cosmic rift to Count XVII
Page C55 Count your blessings to Cousins
Page C56 Cousu main blues to Crarc
Page C57 Crash to Creature emotion
Page C58 Creature feature to Cristal
Page C59 Cristal city to crowds confession
Page C60 Crowin rooster blues to Crystal clear
Page C61 Crystal clouds to Cuddle me
Page C62 Cuddle up to curtain falls
Page C63 curtain is down to cypher
Page C64 Cypress to C’etait un histoire d’amour


Page D1 D to Daddys long leg
Page D2 Daddys lullaby to Damballah
Page D3 Damballah weddo to Dance of ignorant passion
Page D4 Dance of innocent passion to Dance you monster to my soft song
Page D5 Dance you monster to my sweet song to Dancing with my father
Page D6 Dancing with my shadow to Danse de cristal
Page D7 Danse de fin de siecle to Dark angel
Page D8 Dark angles to Darkroom
Page D9 Darkside to Date change
Page D10 Date for church to day breaks
Page D11 day burst to DBoat
Page D12 Dbop to De Tadussac a Oakland
Page D13 De tavoir aimee to Dear Mr Hicks
Page D14 Dear Mr Magoo to December 19 2000
Page D15 December 1952 for pianoflute and violincello to Deebroojo two
Page D16 Deed by delusion to Def groove
Page D17 Def jay pea to Delije
Page D18 Delikatessen in 12 parts part I to Den lyse dag forgangen
Page D19 Den lyse dag forgangen er to Der erste versuch
Page D20 Der fahle zwerg auf dem kahlen berg to dervish of Harlem II
Page D21 dervish of Harlem III to Desfer la pausa
Page D22 Desfiladeiro de nuvens to Detective Santa
Page D23 Detective song to Dewas dance
Page D24 Dewaynes brain to Diamonds are for freedom
Page D25 Diamonds are for unreal people to Die Advokaten des Dollars
Page D26 Die allwissende to Dietro il vetroCosa ne sara
Page D27 Dietro langolo to Dime Amor
Page D28 dime away from a hot dog to Direction
Page D29 Direction discovered to Discrete
Page D30 Discrete flavor symmetry to Ditesnous M Jacques Helian
Page D31 Dither to Dizzy Gillespie
Page D32 Dizzy Gillespie fireworks to Do me wrong but do me
Page D33 Do min harm to Dobrodosel ariel vei
Page D34 Dobrodosli to Dogbolter
Page D35 Dogcart to Dolphinology
Page D36 Dolphins to Donna Hashish
Page D37 Donna John to Dont explain
Page D38 Dont explain to me baby to Dont mean maybe
Page D39 Dont mean you no good blues to Dont try to take my man away
Page D40 Dont try your jive on me to Dope
Page D41 dope and the ghost to Double dorje
Page D42 Double double to Down Argentina way
Page D43 Down Argentine way to Downbeat shuffle
Page D44 Downbeats to Drag trust me Im a doctor
Page D45 Dragana galic to Dream of Joanna
Page D46 Dream of life to Dreams of the everyday housewife
Page D47 Dreams of the Manbahsniese to Driva man
Page D48 Drive to Drum drummehundsviech
Page D49 Drum drunk to Dry steam
Page D50 Dry stone to ducks of Boston
Page D51 ducks quack to Dukes visit
Page D52 Dukes voice to Durchfuhrung
Page D53 Durchwandern des zauberwaldes to Dysentery
Page D54 Dysentery stomp to DZZM


Page E1 E to Early frost
Page E2 early generation to East Dallas special
Page E3 East Detroit to Easy phenomenon
Page E4 Easy piano to Echoes from Rudolphs
Page E5 Echoes from Slavonic to Edges of happiness
Page E6 Edges of illusion to Egle
Page E7 Eglence zamani to Ein Ross das nicht ziehen will
Page E8 Ein runder wurfel ist der mond to El Bochinchero
Page E9 El bodeguero to El manicero
Page E10 El Maniel to El utulita
Page E11 El vaive del verds to Elegancias
Page E12 Elegans to Eleventh heaven
Page E13 Eleventh hour to Elo elo
Page E14 Elocin to Emergency
Page E15 Emergency 911 to Emv 1
Page E16 Emv 2 to En una volanta actual
Page E17 En underlig drom to Ende meier
Page E18 Ende mit Brotzophon to Enn lli aylee and the octett gavours best
Page E19 Enna to Envie dy croire
Page E20 envious moon to Equinoxe dautomne
Page E21 Equinozi to Erstes sonett
Page E22 Erstes stockwerk to Espace vital
Page E23 Espaces to Estou amando voce
Page E24 Estou sempre sonhando com vocz to Ethiopian moon
Page E25 Ethiopian nightmare to Eugipelliv
Page E26 Euglys tune to Evening in Atlantis
Page E27 Evening in Azerbaijan to Every time I see you
Page E28 Every time I see you Im in love again to Everything is cool
Page E29 Everything is copasetic to Evrything but love
Page E30 Evrything but you to Exit 51
Page E31 Exit 58 to Extension out
Page E32 Extensions to e_asonata02


Page F1 F to Factus est repente
Page F2 Facula to Falcons wing
Page F3 Fale mais um pouquinho to Famoudous bone
Page F4 Famous alto break to Fantasy in D flat
Page F5 Fantasy in D minor to farm yard cabaret
Page F6 Farmacia del angel to fat man
Page F7 Fat man blues to FCA
Page F8 FCI to Feelin so sad
Page F9 Feelin soft to Fencewalkin
Page F10 Fender to Ffansi | fancy III
Page F11 Ffansi | fancy IV to Fifty 210
Page F12 Fifty 5 to Final bounce
Page F13 Final call to Fingers and toes
Page F14 Fingers dance to first and last feeling
Page F15 First and last freedom to First supper
Page F16 First swingo to Five Cats blues
Page F17 Five cats rag to Flack was the color of her hair
Page F18 Flacka to Flection
Page F19 Fledermaus to Flipperross
Page F20 Flippers woogie to flow of things no 2
Page F21 flow of things no 3 to Flutes
Page F22 Flutes blues to Flyter
Page F23 Flytime to Follow the flow
Page F24 Follow the fold to Footprints on my soul
Page F25 Footprints on the moon to For Don
Page F26 For Don Byas and Ben Webster to for Lester Bowie
Page F27 For Liam to For soul sister
Page F28 For souls past to Fora
Page F29 Fora do ar to Forget me nots in your eyes
Page F30 Forget New York to Fortune teller
Page F31 Fortune teller blues to Four notes
Page F32 Four notes ending to Foxli fuxt alle
Page F33 Foxology to Frank Byron and Shelly Stein drink up at Golems
Page F34 Frank fedling to Frederik med bilen
Page F35 Frederiksted portrait to Free time
Page F36 Free times to French connections
Page F37 French cookin to friend indeed
Page F38 Friend Lee to From a wide open window
Page F39 From a window to From the muddy Mississippi to the fashionable fair
Page F40 From the musical Golden Boy to FSJ
Page F41 FSM to Full moon
Page F42 Full moon and empty arms to Funk house
Page F43 Funk hunt to Funkyetude
Page F44 Funkyhuber to Fuss around saxophone 1 & 2
Page F45 Fuss budget to FZ pour PB


Page G1 G to Gallery
Page G2 Gallery 421 to Garden 3
Page G3 garden above to Gateway to the new
Page G4 Gateway two to Geeks revenge
Page G5 Geel en rood to GenSo
Page G6 Gensym to Geraldine
Page G7 Geraldine rag to Get on board lil chillun
Page G8 Get on board little children to Gez gabaginda sheytan
Page G9 Gezanbayashi to Gibbs hips
Page G10 Gibbs paradox to Ginkyo
Page G11 Ginnastica artistica to Girls of the Folies Bergere
Page G12 Girls of thirteen to Give your heart a chance
Page G13 Give your heart to me to Gletta
Page G14 Gleuch verpachtnis to Gnat prong
Page G15 Gnavah to Gobel blues
Page G16 Gobelets to Goin home to my old used to be
Page G17 Goin home tomorrow to Golden feathered bird
Page G18 Golden fields to Gongs not bombs
Page G19 Gongs of Semarang to Good morning good day good night
Page G20 Good morning good evening goodnight to Goodbye Mr Evans
Page G21 Goodbye Mr Good Bass to Gospel des insurges
Page G22 Gospel faith to Gotta walk cant sleep
Page G23 Gotta whole lot of lovin to do to Grand Max
Page G24 Grand Montets to Gravferdsvers
Page G25 Gravid to Greatest news
Page G26 greatest of them all to Greeneldo
Page G27 Greener to Gringos Chicos
Page G28 Grinning to Gros dilemme
Page G29 Gros Jean to Guajiro mio
Page G30 Guajiro son to Guitarra salvaje
Page G31 Guitarra y son to Gwan with it
Page G32 Gwand wabbit to G’bye now


Page H1 H to Haim afen range
Page H2 Haim haim to Hallelujah Im coming home
Page H3 Hallelujah Joe to Hana to cho
Page H4 Hanabi to Hankypanky
Page H5 Hankys Panky to Happy hour in five
Page H6 Happy hours to hard one
Page H7 Hard pain blues to Harmonia de les esferes
Page H8 Harmonia Mundi to Hasparren I
Page H9 Hasparren II to Have waited for you
Page H10 Have we been in love before to HBs funky fable
Page H11 HBV to Headin out
Page H12 Headin out movin in to Heartbeat tango and waltz
Page H13 Heartbeats to HeBeSheBeWeBe
Page H14 Hebgan happy hour to Helixian steps
Page H15 Heljotropique to Hematophagy
Page H16 Hemayoun to Herbst zu fruh
Page H17 Herbstallee to Heritage hymn
Page H18 Heritage I to Het Nederlands Spoor
Page H19 Het ongeluk to Hey Western Union man
Page H20 Hey whats happening to Hifalutin
Page H21 Hifi to Highrise riff
Page H22 Highrise Riff Part I Part II Part III Part IV to Hip gnosis
Page H23 Hip gout to History of the animals
Page H24 History of the balloon to Hoes
Page H25 Hoevenen to Holidays in Skopje
Page H26 Holidays in the sun to Home free
Page H27 Home free blues to Homppahumppa
Page H28 Homs to Hook and ladder blues
Page H29 Hook and ladder rag to Horch was kommt von draussen rein
Page H30 Horcht to Hot brown
Page H31 Hot buns to Hotel riviera
Page H32 Hotel Romeo to How am I gonna do it when I dont know what it is
Page H33 How am I supposed to live without you to How long is forever
Page H34 How long is jazz to HsiaoLi
Page H35 HskDr to Human wrongs
Page H36 Human zoo to Hurontario
Page H37 Hurra vilken clown to Hymn for a new millenium
Page H38 Hymn for a quiet man to Hyvinkaa


Page I1 I to I belong
Page I2 I belong in the USA to I cant stand you
Page I3 I cant started to I dont care if I dont care
Page I4 I dont care if I never dream again to I feel a draught
Page I5 I feel a night coming on to I got rheumatics
Page I6 I got rhythm to I hear them drums
Page I7 I hear those bells to I know who shot JFK
Page I8 I know who threw the whiskey in the well to I love to be face to face
Page I9 I love to be with you to I never danced before
Page I10 I never did want you to I remember Takashi
Page I11 I remember tangle to I swing to you
Page I12 I swung the election to I wanna see the manager
Page I13 I wanna sing a song to I went to sleep
Page I14 I went to the city to I wrote you a song
Page I15 I yi yi to Ich konnt mich in Dich verlieben
Page I16 Ich kusse Ihre Hand Madam to Identita evaporate
Page I17 Identite to If I knew as much about you
Page I18 If I knew how to if I knew what muscles to relax to If we cant be lovers
Page I19 If we cant be the same old sweethearts to If you would be here
Page I20 If you would be mine to Ijiri
Page I21 Ijlings to Il pigiama x n
Page I22 Il pinguino innamorato to Ill come back for more
Page I23 Ill come back for you as sure as the sun rises to Ill wait forever
Page I24 Ill wait here to Im beginning to like it
Page I25 Im beginning to look a lot like Christmas to Im gonna leave you baby
Page I26 Im gonna leave you by yourself to Im mai
Page I27 Im makin believe to Im stepping out with a memory
Page I28 Im stepping out with a memory to night to Imagine me without you
Page I29 Imagine meeting you here pt 1 to Impressions in sound 7
Page I30 Impressions in sound 8 to Improvisation for guitar conch shells and percussion
Page I31 Improvisation for guitar trombone and percussion to In a fine mood
Page I32 In a fiveandten cent store to In chimbe
Page I33 In chimbre to In memory
Page I34 In memory of to In six
Page I35 In Skolland staat een huis to In the land of beginning again
Page I36 In the land of Chad and Barbie to In the world again
Page I37 In the world of glass teardrops to Incisive
Page I38 Incitation to Indigofera tinctoria
Page I39 Indigone to Ingens hund
Page I40 Ingenting finns kvar av henne to Innocent again
Page I41 Innocent and blue to Instable
Page I42 Instabulu to Interlude A matter of time
Page I43 Interlude A night in Tunisia to Intervalo
Page I44 Intervals to Intro and outro
Page I45 Intro and rondo to Introduction in a Dorian mode
Page I46 Introduction in French to Inversione B
Page I47 Inversions to Iridescent dawn
Page I48 Iridescent rondo in old modes to Is that bad
Page I49 Is that bossa nova to Ismail
Page I50 Ismailia to It doesnt worry me
Page I51 It doesn’t matter to It takes you all night
Page I52 It tears me all to pieces to Its a lonesome old world
Page I53 Its a long lonely highway to Its gotta be real
Page I54 Its gotta be this or that to Its sandy at the beach
Page I55 Its shoesies I need to IV Theme from Blue soldier
Page I56 IV Transforming sky to Ive got you
Page I57 Ive got you before my eyes to I�m wild about that thing


Page J1 J to Jacksons epiphany
Page J2 Jacksons fifths to Jaki noodle
Page J3 Jakimofinahay to Jan
Page J4 Jan 18 to Jathor
Page J5 Jatkumo 1 to Jazz impromptu
Page J6 Jazz improvisation to Jazzmine’s mood
Page J7 Jazzmob themesong to Jean Pauline
Page J8 Jean Petro Jean Petro to Jenn
Page J9 Jenna to Jet black blues
Page J10 Jet black snake blues to Jimmy real
Page J11 Jimmy Reeds tune to Joannas solo
Page J12 Joannas sweet smile to John Gilman wants tobacco
Page J13 John Gilmore to Jolie oiseau
Page J14 Jolie Paris to Jour de soleil
Page J15 Jour de swing to joys of melancholy pleasure
Page J16 Joys secret to JuJah
Page J17 Juju to Jumpin in spring
Page J18 Jumpin in the future to Jungle root
Page J19 Jungle rose to Just a pray away
Page J20 Just a prayer away to Just give me time
Page J21 Just give the man what he ordered to Just the beginning
Page J22 Just the blues to J’attendrai


Page K1 K to KaleidoscopeA delicate balance
Page K2 Kaleidoscopic to Kantanotoka
Page K3 Kantarrh blues to Kassim
Page K4 Kassiopeia to Kearsage strut
Page K5 Keatsie wheatsie to Keeping it quo
Page K6 Keeping it simple to Kerosene
Page K7 Kerosene dream to Kickin the chicken
Page K8 Kickin the clouds away to Kind hearted woman
Page K9 Kind im einschlummern to Kingdom of God
Page K10 Kingdom of not to Kisses for the mirror
Page K11 Kisses francaises to Kleine weisse Schwalbe
Page K12 Kleine welt to Know it I wrote it
Page K13 Know it today know it tomorrow to Kom og spil spil med os
Page K14 Kom Ombo to Koriedzeki
Page K15 Koriezdeki to Krivoy Rog
Page K16 Krizanke 73 to Kuroneko
Page K17 Kuroneko Yamato to KZ


Page L1 L to La casa delle api
Page L2 La casa di thea to La deesse de la lune
Page L3 La defense to La guerra madre
Page L4 La guerra nueva to La MM blues
Page L5 La mnemologiAmnesiaville to La poursuite
Page L6 la poursuite des marees to La taupe
Page L7 La tedezco to Labas cest naturel
Page L8 Labat to Lady in the box
Page L9 lady in the case to Laissezles vivre
Page L10 Laissezmoi to Lamento negro
Page L11 Lamento no morro to Lange beine
Page L12 Lange bo to Larry remembered
Page L13 Larry Smith to Last hour
Page L14 Last hour blues to Last years Valentine
Page L15 Last years waltz to Latin moon
Page L16 Latin morning to Lautari
Page L17 Lautaro to Lazy waves
Page L18 Lazy weather to Le corbillon
Page L19 Le cordonnier to Le meme coup
Page L20 Le meme groove to Le roi obaz
Page L21 Le roi Rene to Lead me Saviour
Page L22 Lead me SaviourDown in honky tonk town to Leaving music
Page L23 Leaving my self to legendary Bongo Herbert
Page L24 legendary Hasaan to LennieFog
Page L25 LenniEric to Les cieux proclament
Page L26 Les cigales to Les petits cafes blemes des matins cremes
Page L27 Les petits cailloux to Lestin mikla
Page L28 Lestofunk suite to Let the world rebegin
Page L29 Let the world sing to Lets hang together
Page L30 Lets have a baby to Lettera amorosa
Page L31 Lettera da Milano to Liason
Page L32 Liat dreams of walking to Life ain’t nothing but a party
Page L33 Life alone to Lifetime machine
Page L34 lifetime or two to Lights in the east
Page L35 Lights in the night to Like the sun out of nowhere
Page L36 Like the sun with the day to Limen
Page L37 Limer to Lingering lightning ghosts chatting
Page L38 Lingering lips to Listen to hear
Page L39 Listen to Lawrence to little blues never hurt anybody
Page L40 little blues there to Little hand
Page L41 little handicap to Little peach from East Orange
Page L42 Little peach from East Orange New Jersey to Little village
Page L43 Little Vina to Living hand to mouth
Page L44 Living here on earth to Lo que fuiste
Page L45 Lo que me hace vivir to Logisms of mind
Page L46 Logistic to Lonely from sky its a home for benefit within sixty lovely good hearts a day
Page L47 lonely from the twilight zone to Long go and far away
Page L48 Long gone to Lonnie
Page L49 Lonnie knows to Looking for the answer
Page L50 Looking for the back door to Lord of the rings
Page L51 Lord of the shuffleboard to Lost at the zoo
Page L52 Lost baby blues to Lots of love
Page L53 Lots of lovely love to Love and liberte
Page L54 Love and lies to Love is a crazy thing
Page L55 Love is a crime to Love moan
Page L56 Love mode to Love to love you baby
Page L57 Love to one to Lovers lane boogie
Page L58 Lovers leap to Low man
Page L59 Low memory to Lucky bounce
Page L60 Lucky boy to Lullaby for Harry
Page L61 Lullaby for Helene to Lunacy luncay
Page L62 Lunada to Luzzara
Page L63 LV to L’uomo di Miseno


Page M1 M to Macedoniaexpress
Page M2 Macedonian ballad to Made for me
Page M3 Made for TV to Magic boogie
Page M4 Magic book to Mahamudra lineage prayer
Page M5 Mahana to Major fete
Page M6 Major flows to Making up for lost time
Page M7 Making waves to Mama Chicago
Page M8 Mama Chicago 2 to Mambo no 55
Page M9 Mambo no 7 to Man on Mars
Page M10 Man on Mercury to Mango season
Page M11 Mango song to Mantu
Page M12 Mantura to March 2004
Page M13 March 2nd to Mare ancora
Page M14 Mare Baixa to Marinelas samba
Page M15 Marinella to Marsh blues
Page M16 Marsh gas to Masara
Page M17 Masas bag to Mathusalem
Page M18 Mati to May
Page M19 May 1 + 19 to Mazurek fdur
Page M20 Mazurek no1 to Me neither
Page M21 Me next to Medee
Page M22 Medee et Jodel to Meet me online
Page M23 Meet me somewhere in my dreams to Melancholy moon
Page M24 Melancholy nights to Melody for Thelma
Page M25 Melody for two to Memory of a fading dream
Page M26 Memory of a flame to Meppel
Page M27 Meppel in a greppel to Mesmerizer
Page M28 Mesmerizin rag to Metas memory
Page M29 Metatactics to Mi despedia
Page M30 Mi diverto to Microwaveable empty highway
Page M31 MiCrOY Tyner to Midnight the stars and you
Page M32 Midnight theme to Mikrosuite
Page M33 Mikrotonia to Millstream
Page M34 Milltown soul to Mine dance 1
Page M35 Mine dance 2 to Minniehaha
Page M36 Minnies in the money to Minuet for lovers
Page M37 Minuet for Ray to Misconception of life and death
Page M38 Misconstrued to Miss tourist
Page M39 Miss trombone to Mister Johnson turn me loose
Page M40 Mister Jones to Mixed commotions
Page M41 Mixed development to Mochoachi welele nou
Page M42 Moci blues to Mogadishu
Page M43 Mogadisko to Moment in life
Page M44 Moment in memory to Monday Monday
Page M45 Monday money blues to Monkeys
Page M46 Monkeys and bears to Montagne Sainte Genevieve
Page M47 Montagne SainteGenevieve to Moomba
Page M48 Moomba jazz bird 76 to Moonlight Caravan
Page M49 Moonlight casino to More bounce to the vonce
Page M50 More Brahms to Moritz und der mond
Page M51 Moritza to Mort du roi
Page M52 Mort dun pourri to Mother Terra
Page M53 Mother the queen of my heart to Mountain top blues
Page M54 Mountain track to movement Intro
Page M55 Movement IV to Mr Anthonys swing
Page M56 Mr Antolio Primo to Mr JC
Page M57 Mr JC forever to Mr SP
Page M58 Mr Sparkle to Mucho cho
Page M59 Mucho chupar to Mumba
Page M60 Mumba neua to Music 55
Page M61 Music after dinner to Music was his mistress
Page M62 Music was his mistress I to Mutters darkly
Page M63 Muttershus to My castle in the clouds
Page M64 My castle of love to My friend Rae
Page M65 My friend Ray to My lady of the morning
Page M66 My ladys grave to My mother my father and love
Page M67 My mother sings to My shy silver
Page M68 My side of the story to Myffed
Page M69 Myggendans to Mythochondrion
Page M70 Mythological introduction to Mzuri


Page N1 n to Nahanni ripples
Page N2 Nahat babam to Nanna damore
Page N3 Nanna Tim to Nasty Arthur
Page N4 Nasty attitude to Natures symphony
Page N5 Natures way to Neath the pale Cuban moon
Page N6 Neath the purple on the hills to Nel 2000
Page N7 Nel blu di pinto di blu to Netito
Page N8 Netiulf poozatski to Never say yes
Page N9 Never see your face again to New era rag
Page N10 New esthetic to New Orleans sunshine
Page N11 New Orleans The National Culture Park USA 1718 to New York conversations
Page N12 New York counterpoint to Neztuk az esot We were watching the rain
Page N13 Nezumi to Nickys mood
Page N14 Nickys samba to night in Alchemia
Page N15 night in ancient Babylon to Night warblers
Page N16 Night warrior to Nimporte ou
Page N17 Nimrod to Niteshade blues
Page N18 Nitetime street to No coast at all
Page N19 No code to No lyin
Page N20 No maam to No ordinary thing
Page N21 No ordinary woman to No time for daydreams
Page N22 No time for dinner to Nobodys hoedown
Page N23 Nobodys home to Noissapmuc
Page N24 Noissessprahs to Noodlin
Page N25 Noodling for flatheads to Northern song
Page N26 Northern spy to Not in Hong Kong
Page N27 Not in love to Nothin but sea and skye
Page N28 Nothin but the blues to Nouillages
Page N29 Noukette to Now jazz ramwong
Page N30 Now know to Nubian chant
Page N31 Nubian fantasies to Nuraghi
Page N32 Nuranen to NZZ


Page O1 O to O sole miope
Page O2 O solitude to Observation 14
Page O3 Observation 15 to October dances Movement 1
Page O4 October dances Movement 2 to Ode to Switzerland
Page O5 Ode to Taras to Off kilter
Page O6 Off land to Oh Give me something to remember you by
Page O7 Oh give thanks to the Lord to Oh them golden slippers
Page O8 Oh them saxes to Okey dokey
Page O9 Okey Paganini to Old friends new friends
Page O10 Old friends talking to Old stuff
Page O11 Old stuff still does the trick to Olstra
Page O12 Olstuck to On a windy afternoon in a reminiscence of New York
Page O13 On a windy day to On the brink
Page O14 On the brink abyss to On too long
Page O15 On too long reprise to One blind mouse
Page O16 One block west to One for Lynn
Page O17 One for M to One little snowflake
Page O18 One little song to One room too far away
Page O19 One root beer to Onion roll
Page O20 Onion samba to Ooeeh train
Page O21 Ooeil to Open music_6
Page O22 Open music_7 to Optional
Page O23 Optional man to Orbital perc
Page O24 Orbital resonances to Origens II
Page O25 Origin to Oscar G blues
Page O26 Oscar my friend to Other things you are
Page O27 other third one to Our life is beautiful
Page O28 Our life together to Out of something
Page O29 Out of somewhere to Outside the dance hall
Page O30 Outside the gates part 1 to Overture Hava Nagila
Page O31 Overture I to O’new


Page P1 P to Paeninsula tribale
Page P2 Paerja to Pal Jimmy
Page P3 Pal Joe to Panamanian hair
Page P4 Panamanian independence to Papadopolis
Page P5 Papagaio to Parade des alumettes
Page P6 Parade des pingouins to Parfum des iles
Page P7 Parfum dorient et doccident to Parris Island
Page P8 parrot to Part III Back home
Page P9 Part III Chorizinho to Party horn rumbles
Page P10 Party in Guell Park to Passe et manque
Page P11 Passe evene to Pasty blues
Page P12 Pasurija to Paul Mares
Page P13 Paul Motian to Peace blue silver
Page P14 Peace boat to Pecado dulce
Page P15 Pecado primero to Penalty 5 pounds
Page P16 Penalty fare to People in the snow
Page P17 People in trouble to Pere IV
Page P18 Pere Josephe to Perra Capricciosa
Page P19 Perranporth to Peter Peter wo warst du heute Nacht
Page P20 Peter piano to Pezzo di profilo
Page P21 Pezzo ellittico to Phils dream
Page P22 Phils fill to Piano intro
Page P23 Piano intro to new life to Pickin on the wrong chicken
Page P24 Pickin on your baby to pieman cometh
Page P25 Piemonte to Pimpin aint easy
Page P26 Pimpin the papamobile to Pipers Theme
Page P27 Piperspool to place called paradise
Page P28 Place candolle to Plastic lighthouse
Page P29 Plastic loukoum to Playing in the sun
Page P30 Playing in the woods to Pleased to meet you
Page P31 Pleasin to Plymouth sound
Page P32 Plyos to Poggioli
Page P33 Poggy bonzi to Politics
Page P34 Politics & poker to Ponto e virgula 2
Page P35 Ponto final to Populi+coloc
Page P36 Populistic election suit to Portrait of a bushman
Page P37 Portrait of a count to Possom rag
Page P38 Possono vederti to Pour faire une jam
Page P39 Pour Felix to Pra mim
Page P40 Pra min to Praying
Page P41 Praying blues to Prelude for vibes
Page P42 Prelude From a great temple to Preludio no2 for piano
Page P43 Preludio papa Karen to Pretoria three
Page P44 Prettiest girl to primeira estrela
Page P45 Primeira luz to Private O
Page P46 Private ocean to Prolog & Januar
Page P47 Prolog 39 to Protus
Page P48 Protz vratchialmousk et tourniquet to Pt 4 Adam and Eve pas de deux
Page P49 Pt 4 Creation to Pumpkins delight
Page P50 pumpkins lullabye to Purrls
Page P51 Purro rom to Pyramid blues
Page P52 Pyramid boogie to PZZ


Page Q1 Q to Quantum foam
Page Q2 Quantum galopy to Que sas
Page Q3 Que se sepa yo soy de la habana to Quetzalcoatl 1
Page Q4 Quetzalcoatl 2 to Quilt from Nairobi
Page Q5 Quilted hands to Qye restetil de nos amours


Page R1 R to Radio format
Page R2 Radio fractal to Ragtime boy
Page R3 ragtime chimes to Rainbow round the moon
Page R4 Rainbow runner to Ramgrett
Page R5 Ramhina innamorata to Rarum
Page R6 RAS to Ray in San Jose
Page R7 Ray Kennedy Dizzy Gillespie story to Real George
Page R8 real godfather blues to Recall Pollock 9
Page R9 Recalling all active agents to Red bud
Page R10 Red Buddha to Red silk
Page R11 Red silk stockings to Reflections in a pond
Page R12 Reflections in a summer pond to Rei
Page R13 Reib letsma to Remelexo
Page R14 Remelt to Render
Page R15 Render yourself to Jesus to Reraise
Page R16 Rere to Retracing 2
Page R17 Retracing my steps to Reverend Jones
Page R18 Reverend king to Rhumba a la Prez
Page R19 Rhumba abierta to Rica
Page R20 Rica pulpa to Riding on the wind
Page R21 Riding out from Platterback to Rigoudon
Page R22 RIGs blues to Rip Van Winkle
Page R23 Ripadip to Ritual purity and love part II
Page R24 Ritual reality to Road mode
Page R25 Road move blues to Rocco e i suoi fratelli
Page R26 Rocco grills Strike to Rockin chair stomp
Page R27 Rockin chair swing to Roll credits
Page R28 Roll daddy roll to Romantic artist
Page R29 romantic ballad to Room in my heart
Page R30 Room in the clouds to Rose Street summer
Page R31 Rose takes a stand dancing laughing to Rough weather blues
Page R32 rough with the smooth to Royal wedding
Page R33 Royal wedding boogaloo to Rue Colbert
Page R34 Rue DAkisso to Rumbola
Page R35 rumbolz ramble and march to Rural roulette
Page R36 Rural route to Rzeczka


Page S1 S to Sacred treasure
Page S2 sacred tree to Saga of Harrison Crabfeathers
Page S3 saga of Imaba to SakoAnoh bush boogie
Page S4 Sakon Joe to Saltbrush rag
Page S5 Saltdalen to Samba days
Page S6 Samba dblue to Samba por Lucas
Page S7 Samba pour Bela to Sample package
Page S8 Sample this to Sandpipers
Page S9 Sandpit to Santis Africaleidescope
Page S10 Santisima emanacion to Sassy strut
Page S11 Sassyassed sassafrass to Saudades do sol
Page S12 Saudades du sud to Saxigon
Page S13 Saximo goes to Woodstock to Scalpel sad
Page S14 Scalpellen to Schade
Page S15 Schade gestern warst du suss wie Schokolade to Schone tone
Page S16 Schone uberraschung to Scorpio rising
Page S17 Scorpio son to Sculptured thoughts
Page S18 Sculptures to Seagulls flight
Page S19 Seagulls island to Second ending
Page S20 Second environment for sextet to Secret passions
Page S21 Secret path to Seedy boy
Page S22 Seedy underbelly button to Selections from music box revue
Page S23 Selections from Porgy and Bess to Senecas
Page S24 Senechas to Seoul tower
Page S25 SEP to Serenade for Leonie
Page S26 Serenade for magicians to ses trousses
Page S27 Ses voltes to Seven miniatures for a mad parrot
Page S28 Seven miniatures for Mark Feldman to Sexy time
Page S29 Sexy ways to Shadows of reminiscence
Page S30 Shadows of September to Shams arrival
Page S31 Shams vanishing to She do what she do
Page S32 She does to Sheking
Page S33 shekomeko shuffle to Shes so divine
Page S34 Shes so far away to Shirley MacLaine
Page S35 Shirley Ray to Short circle
Page S36 short circle in the long line to show has begun
Page S37 show has no voice to Shweet my brooh
Page S38 Shweetthang to Side valsi
Page S39 Side view to Signal to snails
Page S40 Signal yok to Silent trees falling
Page S41 Silent tungues to Silvie & mayonnaise
Page S42 Silvio to Sinatra medley
Page S43 Sinatra monolgue to Singing in a sinking ship
Page S44 Singing in my soul to Siri Dalevisen
Page S45 Siri recheado eo cacete to Siwash
Page S46 Siwasu to Ska maria navarrese
Page S47 Ska nya roster sjunga to Skinny dipping
Page S48 Skinny frogs to Skye dance
Page S49 Skyer to Sleeping car blues
Page S50 Sleeping child to Slim neck
Page S51 Slim pickings to slow fly
Page S52 Slow footsteps keep me whole to Small drops of happiness
Page S53 Small Edison screw to Smiling lingala
Page S54 Smiling moon to Snake enchantress
Page S55 Snake eye rumba to Snow country
Page S56 Snow covered branches to So high so low
Page S57 So hip you see to So whats old
Page S58 So whats up to Soft knock
Page S59 soft land of make believe to Solar sonata
Page S60 Solar steps to Solo con mi canto
Page S61 Solo con verte to Some changes VI
Page S62 Some children to Somebody stole Gabriels horn
Page S63 Somebody stole my bike to Something for Red
Page S64 Something for Sam to Sometimes you gotta ask for what you want
Page S65 Sometimes you have to choose sides to Sonata for piano
Page S66 Sonata for piano no 2 part I to Song for Billie
Page S67 Song for Billie Holiday to Song for Milo
Page S68 Song for Mini to Song from Moulin Rouge
Page S69 Song from mountains to Song of the open air
Page S70 Song of the open road to Sonjalein
Page S71 Sonjas sanfonia to Soprano boogie
Page S72 Soprano chop suey to Soujihmar 5
Page S73 souk to Soulful dreams
Page S74 Soulful dress to Sounds like a planet
Page S75 Sounds like a sandwich to South winds
Page S76 South with the boarder to Space is going to the moon
Page S77 Space is not a place to Spanish tinge 3
Page S78 Spanish tinge no 1 to Special year
Page S79 Specialcoda to Spiders in her hair
Page S80 Spiders lovesong to Spiriti inquieti
Page S81 Spiritistic catastrophe to Spontaneous point
Page S82 Spontaneous ritual to Spring sprung in
Page S83 Spring square to Squeeze meAint misbehavin
Page S84 Squeeze play to Staccato start
Page S85 Staccato swing to Standing on the corner blues
Page S86 Standing on the outside of love to Stars beneath my feet
Page S87 stars bride to Stay in touch
Page S88 Stay in your class to Stellar regions
Page S89 Stellar waves to Stevenson bossa
Page S90 Stevensons rocket to Still with me
Page S91 Still with Ray to Stompin at the Decca
Page S92 Stompin at the El Morocco to Stop these teardrops
Page S93 Stop thief to Straight ahead and be happy
Page S94 Straight ahead and strive for tone to Stranger in the night
Page S95 Stranger in the rain to Street swingers
Page S96 Street talk to stripper
Page S97 Stripper blues to Student rock
Page S98 Student serenade to Subatomic
Page S99 Subatomic blues to sudden thrill
Page S100 Sudden trio to Suite 105
Page S101 Suite 11 to Suite princesses
Page S102 Suite pt 1 to summer place
Page S103 Summer play to Sun Ra Stockhausen and Feldman walk into a bar on Saturn
Page S104 Sun Ra story to Sunlight in Beijing
Page S105 Sunlight on ice to Sunson
Page S106 Sunsound to Surdification
Page S107 Surdo and cello to Suspicious child
Page S108 Suspicious child growing up to Swannee river boogie
Page S109 Swanni to Sweet Duke
Page S110 Sweet Duke Ellington to Sweet raws song
Page S111 Sweet reet to Swift horse
Page S112 Swift resolution to Swing town
Page S113 Swing trades to Swinging Swiss lady
Page S114 Swinging that old grandfather clock to Symphonia
Page S115 Symphonia 9 in F minor to Szozat katitzahoz a ferfiak ugyiben
Page S116 Szpakowaty pan to S’wonderful


Page T1 t to Tag X
Page T2 Tag youre it to Take everything
Page T3 Take everything but you to Taken hearts
Page T4 Taken higher to Talk dirty to me
Page T5 Talk dont talk to Tamer or hawk
Page T6 Tamerai to Tango Moravia
Page T7 Tango morbido y cinico to Tap tap
Page T8 Tap tap nino to Tasting thunder
Page T9 Tasty to Te quiero mi Hermano
Page T10 Te quiero solo to TechNoCat
Page T11 Technocats to telex blues
Page T12 Telexing Jun to Temenos
Page T13 Temerity to Ten tune
Page T14 Ten twenty to Tequila
Page T15 Tequila and chocolate to Testament of love
Page T16 Testament van president Ho Chi Minh to Thank you Kate
Page T17 Thank you Kevin to That mellow feeling
Page T18 That mellow saxophone to Thats how I want you to be
Page T19 Thats how it goes to Theirs tears
Page T20 Thekensong to Theme from Babe
Page T21 Theme from Baby doll to Theme version 4
Page T22 Theme When somebody thinks youre wonderful to There it was gone
Page T23 There IV to Theres no rock groove
Page T24 Theres no sleeping to They raided the house
Page T25 They raided the joint to Think about love
Page T26 Think about love and no more to thirsty man
Page T27 Thirsty night blues to This is the boogie the woogie the boogie
Page T28 This is the case to This weight
Page T29 This well save one for last to Thousandfold
Page T30 Thousands to Three hearts three lions
Page T31 Three Henny Youngman poems to Three things of beauty
Page T32 Three thirteen to Throughout
Page T33 throughout itself to Ticketeeboo
Page T34 Ticketplease to Tiktakn
Page T35 Tiktok to time for love
Page T36 time for love is anytime to Time within itself
Page T37 Time without to Tiny elephant
Page T38 Tiny expanding universe to Title no 1
Page T39 Title pending to To Dave Treut
Page T40 to David Cronenberg Interzonia to To see through infant eyes
Page T41 To see through the sky to Toccata e fuga
Page T42 Toccata e fuga in D minor to Tokyo pt 4
Page T43 Tokyo pt 5 to Tomsong
Page T44 Tomteboogie to Too fine for crying
Page T45 Too fine to be mine to Top dance
Page T46 Top dark to Total 1
Page T47 Total 3 to Tous
Page T48 Tous a Zanzibar to Traces of Trane
Page T49 Traces of you to Trains comin
Page T50 Trains dondes to Transitjuuzli
Page T51 Transito a full to Traveller your footprints are the only path
Page T52 Travellers to Trem azul
Page T53 Trem bom to Tribute to Charlie Haden
Page T54 tribute to Charlie P to Trinity rain
Page T55 Trinity River blues to Tripple trouble
Page T56 Tripplepee to Trombone kid
Page T57 Trombone king to Troutlily
Page T58 Trouvaille to truth will always be
Page T59 truth will always surface to Tu ne sais pas aimer
Page T60 Tu nes quun mastuvu to Tumbles
Page T61 Tumbleweed to Turkish mombo
Page T62 Turkish moonrise to Tutte
Page T63 Tutte le bocche belle to Twentyfive or six to four
Page T64 Twentyfive pages to Two at twelve
Page T65 Two autumns to Two little girls
Page T66 Two little girls from Little Rock to Two way stretch
Page T67 Two ways to T’ain’t no sin


Page U1 U to UK medley
Page U2 Ukanda to Un amico
Page U3 Un amigo to Un somme a La Roche
Page U4 Un son to Uncle Pete
Page U5 Uncle Peter to Undercover
Page U6 Undercover agent to Unexpected saint
Page U7 Unexpected song to Universal salvation blues
Page U8 Universal sketch to Unsolicited kindness
Page U9 Unsolved balance to Untouched by man
Page U10 Untouched sound to Upon misila
Page U11 Upon my camel to Urbeat
Page U12 Urbex to Uvod Prezidenta Vaclava Klause
Page U13 Uvula pipe cut to Uzziel


Page V1 V to Valid alibi
Page V2 Valid interim I to Valse opus 69 no 1
Page V3 Valse opus 70 no 2 to Var igen
Page V4 Var II to Variations on Scott Joplins Solace
Page V5 Variations on sketches from bamboo to Vegas drag
Page V6 Vegas vibe to Venture within
Page V7 Venturi shadows to Vertebra
Page V8 Vertebrados to Via Mwandishi
Page V9 Via nazionale to Vieni su
Page V10 Vieni sul la barchetta Ticinesi son bravi solda to Village nights
Page V11 Village nites to Virevolte
Page V12 Virga to Vita al sud
Page V13 Vita bella to Voci dal fiume
Page V14 Voci lontane to Volume II
Page V15 Volume one to Voyage to the happy isles
Page V16 Voyage to the inside to Vztek


Page W1 W to waiter and the porter and the upstairs maid
Page W2 Waiter ask the man to play the blues to Wake up thats what you said
Page W3 Wake up the band to Walkin in a daze
Page W4 Walkin in a morning mist to Wall Street blues
Page W5 Wall Street diver to Waltz for Jeannine
Page W6 Waltz for Jenny to Waltz of the sax
Page W7 Waltz of the secret agents to War child
Page W8 War cloud to Was I to blame
Page W9 Was I to blame for falling in love with you to Watching the white wheat
Page W10 Watching the wind to Wave vou te contar
Page W11 Wave watch to Wayout
Page W12 Wayout Basie to We have much further to go
Page W13 We have never seen the absolute end yet to Weasels in the bush
Page W14 Weasels kid to Wegio joot hoop
Page W15 Wegotrippin to Well see yawll after while ya heah
Page W16 Well see you there to Werners nightmare
Page W17 Werners theme II to Weve got the right
Page W18 Weve got time to What did I for love
Page W19 What did I forget to What is this thing called Bossa Nova
Page W20 What is this thing called first strike capability to What words will never say
Page W21 What work is to Whats wrong with now
Page W22 Whats wrong with that to When I go dreaming
Page W23 When I go I go all the way to When next we meet
Page W24 When night birds sing to When the world blows a fuse
Page W25 When the world is at resst to When youre ready
Page W26 When youre sleeping to Where lotus bloom
Page W27 Where love begins to Which goose
Page W28 Which is broom to Whispy streaks
Page W29 Whisstrionics to Whitehorse blues
Page W30 Whitehorse Inn to Whoah doggone
Page W31 Whoawhoa baby to Why cant I be with you blues
Page W32 Why cant I be your back doorman instead to Why you want to
Page W33 Why young men go wild to Wild cat twist
Page W34 Wild cats to William the Conqueror
Page W35 William Turner to Wind weht wein ubers Meer
Page W36 Wind weht weit ubers Meer to Winnie the wailer
Page W37 Winnie widow Brown to Wisdom of the water
Page W38 Wisdom scene to With malice towards none
Page W39 With mallets a forethought to WK I E
Page W40 WK I Eb to Women and whiskey
Page W41 Women and work to Woodstock vibrations
Page W42 Woodstocks birthday party to World full of gray
Page W43 World full of grey to Wouldnt have missed it for the world
Page W44 Wouldnt I to Wumm zack 7
Page W45 Wumm zack 8 to Wzdluz ulicy


Page X1 X to XZU


Page Y1 Y to Yanks two day toot
Page Y2 Yanm to Yellow bear
Page Y3 Yellow beat 4 to Yesterday today and tomorrow
Page Y4 Yesterday tomorrow to Yonderlust
Page Y5 Yonga yanga to You better love me
Page Y6 You better love me while you may to You decide
Page Y7 You descend from the stars to You gotta see KC
Page Y8 You gotta see your mama to You never call me anymore
Page Y9 You never can be so sure to You want lovin and I want love
Page Y10 You want me to stop loving you to Young mother
Page Y11 Young mums bums to Your sweet smile
Page Y12 Your sweet ways to Youre not my kind
Page Y13 Youre not on the map to youve gotta play straight with me
Page Y14 Youve gotta see to Yzzo


Page Z1 Z to Zbabziba
Page Z2 zBasel a mim rhi to Ziggaz
Page Z3 Ziggidy zag to Zonker blues
Page Z4 Zonkie jamboree to Zweites purgatorium
Page Z5 Zweites Sechstel to Zzzzzip