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This index refers to the 503,597 individual tune titles (1,521,769 total entries) included in over 235,649 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of February, 2018.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page A1 A to Abide
Page A2 Abide with me to Abstraction
Page A3 Abstraction 1 to Acid jazz
Page A4 Acid jazz burnout to Ad ali spiegate
Page A5 Ad alta voce to Adjacent 2
Page A6 Adjacent 3 to Affair in Havana
Page A7 Affair in Madrid to Afrika Afrika
Page A8 Afrika awake to After ours
Page A9 After Pam Pam to Agarrame si puedes
Page A10 Agarta to Ahccai
Page A11 Ahchichkebabkchiche to Aint nothin like the real thing
Page A12 Aint nothin much to Ajlawjubejbe
Page A13 AJM to Alamo blues
Page A14 Alamo rag to Aleucha
Page A15 Alevacoraliea to Alive with gymnicmarvels
Page A16 Alix to All jazzy
Page A17 All joy to All the seeds
Page A18 All the senses to Alleluya
Page A19 Allemaade to Almost persuaded
Page A20 Almost presto to Als witch hunt
Page A21 Alsbald trug Karl die vorspeise auf to Always something there to remind me
Page A22 Always spring to Ambers folly
Page A23 Ambi ent amplitude to Amituofo
Page A24 Amity to An Amazon goes awooing
Page A25 An Amazon waterfall to Ana
Page A26 Ana Carla to And even then
Page A27 And everybody fucks you to And they partied
Page A28 And they said it wouldnt last to Angel in a box
Page A29 Angel in a chair to animals ball
Page A30 Animals come forth to Anomalous composer
Page A31 Anomalous monism to Another wrinkle
Page A32 Another Xanthippe to Antumbra
Page A33 Anturium to Aphelion counting
Page A34 Aphonia to April gave me one more day
Page A35 April goodbyes to Arbeitsrhythmus I
Page A36 Arbeitsrhythmus II to Area n 3
Page A37 Area n 4 to arms
Page A38 Arms & hands to art of knowing
Page A39 Art of landscape to As if you didnt know
Page A40 As if you read my mind to Ash man crawl
Page A41 Ash of space to Assume
Page A42 Assume the position to At the court of Old King Cole
Page A43 At the crack of dawn to Atomic cocktail
Page A44 Atomic did it to Audiotattile
Page A45 Audiovisualscapes to Aupair
Page A46 Aupres de ma blonde to Autumn in Tufnell Park
Page A47 Autumn in Washington Square to Avocadoesque
Page A48 Avocet to Azadeh
Page A49 Azads theme to Azzurro vecchio


Page B1 B to Baby come easy
Page B2 Baby come here to Babys vibe
Page B3 Babys walkin blues to Back street boy
Page B4 Back street girl to Bad blood mama
Page B5 Bad blues to Bahama lullaby
Page B6 Bahama mama to Balamambo
Page B7 Balamba to Ballad for Jeannie
Page B8 Ballad for Jeremy to Ballade a Lea
Page B9 Ballade a M to Baltic landscape
Page B10 Baltic sea to Banguzinho
Page B11 Bani to Barcode
Page B12 Barcodes theme to Barrow St blues
Page B13 Barrow Street to Bass folk song 14
Page B14 Bass folk song 15 to Batoru
Page B15 Batou kagni to Be a sweet pumpkin
Page B16 Be a tapehead to Beantown blues
Page B17 Beantown boogie to Beautiful music
Page B18 Beautiful my love to Beckon
Page B19 Beckon call to Before parting
Page B20 Before praline to Bein the bequine
Page B21 Being to Bello tiempo antico
Page B22 Bellodgia diva to Benny Goodman interview
Page B23 Benny Goodman is just round the corner to Berrendo
Page B24 Berretin to Better not look down
Page B25 Better not now to Beyond the city the stars
Page B26 Beyond the clouds to Big apple hop
Page B27 Big apple jam to big freeze
Page B28 Big Friday to Big town girl
Page B29 Big train to Billy dont be a hero
Page B30 Billy Drummond to bird translates
Page B31 Bird trap for violin and cello to Bistro
Page B32 Bistro haze to black bird beckons
Page B33 Black bird white chicks to Black pepper stomp
Page B34 Black perversion to Blanca
Page B35 Blanca navidad to Blind jealousy of a paranoid
Page B36 Blind jealousy of paranoid to Blooz first thaingh dis moanin
Page B37 Blooz for Dook to Blue blue
Page B38 Blue blue blue to Blue groove
Page B39 Blue groper to Blue of breath
Page B40 Blue of capricorn to Blue turban
Page B41 Blue turbulence to Blues around Joe
Page B42 Blues around the clock to Blues for a turkey
Page B43 Blues for a Viking to Blues for DS
Page B44 Blues for DS Dont move to Blues for Leroy
Page B45 Blues for Les to Blues for Ruby
Page B46 Blues for Rudy to Blues for youse
Page B47 Blues for YP Ning and his wife to Blues intim
Page B48 Blues into a night in Tunisia to Blues rock
Page B49 blues rocking to Bluff point
Page B50 Bluff Point sunset to Bobos groove
Page B51 Bobos house to Bolden medley
Page B52 Bolden melody + to Bongosville
Page B53 Bonham to Boogie in G
Page B54 Boogie in my flat to Boom boom bah
Page B55 Boom boom bang bang to Borderline case
Page B56 Borderline Montuna to Bossa Julia
Page B57 Bossa kaj to Boules & fields
Page B58 Boules de neige to Boxes
Page B59 Boxgap to Brand new world
Page B60 Brand new world symphony to Break diggel
Page B61 Break down to Bregenz May 28 1981
Page B62 Bregenz session to bright one
Page B63 Bright openings to Broadway song
Page B64 Broadway stomp to Brother can you spare
Page B65 Brother can you spare a dime to Bruit silence Bruit repos
Page B66 Bruitage mer to Bucks bop
Page B67 Bucks business to Bugle call blues
Page B68 Bugle call for the tactical police force to Bundanon part II
Page B69 Bundas do Brasil to Bursting
Page B70 Bursting bubbles to but she sure makes me glad Im a man
Page B71 But shes my buddys chick to By the fire
Page B72 By the fire light to BZoo


Page C1 C to Cadilac Slim
Page C2 Cadilla to Calcuttas joy
Page C3 Calda taddea to Calla Lilly
Page C4 Callaerobique to Camel gallop
Page C5 Camel hop to Can you read my mind
Page C6 Can you really hear me to Cankers and medallions
Page C7 Canlo to Cantaloupes
Page C8 Cantame to Capelton road
Page C9 caper to Caravan II
Page C10 Caravan in the night to Carmen boogie
Page C11 Carmen Cadillac to Carry me back to old Virginny
Page C12 Carry me back to old Virginy NP to Cassino
Page C13 Cassiopea to caterpillars opium pipe
Page C14 Caterwaul to Cblues
Page C15 Cbop to Celina
Page C16 Celine to certain elegance
Page C17 certain gift to Chacha
Page C18 Chacha 69 to Change in rhythm
Page C19 change in the weather to Chant of the orient
Page C20 Chant of the rain to Charlie & Charlie
Page C21 Charlie & idol to Chateau de bouges
Page C22 Chateau de joux to Chemine II
Page C23 Chemins to Chic of Araby
Page C24 Chic ultra to Chiens perdu sans collier
Page C25 Chiesa greca to Chillun calypso with me
Page C26 Chillun get up to Chlopi
Page C27 Chlorine to Chordal piece
Page C28 Chordarebop to Christmas is here
Page C29 Christmas is just about here to Churn
Page C30 Churnin man blues to Cinnamon
Page C31 Cinnamon & clove to Cisza na skronie na powieki slonce
Page C32 Ciszza to Clap clap
Page C33 Clap clap The joyful noise to Clean plate
Page C34 Clean shaved and sober to Clockmaker
Page C35 Clocks to Clovis
Page C36 clown to Cock and bull
Page C37 cock and the little wild boar to Coisa no 9
Page C38 Coisa numero dois ) to Collision stomp
Page C39 Collision tease to Combos boogie
Page C40 Combos in Indiana to Come sweet death
Page C41 Come take a ride with me to Comment of a jazzman
Page C42 Comment on curb to Composing and reading music
Page C43 composing process to Composition no 301
Page C44 Composition no 307 + language improvisation to Concerto for George
Page C45 Concerto for guitar to Confessions of moods
Page C46 Confessions to my unborn daughter to Consolacao
Page C47 Consolacao berimbau to Contrariety
Page C48 contrario to Cool breeze blues
Page C49 Cool breeze woman to Copy machine
Page C50 Copy that to Corpus delicti
Page C51 Corpus raton to Cotati
Page C52 Cotati funk to Country hat
Page C53 Country home to Cozumel breeze
Page C54 Cozumel rendezvous to Crazy girl 3
Page C55 Crazy go round to Crescent wrench
Page C56 Crescente blues to Cross to bear
Page C57 Cross town to Cry like a baby sing like a dog
Page C58 Cry like a child to Cuban love song
Page C59 Cuban lullaby to Cupol boogie
Page C60 Cupol special to Cycle II
Page C61 Cycle III to C’etait un histoire d’amour


Page D1 D to Dadlo
Page D2 Dadme creditos to Damiens dance
Page D3 Damigo demonstrates to Dance of the bear
Page D4 Dance of the beast to Dancin butler
Page D5 Dancin Dan to Dangerous conservations
Page D6 Dangerous curve to Dansons le lambeth walk
Page D7 Dansons le Ploukepingre to Dark is the ground
Page D8 Dark is the light to Das erste glas ist rebensaft
Page D9 Das erste tier to Davids samba
Page D10 Davids sandbox to day you wished me goodbye
Page D11 Day zombie to De la nuitle jour
Page D12 De la para ca to Dean pan
Page D13 Dean Road to Debir
Page D14 Debit de lait debit de leau to Dedicated to the memory of Lumumba
Page D15 Dedicated to the one I love to Deep well
Page D16 Deep West to Delicada bossa nova
Page D17 Delicadeza to Den grimme Ellington
Page D18 Den grimme kylling to Der er ikke andre her end os hons
Page D19 Der er ingen der kan gtte to Dervish theme trance
Page D20 Dervish trance to Design for dancing
Page D21 Design for jivin to Detroit rocks
Page D22 Detroit scene to Dezembro ligeiro
Page D23 Dfahrt zom Lichtastoi to Dibujo sobre un vidrio empanado
Page D24 Dibujos to Die haltbare Graugans
Page D25 Die hande to Diffusion of beauty
Page D26 Diffusions for saxophone quartet to Dine and dance to the music of the waves
Page D27 Dinello to Dis amblin
Page D28 Dis Blaise to Dissfunktion
Page D29 Dissidence to DixaBilly
Page D30 Dixatay to Dmitri
Page D31 Dmollberg to Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans
Page D32 Do you know what it means to miss NO to Does David know hes not brown
Page D33 Does devil speak evil to Dolce Barbara
Page D34 Dolce e ostinato to Dona Luchi
Page D35 Dona m temps to Dont cross your fingers cross your heart
Page D36 Dont Crowd to Dont let my baby ride
Page D37 Dont let old age creep up on you to Dont tease your cat
Page D38 Dont tech no crap to Doom mood
Page D39 Doom stone to Double bass hit
Page D40 double bass jam to Dove la nostra storia
Page D41 Dove lamore riposa to Down to the street
Page D42 Down to the waterfall to Draculas lullaby
Page D43 Draculas reprise to Dream of Brazil
Page D44 Dream of caravans to dreams of yesterday
Page D45 Dreams of you to Drive shaft
Page D46 Drive slow no thinking to Drum machine blues
Page D47 Drum magic to Dspecial
Page D48 DSR ou mets sucre in fin repas to Due respects to you
Page D49 Due storie to Dumbos dilemma
Page D50 Dumbrille was no Greek to Dust bunnies
Page D51 Dust bunny meditation to DZZM


Page E1 E to Early in the morning blues
Page E2 Early intro very early to East Montana
Page E3 East mood to Easy there big fella
Page E4 Easy thoughts to Echoes of Russian metaphor
Page E5 Echoes of silence to EDs message
Page E6 EDs muse to Egyptsians sundance
Page E7 Egyptus to Einfache freuden
Page E8 Einfahrt to El colonel y marina
Page E9 El color de mi rhythmo to El paso des ebro
Page E10 El paso rosa to Eleanor Plunkett
Page E11 Eleanor Powell to Elements include
Page E12 Elements of a stormThunder & wind to Ellas fella
Page E13 Ellas groove to Emalobolo
Page E14 Emalukazi to Empire State Building
Page E15 empire strikes back to En minas gerais
Page E16 En minden nonek tetszem to End of gospil
Page E17 End of grey to Enigma eleven
Page E18 Enigma five to Entremundo
Page E19 Entrenched to Equally strong
Page E20 Equals to Error and trial
Page E21 Error in the news to Espalion
Page E22 Espan Harlem to Estrela da manha
Page E23 Estrela da terra to Etnoacid
Page E24 Etnon to Europe
Page E25 Europe 1933 to Eventful inventive adventures
Page E26 Eventi to Everybody shout
Page E27 Everybody shuffle to Everytime Im with you
Page E28 Everytime she walks to Excerpt from Elliptical Axis1D for ten clarinets
Page E29 Excerpt from fifteen part 3A to Expirine
Page E30 Explain to Eyeball eyeball
Page E31 eyeball spiders progress to e_asonata02


Page F1 F to Fade to black
Page F2 Fade to blue to Fall key
Page F3 Fall leaves to Fancy fly
Page F4 fancy for Yancy to Far as Im concerned
Page F5 Far away to Fascinating fugue
Page F6 Fascinating furry to Father Klook
Page F7 Father Knickerbopper to Feature 5
Page F8 Feature 6 to Feettap
Page F9 Feetwarmer rag to Festa na lua
Page F10 Festa na rua to Field recording no 3
Page F11 Field recordings volume one the birthday to Filho de Papai Noel
Page F12 Filhos da revolucao to Fine & dandy
Page F13 Fine & mellow to Fire voices
Page F14 Fire waits to first one of 11th July 1997
Page F15 first one of 15h August 1997 to Fist
Page F16 Fist bogey to Fixe Idee
Page F17 Fixed elsewhere to Flatten fifth
Page F18 Flattermann to Flintstone rock
Page F19 Flintstoned to Flotter dreier
Page F20 Flottertrott to Flute thing
Page F21 Flute to Boot to Flyv fugl flyv
Page F22 Flyv vel to Follow the way of your heart
Page F23 Follow the whales to For a day or a stay
Page F24 For a distant love to For Emmanuel
Page F25 For emotional use only to For me and gal
Page F26 For me and my gal to For the fringe
Page F27 For the fun of it to Fore Phil
Page F28 Fore to the power of M to Forlane from suite nr 3 cdur
Page F29 Forlat men hur va namnet to Found her
Page F30 Found in nature to Four women
Page F31 Four words to Fragments of blues
Page F32 Fragments of burden of choice suite to Frayed
Page F33 Frayed edges to Free Jacks
Page F34 Free jam 1 to Freesome
Page F35 Freespace to Friction
Page F36 Friction is beauty tone follows to Froggie chou
Page F37 Froggie Moore to From Texas to Nevada
Page F38 From Thais to Fruit machiel
Page F39 Fruit market to Full
Page F40 Full authority to Funk and wagner
Page F41 Funk and wagonall to Funky tuba
Page F42 Funky tune for Ray to Fusionierter zwiefacher
Page F43 Fusionized fish to FZ pour PB


Page G1 G to Gallopin’ boogie
Page G2 Gallops gallop to Garden of my childhood
Page G3 Garden of my heart to gators back
Page G4 Gators crossing to Gekrepten
Page G5 Gel to Gentle touch
Page G6 Gentle train to Gershwin prelude 2
Page G7 Gershwin rhythms to Get to steppin baby
Page G8 Get to that to ghost of old man Mose
Page G9 Ghost of owls to Gill against gill
Page G10 Gill Christ to girl from Mt Parnassus
Page G11 girl from Nancy to Give it to the kids
Page G12 Give it up to Glasco cowboy
Page G13 Glaseme gebilde to Glorious saints
Page G14 Glorious tired feeling to Go mango blues
Page G15 Go Margot go to Gods on the hortobagyon
Page G16 Gods own drunk to Gold coast meter maids
Page G17 Gold coaster to Gone by
Page G18 Gone by morning to Good King Wenceslas
Page G19 Good King Wenceslas Cool King Wenceslas to Goodbye daddy goodbye
Page G20 Goodbye darling hello friend to Goree
Page G21 Goree blues to Gotta get somebody to love
Page G22 Gotta get to it to Grand delusion
Page G23 Grand design to Gravels in my pillow
Page G24 Gravenstein to greatest thing in all my life
Page G25 Greatings to Ornette to Greenland
Page G26 Greenlane to Grits aint groceries
Page G27 Grits and gravy to Grouchy and grumpy
Page G28 Grouchy hearted woman to Guarding Golden Gating
Page G29 guardman to Gumbo creole
Page G30 Gumbo dive to Gypsy cabster
Page G31 Gypsy campfire to G’bye now


Page H1 H to Hair toaster
Page H2 Hair trigger to Hallo gen
Page H3 Hallo Gerold to Hand me down my walking stick
Page H4 Hand me down that can o beans to Hanson is as Hanson does
Page H5 Hansoo to Happy nightmare
Page H6 Happy nights to harder they come
Page H7 Harderie to Harolds church
Page H8 Harolds club or bust to Hats off to MacArthur
Page H9 Hats off to Rebay to Having a great day
Page H10 Having a lovely time to He makes the heart clear
Page H11 He mam to Hear something
Page H12 Hear that bear how he sings to Heaven in your eyes
Page H13 Heaven is 10 zillion light years away to Heinz steps
Page H14 Heinzelmannchen to Hello my name is Joe
Page H15 Hello Nany to Her Hjemme
Page H16 Her house is empty KH to Here tonight
Page H17 Here was no lack of innocent diversion to Hes more good than bad
Page H18 Hes more than just to Hey Marie
Page H19 Hey Memphis to hidden voice
Page H20 Hidden waterhole to Higher learning
Page H21 Higher levels to Hinterland classic take
Page H22 Hinterland jazz take to History and futures
Page H23 History book to Hoe gaan die padjie na die Kramat toe
Page H24 Hoe tarr to Holidays in the sun
Page H25 Holidays on Alcazar to Home in strange places
Page H26 Home in that rock to Honest speech
Page H27 Honestly to Hooray for Captain Spaulding
Page H28 Hooray for Christmas to Horn alone
Page H29 Horn and hardart succotash blues to Hot foot shuffle
Page H30 Hot foot Sue to Hour glass special
Page H31 hour is late to How can you face me
Page H32 How can you forget to How soon
Page H33 How spacemen lose weight to Huf & puf
Page H34 Huff to Hun sidder lordag nat
Page H35 Hun spurte ham hvorfor to Hustlin and bustlin
Page H36 Hustlin and bustlin for a baby to Hymne til Billie
Page H37 Hymne til den danske sommer to Hyvinkaa


Page I1 I to I betcha never thought
Page I2 I better not to I cant tell you
Page I3 I cant tell you to begin to I dont have the time
Page I4 I dont have to to I feel pretty
Page I5 I feel pretty good to I got to cool my doggies now
Page I6 I got to dance to I Himmelen
Page I7 I himmelen i himmelen to I let a song out of my heart
Page I8 I let a song to out of my heart to I love you I want you and I need you
Page I9 I love you in 34 time to I never thought that you could be left in my chest
Page I10 I never thought that you would go to I saw your face in a cloud
Page I11 I saw your face in the moon to I thought it was you
Page I12 I thought of home to I want to be free
Page I13 I want to be George Clooney to I wish I were Aladdin
Page I14 I wish I were back in Peoria to Ice cold dubweiser
Page I15 Ice cold Katie to Id climb the highest mountain
Page I16 Id climb the highest mountain if I knew Id find you to If here were there there would be here
Page I17 If hes ever near to If mumia dies
Page I18 If music be the food of love to If you like me
Page I19 If you like me like I like you to II Mr Styx
Page I20 II Night to Il lungo addio
Page I21 Il lungo viaggio to Ill be on home
Page I22 Ill be over to Ill swing for you
Page I23 Ill swing you a thousand love songs to Im alright Jack
Page I24 Im alright now to Im gonna flag that train
Page I25 Im gonna float my boat right back to Terre Haute to Im looking for a life
Page I26 Im looking for a little blackbird to Im sorry for myself
Page I27 Im sorry for you to Imagine a mountain
Page I28 Imagine a short monument briefly inquire after its whereabouts to Impressions of sweet dragon
Page I29 Impressions of Take the A Train to Improvisation of an Afghanistan theme
Page I30 Improvisation on to In a melancholy funk
Page I31 In a melancholy mood to In duetime
Page I32 In dulci jubilo to In my own hands
Page I33 In my own little corner to In the blink of an eye
Page I34 In the blood to In the one
Page I35 In the open to In you
Page I36 In you go to India
Page I37 India blue to Infinite abstract
Page I38 Infinite acceptance to Inner glimpse
Page I39 Inner glow to Inside the river
Page I40 Inside the shadows to Interfaccia
Page I41 Interface to Interpreting the wind
Page I42 Interpunctuation to Intrada das berwerk woll n preosen
Page I43 Intrada Du hast doch schon mal ein dickes Buch geschrieben to Introduction by President of Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus
Page I44 Introduction by President of the Republic to Inversion and penta
Page I45 Inversion as it occurs in to Iris of the IRA
Page I46 Iris wants to know to Is there a doctor in the house
Page I47 Is there a hotel with airconditioning to Isnt this better
Page I48 Isnt this better than walking in the rain to It happens all the time
Page I49 It happens at 48 to It wasnt easy
Page I50 It wasnt in the stars to Its about time
Page I51 Its about time its about love to Its just the rain
Page I52 Its just the tip of the iceberg to Its the same old south
Page I53 Its the same old story to Ive got a bird in my head
Page I54 Ive got a bone to pick with you to Ivory Coast Suite
Page I55 Ivory Coast wedding to I’ve never been in love before


Page J1 J to Jackys haunt
Page J2 Jackys method to Jalish
Page J3 Jaljet to Jane Fonda called again
Page J4 Jane guitar to Javelina hunt
Page J5 Javert to Jazz lips
Page J6 Jazz live blues to Jazzybelles shuffle
Page J7 Jazzygolucky to Jeckyll & Hyde
Page J8 Jecrirai to Jerky
Page J9 Jerky heads to Jewels in my teeth
Page J10 Jewels lullaby to jinniya sleeps on the alabaster ceiling the coolness of the stone
Page J11 jinniya who envied human suffering to Joe Finger Ledoux
Page J12 Joe Frazier to Johnny midnight
Page J13 Johnny Mike Spann to Jons song
Page J14 Jonsong to Journy in space and time
Page J15 Jours de fete to Jubileevit
Page J16 Jubilejni den to Jumina
Page J17 Jumna Shah Jahan to June in January
Page J18 June in memory to Just a 2nd
Page J19 Just a babys prayer at twilight to Just cant be bothered
Page J20 Just cant be satisfied to Just one more thing
Page J21 Just one more time to J’attendrai


Page K1 K to Kali durga
Page K2 Kali Ipso to Kapn Kryptonite
Page K3 Kapnismology to Katem problem 1
Page K4 Katem problem 2 to Keep at it
Page K5 Keep away from my doorstep to Keinort
Page K6 Keinu kanssani to Key chains
Page K7 Key clicks to Kidstrainride
Page K8 Kiduspoika Janus to Kineticism
Page K9 Kinetics 1 to Kirby sideroad
Page K10 Kirbys fourth world to Kivi palaa
Page K11 Kivikspolka to Knew it
Page K12 Knew one to Kogals
Page K13 Kogane mushi Scarab to Konstantin
Page K14 Konstantinoupoli reflections to Krama mig och dansa
Page K15 Kramara to Kumanovo
Page K16 KumareMagdalenapolskan to KZ


Page L1 L to La cave
Page L2 La centrale to La digue de notre village
Page L3 La dimension des morts to La jardiniere
Page L4 la Jarrett to La musica toca el musico
Page L5 La musica y la palabra to La reclame
Page L6 La reconciliation to La tua stagione
Page L7 La tumba to Lackadaisical
Page L8 Lackadaisy lady to Lady raucht Gras
Page L9 Lady red to Lalchemiste
Page L10 Lalchimiste to Land mass
Page L11 Land mine to Lapocalypse
Page L12 Lapolide to Last autumn sun
Page L13 last Balkan tango to last shall be the last at last
Page L14 last shepherdess to Later for the rock
Page L15 Later for you to Laughing soul
Page L16 Laughing stock to Lazy and satisfied
Page L17 Lazy atmosphere to Le chemin du serpent
Page L18 Le chemin hante to Le limacon malade
Page L19 Le limonaire de Herzeele to Le retour des granules
Page L20 Le retour dOttomar to Le voyage du coati
Page L21 Le voyage noir to Leaving here
Page L22 Leaving home to Legendes La foret qui avance
Page L23 Legendes Le bruit du fer to Lennys western blues
Page L24 Lenono to Les demoiselles de Rochefort
Page L25 Les demoiselles de rochefort medley to Les rendezvous de Marcel
Page L26 Les retrouvailles to Let it down
Page L27 Let it drop to Lete
Page L28 Lete 42 to Lets move to Cleveland
Page L29 Lets move together to Level flight
Page L30 Level groove to libra rhapsody
Page L31 Libra rising to Life is funny
Page L32 Life is good to Light lines
Page L33 Light listen to Like blue
Page L34 Like blues to Lille Danmark
Page L35 Lille digter srkone jeg dramte om en jord to line forms here
Page L36 Line four to Lirica no 1
Page L37 Lirico to Little bigger
Page L38 Little bird to little fourplay
Page L39 Little fox run to Little murders
Page L40 Little muse to Little things
Page L41 little things in life to Livin the blues
Page L42 Livin the life of freedom to Lo duro
Page L43 Lo e te insieme to logical song
Page L44 Logical space to lonely gaucho in the pampas
Page L45 Lonely gauge to long goodie
Page L46 Long gravy to Look & turn
Page L47 Look a like to Looking seeking searching
Page L48 Looking the wrong way to Loretta
Page L49 Lorettes jive to Lost in a dream
Page L50 Lost in a dream of you to Loudsee
Page L51 Loudspeaker than words to Love carnival and dreams
Page L52 Love castle to Love is just for fools
Page L53 Love is just wish for you to Love powerfor papa
Page L54 Love praeludium to Love you till the end of time
Page L55 Love you till your moneys gone blues to Loves taking over
Page L56 Loves the key to LSD
Page L57 LSD came to me to Ludwigs blue note
Page L58 Ludwigs bugle to Lultima migrazione delle falene
Page L59 Lultima nave to Lus world
Page L60 LuSamba to L’uomo di Miseno


Page M1 M to Mach 1
Page M2 Mach 2 to Made minor blue
Page M3 Made of sand to Magic isle
Page M4 Magic jar to Mahsi
Page M5 Mahte anda to Make a smile for me
Page M6 Make a way to Malancolune
Page M7 Malando to Mama that moon is here again
Page M8 Mama the way you look tonight to Mammoth hide
Page M9 Mammoth RC to Mana
Page M10 Mana a journey to Manibozho
Page M11 Manic to Maple tree
Page M12 Mapleshade blues to Marche de la tristesse
Page M13 Marche de larmee panameenne to Marianne Marianne
Page M14 Mariannenplatz aD to Marmellata di suoni
Page M15 Marmelstein impromptu to Mary Lou Williams blues
Page M16 Mary Louise to Mat line
Page M17 Mata to Max fast
Page M18 Max Flack and Sam Geller to Mayola
Page M19 Mayombe to Me budch petschalen
Page M20 Me buele la mucha to Med brask og bram
Page M21 Med dig I mina armar to Meet me in the playground
Page M22 Meet me in the sheep meadow to melancholy speed skaters dream
Page M23 Melancholy Stockholm to Melody in riff
Page M24 Melody in spring to Memorys grail
Page M25 Memorys melody to Merci Msieur Terry
Page M26 Merci Philip to Message in a bottle
Page M27 Message in minor to Mets Ton Vieux Bonnet Gris
Page M28 Metsakukkia to Miami romance
Page M29 Miami shadows to Midnight bossa nova
Page M30 Midnight breeze to Miffles
Page M31 Miffologi to Miles tones
Page M32 Miles walk to Mina nawe
Page M33 Mina riva to Miniature jazz suite 1
Page M34 Miniature lasagna to minor specification
Page M35 Minor spree to Mirror 2
Page M36 mirror and the slapstick cadavers to Miss Mango
Page M37 Miss Mansfield to Mistake after mistake
Page M38 mistake has been made in your honor to Mitologia
Page M39 Mitologie metropolitane to Mobile mud
Page M40 Mobile one to Moebius madnius
Page M41 Moed to Moment final
Page M42 moment for Andrew to Monday morning blues
Page M43 Monday morning choo choo to Monkian around
Page M44 Monkian round to Monte Carlo
Page M45 Monte Carlo joys to Moon cat
Page M46 Moon chant to Moonlight on Ganges
Page M47 Moonlight on Germont to More in my heart
Page M48 More ingenious kinetric energy to Morning daffodil
Page M49 Morning dance to Moskau
Page M50 Moskauer Fenster to Motis bossa
Page M51 Motius personals to Mouth organ boogie
Page M52 Mouth organ swing no 1 to Moving closer
Page M53 Moving clothes to Mr Dandys vaudeville
Page M54 Mr Dankett to Mr Nobody
Page M55 Mr non PC to Mrs PC
Page M56 Mrs Pitlack regrets to Mukaida shogakko song
Page M57 Mukarel to Murmurio
Page M58 Murmurs to Music inside
Page M59 Music is to Must the way you are
Page M60 Must we just be friends to My blue days blew over
Page M61 My blue heaven to My favourite dreams
Page M62 My favourite little sailboat to My injun from Brazil
Page M63 My inspiration to My mans done done me dirty
Page M64 My mans gone to My se zname
Page M65 My search to My world is OK
Page M66 My world is you to Myth of Sisyphus
Page M67 myth of the old man to Mzuri


Page N1 n to Naia
Page N2 NaiAdam and NaiEve to Nany
Page N3 Nanyin pipa operas murmuring to Nat Hentoff introduces These foolish things
Page N4 Nat Hentoff introduces This cant be love to Navegante
Page N5 Navegantes to Nectar of life part 2
Page N6 Nectar of the gods to Nenas off
Page N7 Nenazvana to Never be free
Page N8 Never be lonely to New ashes
Page N9 new Ashmolian marching society to New keep
Page N10 New key to the highway to new street in old city
Page N11 New Street swing to News from the bells
Page N12 News from the distance to Nice stuff
Page N13 Nice suit to night before Christmas Cincinnati style
Page N14 Night before Corrida to Night river
Page N15 Night road to nihilist equation
Page N16 Nihilist party lights to Nippon blues
Page N17 Nippon lark soul to No better for ya
Page N18 No better for you to No justice
Page N19 No kai blues to No one gets to transcend anything
Page N20 No one had ever waved to a lifeless object before to No tears
Page N21 No tears for me to Nobodys blues but my own
Page N22 Nobodys business to Noissapmuc
Page N23 Noissessprahs to noon train
Page N24 Noonah to Norwegian eyes
Page N25 Norwegian fisherman to Not one chance
Page N26 Not one minute more to Nothing could be hotter than that
Page N27 Nothing could be sweeter to Nove luas
Page N28 Nove lune dopo to Now youve met Miss Jones
Page N29 Nowadays to Nuits de SaintGermain des Pres
Page N30 Nuits de SaintGermainDesPres to Ny daze ny nights
Page N31 NY dilemma to NZZ


Page O1 O to O space heater My space heater
Page O2 O species of nosegay to Obsidian dance
Page O3 Obsidian flow to Octopus of my heart
Page O4 Octopus rag to Odie
Page O5 Odiferous flambeaus of the paranymphs to Offerte speciali
Page O6 Offerte speciali Il padre to Oh lonely winter
Page O7 Oh Lonesome me to Ohio beach
Page O8 Ohio blues to Olay olay
Page O9 Olaya to Old man time
Page O10 Old man trouble to Ole Miss rag
Page O11 Ole negro to Omix rabet
Page O12 Omiya I to On my way to love
Page O13 On my way to paradise to On the sand with echoes
Page O14 On the sands of time to Once upon the Volga
Page O15 Once upon whatever to One for DT
Page O16 One for Duff and Dink to one I love just cant be bothered
Page O17 one I love just cant be bothered with me to One of them good ones
Page O18 One of them things to Oneminute ballad
Page O19 Onemorning to Onze dit neuf oui seventies
Page O20 Onze douze quand tout sera rouge to Open haus
Page O21 open heart to optimist
Page O22 Optimista to Orbital excursion
Page O23 Orbital inversion to Original blues
Page O24 Original blues No 1 to Oscuro
Page O25 Oscuro y humedo to Otme bulbul otme
Page O26 Oto to Our own love song
Page O27 Our own samba to Out of town ga